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Last 50 tweets from @Ms_ZamaNdlovu
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
.@babusinyoni is finding useful and innovative - not gimmicky - applications for artificial intelligence to solve problems in an African context. It’s amazing to watch 👏🏾 cc @_filoe @MissMercia_ @Ms_ZamaNdlovu
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Grammy-nominated artist Burna Boy’s rate just went up. We’ll never see him again after Afropunk. We could’ve seen him twice but oonomuncu ruined it 🥺
I don’t know how we go from men can’t cope with women earning more to are WE putting too much pressure on men. Who is WE? Coz it seems they are the ones with the demands.
A new study has shown men cannot cope with wives who earn more than they do! They also don’t want them unemployed. Sweet spot apparently 40-50% of household income. Has your marriage soured because of this? Are we STILL placing undue pressure on men to provide? #702Breakfast
So I've noticed lately that I am absolutely NOT the great listener I used to be - mostly because I'm focused on work, a screen or trying to multitask. Anyone know any short-term (10 day, 14 day) challenges I can try to reduce screen time? Will write about it on my Medium x
Replying to @BinweA
Download Moments and set your targets, for screen time for your phone.
In reply to @Ms_ZamaNdlovu
🤣🤣🤣 I’ve been meaning to start it. Is it good? I’ve read the graphic novel donkey years ago but even the movie was kinda different. I hear this one deals with the civil rights movement?
Replying to @mbalimcdust
If you’ve read the graphic novel, you’ll be fine for the series. I love the series but I also understand that it’s not for everyone.
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Donors should read this. "Only 0.6 percent of foundation giving was targeted to women of color in 2016" Philanthropists Bench Women of Color, the M.V.P.s of Social Change
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Welcome to the squid shelter. #WatchmenHBO
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
Management insights you're unlikely to get from an MBA
Replying to @rationalhill
Kantian. But being an enneagram 8 means I come across as someone who wants to be in charge. So people defer to me even when I insist they should not.
I 👏🏽 HOPE 👏🏽 YOU 👏🏽 ARE 👏🏽 WELL!
In reply to @iamkoshiek
While we're on red flags: Anyone who signs off emails with "warm regards", "brgds" or "blessed day further" Starts a mail with "I hope you're well". You fucking don't Cretins Who Capitalize Each Word Using ᴵⁿᶜᵒⁿˢᶦˢᵗᵉⁿᵗ font sizes Texts like this - "Wuu2? g2g"
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Must read. "Worried about losing your freedom to a redistributive State? I think you’ve already lost it.

Just not in the direction you thought."
I didn’t have time for the comic. But that movie was terrible! Wow! But must be watched unfortunately🤷🏾‍♀️
In reply to @Ms_ZamaNdlovu
I would say read the comic. Avoid the movie. The movie is terrible.
I’m so glad I didn’t listen to the person who said you don’t need to watch Watchmen the movie to watch the series. I’m kinda lost now, but I’d be absolutely nowhere if I hadn’t watched the movie.
So much truth in this. I was around a few government departments and municipalities and kept in asking why we don't have a government interoperability standard yet to be able to interface systems, dololo answers. it comes down to us spending money for the same thing over and over
Replying to @vukosi
And over and over and over again. Wasn’t SITA set up to avoid that?
Bathi ‘it’s the crime that nobody is talking about’ as though women have not been sharing their scary stories on social media almost daily.
Kidnapping is on the rise in SA. It is the crime nobody is talking about. Join @TheMikeAppel on Wednesday as he asks: What's being done to protect the innocent? Courtesy #DStv403
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
A professor who is considered to be the foremost expert on money laundering -- he literally wrote the textbook on it -- has been charged with money laundering and faces 20 years in prison…
Bubbling this back up. What grinds your gears about SA and the 4IR?
Replying to @vukosi
I wrote a long Facebook post about this. Way too long for Twitter.
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Amore_Oya
There's a world of difference between development psychology (which deals with the emotional, cognitive, and to an extent, physical development of a child), and Industrial Psychology (workplace things). Worlds apart. Developmental worlds apart.
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Shame I’m so triggered. Come home with a report card that has 5 As, you’re asked where the other 2 are. Get 70% for an exam half the class failed and you’re asked “do those children live here?”
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
In reply to @Ms_ZamaNdlovu
Gr 6 and 7, I started playing cricket. It was the only sport I was interested in and consistently attended. Problem was, l was incredibly bad. I kept working until in the first term of Gr 7, l was awarded certificate for most improved. I remember it meant the world to me
Replying to @claudius_jr
It means far more than the things that came easily.
All human beings need both praise and encouragement. Praise focuses on achievement, encouragement focuses more on behavior. Sometimes hard work doesn’t get the desired outcomes, a child that knows this will be more resilient in the face of disappointment.
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Lots of senior manager vacancies at @CityofJoburgZA, including the Executive Director: Housing position 👇🏼
When I changed schools in grade 7, I got low marks in term 1. In term 2 I got certificates for hard work and most improved student. I wasn’t a top student but because of those awards, I continued to work hard consistently until I was one in term 4.
Kids are getting awards for “going to school & making an effort”. Not for excellence or outstanding achievement in academics / sports/ arts & culture. But just for being at school...

