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Last 50 tweets from @NASA
Lightning strikes within a chamber to agitate dust as @ISS_Research conducts a trial run of an electrode test chamber. The results could open new doors about particle velocities and help us uncover the origins of our solar system. Learn more:
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209 1,149
Apply to attend a @NASASocial event in Jan. where you can:

👀 View @SpaceX's uncrewed test flight for @Commercial_Crew
📷Tour @NASAKennedy facilities
🚀Take photos of the #Falcon9 rocket on the launch pad
🔥Watch the #CrewDragon spacecraft launch

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251 1,418
This weekend, watch the skies for a passing #comet! ☄

Comet 46P/Wirtanen will make its closest flyby on Sunday, Dec. 16, only 7.1 million miles from Earth. It may even be bright enough to see without a telescope. Photo galleries & how to observe:
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1,242 3,749
NASA Retweeted ·  
Always good to know @NASA has your back.
46,303 211,684
What caused Antarctica's increased snowfall from 1901-2000? A warming atmosphere. But even with the extra snowfall, it's still losing mass. Learn how we make future predictions of how ice sheets will shift:
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849 2,823
Since ICESat-2 launched in September, it has already exceeded our expectations! The @NASAEarth satellite is measuring the height of sea ice to within an inch, which will be used to help improve climate modeling and forecasts. Dive in:
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268 1,430
Always good to know @NASA has your back.
46,297 211,664
Replying to @RobertDowneyJr :
@RobertDowneyJr 👍 Failure is not an option.
3,542 24,541
What happens when @NASA_Orion returns back to Earth after traveling thousands of miles into deep space? Splashdown. Our engineers are testing the airbags to ensure they deploy & keep the spacecraft upright when it splashes into the ocean. Dive in:
362 2,290
.@NASAHubble spotted a rare, medium-size "hot Neptune" planet in a solar system beyond our own. Why are there few exoplanets of this size? Some clues: the planet orbits close to a young star, and its atmosphere is evaporating from blistering radiation.
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1,056 4,574
NASA Retweeted ·  
In episode 75 of Houston, We Have A Podcast, @NASA_Orion avionics, power and software deputy manager Matt Lemke discusses how Orion is radiation-hardened so the systems inside can withstand the harsh environment of space.…
239 1,295
A cosmic fountain is just as cool as it sounds — and beautiful to match. When gas falls toward a supermassive black hole in the center of a galaxy cluster, gravitational & electromagnetic forces spray the gas away for millions of years. See for yourself:
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1,064 4,183
A second chance for @AstroHague to fly to space, a Russian spacewalk to check on a repair to the Soyuz & @SpaceX's #Dragon spacecraft returns to the @Space_Station. Here’s what's happening aboard our orbiting laboratory: Ask ?s using #SpaceToGround
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354 1,974
JUST ANNOUNCED! A #NASASocial event in Jan. where you can:

👀 View @SpaceX’s uncrewed test flight for @Commercial_Crew
📷Tour @NASAKennedy facilities
🚀Take photos of the #Falcon9 rocket on the launch pad
🔥Watch the #CrewDragon spacecraft launch

