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Last 50 tweets from @NASA
In reply to @NASA
Sir how is weather on Mars? do they have time for picnic?
Replying to @Antonio09380351
The weather on Mars is typically dry and cold. We have three spacecraft working on the surface right now and all three have weather stations. Get the latest reports here:
In reply to @NASA
Does the gas/dust move in, or through, space, or is it in a constant non moving position, and If it moves, what are its movements similar to that we'd understand?
Replying to @scottstpierre
Dust and gas do move around! Particles can get a “kick” when they form and if they interact with each other or light. A nebula is crowded so the chances of interacting are high, causing more motion. Plus, gravity from clumpy matter and fledgling stars can attract the particles.
NASA Retweeted ·  
#LucyMission Update:

✅The spacecraft has successfully executed several small maneuvers
✅Analysis of electric currents show that the unfurled solar array is between 75% and 95% deployed
➡️Next: The team will decide whether and how to re-deploy the array
How would living in space change your guts? Can free-flying robots help us develop self-guided spacecraft?

Learn more about the @ISS_Research headed to the @Space_Station on this weekend's @SpaceX #Crew3 mission:
In reply to @NASA
Oh c'mon @NASA you can't post an image of a galaxy like that without saying which one it is! 😁
Glad you asked, Phil! This spiral galaxy is NGC 691, imaged with @NASAHubble's Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3).…
Are we alone in the universe?

To understand how one discovery builds on the next, @NASAAstrobio is asking for help to put together a scale that would lead to scientists being confident in saying they found life beyond Earth.
How did @NASAPersevere pick its exact landing spot? Believe it or not, the Mars rover decided precisely where to land just moments before it touched down. It's thanks to the work of engineers like Swati Mohan & new tech called Terrain Relative Navigation:
NASA Retweeted ·  
The @SpaceX Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon that will carry #Crew3 to the @Space_Station was rolled out at Launch Complex 39A early this morning. More 📷:
✨ Mesmerizing yet mysterious – this is the heart of our Milky Way.

Teaming up with the @EHTelescope, our @NASAWebb Space Telescope will reveal a closer look at the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy:
In reply to @NASA
Is it able to find water? That is the most rare element in the universe and would be wonderful to discover it outside of earth.
Replying to @MikeKrowkok
Yes! With Webb, astronomers will break down light using a technique called spectroscopy. This can then tell us more about the presence of water & other molecules in exoplanet atmospheres. Here's the science behind Webb's ability to study other worlds:…
Q: What are you most excited for — the spacewalks, the science, or flying the Crew Dragon?

A: Yes.

@AstroMarshburn expresses excitement for his third spaceflight to the @Space_Station with the #Crew3 mission:
"We are super excited to actually be sitting here, just a few miles away from the rocket we'll get to ride on."

@Astro_Raja and the rest of the #Crew3 are just days away from their Oct. 31 launch to the @Space_Station aboard the Crew Dragon Endurance:
LIVE NOW: #Crew3 astronauts @Astro_Raja, @AstroMarshburn, Kayla Barron, and @Astro_Matthias take questions from their crew quarters ahead of their Oct. 31 launch to the @Space_Station. Submit questions with #AskNASA:…
NASA Retweeted ·  
You can help make our Mars robots even smarter. Members of the public can now help teach an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognize scientific features in images taken by the @NASAPersevere rover. Find out how to get involved:
Less than a week till our @SpaceX #Crew3 launch! 🚀

Check out our new @GIPHY set of astronaut GIFs at…, then make sure to tune in for the launch on Oct. 31!
“One really cool thing about a space telescope like Webb is that we can basically use it like a time machine."

🪐Join @NASAExoplanets scientist Knicole Colon and @LEGO_Education as they discuss the @NASAWebb Space Telescope on #BuildToLaunch:
#BuildtoLaunch ep 7 brings students a behind the scenes look at the @NASAWebb Webb Telescope. It’s the most complex space science telescope! Then LEGO Space Team Mission Specialist Kyle reviews challenges of working in space.
LIVE NOW: #Crew3 astronauts arrive at @NASAKennedy ahead of their Oct. 31 launch to the @Space_Station! Hear from @Astro_Raja, @AstroMarshburn, Kayla Barron, and @Astro_Matthias before they leave Earth.…
NASA Retweeted ·  
ARRIVAL UPDATE 🛫 The #Crew3 astronauts are now expected to land at @NASAKennedy at approximately 2:30pm ET.

