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Last 50 tweets from @NASA_Gateway
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
As we prepare for the #Artemis I lunar mission, we are saying “Goodnight Moon” from the @Space_Station.

A video of @AstroMarshburn reading out loud from the children's book tonight will be shown at 7pm ET during a 75th anniversary event:
How much do you know about NRHO?

As we prep to gather data on the characteristics of Gateway’s Near-Rectilinear Halo Orbit, experts are ready to answer your questions about the #CAPSTONE pathfinder mission testing this unique halo orbit. Join us on Reddit at 1pm PT/4pm ET.
Big news for Gateway – we’re thrilled to announce Holly Ridings, NASA’s first female Chief Flight Director, will help build NASA’s foundation in deep space as Gateway’s Deputy Program Manager.

Learn more about Holly Ridings joining the Gateway program:
Replying to @NASA_Gateway
“I am honored to help lead the Gateway Program, the blueprint for NASA’s deep space exploration plans to the Moon and beyond. Serving as Chief Flight Director has been a great honor, and I will carry the excellence of Flight Operations with me to the incredible Gateway team.”
Big news for Gateway – we’re thrilled to announce Holly Ridings, NASA’s first female Chief Flight Director, will help build NASA’s foundation in deep space as Gateway’s Deputy Program Manager.

Learn more about Holly Ridings joining the Gateway program:
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
The Moon, with Earth's shadow draping across it during a lunar eclipse and the destination for @NASA_Gateway, is pictured from the station on May 13, 2022. More moon pix...
“I want to have a lasting impact on the way we explore and being a part of Gateway allows me to do so."

Katheryn Vasquez, Docking Systems, Hatches and Mechanisms Subject Matter Expert for Deep Space Logistics at @NASAKennedy

More about Vasquez:
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
Our technologies start out as ideas for solving challenges in space. Roll-Out Solar Arrays are an example of an industry innovation that – with NASA support – matured from concept to demo to operational mission use on the @Space_Station & @NASA_Gateway:
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
Science is front and center as we go to the Moon. @NASA_Gateway will orbit the Moon with science instruments, and soon #Artemis I will carry science payloads, from CubeSats to instruments on @NASA_Orion, to pave the way for future space exploration. This time, we go for science.
🤯 Advanced technology developed for Gateway’s #Canadarm3, the next-generation robotic arm, is opening doors for private industry in space.
MDA completes first commercial sale of #Canadarm3 technology to @Axiom_Space's Axiom Station, which will be the world’s first commercial space station in orbit. @csa_asc…
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
We have big plans for the Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit - specifically parking @NASA_Gateway there to use less fuel and allow constant direct communications with Earth. But first, we're testing this orbit with @NASA_Technology's CAPSTONE mission. More:
We are going!🌠🌑🚀

The first modules of the Gateway are under construction. @NASA and its partners are building hardware all over the world, software and systems are being designed and tested, and integration labs are up and running.
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
CAPSTONE, a CubeSat mission to test a new orbit around the Moon for @NASA_Gateway and future @NASAArtemis astronauts, is set to launch this spring. Get five must-know facts on @Tumblr:…
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JimFree
Radiation instruments built by @ESA and @JAXA_en will help keep astronauts safe by monitoring the exposure in Gateway's unique orbit and a space weather instrument suite built by @NASA will observe solar particles & solar wind created by the Sun. (2/2)
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
Science at the Moon isn't limited to the lunar surface - it'll happen at @NASA_Gateway too. We'll focus on biology, astrophysics, space weather, & climate research from lunar orbit. Early Gateway payloads will observe space weather & monitor the Sun's radiation environment. (1/2)
#ICYMI @Astro_Alex traveled to Turin, Italy, where @Thales_Alenia_S is building Gateway’s International Habitation Module. He tested the futuristic space station environment inside the physical mockup as well as a virtual reality environment.

More on his visit to Thales:
.@Astro_Alex is getting ready for lunar orbit 🌑👨‍🚀 He recently visited @Thales_Alenia_S to test out and provide feedback on accommodations for the next human outpost in space, the lunar Gateway 🏡 #ExploreFarther…
#ICYMI: Gateway’s Habitation and Logistics Outpost team had a chance to climb inside the initial HALO module mock-up framework. Once complete, the mockup will be used for testing at @NASA_Johnson for @NASAArtemis trainings.
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
The sight of the Moon from the station is awe-inspiring and the destination for @NASA_Gateway's lunar outpost. More pix...
Happy #EarthDay! Gateway is expected to inspire many technology applications on Earth from around the lunar surface by using new capabilities like solar electric propulsion, roll out solar arrays, autonomous vehicle system management and much more.
Gateway will be an assembly of elements in lunar orbit with capabilities to advance deep space exploration.
It will serve as a unifying catalyst for international partners to establish deep space scientific investigations, long term lunar surface access & missions to Mars.
Gateway will be an assembly of elements in lunar orbit with capabilities to advance deep space exploration.
It will serve as a unifying catalyst for international partners to establish deep space scientific investigations, long term lunar surface access & missions to Mars.
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
It'll be great to see the results of @NASA_Technology's CAPSTONE. This small satellite will be an excellent pathfinder, literally, for @NASA_Gateway, allowing us to validate our predictive models for Gateway's orbit. Latest here:
How will we know what happens to the human body in deep space?
Gateway will house space weather payloads to observe solar particles & solar wind. As we move deeper into space, human & robotic explorers face greater challenges from violent & unpredictable outbursts of the Sun.
And that's a wrap! Here are a few highlights from our time at the #37Space Symposium last week, including special visits to the @NASA booth from @Astro_Pam, @Astro_CabanaBob, and @LtGovofCO Dianne Primavera.