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517 2,837
LOOK UP TONIGHT! 💫 With hundreds of meteors streaking across the night sky, the Geminid meteor shower is a “must see” dazzling show for skywatchers. To prepare, watch the latest episode of @NASAScienceCast:
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1,327 3,999
Heads up, Earthlings! The annual Geminid meteor shower has arrived and will peak. 🌠 It’s a good time to bundle up, go outside and watch one of Mother Nature’s best sky shows featuring up to 100 meteors per hour. Get more details:
  · Sprinklr · en
2,028 5,843
Our @NASASun mission, Parker Solar Probe, is flying closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before, speeding through the corona & collecting never-before-seen data with four cutting-edge science instruments. Now, it's time to start solving solar mysteries:
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957 3,885
NASA Retweeted ·  
.@ISS_Research is really phenomenal; every day we get to play a part in learning about our universe, our Earth, and the creatures that live on it. Getting to do science on the ceiling? Well, now that’s just cool! #ArmyInSpace #Science #Space #Astronaut
419 2,750
NASA Retweeted ·  
Check out the video from today's successful abort motor test at @northropgrumman test facility in Promontory, Utah. Data from today's test will confirm the motor can activate within milliseconds and will perform as designed under cold temperatures.
450 2,632
👋 We see you @NASAInSight! That little spacecraft on the Red Planet's surface is our Mars lander in its new home. It was spotted by our Mars Reconaissance Orbiter's @HiRISE camera and appears teal from reflected light. More photos:
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1,299 6,605
NASA Retweeted ·  
We are taking another step to expand our partnerships with industry and other nations as we return humans to the surface of the Moon. Learn more here:…
413 2,496
Congrats to @VirginGalactic on SpaceShipTwo successfully flying to suborbital space with our four @NASA_Technology payloads onboard. With a good rocket motor burn, the mission went beyond the 50-mile altitude target. Learn more about our tech onboard:…
Four NASA-Sponsored Experiments Set to Launch
SpaceShipTwo, welcome to space.
1,011 4,175
587 2,914
NASA Retweeted ·  
Looks to us like the @Warriors will be in @HoustonTX on March 13. @StephenCurry30, would you and your teammates want to learn about the giant leaps that started and continue here? We think a tour to see the Moon rocks might be a blast!
401 2,598
NASA Retweeted ·  
Things are heating up! 🔥 Don’t miss a live broadcast of @NASA_Orion’s launch abort motor test at 1 p.m. EST! Details👇👇👇
163 1,112
LIVE NOW: Join #Mars2020 mission scientists & engineers at 11:30am ET for a @Reddit_AMA. Ask them anything about Jezero Crater as the landing site of our next rover. This location could potentially answer important questions about the Red Planet’s wet past…
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293 1,477
Today, @virgingalactic will fly their first mission for us — and join the growing list of commercial vehicles supporting our suborbital research! Payloads on the flight will collect valuable data to improve technologies for future missions. Swoop in:
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610 2,859
Don’t miss out on one of the most prolific and reliable meteor showers of the year! The Geminid meteor shower will put on a dazzling display for sky watchers when it peaks on Dec. 13. You’ll be able to see up to 100 meteors per hour. Plan ahead:
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2,542 6,132
NASA Retweeted ·  
Vice President Mike Pence
Great discussion w/ @JimBridenstine & honored to meet so many hardworking members of the @NASA team. @POTUS & I are grateful for their work to implement our renewed commitment to American leadership in space and human space exploration to return to the Moon & then to Mars.
621 3,676
Our @NASAJuno spacecraft will zoom past Jupiter at nearly 130,000 mph next week, making its 16th science pass above the planet's cloud tops. More science and — of course — more stunning images from JunoCam on the way:
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1,145 4,461
Last night, @WNCathedral was packed with celestial projections in celebration of the #Apollo50 Anniversary of the Apollo 8 Mission to @NASAMoon. Audio from 1968 filled the enormous halls of the @airandspace #SpiritofApollo event. Watch the event here:
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277 1,312
Say Cheese! @NASAInSight's first #selfie on Mars reveals the lander's solar panels and deck!
The spacecraft used a camera on its robotic arm to create a mosaic made up of 11 images. Take a peek at Insight's first complete "workspace" here:
  · Sprinklr · en
1,215 6,029
Constant Bliss (*the soldier, not the cheese!)
