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Last 50 tweets from @NatGeo
The ruins of Sukhothai are one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets
Explore Thailand's awe-inspiring ancient city
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110 544
The endangered Guatemalan pinabete fir is prized for its scent, making it a target of tree thieves
Chanel No. 5 of Christmas trees threatened by poachers
  · Spredfast app · en
131 287
Less than a fifth of all plastic is recycled globally. Find the perfect gift that helps make a difference in this world
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112 298
Toxic algae is overtaking Lake Atitlán. Now AI may help the lake recover
  · Spredfast app · en
98 330
Unseen for more than a decade, the enigmatic and endangered horned marsupial frog has reappeared in an Ecuadorian forest
Once thought extinct, bizarre horned frog reappears in Ecuador
  · Spredfast app · en
335 1,243
A study on the pottery of Peru's Paracas civilization tells us more about their neighbors 2,000 years ago—and turns up a unique ingredient
Ancient pots reveal reptile pee pigments and cultural connections
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188 732
Some carnivorous pitcher plants found in Southeast Asia harbor an eight-legged sidekick, to the benefit of both
  · Spredfast app · en
293 1,135
From smoldering volcanoes in Indonesia to intricate crop circles in England to awe-inspiring root bridges in India, see our favorite photos from around the world
See the best travel photos of 2018
  · Spredfast app · en
475 1,732
Community activists and scientists are banding together to solve an archaeological mystery and right a historical wrong
Digging for the life stories of long-forgotten slaves
  · Spredfast app · en
176 599
Do you have map-lovers, world travelers, or geography nerds on your holiday shopping list this year?
10 unique gifts for map lovers and travelers
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147 546
From repelling pests with coyote urine to luring big cats with cologne, humans are using odors to influence animal behavior
How humans are hijacking scent, the universal animal language
  · Spredfast app · en
300 1,035
Love fur seals? You could join Bertie Gregory on a National Geographic Expedition to South Georgia Island and get a chance to see them up close! Learn more:
  · Spredfast app · en
181 1,092
Scientists are learning how to use volcanic lightning as a tool for monitoring eruptions. Here's how it works
Volcanic lightning can help warn of dangerous eruptions
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628 2,037
Around the world, nearly a million plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute. Do you have a reusable bottle? #PlanetOrPlastic
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410 640
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The best photographs don't let you off the hook. They stop you, they make you look, they make you feel. See our most compelling @NatGeo photographs of 2018
See our most compelling photographs of 2018
153 478
Watch: Virtual reality filmmakers captured a groundbreaking expedition to save the Okavango Delta
Get up close with lions and zebrasright this instant
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129 567
Dine in a candlelit grotto, dive with manta rays, or lie back for a waterside massage
Visit the world's best islands escapes
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207 923
The collection represents moments both tragic and triumphant, peaceful and painful
See our most compelling photographs of 2018
  · Spredfast app · en
378 1,155
Some carnivorous pitcher plants found in Southeast Asia harbor an eight-legged sidekick, to the benefit of both
These spiders feed their leftovers to meat-eating plants
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560 1,838
National Geographic Retweeted ·  
In honor of the declaration of human rights @NatGeoMag invites you to review some of the key human rights stories we’ve covered in 2018. #HumanRightsDay
58 278
Taking cues from the ingenuity of these early Arctic abodes, hotels around the world have successfully tapped into modern frozen fantasies
9 cozy ice hotels and igloos around the globe
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237 999
In making themselves more sustainable and resilient to onrushing climate change, cities may be able to make a serious dent in global carbon emissions
Can cities solve the climate crisis? Michael Bloomberg thinks so.
  · Spredfast app · en
167 601
To build a sustainable presence off Earth, humans will first have to answer some tricky questions about basic biology
Can humans have babies on Mars? It may be harder than you think.
  · Spredfast app · en
387 1,208
National Geographic Retweeted ·  
Does this wintry scene captured by Your Shot photographer Marco Grassi inspire you as much as it inspires us? Write a "holiday haiku" about this photo for a chance to be published.
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247 1,228
In 2 hours photographer Marc Henauer, curator of Your Shot's Beauty & Awe assignment, will be answering questions on Facebook! Head over to post your questions now:
154 721
Older humans play brain games to stay active—and now dogs can, too
341 1,277
The bark scorpion can survive a whole year on a single insect—and it glows in the dark
See What Happens to This Scorpion When the Lights Go Out
  · Spredfast app · en
489 1,744
Help us caption this image by #YourShot photographer Masashi Mochida:
  · Spredfast app · en
253 1,855
The caves first served as a sanctuary from wild storms and predatory animals. Now they're home to communities that have eschewed modern life for peaceful solitude
Thousands of People Live in These Ancient Spanish Caves
  · Spredfast app · en
662 2,347
Until now, polar bears were the only mammals known to hibernate in dens made of snow
These Bats Make Tiny Igloos to Survive the Winter
  · Spredfast app · en
977 3,387
For 2,000 years these mountains have been carefully cultivated with a seemingly endless series of terraced fields
Explore the Emerald Rice Terraces of the Philippines
  · Spredfast app · en
383 1,458
Babylon was a city famous for many things, but most notable was its wondrous architecture
Inside the 30-Year Quest for Babylons Ishtar Gate
  · Spredfast app · en
525 1,963
What's a snowshoe hare to do when its coat turns white, but there's no snow on the ground?
421 1,425
Beneath Yellowstone is an otherworldly ecosystem that few visitors see
See the millennia-old formations underneath Yellowstone
  · Spredfast app · en
478 1,467
Young females are more fertile and easy to woo; older females often mate and then eat the male alive
A spiders pursuit of older mates can have grisly results
  · Spredfast app · en
414 1,419
Every winter thousands of twinkling lights illuminate cities across the globe to celebrate the season
Top 10 places to see holiday lights
  · Spredfast app · en
239 923
What looks like a mating dance is actually a form of ritual combat between two males
296 1,169
Of all the great unknowns in outer space, the dark universe might just be the most mysterious
Dark Universe 101
  · Spredfast app · en
639 2,408
While consuming armadillo meat may be odd, the practice is common in places where armadillos are plentiful and other sources of protein are scarce
Humans Gave Leprosy to Armadillos. Now, Theyre Giving It Back
  · Spredfast app · en
289 814
These newts can fend off metamorphosis for months, years, or even a lifetime—and they can still reproduce
Bizarre Newts Live Their Whole Lives, and Reproduce, As Babies
  · Spredfast app · en
372 1,494
A selfie is one of the easiest images you can take—but here's the beautiful and vulnerable place from which the practice originated
The Un-Selfie: Taking Back the Self-Portrait
  · Spredfast app · en
177 707
Ocean pollution, human encroachment, climate change, and other threats have led to the loss of 230 million seabirds in the past six decades
Incredible Seabird Photos Show Fusion of Past and Present
  · Spredfast app · en
508 1,046
"I’m not interested in trying to create something that lasts forever," because there is always more art to create and a new place to go
How an Artist Puts Clouds and Rainbows in Unlikely Places
  · Spredfast app · en
223 845
This tarantula is literally crawling out of its skin
1,798 6,554
“More than anything else, the Arctic is a place defined by its characteristics rather than the precise location of an artificial line on a globe.”
See the Arctic's striking landscapes from above
  · Spredfast app · en
203 694
While ramen, with its bold broth, shines as the star of Japanese noodles in America, gentle, subtle soba is starting to make inroads
Give ramen a rest, and try Japanese soba noodles
  · Spredfast app · en
125 562
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