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Last 50 tweets from @NASA
Want to know what it’s like to live in space?

Send your questions to @Astro_Megan now. She’ll be answering on Friday, Oct. 22, while she hurtles around the globe at 17,500 mph.
Time to start wrapping up! I’m getting ready to return to Earth and reflecting on my mission, and I wanted to answer some of your questions. Comment your questions about life in space down below and I’ll try to get through as many of them as possible.
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Time flies when you’re building a Moon rover!

Using 3D-printed and metal pieces, we’ve assembled a full-scale model of VIPER, our #Artemis Moon rover. Check out our practice run, and stay tuned for the final build in 2022:
He has led teams who design tech concepts for robotic space exploration. An alum of the University of Puerto Rico, he also aspires to be one of our @NASA_Astronauts.

Meet Wilbert Ruperto Hernández in our new @NASA_Es episode of ‘Hispan@s de la NASA’:
In reply to @NASA
Thank you so much!! She just might!! She built this diaroma of a shuttle landing on what appears to be a space cat planet the other morning 😆 the stuffed Shuttle Atlantis is from the Space Shop at KSC
In reply to @NASA
So, air is there in Mars and sound travels thro air and helicopter is flying. I thought there was no air👍
Replying to @nsrajanme
It’s extremely thin! The atmosphere is nearly 100 times thinner than Earth’s, and is mostly carbon dioxide. Scientists think Mars may have had a thick atmosphere at one point. We’re trying to find out!
Sky is the limit, little one! Excited to learn about the @NASAArtemis project that will bring the first woman to the moon and lay the foundation for further space exploration @NASAKennedy @TheSpaceGal
Replying to @TastyChomps
👩‍🚀 Looks like a great time! Maybe she’ll be part of our team one day. In the meantime, here are some @NASASTEM activities to give just a little more inspiration (thanks for stopping by!):
In reply to @NASA
In reply to @NASA
One benefit of the night shift…
Replying to @marclivolsi
That’s a great work buddy right there. Thanks for sharing!
In reply to @NASA
Replying to @PRHAMESTER
Don’t you just love our Moon? Beautiful view, thank you!
In reply to @NASA
Why launch the @NASAweb so far in Guyana and not in Florida?
Replying to @complejo_be
The European Space Agency's contribution to the mission is their Ariane 5 rocket, which launches out of French Guiana. Also, closer to the equator, Earth spins faster, so this actually helps give rockets an extra boost at liftoff!
In reply to @NASA
.I saw the moon rise last night in Pasadena, California 😍 #823 #helloMoon
Replying to @KatMakeup
What a star! Uh, Moon! Well, you get it. Thanks for sharing! 😎
🔭 Here’s where you can find @NASAWebb resources, including a digital press kit, a schedule of live pre-launch briefings, and info on our #UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge.

Liftoff is set for Dec. 18. Ready?
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🚀👀 Teams with @NASAGroundSys and @JacobsConnects lifted @NASA_Orion, fully assembled with its launch abort system, above the @NASA_SLS rocket during the morning hours of Oct. 20. More photos:
Replying to @database_dev
And yet still the same glowing orb. Thanks for sharing! 👍
In reply to @NASA
Saw it last night and it was fabulous…
Replying to @MarilynInMiami
We're lucky to have the Moon as our neighbor! 🌕
In reply to @NASA
Hunter's moon? I waited for the blood moon, now you say there's a Hunter's moon. Please list all the moons. Will be greatly appreciated...
Algonquin tribes in the northeastern U.S. also call it the Blood Moon among other names! Here's more:…
I mean… 😍

If you have a chance tonight, catch a glimpse of the Hunter's Moon. The nearly full Moon is seen here as it rises from The Observatory at America’s Square in Washington, DC on Oct. 19, 2021.

Credit: @NASAHQPhoto
NASA Retweeted ·  
Europe at night is absolutely stunning! Enjoy this pass from Europe to Yemen.
What if an asteroid were going to hit Earth? ☄️

There are no known threats, but asteroid expert Dr. Kelly Fast of @AsteroidWatch says it’s important to find the asteroids before they find us. Our eyes are always on the skies:…
One of the most important components of a deep space mission: food. 🍕

We have awarded 18 teams for their ideas to feed future astronauts! Stay tuned for a Nov. 9 show on the winners w/ celebrity chef Martha Stewart & retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly:
In reply to @NASA
Nah, I'm more of a stay at home couch potato type
Replying to @meneer_pastoor
Also a good choice. We'll bring the universe to you.
🧳 Vacation on Venus. Kayak on Titan. Sail above a sea of lava. Where will you explore?

Tour some of the most extreme places in the galaxy. The fanciful adventures in this @NASAExoplanets video are inspired by real worlds we’ve studied. Let’s go:
Tonight’s Moon in Cleveland, OH
Replying to @GabeWasylko
Wow. Just think: so many people were looking up at the same time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo with us.
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#LucyMission Update:

- Spacecraft stable, healthy & in good power
- Transitioning into cruise mode
- One solar array latched, one partially unfurled
- Team continues assessment
- No course adjustments needed until December
NASA Retweeted ·  
Our #Crew3 virtual #NASASocial is open for business!

