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Last 50 tweets from @Nike
In reply to @Nike
@nike c’est quand que vous remettez les maillots extérieur du Barça la
Replying to @KingYums
On te remercie pour l'intérêt que tu nous portes 👍, cependant, nous ne communiquons pas quant à nos dates de réapprovisionnement. Nous t'invitons à garder un œil sur notre site régulièrement et nous croisons les doigts pour que tu y trouves ton bonheur 🤞 !
In reply to @Nike
Merci beaucoup pour votre réponse sachez que je suis très actif!!! En espérant avoir la chance d être en collaboration avec vous un jours je vous souhaite une excellente journée 🤙
Replying to @Zep146
Merci pour la compréhension et très bonne journée à toi aussi 👍 !
In reply to @Nike
Bonjour, je recherche un partenariat sur Twitter pour faire de la pub ou être influenceur pour votre marque. Auriez-vous quelques choses à me proposer ? Merci d'avance.
Replying to @Zep146
Merci pour l'intérêt que tu nous portes, cependant, nous n'acceptons pas les demandes de partenariats, nous choisissons nous-mêmes les personnes avec qui l'on souhaite travailler. On te conseille de rester actif sur les réseaux sociaux pour qu'on te remarque un jour 😉 !
I still can’t believe that I passed the 800 km in all my runs! back a couple of years ago I was only making 10 minutes of run and was tired as hell, thanks @bennettrun and @Nike to provide the tools to keep crushing this numbers 💪🏽❤️
Replying to @MiNombreEsJuls
From 10 minutes to 804.2 km, you crushed it every step of the way! What's next? 👀 🏃
Bonjour j’ai passer une commande sur le site @Nike , et lorsque je tcheck le statut de la commande celle ci a été annulé ??? Une explication le numéro de la commande es C0668091716
Replying to @fartasserie
Hey, on est navré pour ce désagrément. Viens en DM avec le numéro de la commande, ton e-mail et une confirmation de ton nom prénom, on va voir ce qu'on peut faire pour toi ! 😊
Hey @nike it’s been 15 days since my pair of Air Jordan 4 Lightning’s had been shipped. I need help
Replying to @sourtwotone
Looks like our friends over at @NikeService have this one covered. You know where to find us if anything else comes up. 🤝
Well played, @Nike and @Cubs.

One of the nicest surprises that’s ever happened to me. Very, very awesome.
Replying to @downsr30
"Holy Cow" might be the phrase you're looking for.
Bonjour @Nike je cherche des chaussures de Basketball avec amorti absorbant ou dynamique chez vous. Vous me conseillez quelles paires s’il vous plaît ?
Replying to @YoyoHammer
On te remercie de l'intérêt que tu nous portes et nous t'invitons à visiter notre site et nous croisons les doigts pour que tu y trouves ton bonheur 🤞 !
In reply to @Nike
@Nike now doing cloud branding?

All I wanted was a a couple of golf shirts for a fat chap?
@Nike @nikejapan
Replying to @DJ_Shingo_
In reply to @_emeliawood
Hi Emelia, You can chat or call us on: +442076604453, Mon/Fri 8:00-20:00 Sat 8:00-17:00 to talk you through the process, trouble shoot, capture your feedback🙂.
J'ai la haine qqn sait si ca se porte correctement du 41 "pour femme" sachant que je fais aussi du 41? (D'ailleurs @Nike expliquez nous quel intérêt de mettre une classification de H/F sur des sneakers, proposez les 2 non?)
Replying to @ThzoenMieux
Les tailles hommes et femmes ne sont pas les mêmes donc je vous invite à jeter un œil sur notre guide de tailles, ça pourra vous aider à choisir la bonne taille. 😀
Guide des tailles pour les chaussures pour Homme
In reply to @Nike
@Nike @nikelondon trying to buy the new air max 270s on your site but keeps coming up with this error code. Tried it on 2 phones. What’s the deal?
Replying to @MattCha96493391
Hi Matt, we understand that you are having difficulties with placing orders on our site. You can chat or call us on: +442076604453, Mon/Fri 8:00-20:00 Sat 8:00-17:00 to talk you through the process, and assist moving forward🙂.
In reply to @lewmotionalt
You'll hear it a few different ways, but we pronounce it like 'Neye-Kee'!
In reply to @Nike
@Nike Je commande des chaussures et je vois sur mon compte bancaire que j'ai payé 2x, alors que sur l'appli j'ai payé qu'une fois, remboursez moi svp
Lorsque tu passes commande une somme est mise de côté, pour qu'elle puisse être prélevée au moment de l'expédition de la commande. Il est alors possible que tu vois 2 transactions apparaitre sur ton relevé bancaire. Elle se retirera sous 10 jours environ 👍!
In reply to @Nike
For some reason it won't let me DM but it's order number C00644900729
Replying to @OkcCreoleQueen
Hey, Sophia! For your security please delete the tweet containing your order number and send it to us manually via DM instead. We'll meet you there. 👍
In reply to @Nike
@Nike I'm so upset with how a custom shoe order I placed way back in July hasn't even been shipped yet but you guys won't refund me. This was for an event, and you guys have delayed the order now for the 3rd time. I've been trying to get a hold to a manager for over 24 hrs.
Replying to @OkcCreoleQueen
We're sorry to hear about your experience, Sophia. DM us your Nike Member email and order number, and we'll take a look on the back end. 🔎…
To change the future you have to show the way. @DiedetheGreat competes to show us that everyone should get the chance to play.