Watch live:
NASA Retweeted ·  
We asked the astronauts of the #Crew3 mission to describe their fellow crewmates to us.

Who is the funniest? Who has the most annoying habit? 🤔 Get to know your crew before they launch to the @Space_Station Oct. 31!
This Godzilla isn’t flattening any skylines — it’s just a cloud of gas and dust, striking an eerie resemblance to the fictional sea monster. In this image captured by our Spitzer Space Telescope, the colors represent different infrared light wavelengths:
NASA Retweeted ·  
Today, we welcome a new member of the #Artemis family: Poland 🇵🇱

Poland joins a growing list of Artemis Accords signees, demonstrating their commitment to joining our efforts to establish a peaceful and safe exploration of the Moon:
Experts from our #JunoMission science team will reveal a 3D view of the newest findings about Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere.

Join us live on Oct. 28 at 3pm ET (1900 UTC):

Image processed by Kevin M. Gill
In reply to @NASA
Are we going together to the Moon, Mars and beyond NASA? 😍👨🏾‍🚀👨‍🚀🌎🚀🌕🛑
There's space for everyone on this journey of exploration! Be our guest.…
What do you get a NASA field center specializing in rockets for its 60th birthday? A REALLY big candle.

Happy 60th, @NASAStennis! From the Saturn V to SLS, you lift us up -- to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.
LIVE NOW: Leaders from NASA, @SpaceX, @ESA and @JAXA_en give an update on our upcoming #Crew3 mission to the @Space_Station, following today's Flight Readiness Review at @NASAKennedy. Listen in:
NASA Retweeted ·  
The Flight Readiness Review for the #Crew3 mission has concluded and teams are proceeding toward a planned liftoff at 2:21am ET on Sunday, Oct. 31!

We'll be holding a media teleconference at 7:15pm ET to discuss the outcome:
It's launch week for our latest @Commercial_Crew mission to the @Space_Station!

#Crew3 is set to lift off in the wee hours of Halloween morning (2:21am ET/6:21am UTC, Sun. Oct 31)—learn more about our crew and the @SpaceX Crew Dragon Endurance:
Replying to @NASA
Launch coverage of #Crew3 starts Saturday evening (10pm ET). Tweet us your questions with #AskNASA and we might feature them on our live broadcast!
It's launch week for our latest @Commercial_Crew mission to the @Space_Station!

#Crew3 is set to lift off in the wee hours of Halloween morning (2:21am ET/6:21am UTC, Sun. Oct 31)—learn more about our crew and the @SpaceX Crew Dragon Endurance:
NEW: Scientists may have detected evidence of a planet candidate orbiting a star outside our Milky Way galaxy for the first time. The exoplanet could be about the size of Saturn:

Have questions? Head over to @ChandraXRay for a Q&A.
NASA Retweeted ·  
✅ Flight No. 14
The #MarsHelicopter successfully performed a short hop in its current airfield to test out higher rpm settings so it can fly in lower atmospheric densities on the Red Planet. This test also leaves the team room for an rpm increase if needed for future flights.
🎯 Can you change the path of an asteroid? Engineer and martial artist Elena Adams of @JHUAPL leads a team that will help figure it out.

Watch this episode of "Behind the Spacecraft" for our #DARTMission, a test to see how we might deflect an asteroid:
We're crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid… on purpose! Our #DARTmission is a #PlanetaryDefense test to change the motion of an asteroid in space, so we could use this technique if an Earth-threatening asteroid were found. Watch Behind the Spacecraft:
✉️ 💫 Want more space in your inbox? Sign up for the NASA Explore newsletter! This week, find out about our @NASAWebb #UnfoldTheUniverse art challenge.

