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Last 50 tweets from @NASA
Building the @Space_Station and making history is all in a day’s work for astronaut Robert Curbeam. 👨🏿‍🚀 This #BlackHistoryMonth, learn about Curbeam’s spacewalk record and see what he’s up to in this photo from December 2006:
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148 856
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On "Houston We Have a Podcast", Steve Stitch, Deputy Manager for @Commercial_Crew, discusses how we are once again launching astronauts from American soil. Stitch talks about upcoming test flights and the role of private industry in human spaceflight:…
141 905
We've selected 12 payloads to fly to the Moon, as early as the end of this year — science instruments and tech demos to prepare the way for human exploration. Partners from U.S. industry are developing lunar landers to get them to the surface. Details:
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893 4,773
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Moonshot from @Space_Station, 2-22-19
1,837 10,152
This week:

🚀 @SpaceX prepares for its upcoming Demo-1 flight test
👨‍🚀 @NASA_Astronauts complete training before their launch
🔴 Our @NASAInSight lander records weather on #Mars

Take a look at these stories & more:
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518 2,803
Felt cute, might delete later! 📸 @NASANewHorizons returned its sharpest pictures of #UltimaThule - most distant object ever explored by a spacecraft. Get a closer look:
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1,103 6,165
LIVE NOW: Watch experts provide an update about the upcoming uncrewed @SpaceX Demo-1 flight test to the @Space_Station for our @Commercial_Crew Program:
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303 1,984
#CrewDragon is a 'go' for launch! 🚀 Today at @NASAKennedy, we held a flight readiness review for the March 2 liftoff of @SpaceX Demo-1. Before every launch, teams meet to review the work to be ready for flight. Watch NASA TV at 6pm ET for the latest news:
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366 2,043
At @NASAKennedy, we held a flight readiness review for @SpaceX Demo-1, the March 2 launch of #CrewDragon. Before a launch 🚀, teams meet to review the work to be ready for flight. Here are the latest updates about this crucial step:
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356 2,219
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I’m thrilled to announce @NASA has renamed our IV&V Facility in Fairmont, West Virginia, after Katherine Johnson. It’s a fitting tribute for a true American icon who overcame incredible obstacles and inspired so many.
712 3,000
Congrats to @VirginGalactic on SpaceShipTwo's successful flight to suborbital space w/ four @NASA_Technology payloads. With access to reduced-gravity, researchers collect data needed to mature their tech for use in deep space. More about our tech onboard:
Virgin Galactic Goes for Two, Helps NASA Mature Space Tech
SpaceShipTwo lands back on Earth after its second trip to space
435 1,868
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558 3,133
What happened on the @Space_Station this week?

🤖Robotic refueling
👩‍🚀Spacesuit maintenance
📡The world wide web extending into space!

Check it out: Have a question? Ask using #SpaceToGround
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400 1,975
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Today, @NASA and @SpaceX teams are gathered at @NASAKennedy for our Demo-1 flight readiness review ahead of the flight to @Space_Station. #LaunchAmerica
397 2,598
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For decades, @NASA has used data from Earth-observing satellites 🛰 to better understand our planet. Satellite imagery in our new book, Earth, shows the story of a 4.5-billion-year-old planet 🌎 where there is always something new to see.
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879 4,263
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Congratulations to @TeamSpaceIL and @ILSpaceAgency on launching the first commercial lunar lander! This is a historic step for all nations and commercial space as we extend our collaborations beyond low-Earth orbit and on to the Moon. #IsraelToTheMoon
302 1,546
After much anticipation, Israel’s first Moon lander is ready to launch! We’ve provided @TeamSpaceIL w/ images of the Moon’s surface, use of our Deep Space Network & a small laser retroreflector. Learn more:
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781 4,392
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As early as the end of this year, we could be sending experiments to fly on commercial landers to the surface of the Moon. From an instrument that'll measure the radiation environment to one that'll gather info about landing on the surface, get the details
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211 1,388
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Congratulations to @JAXA_en on a successful touchdown and retrieval! @NASA is looking forward to comparing data and sharing samples with Japan from our own asteroid sample return mission, @OSIRISREx, when it returns from asteroid Bennu in 2023. #haya2_TD…
Japanese spacecraft successfully touches down on an asteroid, grabbing a sample of dust
1,165 4,292
#LaunchAmerica 🇺🇸: the return of human spaceflight to U.S. soil.