What do you play for?

When we play with heart, we Play New.
Brilliance knows no barriers. @TatyanaMcFadden is proving she’s more than just a runner.

Have you read her book?

When we Play New, we can’t be stopped.
In reply to @England
@England @Nike @nikelondon Are you going to restock the men’s England football shirts anytime soon from the summer? Thanks 👍🏼
Replying to @stewielad86
Hi Stew, we are sorry if this item is currently out of stock. To be informed on potential restocking and releases, keep an eye on our site, SNKRS app and our news so you don't miss anything!
Greatness starts with a goal.

@cristiano has just scored his record-breaking 110th 🇵🇹 goal, making him the top international men’s goal scorer of all time.

This isn't just another goal scored - this is another goal achieved.

What goal are you working towards every day?
Chrisanki Flood has been sailing the chaotic seas of the Caribbean for more than half his life. But when he's out at sea, he's able to relax and live his purpose.
In reply to @Nike
La app no deja pasar de servicios de ubicación… hay alguna solución?
Replying to @Campu88
Hola, encantados de ayudarte. ¿Podrías facilitarnos (por MD) tu e-mail, el modelo de tu teléfono, la versión de Android/IOS que tienes y la de la App? Si además pudieras enviarnos una captura de pantalla del error que te aparece, sería perfecto. Te esperamos 👋…
“It’s our imperfections that set us apart and make us irreplaceable.”

@OksanaMasters talks about her scars as brilliant reminders of what she can achieve. What sport will she take on next?

When we Play New, we decide how the story unfolds.
In reply to @NikeService
@NikeService @Nike @nikelondon trying to find a customer service email address for Nike Uk is impossible. I want to send photos of my son’s Nike trainers that were only bought last year and bottoms have split. Bearing in mind he hasn’t been out much in them due to Covid.
Replying to @Alhadria
Hi Sue, we can assist you here if you wish? Simply DM us the order number, as well as your full name and email address
In reply to @Nike
I don’t remember. Maybe Kohl’s or Belk but I’m not positive.
Replying to @parker_marker
Thanks for letting us know! We recommend first working back with the original retailer as they can often provide the quickest return/exchange options. If they're unable to help, you can learn more about our claims process here:
In reply to @Nike
@Nike I bought these shoes a few months ago. Barely worn. They click when I walk. The left shoe only. Any suggestions?
Replying to @parker_marker
Hey there! Sorry to hear that, if you can let us know where and when you purchased the pair we'll help you go over your return/exchange options. If you purchased them from our site, please DM us the order number. 📩…
Entered for the raffle on these on the @nike SNKRS App when i was on break before i got back on my shift and i just came back for my lunch break only to find out i got a W :) 😊☺️✨✨ THANK YOU @Jumpman23 @NIKE CANT WAIT TO SEE THESE
Replying to @VisionsOfLuxury
Saturdays are for SNKRS. 😎
Fear stings worse than any foil. @VioBebe shows us all how to overcome with her continued bravery.

What’s her next conquest?

We become bolder when we Play New.
Commit to a dream, then run with it.

@SophieHahnT38 shows us when you’ve given everything to get to the start line, only you get to define how you finish.