Read this story & more:
Sign up:
• Stacked: Our mega-Moon rocket for @NASAArtemis I
• Selected: A new space telescope to study the galaxy
• Released: A new open data platform for water resource management

Get all these stories and more on this episode of This Week @ NASA:
In reply to @NASA
Thank you for the clarification. And, I suppose, this autonomy function of @NASAPersevere is called “Mars Rover Fast Traverse”.☺️ Has the Rover Planner team ever used the onboard terrain classifier (SPOC) for motion planning of @NASAPersevere rover?
Replying to @oktayarslan @NASAJPL and 2 others
That’s a terrific question for our friends over at @NASAJPL!
Our @NASAArtemis I mega-Moon rocket is targeted for liftoff in February 2022.

Here are the small steps in store before the next giant leap:
In reply to @NASA
Maybe there's spice on Mars like in Dune. Anyone check that yet at NASA?
Replying to @SkepticalPooh
Roll without rhythm, and it won't attract the worm. Note: No worms spotted yet, or life of any kind beyond Earth, but we'll keep you posted.…
Surface Operations for Perseverance
In reply to @NASA
Beautiful. Exploring Mars. Congratulations to NASA on this one. We may see interesting images on Mars in the coming days.👽
Replying to @metin47389731
See all of the raw images from @NASAPersevere (and vote for your favorites) online here:…
In reply to @NASA
Is this video sped up or did @NASAJPL upgrade the @NASAPersevere rover’s hardware? I am asking because I know how fast several rovers can drive per Martian sol.😎
Replying to @oktayarslan @NASAJPL and 1 otherfalse
The video has been sped up by ~200X with roughly 30 seconds between frames. @NASAPersevere and @MarsCuriosity have the same top speed (4 cm/sec), but Perseverance can cover more ground in the same time because it can drive and make decisions about route planning at the same time.
Heading into the weekend like an autonomous rover on Mars.
In reply to @NASA
No Way You saw That Nasa That is like the Big Bang
Oh, this old thing? That's Cassiopeia A, a supernova remnant that's one of the things that our IXPE mission will study. Here's what we can tell from the colors in this image:
Media accreditation is now open for the launch of IXPE, scheduled to lift off from @NASAKennedy no earlier than Dec. 9.

Learn about our orbiting observatory, which will track polarized X-rays to study black holes and the remnants of stellar explosions:
Did you know that the Sun creates “space weather” that can endanger our spacecraft? Yaireska Collado-Vega explains how her team helps protect robots and astronauts on this episode of our #GravityAssist podcast:
Before #OSIRISREx arrived at asteroid Bennu, scientists thought it would be like a sandy beach. Instead they found a surface covered in boulders. But why? Scientists have solved the mystery:
In reply to @NASA
hopefully their chilies are spicy. mine this year were just so bland. i'd love an update on the spiciness level of those peppers. do they actually eat them or are they just for 'science'?
Replying to @kmb122371
We’re also interested to know how spicy! Hatch chile peppers are a mild heat pepper, but their potency could change under the unique stresses of microgravity. Astronauts will get to eat part of their harvests, & return the rest to Earth for analysis. More:…
LIVE: Experts discuss the completed stacking operations of our @NASA_Orion spacecraft and @NASA_SLS rocket. Listen in for updates on the progress toward launch of our @NASAArtemis I mission around the Moon:
🌶️ It’s almost harvest season aboard the @Space_Station! This week, the crew prepared for a chili pepper haul and bid farewell to three @Roscosmos space travelers returning to Earth.

😋 Get a taste of life in space in this new episode of #SpaceToGround:
Replying to @TheTedAllen
Imagine! International @Space_Station? More like International Spice Station. 🌶️
In reply to @NASA
Save the date? Isn't that today!
Replying to @KeithMansfield @NASA_Orion and 2 others
Indeed it is!
Stacking complete 🥞

The @NASA_Orion spacecraft now sits atop the @NASA_SLS rocket.

Reporters: Save the date for a media telecon at 1pm ET on Oct. 22 to discuss our ongoing progress toward the @NASAArtemis I mission:
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