Until next year, #SpaceSymposium!
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
It's International #DayOfHumanSpaceFlight! 🚀 A few @TAMUEngineering Aggies, including Joe Caram ’86, ’89, are working on missions to lead us back to the moon. Learn about @NASA_Gateway & how watching the first lunar landing inspired Caram's future:
A supply chain among the stars🌠

Deep Space Logistics, an element of Gateway, is responsible for developing the commercial supply chain that will support exploration & science around the @NASAMoon, just like NASA and its partners have done in low-Earth orbit with @Space_Station.
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
An experiment on the station could help future astronauts at the @NASA_Gateway lunar outpost chill out on spacewalks. Our astronauts are testing SERFE, a cooling system that may go inside future spacesuits.…
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
It takes a team to make weeks like #SpaceSymposium happen. Thank you to our @NASA team for a stellar job creating conversations and fostering collaboration with our international and industry partners. Kudos on a successful conference!
Thanks for stopping by @AstroKomrade! #ICYMI The star of our Gateway video (see pinned tweet) stopped by the Gateway booth at #SpaceSymposium. #37Space
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
A @NASA_Technology often starts as an idea, developing over time before it's used operationally. Roll-out Solar Arrays are one of those success stories that @NASA_Gateway will use on its Power and Propulsion Element. Read more about this tech's evolution:
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
What an amazing week it’s been so far!

From the meetings with all of our incredible partners to the @NASAExhibit booth, #SpaceSymposium has provided an incredible platform for collaboration, cooperation and innovation as we look toward the future – it’s great to be back!
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
.@csa_asc is an integral partner on #Artemis. Building on our relationship at @Space_Station, they will provide the robotic arm for @NASA_Gateway. The arm will be able to capture visiting vehicles, help astronauts during spacewalks, & enable science. More:
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
We are excited to share the latest flight hardware for HALO, the lunar orbiting living space we are building for @NASA’s #Gateway.

A full-size model is at #SpaceSymposium this week.

We are #DefiningPossible to bring humans back to the Moon! #37Space
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
International partnerships are crucial to our long-term lunar presence. @JAXA_en will provide capabilities like life support and batteries for the @NASA_Gateway’s International Habitation module, where crew will live and work. More:
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
.@esa has been a great partner for #Artemis, providing the European Service Module (ESM) for @NASA_Orion, as well as contributing to @NASA_Gateway. Parts for the ESM are made all over Europe, including the primary structure, built in Italy. More 👇
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
Interested in meeting @Astro_Pam at #SpaceSymposium? Stop by the @NASA booth (#1363) at 10:15 am MDT to do just that—as well as check out models from our @NASAArtemis program like: @NASA_Gateway, @NASA_SLS, and @NASA_Orion. Plus, get questions answered by our team of experts!
HAPPENING SOON: Stop by the @NASA booth (#1363) at #37Space Symposium to hear from Program Manager Dan Hartman. See you at 9:00 a.m. MT!
Replying to @BennetchJason @NASA
We're at #37Space Symposium in Colorado Springs!
In reply to @NASA_Gateway
Is it in Colorado Springs ?
Gateway Program Manager Dan Hartman will be at the @NASA booth (#1363) at Space Symposium tomorrow, 4/6 @ 9:00 a.m. MT. Come by and say hello! #37Space
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
We’re participating in the #37Space Symposium. Live broadcasts start Tuesday, April 5.

12:25pm EDT (16:25 UTC) @Astro_Pam speaks on our Moon-to-Mars strategy

1:15pm EDT (17:15 UTC) NASA leaders discuss the space economy

Info on NASA at #SpaceSymposium:
We’re ready for you, #SpaceSymposium! Be sure to stop by and visit Gateway at the @NASA booth (#1363) any time this week! #37Space
Gateway Deep Space Logistics released a Gateway Logistics Services contract On Ramp Request for Information (RFI) to pulse industry on interest and capabilities for future Artemis missions that will take us back to the Moon to live and work.

Gateway, the next generation multipurpose space station, comes to life.

Built for long-duration research & technology demonstration around the Moon, Gateway pushes boundaries in robotics & autonomous operations to help accomplish Artemis goals.

NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
⚡It’s electric! The Advanced Electric Propulsion System (AEPS) of @NASA_Gateway will provide a maneuverable outpost in lunar orbit for @NASAArtemis & extend human presence in deep space. Read more about it in this #STIdoc from @NASAglenn! #ExploreArtemis
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JimFree
Service landers will dock with @NASA_Gateway and carry more crew and equipment to the surface. We'll work with @SpaceX to evolve the Artemis III lander to meet these requirements and invite other U.S. companies to propose and demo service-class lander concepts separately. (2/3)
“I am right where I need to be today and I don’t have any regrets about the path I took to get here.”

Hear the story of @NASA’s Emma Lehnhardt, the Gateway’s Program Planning and Control manager:
“NASA and @JAXA_en's goals are the same: to return to the Moon. I’m excited to be a part of Gateway and look forward to seeing @NASAArtemis astronauts return to the Moon.” - Nobuhiro Takahashi, JAXA's Deputy Director in Houston.

More about Takahashi:
Building on @Space_Station's international partnerships with @ESA, @JAXA_en , and @csa_asc, Gateway will be built with a minimum 15-year lifetime in lunar orbit.

We are pushing boundaries to actively conduct science investigations on and around the Moon.
NASA's Gateway Program Retweeted ·  
A key part of @NASAArtemis, @NASA_Gateway will be an orbiting lunar outpost that will support humans at the Moon & be a staging point for deep space exploration. Learn about its power & propulsion in this @NASAglenn #STIdoc. #TechTuesday #ExploreArtemis
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