Join us for updates and conversations about our next @Commercial_Crew mission to the @Space_Station, scheduled to lift off on Oct. 31:
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When Daniel Florez was 7, a trip to @NASAKennedy made him dream of working at NASA. Now he's helping the @NASAGroundSys team get #Artemis ready to launch to the Moon!🚀🌕

See how @NASA will get the enormous @NASA_SLS rocket to the launch site & design your own Crawler prototype!
LIVE NOW: @Commercial_Crew and @BoeingSpace give an update on the status of Boeing's CST-100 #Starliner spacecraft. Listen in:
NASA Retweeted ·  
Launch Update ➡️ @NASA and @SpaceX are now targeting 2:21am ET Sunday, Oct. 31, for the #Crew3 mission to the @Space_Station.

Crew-3 is scheduled to arrive at the orbiting laboratory early on the morning of Monday, Nov. 1:
Hey @NASA any word on this ball yet? 🛰☄️🪐
#Team26 #RollTide
Replying to @AlabamaSB
Not gonna say it. Not gonna say it. Not gonna say it. It's...out of this world. 😎
But where to share ? 😭😭👍🏻
Replying to @iamprasad51
You can share it right here using the #UnfoldTheUniverse hashtag. Show us what you got!🌟
In reply to @NASA
That means I'll make art with the universe theme and send it to you, right?
Replying to @Moon33853686
That's correct! You can share it right here with us using the #UnfoldTheUniverse hashtag. We want to know what you think this powerful space telescope will see. ✨
📢 Sing? Paint? Dance? If you create art, we want to see it!

Join our #UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge with @KellieGerardi & Delta V -- and show us what you think the @NASAWebb Space Telescope will reveal after its Dec. launch to study our early universe:…
Replying to @NASA
🎨 Post a photo or video of yourself with your creation using #UnfoldTheUniverse for a chance to get featured on @NASAWebb's historic launch broadcast!
📢 Sing? Paint? Dance? If you create art, we want to see it!

Join our #UnfoldTheUniverse Art Challenge with @KellieGerardi & Delta V -- and show us what you think the @NASAWebb Space Telescope will reveal after its Dec. launch to study our early universe:…
What do Martian wind gusts sound like? What about the crunching of rover wheels on Martian gravel? 🤔

Thanks to two microphones aboard @NASAPersevere, you can put on headphones and feel like you’re standing on the surface of the Red Planet. Take a listen:
NASA Retweeted ·  
We're going live with @BoeingSpace today at 2:30pm ET for a teleconference to discuss the oxidizer isolation valve issue that was discovered ahead of the planned uncrewed Orbital Flight Test-2 mission.

Here's how you can tune in:
🔭 We just announced our newest space telescope!

Expected to launch into orbit in 2025, COSI will study gamma rays from stellar explosions to map out the evolution of our Milky Way galaxy:
Our Laser Communications Relay Demonstration could revolutionize the way we send & receive data from space, with the potential to increase bandwidth 10 to 100x more than current methods. We're targeting Nov. 22 for liftoff. Discover more:
NASA Retweeted ·  
.@Astro_Stephanie, a veteran of three space missions was honored recently with this portrait in Atlanta, inspiring the next generation of explorers to #AimHigher. Bio:
Space week 🚀| Well done to all the children who brought in their space creations last week. We really enjoyed seeing them all.
✨ We love these! Great work, everybody! Here's where you can find more @NASASTEM activities and experiments:
On Oct. 21, a Russian cargo spacecraft will relocate to another port at the @Space_Station. The move will free up a parking spot for the next cargo ship, scheduled to dock on Oct. 29. Watch on NASA TV:
🌊 The Arctic Ocean is a difficult place to access and study. That’s why NASA, @NOAA, @ESA, and others turn to the vantage point of space to observe the region.

Here are five facts to help you understand Arctic sea ice and why it's important:
Nominations are open until Oct. 29 for the National Space Council Users' Advisory Group, a committee of experts from outside the U.S. government, including industry & other aeronautics and space organizations.

Requirements and how to submit a nomination:
In reply to @NASA
Is there a tentative date, assuming everything goes flawlessly, for first light?
Replying to @Skyjester
We have about a 6-month commissioning process that starts after launch. After deploying and achieving orbit, it has to cool down to cryogenic operating temperatures. The mirror alignment will be adjusted and the instruments calibrated. Then, the science begins!
We’ve never done any of this before.

For the 29 days after liftoff, our @NASAWebb Space Telescope will unfold like origami step by step so it can begin telling the origin story of the universe. There are no second chances:
✨ Space is the place! Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly updates on our #Artemis Moon missions and discover the latest on Earth, the solar system and beyond — all delivered right to your inbox:
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Touchdown after 191 days in space for @Novitskiy_ISS and 12 days in space for two Russian filmmakers! More...
HAPPENING NOW: Watch the final leg of the journey home to Earth for a Soyuz spacecraft carrying three Russian space travelers. Deorbit burn and landing coverage is underway:
LIVE: A Soyuz spacecraft with a veteran cosmonaut and two Russian filmmaking guests aboard undocks from the @Space_Station:

• 11:15pm ET (03:15 UTC) Deorbit burn and landing
In reply to @NASA
Will James Webb discover many binary planets like the Earth-Moon system? Or will rocky planets with large moons be relatively rare?
Yes! @NASAWebb will be able to observe the planets at or beyond the orbit of Mars, with the ability to monitor their weather and their moons. Find out what else Webb will be studying:…
FAQ Lite Webb Telescope/NASA
In reply to @NASA
My Dad always told me growing up (while he was away on West Pac’s in the US Navy, some thousands of miles away); he would say to me, “Look to The Moon, as the same Moon you see, is the same Moon I we're never really that far apart.” I found it comforting as a 6-year-old
Wow! Thank you for sharing - that is truly a meaningful connection to our lunar companion. 🌝
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