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Last 50 tweets from @Ms_ZamaNdlovu
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Jacob Rees-Mogg says that "you've got to understand the history" before condemning the British concentration camps during the Boer War. Unfortunately, he doesn't. So here's a fact-check. [THREAD] 1/10…
Rees-Mogg comments on concentration camps
10,178 14,316
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
@redhistorian @mrjamesob Jacob Rees-Mogg is the perfect example of the product of an educational system in which acting with confidence as if you are right is the top skill, more highly prized than actually knowing the facts of the matter. An English disease, it seems, shared by too many politicians.
223 1,356
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Happy 45th Birthday to Mahershala Ali 💙
2,157 9,231
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
No one really prepares you in your academic life for the sheer number of loose ends you have running simultaneously and how to organise them.
246 2,009
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
The Commission will hear testimony of National Treasury team, including former Director General Fuzile Lungisa on Monday, 18 Feb 2019 @ 10:00. #StateCaptureInquiry
31 29
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
if you think i am going to spend my hard earned money to go to the amc and watch academy award winning actress octavia spencer kill a bunch of white kids you are absolutely positively the fuck right
9,639 28,799
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Lebogang Motaung with her trademark hair works is always something special to see at @ICTArtFair 👌🏾 #ICTAF
1,818 8,550
2019 is going deliver a lot of Virgo and Libra bundles of joy. 🐣
I love a rainy, cloudy day as much as the next person, but this is getting ridiculous. 🤔
Can summer and sunshine return, PLEASE!
51 137
1 8
"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime, doubly so." ~ Douglas Adams
2 2
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
In light of Terror Lekota's allegations against the President, this piece by Malcolm Gladwell may offer some fascinating insights on the conflict between memory and the truth. Truly worth a listen.…
Revisionist History Season 3 Episode 4
65 103
Finally withdrew my money from Paypal.
0 3
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Well Jim what we are seeing is yet another European state tumbling from crisis to crisis, and raising questions once again about the region's ability to have successful and robust democracies. Back to you in studio.
238 313
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Planning or already implementing a cross-sector partnership (CSP) with diverse role-players? Consider this practical guide to inform your decision-making.
3 3
@Ms_ZamaNdlovu @fvehafric I am so sorry that you have to carry this around every day. Sending you as many peaceful vibes as I can muster.
0 0
Replying to @deandangerfield :
Living with generalized anxiety disorder is living in fight or flight mode all day everyday. Medical aid is refusing to pay for my pills so also, living with GAD also means having to fight all the time for treatment. Being human is a joke.
13 31
Replying to @Ms_ZamaNdlovu :
When I don’t take my meds, I can’t tell the difference between gastric reflux and anxiety. I’m afraid of loss because I don’t know where on my body loss would sit since this thing sits all over my chest all day. Everyday.
4 10
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Glory a.k.a #WellReadBlackGirl
A WORD. "Fear has shaped my procrastination" !!! 🤐

I understand completely. Thank you for your vulnerability. Fear prevents us from stepping into our greatness - moving past it is a process!
65 248
Living with generalized anxiety disorder is living in fight or flight mode all day everyday. Medical aid is refusing to pay for my pills so also, living with GAD also means having to fight all the time for treatment. Being human is a joke.
13 31
But most of my colleagues fell for this one.
2 5
Replying to @Ms_ZamaNdlovu :
We agreed that this one was too easy, even a banker could get it. 🤣 (the graph, not it)
2 3
Replying to @Ms_ZamaNdlovu :
But most of my colleagues fell for this one.
2 5
7am to 8 am, during my morning drive. Arabile is growing into a great broadcaster and his accounting background and experience in reporting on the economy is pure gold for that show.
@Ms_ZamaNdlovu Gonna tune in. What time is it on?
0 1
0 0
Maybe the recognition is that our infrastructure is a hot mess and the state of the construction sector is evidence that we’ve underinvested in both social and economic infrastructure?
President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plan to spend R100bn on infrastructure over the next decade is a sign that the government recognises just how precarious the construction industry is right now. 🔒
Can SAs construction industry be saved?
  · TweetDeck · en
5 3
2 0
University textbooks:
Chapter 1:
1.1 1+1=2

1.2 (1+ i)/(1+i)=E(e)/e where:
E(e)e = 1+xa and the domestic country has a deposit insurance, the foreign country has a reserve requirement and there’s a test this Saturday.

