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Last 50 tweets from @NateBell4AR
Cayenne pepper crop. Anyone know how to preserve these bad boys?
Replying to @GardeningWell
Dry them or even better yet, mix with vinegar and salt, then let rest for a couple years.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
It is remarkable. One would think the almighty "deep state" would, for instance, have been able to discover the man they didn't want for president had a tawdry romp with a porn star.
Replying to @NWADoug
And why wait on exposing Russian involvement till AFTER the election. If making it up, the Keystone Cops were more organized and effective.
Replying to @NWADoug
Every day Republicans make excuses for Trump, they increase Dems chance of retaking Senate. When they defend the indefensible, voters notice. Rs won't have "but Hillary" to use as a foil in their Senate races + 1000s of ex-GOP Americans like me aren't voting for them this time.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
In reply to @adamcbest
Enjoy Trump’s re-election! Just please don’t bitch about it. After all, you guys had a sure thing in Biden, but that wasn’t exciting enough for you.
In reply to @AOC
@AOC makes a compelling argument for school choice.
Empower EVERY family to have the ability to choose the best educational option for their children.
Children shouldn't be forced into the restrictive molds built by the education establishment.
.@AOC on her family moving from the Bronx to Westchester so she would receive a better education: “That’s when I got my first taste of a country who allows their kids' destiny to be determined by the zip code that they are born in."
Everyone must pay for government-run schools
(even if they don't use the service)

And 82% of kids are in "educated" in government-run schools.
Replying to @DeAngelisCorey
I could have sent my children to elite private schools 3X with what I've paid in taxes to support public schools and I'm a long way from wealthy. Farmers get hit especially hard due to having asset heavy low revenue businesses.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
Please share: The Electoral Reform Research Group is open for business and requesting research proposals on the impacts of electoral reform, especially ranked-choice voting.…
In reply to @NWADoug
... should be much more careful about who they send into the fiery furnace. 2/2
Replying to @NWADoug
Those who believe in a "deep state" are incapable of critical thought and mostly parrot Sean Trumpity.
I’ve decided this one photo visually describes the entire Trump presidency.

Do you have a photo (not Meme) that describes the admin?
Replying to @Lonestarmomcom
That may be the best I've ever seen his hair.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
Curious question because I don't know the answer: how does Facebook policy differ from Twitter?
Replying to @2020Better
I'm not currently running any political ads and don't know the current policy.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
Not saying I agree with her. Just that it is her opinion, not KTHVs.
Replying to @majshannon
Yep. You'll note that I tweeted at her and not KTHV. It's their decision how they want to be perceived, not mine.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
That’s fair. Didn’t realize he was still active duty.
He likes me so much he muted me. I appreciate his service to our country, I just wish he would return to his conservative roots on fiscal policy.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
Of course, this is her personal Twitter account.
Replying to @majshannon
See that blue checkmark? With influence, comes responsibility.
In reply to @JimHendren1
And who caused these things?
I'm no fan of Hendren's love for increasing taxes but he's got good reason for being careful in this instance. He's active duty military and must respect his commanding officers. He deserves a pass on this one.
lia nomo estas Mark Esper
Replying to @jmhorp
High quality trollling there my friend.
Maybe Trump is a closet globalist who's really trying to get us all to communicate in #esperanto.
Are #covfefe and #smocking in Zamenhof's vocabulary?
#TIC #StableGenius
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
In reply to @DeAngelisCorey
We could also create more jobs by outlawing tractors and forcing everyone to move dirt with shovels Obviously a bad idea.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
What about a blatant lie? Like, say, the racist birther lie that helped Donald Trump prove himself to be the Finest Representative of Republican Morals & Values?
Replying to @gwenmoritz
I've been to Capitol Hill twice advocating for this.… Even if it passed, the central issue remains. If government or some corporation gets to decide what is true we're in 1984 territory. It's up to their opponents to challenge false ads and make the case.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
Trump last night defended Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard against charges of Russian influence. He wasn't supposed to do that, he was supposed to pretend they were not all on the same team.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
Are there other kind of speech that you do think a corporation can refuse to distribute?
Replying to @gwenmoritz
I believe a corporation can refuse any speech they want to. The question is, should they. If we start limiting political speech to what is deemed politically correct or some subjective standard of truth, those who set the standards control the government.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
In reply to @dawnerscott
Why would hedge funds sink money into proven losers like education with their revenue from local property taxes? It's easier to buy muni bonds. Debate the merits of charters, but the boogeyman of the Waltons & Gates is just a distraction.
This is actual liberal media bias.
It's also flat out false.
If anyone wonders why Trump can get buy in on his rants against the #fakenews media, read Dawn's tweet and then realize it's her JOB to report without bias and to report FACTS.
The reason this works for the Waltons and the pro-charter people is MONEY. Follow the money, PEOPLE. I’m trying to remain unbiased but when public schools are being squeezed and you learn investors in hedge funds want return in the form of charter schools - it’s just disgusting
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
How about the hundreds of millions of $ that LRSD received for decades over and above every other district in the state? LRSD has had plenty of MONEY too. So what’s their excuse?
In reply to @NateBell4AR
Which I give a 70 percent chance of happening.
Replying to @Jteisele
If Warren is the nominee, make it about 85%.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
If people believe what is on Facebook and Trump wins we deserve him as our president.
Replying to @Jteisele
Elected officials are nothing more than a reflection of who we are as a people.
Censoring political speech is ALWAYS a bad idea.
Hold candidates responsible at the ballot box for what's done in their name.
NO corporation or governmental entity should be deciding what is true, false, right, wrong in political speech. Every time it happens, freedom loses.
"Think about what Facebook is saying here: If you hide and lie in a political ad, you can get away with it on Facebook, for a price. And Facebook can get away with its responsibility for disseminating it." - @ChuckTodd
Twitter needs a "laughing hysterically" option.
Yes Mick, the facts are clear. You admitted, in fact gloated, about a quid pro quo and then doubled down on it. No amount of walkback will make it go away.
Acting White House Chief of Staff Mulvaney reacts first on FOX News Sunday to his Thursday press briefing . "I recognize that I didn't speak clearly maybe on Thursday," but "the facts are absolutely clear." All on FOX News Sunday. #FNS #FoxNews
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
It really is just so sillly to suggest that billionaires like Gates and Waltons get involved in education policy to make money. Maybe you think they’re wrong. Hammer away. But to say they do it for the money? Silly silly. Attacking motives instead of policy is bad. #arleg #arpx
In reply to @WalshFreedom
Usually people say that when they spot him wearing a jacket.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
It’s so dangerous & wrong to throw around words like “overthrow” and “coup.”