@NASA The link doesn't lead directly to more information about the ap
  · Twitter Lite · en
0 0
Replying to @Bethan7rose :
NASA Retweeted ·  
.@VP Mike Pence visited @NASA HQ today to discuss progress on Space Policy Directive 1 and to meet with NASA employees. Check out photos from the visit here:
74 644
Boom! We will be testing an RS-25 Engine live today at around 4:20pm ET — but what IS an RS-25, and why is it important? With 4 of these engines, the @NASA_SLS rocket will shoot off the planet at speeds of 17,500 mph! Watch and learn:
  · Sprinklr · en
352 1,822
LIVE NOW: Earthlings, explore your home planet! With our Worldview tool, you can use satellite imagery to explore Earth, create custom maps, or even create an animation to see how certain areas have changed over time. Tune in to #AGU18 to learn more:
  · Sprinklr · en
1,856 5,926
LIVE: @AstroHague and @Astro_Christina talk about their upcoming mission to the @Space_Station. They'll lift off in Feb. 2019 aboard a Soyuz spacecraft and join the crew aboard the orbiting laboratory. Watch:
  · Sprinklr · en
160 1,273
TODAY at 3 p.m. EST: Parker Solar Probe has already flown closer to the Sun than any other spacecraft! @NASASun researchers share what they expect to see from the first data, and how that will redefine our understanding of our star. Tune in: #AGU18
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639 2,468
NASA Retweeted ·  
Exciting news! For the 7th year in a row, @NASA has once again been named the “Best Place to Work” among large federal agencies. I could not be prouder of the work the @NASA family has done to create such a positive work environment.
242 2,193
LAST DAY TO APPLY: Passionate about the world of astronomy? Go behind-the-scenes of @SOFIAtelescope, the world’s largest flying telescope, in a Seattle #NASASocial event on Jan 6 when you'll meet the team doing cutting-edge research at 40,000 feet. Apply:
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179 1,007
NASA Retweeted ·  
Thank you @VP for visiting @NASA HQ today and for your passion for space exploration and science. Under the leadership of @POTUS, we are renewing American leadership in space and working hard to accomplish Space Policy Directive 1.
200 1,167
LIVE NOW: All about @NASAJuno! Orbiting Jupiter for over two years, this spacecraft just completed about half of its primary mission! Our scientists are presenting their latest data on the gas giant’s aurora, magnetic, field, and more. Tune in: #AGU18
  · Sprinklr · en
773 3,682
NASA Retweeted ·  
Vice President Mike Pence
Will be visiting @NASA later today and meeting with @NASA Administrator @JimBridenstine and NASA employees to discuss the Trump Administration’s vision for American leadership in space. Looking forward to it!
  · TweetDeck · en
1,338 8,892
LIVE NOW: The amount of snow & ice on the ground is important, especially in the western United States. Warmer temps are expected to cause declines in snowpack in the U.S. over the coming decades. See what @NASAEarth researchers are finding: #AGU18
  · Sprinklr · en
367 1,918
NASA Retweeted ·  
Congratulations to @roscosmos and to our friends Sergey and Oleg on a successful #spacewalk!
705 6,032
NASA Retweeted ·  
Well, look who showed up on @Space_Station! I guess we all have to be good now! I hope with his mischievous ways, he doesn’t get into anything TOO important! We will have to wait and see….
732 5,138
LIVE NOW: Join us for a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 8 Mission to the Moon, the first to bring humans to another world as they orbited the Moon on Christmas Eve 1968. Watch now from the Washington National Cathedral: #Apollo50
  · Sprinklr · en
2,157 9,550
NASA Retweeted ·  
Today's inspection work took place on the Soyuz Orbital module where the pressure leak occurred. The crew returns to Earth in the Descent Module. The Orbital and Service modules separate after undocking and burn up in Earth's atmosphere. #AskNASA |
175 919
NASA Retweeted ·  
Cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev completed a spacewalk lasting 7 hours and 45 minutes to inspect the Soyuz crew vehicle.
545 3,213
TODAY at 8pm ET, we’ll be LIVE from the Washington National Cathedral for a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 8 Mission to the Moon, the first to bring humans to another world as they orbited the Moon on Christmas Eve 1968. Watch: #Apollo50
  · Sprinklr · en
839 3,947
NASA Retweeted ·  
The "eureka" moment. Spacewalkers find the "small black dot" where controllers believe the area of the fixed pressure leak is located on the Soyuz crew vehicle. #AskNASA |
  · · en
889 4,578
NASA Retweeted ·  
50 years ago this Christmas, we orbited the Moon for the first time. 1 out of every 4 people on Earth watched the crew's broadcast on Christmas Eve. This is the story of Apollo 8:
1,338 5,227
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