Your thoughts?
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
So since 2018 we have had 2 batswana launch their own gin brands Tragelaphus by Boikanyo Mothibatsela, and this weekend
Ginlou by Lulu Rasebotsa... We are making progress 🙌🏿🙌🏿
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
We did some neat upgrades at my studio apartment last week which means it has more to offer now 💪🏻 Please share if you know of someone look for short term rental in Cape Town (it’s also available today till Friday)
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Makazole Mapimpi scored two tries in his first game for the Barbarians, but Fiji came out victorious in an end-to-end encounter at Twickenham.

Highlights >>
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Our soldiers have a stinking reputation of sexual exploitation. If they’re not sexually harassing and abusing women on these missions, their predilection for fathering children on foreign soil is becoming a king-sized headache for army authorities… via @IOL
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
A single Bitcoin holder likely manipulated the market and helped fuel the big rise in Bitcoin’s price in 2017, according to researchers.
One Bitcoin whale may have fueled the currencys price spike in 2017
Let’s not act crazy here. 😝 You’ve exercised already?!
Replying to @MelBala
I finished exercising an hour ago. Blame it on your Instagram account 🤷🏾‍♀️
This is very scary.
Huawei salesman: "The nice part is...They can run your face through the system, they will know where you were the last two weeks. Which mall, in what car, who is always with you. Your gait, your shoes. They do it all through AI."…
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
is the sky blue?

is cyril ramaphosa shocked?

is siya kolisi a married man responsible for 4 children??
I watched Watchmen for the first time yesterday. It was also the first time coming across anything on the Tulsa Race Massacre. I noticed immediately how some (including the New York Times) called an event where hundreds of people were killed, a ‘riot’.
Replying to @Ms_ZamaNdlovu
“Injustice plus time does not equal justice”
I watched Watchmen for the first time yesterday. It was also the first time coming across anything on the Tulsa Race Massacre. I noticed immediately how some (including the New York Times) called an event where hundreds of people were killed, a ‘riot’.
TULSA’S DARKEST SECRET: Channel 8 streaming a special roundtable on 1921 Race Massacre.……
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Please read Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death. What Belgium did will never be forgiven by any God.
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
UPDATED: Christo Wiese will finaly relinquish his Chairmanship of @Shoprite_SA. The board has begun its search for a new Chair who they want to be an independent executive. The wheels turn slowly... but they turn nevertheless.
The millennial one is definitely accurate.
i made this helpful reference chart of generational antagonism
“Progress in gender equality at the leadership level is slow simply because the majority of companies haven’t yet viewed the advancement of women as a business priority. 79% of organizations feign ignorance, and if not addressed, the gender gap will persist till 2073” ~ IBM
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
In reply to @SAbynumbers
The SA Cultural Observatory (SACO) informs that the cultural, heritage and creative industries contributed over R90.5bn to the national economy or 2.9% of the GDP in 2014. This exceeded, for instance, the contribution of agriculture to the GDP (2.2%) - #SA25_year_review
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
#SouthAfrica Business Maverick: Data suggests that SA’s economy contracted in Q3…
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Love this quote: "It does seem that the dominant bloc in the Democratic Alliance wants to convince some South African voters that a version of liberalism exists which is untouched by history and context."… via @TC_Africa
It’s Friday. WHO👏🏽IS👏🏽THE👏🏽NEW👏🏽ESKOM👏🏽CEO??

The ministerial handbook is really not the game changer right now.
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
I can’t believe just how many people actually think they’re gonna be billionaires.
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Do I think good social policy should be informed by good research? Obviously. But to call all other research 'ideology and inertia' is wrong, misguided and arrogant. No wonder the randomistas are under attack
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Academic journals:
- don’t fund research
- don’t pay authors
- don’t pay peer reviewers

- charge libraries & the public for access to research that is publicly funded
- issue copyright violations to researchers

Why do we put up with this?…
Zamandlovu Ndlovu Retweeted ·  
Mona Eltahawy, Basetsana Kumalo, d’bi. young anitafrika, Frankie Chike Edozien, Chris Abani, Wana Udobang, Zakes Mda, Sihle Bolani, Buhle Ngaba, Keletso Mopai, Masande Ntshanga, Kopano Ratele, and Lerato Mogoatlhe are some of the scribes making #AbantuBookFest this year.
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