I served with Jim Jordan. I consider him a friend. What he agrees to here is crazy. I don’t recognize him anymore.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
Tulsi Gabbard say that she doesn’t control the Russian bots that support her, but she did control the hiring of Chris Cooper, the smear campaigner who was paid by Natalia Veselnitskaya and her Russian backed sponsors to smear me and try to repeal the Magnitsky Act in DC
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
An Italian once told me that what it took to bring down Berlusconi was corruption so obvious a grade schooler knew it was wrong...
Poor baby!
I thought I was doing something very good for our Country by using Trump National Doral, in Miami, for hosting the G-7 Leaders. It is big, grand, on hundreds of acres, next to MIAMI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, has tremendous ballrooms & meeting rooms, and each delegation would have...
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
If you believe the government in DC is for sale to the rich and powerful (sorry, I work here, and it is, by both parties), then why in the world would you want to make it bigger?!
Irony completely eludes #cult45
Who has taken more money from the Russians and is therefore far more likely to be one of their ”assets”?
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
No, we want a corrupt and unfit politician out of office. This isn’t hard.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
It’s entirely possible there will be no G-7 at Doral this June because Trump will be impeached and removed by then. All of this comes down to 20 votes in the Senate. 20 votes on Trump’s corrupt foreign policy. It all has quite the clear thru line.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
We must never “get over it.”
Some are traitors
In the last few years, the ease with which some Democrats have accused other Americans of being Russian assets, or outright traitors, has been really amazing.
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
I have never seen such blaming - yes, from BOTH Repub and Dem politicians. It is always ‘the other guy’ and no one takes responsibility. Has no one been in charge for the last 20 years?
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
On this date October 19 in 1973, U.S. President Richard Nixon rejected an Appeals Court decision that he turn over the Watergate tapes. Photo: AP.
GOP Rep. Rooney in a solidly-red 59% Trump district:

"I’ve been real mindful of the fact that during Watergate, all the people I knew said, ‘Oh, they’re just abusing Nixon, and it’s a witch hunt.' Turns out it wasn’t a witch hunt. It was really bad.”…
Nate Bell Retweeted ·  
I voted @Evan_McMullin for President. I appreciate his views on a strong America and the need to rebuild our military. #3
In reply to @NateBell4AR
So they wanted to give Healthcare & raise minimum wage & I was under the impression that they had classes & managers taught staff members how to fill out the paperwork for Medicaid & food stamps. I am glad to know one of the richest families in America would not take advantage.
Replying to @flakingbaking @USympathizer and 1 otherfalse
Sarcasm is a rhetorical tactic. I've yet to see any big business that didn't support government forcing higher costs on smaller competitors. Walmart (I refuse to shop there) advocated for minimum wage hikes in AR and health care mandates.m
In reply to @NateBell4AR
My guess is they weren’t asking state legislators to regulate anything in terms of increasing worker pay or benefits like healthcare but we’re asking to regulate their vendors for various issues including food safety because E-coli at a Walmart would hurt their bottom line.
Replying to @flakingbaking @USympathizer and 1 otherfalse
You'd be wrong on that one.
In reply to @NateBell4AR
I don’t disagree about billionaires donating, especially to Super PACs. However, how many of these guys don’t want to raise minimum wage or want to deregulate water or food safety?
Replying to @flakingbaking @USympathizer and 1 otherfalse
So, you disagree with them on policy. That's America. I'll say this. As a legislator, no entity lobbied me harder for MORE regulation of business than Walmart.
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