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Last 50 tweets from @OfficialDGISPR
COAS congrats all on successful organisation of PSL especially PCB, all teams, organisers, administration, Pak Rangers Sindh, Sindh Police, LEAs & people of Karachi.
“All praises to Almighty Allah. May Allah continues His blessings upon Pakistan. Amen.”, COAS.
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6,981 29,619
Good luck to teams playing PSL Final.....
عروس البلاد۔۔۔۔پاکستان زندہ باد
City of Lights.....Pakistan Zindabad

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9,749 37,685
Pakistan Army troops shot down an Indian spying quadcopter in Rakhchikri Sector along Line of Control.
The quadcopter had come 150 meters inside Pakistan.
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12,082 49,288
ہر پاکستانی کی آواز۔۔۔۔پاکستان زندہ باد
Voice of every Pakistani.....Pakistan Zindabad

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10,704 41,755
Dear Pakistanis u are desirous to put on military style caps/shirts during PSL Final. Pak Armed Forces humbly acknowledge your love & support. Sports are beyond politics & we believe that our bondage is beyond such gestures alone. Enjoy the game in CityOfLights.
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16,675 72,098
PakDayParade. PM Malaysia Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad will be the Guest of Honour. Guests include Def Minister Azerbaijan, COAS Bahrain & govt officials from Oman. Various contingents from Azerbaijan,Bahrain,China, KSA, Sri Lanka & Turkey will participate in Parade.
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12,241 44,390
“Contributions of women on duty in uniform, at household and especially the ones of martyrs’ families are greatly valued. The great Pakistani women have a role and responsibility towards progress of Pakistan”, COAS.
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6,660 40,947
“Pakistan is on the positive trajectory of peace, stability and progress. No one can make us budge through use or threat of use of force. Similarly, policy and the right of use of force shall remain the prerogative of the state alone”, COAS.
(3 of 3).
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3,726 17,428
CCC at GHQ. Progress of National Action Plan 2014 reviewed. COAS directed to further the efforts in line with decisions of the govt to accelerate its implementation while rendering full assistance to other state institutions. (2 of 3).
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2,646 13,400
CCC at GHQ. Forum expressed strong will, resolve & determination to defend motherland against any misadventure/aggression. Indian atrocities in IOK & deliberate targeting of civilians along LOC are only fuelling the fire and need to be stopped for regional peace. (1 of 3).
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5,339 25,943
H.E Mr Kong Xuanyou, Vice Foreign Minister of China called on COAS. Matters of mutual interest, regional security, bilateral cooperation and current situation between Pakistan and India discussed. Visiting dignitary appreciated Pakistan’s efforts for regional peace and stability.
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4,354 26,114
COAS had tel comm with Comd USCENTCOM, CDS UK, CDF Australia and Ambs of US, UK & China in Pak. Prevailing stand off between Pakistan & India & its impact on peace & stability in the region & beyond discussed. “Pak shall surely respond to any aggression in self defence”, COAS.
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12,595 60,857
There is only one pilot under Pakistan Army’s custody. Wing Comd Abhi Nandan is being treated as per norms of military ethics.
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15,070 71,841
In response to PAF strikes this morning as released by MoFA, IAF crossed LOC. PAF shot down two Indian aircrafts inside Pakistani airspace. One of the aircraft fell inside AJ&K while other fell inside IOK. One Indian pilot arrested by troops on ground while two in the area.
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41,951 118,742
Indian aircrafts’ intrusion across LOC in Muzafarabad Sector within AJ&K was 3-4 miles.Under forced hasty withdrawal aircrafts released payload which had free fall in open area. No infrastructure got hit, no casualties. Technical details and other important information to follow.
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11,895 45,654
Payload of hastily escaping Indian aircrafts fell in open.
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11,353 38,595
Indian aircrafts intruded from Muzafarabad sector. Facing timely and effective response from Pakistan Air Force released payload in haste while escaping which fell near Balakot. No casualties or damage.
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12,409 44,715
Indian Air Force violated Line of Control. Pakistan Air Force immediately scrambled. Indian aircrafts gone back. Details to follow.
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11,355 44,911
COAS visited Headquarters Rawalpindi Corps. Commander Rawalpindi Corps updated COAS on operational situation & state of readiness along Line of Actual Contact (LAC), Line of Control and Working Boundary (WB). COAS expressed satisfaction on the state of preparations & readiness.
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3,192 16,739
COAS visited AHQ. COAS & CAS deliberated on operational environment including threat and response. Both Chiefs expressed satisfaction on readiness, coordination & synergy. Pak Armed Forces are fully prepared for a befitting response to any Indian aggression or misadventure, IA.
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3,575 16,875
COAS visited troops along working boundary near Sialkot. Appreciated state of high morale and readiness.
“There isn’t anything more sacred than defending the motherland. I take pride in leading an Army which is ever ready to perform this duty”, COAS.
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5,243 23,645
Indian COAS says that he follows Pakistan Army Chief.
Even better would be if he follows General Bajwa’s vision for regional peace, stability and progress. For that India has to unfollow enmity with Pakistan.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
6,265 22,717
COAS visited Line of Control. Reviewed state of preparedness. Lauded high moral of troops.
“Pakistan is a peace loving country but we will not be intimidated or coerced. Any aggression or misadventure shall be paid back in same coin”, COAS.