Redefining how we win is why we Play New.
In reply to @Nike
I want a few more customization options around the heel. What ya think about them so far?
Replying to @awthentik
Way back Wednesday. 😏 We loved 'em so much, we had to make 'em. Just in time for kickoff.
In reply to @Nike
@Nike Bonjour j’attends toujours mes crampons depuis deux mois … ça va c’est pas trop long la fabrication ?
Replying to @iceaga_ju
salut! Nous sommes désolés pour le souci de livraison, nous allons regarder ça ensemble. 👍 Peux-tu venir en DM nous communiquer ton numéro de commande ainsi que le nom, le prénom et l'adresse mail liés à la commande ? 😉
In reply to @Nike
@Nike Bonjour @Nike, sur votre site vous êtes en rupture de stock pour les Jordan MID 1. 😩 J'en cherche désespérément pour mon fils 😥. Seriez-vous me dire quant est-ce que le stock revient ? Merci 😁
Replying to @flolaralleuse1
Salut ! Nous ne communiquons pas quant à nos dates de réapprovisionnement. Nous t'invitons à garder un œil sur notre site régulièrement et nous croisons les doigts pour que tu y trouves ton bonheur 🤞 !
In reply to @Nike
@Nike bonjour j’ai un soucis sur ma commande qui est incomplète pouvez-vous m’aider svp ?
Replying to @psg_squad93
Salut ! Nous sommes désolés pour le souci de ta commande, nous allons regarder ça ensemble👍 ! Peux-tu venir en DM nous communiquer ton numéro de commande ainsi que le nom, le prénom et l'adresse mail liés à la commande ? 😉
In this tiny village 6,200 feet high in the Swiss alps, soccer reigns supreme. Would you play on the highest pitch in Europe?
In reply to @Nike
Tout a été fait depuis 2 mois minimum déjà donc je sais plus quoi faire
Replying to @papessible
On est navrés entendre cela. Tu dois t'être connecté à ton compte au moins une fois pendant ces 2 dernières années pour y bénéficier 👍 !
In reply to @stuartsmillie1
@stuartsmillie1 Great! We've sent you a claim form now, so simply fill out the information and once we receive your response, we'll set up a claim. We'll keep in touch via email for all further steps and updates 👍
In reply to @8_AliSayed
@8_AliSayed Hi Ali, if you paid by card that's no problem! In that case we only need a bank statement showing the purchase. Simply DM us your email address, and we can send you a claim form 👍 If you paid in cash, check with the retailer, they might be able to assist.
In reply to @nikelondon
@nikelondon @Nikeindia #JohnDonahoe
Its been more than a year I returned my shoe and I havent got any update from Nike and now my other pair of shoe is also gone bad its just been 6mnths usin ths and its already torn and Nike is declining replacement.
What material dose Nike use?
Replying to @KishanG53074465
Hi Kishan, we're sorry to hear you're having to wait so long for a resolution! If you DM us you email address and the order number, we'll be happy to check your return status and see if we can solve this issue for you.
In reply to @sarahemcquillan
@sarahemcquillan Hi Sarah, we're sorry to hear that! We recommend you contact the shop about an exchange first, and if they can't help, please DM us your email address, so we can start a claim for a potential refund for you 👍
In reply to @ariesenergy15
@ariesenergy15 Hi Christina, we'd be happy to start a claim for these leggings! Simply DM us your email address, and we can get everything set up for you 👍
In reply to @stuartsmillie1
@stuartsmillie1 Hi , sure, we'd be happy to help! If you DM us your email address, we can send you a claim form and get everything started 👍
In reply to @Nike
@Nike vous avez un problème sur votre site? Ca prend du temps pour valider une commande
Replying to @BiBiPuce
On est désolés que tu rencontres des soucis sur l'application. As-tu essayé de désinstaller et réinstaller l'application ? As-tu bien fait toutes les mises à jour ? On t'invite également à bien vérifier tes informations bancaires 😉!
In reply to @Li4mWh1te
@Li4mWh1te Brilliant, thank you! We've sent you an email with all the information we need to process this claim. If you have any further questions, please let us know there. We should have this sorted for you in no time! 👍
In reply to @Nike
I’ve reinstalled it many times before. Everything is on yet never see it. And now I’ve missed a big one
Replying to @DRaskal
We can imagine how frustrating that must be! To find a solution, please call +44 (0) 2076604452 (Mo.-Fr.,8am-5pm) and we'll do our best to sort this out for you as soon as possible 👍
In reply to @Nike
@Nike bonjour hier c’était mon anniversaire et j’ai toujours pas reçu le code promo anniversaire exclusif aux membres nike. Quelle est la solution?
Replying to @papessible
Le code promotionnel t'est envoyé par mail le 1er jour du mois de ton anniversaire. Assure-toi de bien avoir coché l'option afin de recevoir nos mails, et de t'être connecté à ton compte au moins une fois pendant ces 2 dernières années 👍 !
In reply to @KazBath
@KazBath Thanks! Unfortunately these shoes are no longer available in either our stores or with authorised retailers, but we've informed our restock team that there is demand for this style, so hopefully they'll be back available online soon! Simply keep an eye on our website 👍
In reply to @Alice64680395
@Alice64680395 Hi Alice, you're in luck! The Nike Heritage 2.0 backpack (style BA5879-011) is currently available on our app and website 👍 It only comes in one size, so you just need to click the "Add to bag"-button. If you have any other questions, let us know! 😎
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