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Last 50 tweets from @nic__carter
In reply to @flyoverhodl
ew no, hopefully he has a real pistol not a glock
Replying to @snootypigeon @flyoverhodl and 1 otherfalse
Glocks are for scrubs
In reply to @nic__carter
lol u got a gun permit in FL?
Replying to @rocket_fuel_
Takes like 2 seconds
Frens in Miami - where are the best places to live? I鈥檝e heard Brickell, any other recommendations?
In reply to @nic__carter
Happy New Year!!
Replying to @danika_gillian
Good choice of hat 馃檭
Happy New Years to all, including the haters, losers, nocoiners, private blockchainers, CBDC enthusiasts, energy FUDsters, MMTers, and team transitory-ers
In reply to @nic__carter
You鈥檙e English Nic.
Replying to @ChrisWhodl
I became a US citizen a couple years back. Really learned to appreciate this country
In reply to @nic__carter
Yeah those poor bastards. They are missing out on all the great things we have like school shootings, an extremely high incarceration rate(20% of the worlds prisoners despite only 5% of world population), and good healthcare that is only available to the wealthy.
Comrade in @ Opinion disregarded
In reply to @nic__carter
Yeah I hate not getting shot in the street and having healthcare
The question isn鈥檛 how do we unamericanize the 5% but how do we Americanize the 95
Replying to @cmsholdings
Is that u Matthew Yglesias
those poor bastards
More than 95% of the world is not American. Worth keeping in mind.
most crypto market participants don鈥檛 know who this man is
Replying to @udiWertheimer
they don't even know how tibanne the cat's diabetes treatments relate to the loss of 800k BTC
In reply to @zackvoell
Are they鈥aking signatures?
Not allowed to hold a #Bitcoin wallet in Estonia. The first experiment of trying to actually ban Bitcoin. Let's see how this goes.
Replying to @zndtoshi
Remember when everyone thought they were gonna be the blockchain nation. Wild
In reply to @nic__carter
We'll be glad to change that if you want, we made it internally so easy to edit/change. Either way, your choice.
Replying to @RomainBTC
make me jacked and give me a cigar and put me in a tweed jacket please thank u
States that submit to the authority of Almighty God // states that don鈥檛

States that are pro-family // states that aren鈥檛

States that invest in #bitcoin infrastructure // states that won鈥檛

Ohio must be a pro-God, pro-family, pro-bitcoin state.