Take me, Lord.
1 1
I don’t listen to much radio these days (hi anxiety 👋🏽) but The Classic Business Breakfast anchored by Natassia Arendse and Arabile Gumede on Classic FM is fast becoming one of my favourite part of my morning routine. This is not a paid ad, it’s a Valentines tweet. ♥️
0 20
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
The SABC is launching a new current affairs business programme called Economics Unbound tonight. It will be presented by their economics editor, the brilliant Thandeka Gqubule.
  · Twitter Web App · en
39 64
@Ms_ZamaNdlovu Possibility frontier was so funny
0 0
Replying to @fistvoices :
Best valentines gift for those of you who have to refresh your economics ♥️.
14 Ways an Economist Says I Love You
17 28
0 11
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Congrats to our very own @natasharothwell and @YvonneOrji! 🎉🎉
39 609
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
If I win the Powerball Jackpot I'm hiring the Soweto Gospel Choir to sing out my resignation by the reception
1,714 4,989
I thought socialism supports SOEs that lowered cost of living and improved general competitiveness, not just because they are SOEs? Like, how is this risk not scary enough to deeply consider this position?
5 23
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Unstable power supply affects traffic flows, your cellphone network, your water supply in addition to the ability to generally work and live. Just disastrous.
243 120
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
I wish sleeping was a career
223 386
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
In 2017, Kenya overtook South Africa as Africa’s largest avocado exporter. Before the leap, South Africa was fourth after Peru, Chile and California as the world’s exporters of the popular Hass avocados.…
  · Twitter Web App · en
2 4
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
#REIPP fact:
REIPP was started in 2010, 3 of the 4 procurement rounds were signed off under JZ. CR signed off only on the last round in June 2018. That round had tariffs below 95c for solar and 80c for wind. These projects were bid in 2015.
  · Twitter Web App · en
25 17
It’s not just ‘business’ and ‘the economy’ that matter in this load shedding story. It’s a societal problem, not just an economic one.
1 5
I need to stop being the kind of person who goes to a hospital alone.
1 7
The series Einstein covers this relationship quite extensively. He was a piece of <insert worst word ever> to her. He used her and then abandoned her.
Thread! Man, I hope this movie gets made
1 4
2 3
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls is accepting applications for prospective Grade 8 students in 2020.
Deadline: 15th February 2019
714 249
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
I wrote something for @Fin24 this morning — boasting about South Africa’s agricultural exports 😎

I mean, 2018 was a record year in value terms, folks!…
Wandile Sihlobo: A record year for SA's agricultural exports
62 172
I’m worried that I’m still not asleep and won’t get enough rest when I’ll be anesthetized for a good chunk of tomorrow. 🤣
0 1
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
We are hiring! Exciting opportunity to work with @DefeatNCD as Special Assistant to the CEO based in Geneva, and with extensive duty travel. High performing, passionate, medically qualified candidates interested in contributing to the mission apply here:…
5 4
I’m very confused by this decision.
Childish Gambino's "This Is America" is the first rap song in history to win the Record of the Year Grammy
  · SocialFlow · en
6,477 26,799
0 4
An tech entrepreneur friend of mine was so frustrated by this ‘4th industrial revolution’ business. “They brought Jack Ma to SA and their key take away was that there must be ‘skills transfer’, like REALLY?!” I could only hug him, shem.
9 26
@Ms_ZamaNdlovu Hospitals normally have auxiliary power. I hope everything goes well 💓
0 0
Replying to @MizMarcee :
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
This is so sad Alexa play some sad songs.
143 307
It is important to remember that mandate is fundamental in how the state runs. The mandate to intervene at an SOE sits with the department of public enterprises, not with the DP. That’s why every budget vote starts with stating where a department derives the mandate to do x.
Am I correct in saying that CR has been busy fixing ESKOM since 2014 when JZ appointed him to head a task team? 5 years later, rolling blackouts and the promise of splitting it into 3. I am expecting big things by around 2024, or even 2034.
283 679
1 2
This is my favourite kind of Joburg rain. ♥️
0 3
@Ms_ZamaNdlovu We don’t charge them, okay
0 0
Replying to @Pearloysias :
Yhuuu 😰 bring them one of your lamps?😂 keadlala!
0 0
Replying to @PriMenoe :
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