Our @Commercial_Crew industry partners @Boeing and @SpaceX are on the verge of making history. First up: the March 2 liftoff of @SpaceX's #CrewDragon on a demo flight. What's next:
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616 3,067
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Here’s the next episode of Watch this Space! In this episode, I highlight @NASA’s plans to partner with the best of American industry to develop human lunar landers and the incredible accomplishments of our Opportunity rover on Mars. Full episode:
223 1,186
As we celebrate #IntroduceAGirltoEngineeringDay, we aim to encourage the future female workforce to consider a career path in engineering and be part of the next generation of explorers. Follow our Instagram story today to hear more
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611 2,276
NASA Retweeted ·  
I’ll be on Fox Business with @Varneyco at 11:10am ET to discuss @TeamSpaceIL’s historic launch tonight with the first private mission to the Moon. Be sure and tune in! #IsraelToTheMoon
249 1,505
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Good morning to our beautiful world, and to all the beautiful people who call it home! #TeamHuman
2,732 14,389
Just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you don’t shine bright 🌟 The supermassive black holes at the centers of these merging galaxies should be outshining all of their stars, but they are being outdone by a single neutron star. Read more & shine bright:
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1,880 8,080
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.@NASA is targeting June 12 as the launch date for Orion’s Ascent Abort-2 test, a critical milestone for human missions to the Moon! The test will show Orion’s Launch Abort System can carry a crew to safety in case of an emergency during launch.
1,207 5,386
If you were asked to name the Moon, what would you call it? We chose Hippocamp as the name for a mysterious tiny moon around Neptune discovered by our @NASAHubble Space Telescope. Discover more about “the moon that shouldn’t be there”:
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931 5,239
Our flying @SOFIAtelescope has a new toy, and the results are extraordinary. 🔭 With a new instrument on board, the airborne observatory is now able to study celestial magnetic fields with ground-breaking precision. Discover the latest results:
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971 4,381
How's the weather? Did you have a #snowday today? 🌨

Astronauts on board the @Space_Station captured this view of the Great Lakes region in mid-February, with clouds and frozen terrain as far as the eye could see:
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706 3,891
Could the Moon be a potential source of water production? 🤔 Solar wind streams protons to the Moon, which interacts w/ electrons to make hydrogen atoms. These atoms latch onto oxygen in the lunar soil — making hydroxl, a component of water. 🌊 Take a dip:
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609 2,783
Welcome to a mock spacecraft where crewmembers live for 45 days & emulate a real space mission, w/ 16-hour work days & a flight-like timeline of activities. The 5th Human Exploration Research Analog Campaign has just “lifted off.” Learn more:
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327 2,167
Look up! Tonight's #supermoon appears larger & brighter than any other full Moon this year.
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2,152 8,663
Swimming like solar tadpoles from the ☀️, newly found plasma jets spark a clue to an age-old mystery about our 🌟's upper atmosphere. At 200 X's hotter than the sun’s surface, charged particle disruptions from this region can even reach Earth. Details:
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491 2,539
🌡️ Lows of -138°F (-95°C) with SW winds peaking at 37.8 mph...