I promise we will be.
Replying to @JoshMandelOhio
Absolutely based. Let's go
In reply to @nic__carter
So u HAVE been coping when u say ur 鈥榞lad they gave u a good jawline鈥
Replying to @AllisonReichel
u didnt have to go this hard
In reply to @nic__carter
True, we showed it as a preview to a few people in the industry and we got good returns, so we decided to proceed with it (it's still not even completely minted BTW, you were quick to find it... 馃し鈥嶁檪锔廼ndeed... )
Replying to @RomainBTC
it's fine, i'm mostly concerned that the artist made me fat
In reply to @nic__carter
Hi @nic__carter, very sorry to hear. We just wanted to do something fun for a Christmas project with people from the Bitcoin world that we love. All proceeds of the NFT is going to 2 charities as we are NOT making this for profit. In any case, we will remove you asap.
Replying to @RomainBTC
you could have asked me first :shrug:
In reply to @nic__carter
Also someone did this with bill shatner, he posted about it on his twitter, people bought, then he filed all the cease and desist stuff, nobody wins.
Replying to @snowkidind
im just messing around i dont actually care
In reply to @nic__carter
Nic鈥檚 never been upset about copyright issues but add 30 pounds to his likeness and it鈥檚 like you crossed the RIAA or stole bugs bunny from Disney 馃槀
they gave me that derek more plates more dates look
In reply to @nic__carter
Yeah, it sucks. People think it鈥檚 flattering when it鈥檚 not.
Replying to @JessicaVaugn
it's not even a good rendition i just look terrible!
In reply to @nic__carter
Welcome to鈥.uhhh art? That is actually an interpretation of a photo taken of you which the photo taker holds and co-signed with you for your likeness鈥︷煠封嶁檪锔 馃槀 #WhatATimeToBeAlive
Replying to @ShelteredCorgi
they're financially benefiting from using my likeness (without asking), that's kind of crossing a line
In reply to @nic__carter
If you ask opensea to take it down, will they do it?
Replying to @fede0891
i dont care enough tbh
dont know what's worse making an unauthorized nft using my likeness or having the artist add 30 pounds
In reply to @nic__carter
Killer inner circle
Replying to @TheStalwart
twitter really is the best. grateful for our friendship.
In reply to @nic__carter
I鈥檝e been cut
Replying to @AllisonReichel
Penalty for replygaling
60 of the finest accounts the bird app here
Replying to @nic__carter
one way to qualify for this is to have me replyguy other accounts, which explains some of the inclusions on here (critics etc)
60 of the finest accounts the bird app here
Replying to @kgreifeld
third tier. I know my place
In reply to @nic__carter
Oh man you gotta read this classic鈥
Replying to @lukechampine
goodness gracious
indian bronson DELIVERS
Replying to @nic__carter
i am pivoting back to etymology for the duration of this next bear market (27 years)
Orphan negatives are hilarious. (As I mentioned in my reply, I love "nonplussed" and "rebuttal." You never hear about someone being plussed or offering a buttal.) Some orphan negatives actually have real positives we just don't use. "Nocent" (opposite "innocent") is a real word.
Replying to @jameswester
that's the term I was looking for. love it.
In reply to @ykaludov
actually would be heveled, wouldn't it..
this is genuinely thrilling to me
"unflappable" is commonly used but you never hear "flappable". can I get some more examples of that.
Replying to @nic__carter
this becoming thread is rendering me gruntled like you wouldn't believe. consider me flapped
In reply to @nic__carter
My favorite orphaned negative is "nonplussed." No one is ever "plussed." (I also like "rebuttal." I once told someone who said he didn't agree with my rebuttal that I clearly didn't agree with his buttal in the first place.)
Replying to @jameswester
insta follow for this tweet
"unflappable" is commonly used but you never hear "flappable". can I get some more examples of that.
In reply to @KyleKashuv
Strongest @RalphLauren turnout I鈥檝e seen since the late 90s
Replying to @NYpmf412 @KyleKashuv and 5 others
all my homies love ralphie
In reply to @ercwl
29. After $100K failed, he said that he meant 鈥$100K on average this cycle鈥. So he will say S2F is still valid no matter the price in 2022 because the price could go to $300K in 2023 and solve the average. He will block more people than I have followers.
Replying to @ercwl
That鈥檚 literally what the Fed does with average inflation targeting.
In reply to @nic__carter
The weird thing is how it鈥檚 completely incompatible with the most popular/ideological components of Bitcoin bullishness (money printing, etc). Either the price is built into the code (somehow?) or it鈥檚 a macro/political hedge.
Replying to @TheStalwart
Paul Sztorc has pointed out that it is radically out of step with Austrian economics too. It's totally incompatible with doctrinaire bitcoin beliefs
I hadn鈥檛 realized that this account, which has argued for years that the price of Bitcoin is endogenous to the code, has amassed nearly 2 million followers. That鈥檚 a lot of disappointed people.
Replying to @TheStalwart
honestly one of the most embarrassing things about being a bitcoiner and there's a lot of competition for that
Replying to @KyleKashuv @RubinReport and 3 others
Miami is a great place to be based
We have a powerful weapon to fight inflation: price controls. It鈥檚 time we use it | Isabella Weber鈥
Replying to @guardian
Yes let鈥檚 go back to rationing like the glorious 40s. Appealing
The pandemic is like a doorway. Once you pass through, there is no going back
Replying to @TheEconomist
you know how doors work?
In reply to @NiceDeb
Hi Deb! I disagree with extreme policies; I won't be voting for any extreme left policies (or extreme right). While I disagree with FL politics, Miami appears reasonable. Respectfully -- asking anyone (regardless of politics) to not vote is anti-democratic + anti-American.
Do us all a solid and turn your Uhaul around
In reply to @haridigresses
This is such a clich茅, but we鈥檙e moving to Miami. I know there鈥檚 plenty to be apprehensive about. Worse politics (from our perspective), its own superficiality, weather issues, critters, guns鈥 but lots to love about food, warmth, service industry, vibrancy.
Replying to @haridigresses
The politics are why it鈥檚 good.
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