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Last 50 tweets from @NickSwardson
Hey, everyone, I’m back on social. Had a rough summer and health scare. Everything is fine now but holy shit. CO and UT I’ll be back if you’ll still have me. SKOL Vikes tomorrow. Love ya!
The best. So fucking talented. Check it out. Sandman....
Due to popular demand, Nick Swardson will be serving up a second night of laughs! The Minnesota-grown superstar has added a second show at The Island. Don’t miss @NickSwardson live on Friday, December 27 & Saturday, December 28. Tickets are on sale now at
In reply to @ticasino
Can VWO buy meet and greet with you
Replying to @cherleigh
Just have someone text me. We’ll all go drink after.
One of my good buds has a new movie out. Please check it out.
AMERICAN DREAMER opens today in select theater throughout the US. It’s also available VOD & iTunes right now. I’m really proud of this movie and I think it’s worth checking out this thriller. Definitely NOT one……
Nick Swardson Retweeted ·  
Tickets are now on sale for @TheBeachBoys on Friday, November 15 and @NickSwardson on Saturday, December 28. Get yours today at
Many blessings @StPaulSaints
The @StPaulSaints are champions. What a season! Thanks for having us out @Twins... found our Shortstop for next season @NickSwardson
Saint Paul rules. Way to go @StPaulSaints @danmotl9
The @StPaulSaints' #OneMinuteParade was a thing of beauty. We covered it in an efficient 49 seconds.
In reply to @LocalManMike
I never said you couldn’t have an opinion I just strongly disagree with it. Big difference....
Replying to @ChristopheOtten @LocalManMike and 1 otherfalse
It’s Monday. Let’s all move on. Cheers. Let’s hope it all works out. If not I’ll buy a plane to Mars.
In reply to @NickSwardson
If @KirkCousins8 doesn’t want the heat, show up, perform, and earn your paycheck! That game was lost by our starting QB. Unacceptable. Period. Go out and win a big game. Please.....
I get that. I’m just saying he didn’t go into that game to lose. And I’m not happy about the loss. But the refs were shit. As a comic people will tweet me my movies suck and I suck. It’s like we do our best. 🤷‍♂️(emo post) 😂 SKOL #GodBlessVodka
Hey, everyone from MN. Lay the fuck off @KirkCousins8 he’s a human and isn’t happy about that loss. He has a family. Minnesota we’re better than that. The loss sucked and I made a joke on Instagram but don’t pile on the guy. Kirk will be back. 👿💪
Green Babies calling a challenge. Shocker. Fucking cheese dick alley hookers.
In reply to @NickSwardson
The Bears-Packers is the better rivalry.
Replying to @stropper10
Ha. Not even fucking close. Bears biggest rival are hot dogs and beer diarrhea.
NFL is a fucking joke. Tell the refs to chill the fuck out. This is one of the best rivalries and it’s non stop fucking flags. I hate/respect the Packers. Let us fucking play the game. I’d never burn a flag but I’ll burn the fuck out of a small yellow one.
Pregaming @joerogan at the new Loon in Saint Paul. Support the Loon. Don’t bring diarrhea. Across from The Palace. 👿💪
In reply to @NickSwardson
There are people with real problems in this country, Nick.
Replying to @brendonwalsh
This is a real problem. Wake up, Brendan.
One of my favorite bars in MN serves good tacos but only on Taco Tuesday. Why don’t you just serve tacos? Nobody would be mad about Taco Thursday.
Whoever stole my wallet can you give it back? 🤷‍♂️ #MN
Nick Swardson Retweeted ·  
Trying to get my brother to do a reboot of this but titled 'Saved By The Smell'.
I promise I won’t let you down, Nick
Replying to @ViktorTheViking
See you opening day. I might do a karate demonstration at half time.
In reply to @NickSwardson
Replying to @SkolBros @trevorplouffe and 1 otherfalse
I took him first round
In reply to @NickSwardson
You also drafted the entire Vikings roster in our fantasy draft last night.
Replying to @trevorplouffe
I think I drafted the Vikings mascot.
I had trout dip for breakfast....soooo..... I’m clearly from Minnesota.
Thank you @spokanecc !!! What a fun great weekend. Great staff. Great town. Just a heads up the Saturday late show apparently has a 35 drink minimum. Good lord. Fun times. Watch out for Lime scooters.
In reply to @darrenrovell
I'm going to trademark "Happy Hour"
Replying to @SaSaSaSamba @darrenrovell and 1 otherfalse
I just put all my money into owning “that’s what she said”.
I’m so proud of @lizzo MN baby! She deserves the world. ❤️
In reply to @FrostGamble
Was tagged by @FrostGamble for three favorite #movies, no explanation --> Tag 5 more.. - Barton Fink - The Matrix - The Big Lebowski Tagging @tomgreenlive @PaulyShore @NickSwardson @ErikGriffin @JamieKennedy #Go
Replying to @BayleRhyme @FrostGamble and 14 others
- The Breakfast Club - Dumb and Dumber - Alien
In reply to @NickSwardson
@NickSwardson Just saw you walking on Washington Ave in your Vikings gear. How long are you in town?
Replying to @jakejscsu
Leave tomorrow. Back Sunday for a month!!!
In reply to @trevorplouffe
I REALLY wanted to create a “Southern” division for some reason. Maybe I’m thinking of the SEC and how crazy they get for their sports. But alas, not enough teams to do it.
Spokane this weekend. Let’s dance.
Big shout out to my friend @casekeenum !!! Starting job. Wishing you all the best my dude. Redskins enjoy a true gamer. 💪
Ok my little peanuts! I need some fashion advice. Which one of these outfits is a better look for the #VMAs tomorrow?? Pink or Silver??
Replying to @LanceBass
Pink top, silver pants. Boom. You’re welcome, Lance.
Do you ever see gum in a urinal and you’re like.....tempting. My breath smells like shit BUT what if it smelled like urine? 🤷‍♂️
I’m gonna be a super hero in a purple costume!!!!
Replying to @kumailn
Proud of you. You’re a Minnesota Viking! Go purple. ❤️U
Bisi > Beebe
Bailey > Vedvik
Boone > Abdullah
Sweet potato fries > regular fries
In reply to @NickSwardson
Are you in Mahnomen again tonight by any chance? I can leave now and be there by 6ish...
Haha. People, this happens way too much, come to the show with a buzz and have fun. Don’t pregame like it’s a Poison concert in 1988 😂 hope you feel better Levi.
Anyone illegally tape the @NickSwardson show in Mahnomen last night? Blacked out before he even got on stage. Don’t remember a word. Heard it was awesome.
In reply to @HamillHimself
@HamillHimself Quick question, were they trying for Oliver Reed in Gladiator when they did your make up for The Last Jedi?
I hope whoever invented Cool Ranch Doritos got a Nobel Peace Prize.
What kind of spider is this and should I get my flamethrower out?
Nick Swardson Retweeted ·  
NEXT WEEKEND @NickSwardson is in the house! 🤩LINK BELOW FOR TICKETS🤩
Hahaha. Dude commits.
My guy is back. Gymnastics. Deceased.😂😂😂
In reply to @NickSwardson
What state ruined that great idea?
My buddy just decided last week to drive across the country on mushrooms with weed and a bottle of vodka. out there don’t do that. He got a DUI and an MUI and a WUI.
Seriously, that was a no brainer. They dropped the ball. I wonder if I can be Battle Cat?
I heard @noahcent is going to be playing He-Man in the reboot. How the hell did he beat out @NickSwardson for the part?!!! How can you look at this pic of Nick and not see He-Man? I mean look at the hair & he’s holding the sword! #casthim
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