Daily weather reports from Mars 🔴 start today, thanks to data from our @NASAInSight lander! Follow the temperature, wind, and air pressure trends as seasons change on the Red Planet:
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812 3,574
Tonight, you don’t have to be a werewolf 🐺 to appreciate the brightest and largest full Moon of the year. Ever wondered why they are called supermoons? Get your howl on here:
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2,340 8,269
X-ray communications? It may sound like sci-fi, but with shorter wavelengths than radio, x-ray comms could potentially send more data for the same amount of transmission power. We're set to test this on the @Space_Station:
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400 1,995
Space is vital to the well-being of the United States, so it’s critical to safeguard American interests that operate there, including our spacecraft and the International @Space_Station
Civilization is dependent on freedom of navigation in space. SPD-4 ensures our freedom continues. @NASA has billions of dollars of assets and a permanent human presence in space. NASA will not have a direct role, but I support @POTUS Trump’s announcement.
Trump officially directs Pentagon to create Space Force legislation for Congress
69 221
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239 1,589
A discovery made by a citizen scientist is challenging our assumptions about how planetary systems evolve!👩‍🔬A volunteer w/ our Backyard Worlds project has found that the oldest & coldest known white dwarf star is encircled by rings of dust. Learn more:
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1,246 5,615
NASA Retweeted ·  
February is #AfricanAmericanHistoryMonth; do you know who made history by being the first African American astronaut to launch to space? #TuesdayTrivia
448 2,163
NASA Retweeted ·  
Spacesuit maintenance…Each suit is like a small spacecraft with its own power, air and water systems which work together to maintain the precise atmosphere in which humans can live, while also protecting us from the harsh conditions of space. Pretty phenomenal design!
714 5,321
Scientists who study the solar system tend to ask big questions: How was our solar system formed? Where did the building blocks of life come from? To find answers, they’re looking more and more at small worlds. @NASAScienceCast explains why:
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384 1,999
We are saddened by the loss of visionary storyteller & @IMAX filmmaker Toni Myers, who gave audiences a front row to the wonders of the cosmos. Watch Toni talk about her work training @NASA_Astronauts to film life off the Earth and on the @Space_Station:
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759 4,086
NASA Retweeted ·  
In this episode of Rocket Science in 60 Seconds, Chad Bryant, core stage manager for #NASASLS explains what the massive, 212-foot-tall core stage is and how its five main structures will be outfitted and joined together. WATCH >>
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224 1,436
“Stable landslides” creep slowly and harmlessly — but can eventually turn disastrous. For the first time, our scientists have documented the transition of a stable landslide into a catastrophic collapse. Stay safe and informed:
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477 2,596
NASA Retweeted ·  
In honor of #PresidentsDay, take a peek at #MountRushmore as astronauts see it. #NASA
328 2,249
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! 🔥 Our @NASAHubble Space Telescope captured the smoking gun of a newborn star located within a cloud of gas and dust, known as a nebula. Take a closer look at what’s happening a thousand light-years away from Earth:
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1,956 8,376
Like a luminous marker for our nation’s capital, @northropgrumman's #Antares rocket carrying the #Cygnus spacecraft lit up the sky last fall. 🚀 This #PresidentsDay, we reflect over the Thomas Jefferson Memorial once again, to honor our presidents:
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289 2,128
Time is ticking! ⏰ It’s the LAST DAY to apply for our #NASASocial event in April at @NASA_Wallops in Virginia where social media users will get an up-close view of the next cargo launch to the @Space_Station! Application & details:
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299 1,905
@NASA_Astronauts @Space_Station @StationCDRKelly @astro_kjell @NASA @ISS_Research I remember the days of zinnias. They got mould. Astros nursed them till Valentines day.👍😂
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0 5
Replying to @AnnQld1 :
@AnnQld1 Fast forward to today and now the seeds from the flowers grown aboard the @Space_Station have germinated into more than 40 space zinnias that are now growing at @NASAKennedy. Here's how the story unfolded:
Space Zinnias: From the Space Station to Earth
2 15
Relentless rainfall pounded Queensland for weeks, causing destructive flooding in the region. When the clouds dispersed, our @NASAEarth satellites got a clear look at the damage caused across the Australian state.

See the full report 📋:
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695 3,267
Mary Jackson — our first black female engineer — was just as committed to community service as she was to our missions. She spent her free time helping kids at the community center conduct their own experiments. Learn & reflect for #BlackHistoryMonth:
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1,465 6,357
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