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6,955 27,195
Kashmir remains a long pending unresolved issue on UN agenda since 1948. Decades of atrocities by Indian Occupation Forces have failed to suppress ever strengthening legitimate freedom struggle. Determined Kashmiris shall succeed IA.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
6,672 22,615
CCC. “While safeguarding bdrs & Op RuF, concurrent focus is now to be on strategising & implementing comprehensive national response against machinations by hostile intelligence agencies/ inimical forces to undo the National gains for peace and stability”, COAS. (2 of 2).
  · Twitter for iPad · en
1,369 6,173
CCC at GHQ. Geo-strategic envmt, Internal Security situation and preparedness along LOC/ WB & Eastern Border reviewed to thwart any misadventure from across. Forum also expressed solidarity with resilient Kashmiri brethren on the eve of Kashmir Day. (1 of 2).
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2,170 10,024
Hindustan Times reports that COAS had approached Indian COAS for talks & that both had served together in Congo. Story is factually incorrect. COAS has neither approached Indian COAS nor has served with him in Congo. Decision for talks is prerogative of both the govts.
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4,042 16,538
Training launch of surface to surface ballistic missile Nasr today by Pakistan.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
6,799 27,624
Pakistan successfully conducted training launch of surface to surface ballistic Missile “Nasr” to enhance the operational efficiency of Army Strategic Forces Command besides re-validating the desired technical parameters.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
3,151 13,263
On media reports of stranded tourists at Toheed Abad near Nathia Gali a rescue team each of Army and PAF sent in support of civil administration. Rescue teams carrying medicines and food items. Road blocked due to heavy snowfall and broken down vehicles. Approach being cleared.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
2,497 14,758
“LY-80 has greatly enhanced air defence cap of Army Air Def while strengthening it at National level along with PAF the overall custodian of the defence of Pakistan air space”, COAS.
CAS congratulated Pak Army on induction of LY-80 reinforcing overall Air Def capability. (2/2).
  · Twitter for iPad · en
1,857 8,624
COAS and Air Chief witnessed display of firepower capability by Pak Army Air Defence including fire of recently inducted Long Range weapon system LY-80. LY-80 has realized the concept of a comprehensive, layered and integrated air defence with enhanced lethality. (1 of 2).
  · Twitter for iPad · en
3,602 16,128
“Pakistan is a peace loving country, looks forward to peace within & peace without in line with the vision of father of the nation.A well equipped,well trained & professionally competent Army deters war & guarantees peace.Pakistan Army is one such battle hardened force.”COAS.2/2.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
1,787 7,354
COAS visited formations of Bahawalpur Corps during winter collective training.Witnessed manoeuvre of mechanised formation as part of defensive Corps’ operations against conventional threat.COAS expressed satisfaction on high standards of training & operational preparedness.(1/2).
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2,536 11,728
Indian Army continues nonprofessional conduct. Besides atrocities in IOK, violating ceasefire targeted civil population in Shahkot sector across LOC. A woman shaheed another injured. Such acts can’t suppress indigenous freedom struggle of brave Kashmiris in IOK.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
5,345 14,063
Pakistan Army troops shot down another Indian spy quadcopter. Today in Satwal Sector on Line of Control.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
5,781 27,453
Pakistan Army troops shot down Indian Spy Quadcopter in Bagh Sector along Line of Control. Not even a quadcopter will be allowed to cross LOC, In Shaa Allah.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
8,105 36,548
In our national pursuit for a peaceful, prosperous & vibrant Pakistan, 2019 is year of progress. United we shall consolidate our successes,IA. May Allah continues His blessings upon us. Amen.
Salute to resilient Pakistanis & Martyrs.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
4,595 19,897
“It’s our duty to honour their sacrifice through display of Unity, Faith & Discipline in everything that we do.Let’s start transition from conflict to progress,through commitment to the ideals of Allama Iqbal & Quaid-e-Azam.This is the minimum we can do for Pakistan”,COAS.(2of2).
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1,373 6,706
COAS at Pak Naval Academy Passing Out Parade. “Relative peace that we find in country has been achieved at a very heavy cost. Our Armed Forces & LEAs have rendered tremendous sacrifices to restore peace and order, paying the ultimate price with their blood”, COAS. (1 of 2).
  · Twitter for iPad · en
2,252 11,713
H.E Mr Zalmay Khalilzad called on COAS. Regional security and Afg peace process discussed. Visiting dignitary appreciated Pak’s efforts for Afg peace process. COAS reiterated that peace in Afg is imp for Pak and assured cont efforts for bringing peace and stability in the region.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
1,647 9,314
The dividends of decades long struggle of Pakistani nation and its security forces for restoration of peace and stability in the country are on the way. Thanks to @British_Airways for reviving its flight operations in Pakistan.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
3,665 16,144
State sponsored terrorism by Indian Occupation Forces on innocent Kashmiris including unethical targeting of civilian population across LOC are highly condemnable.Bullets can never suppress unarmed brave Freedom Fighters.Indian Army must respect ethics of professional soldiering.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
5,058 18,549
We are a resilient nation, our enemies shall never succeed. Nations evolve through struggles, determined ones succeed. We are succeeding, united & steadfast we shall attain our objectives of enduring peace and prosperity, IA.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
3,086 11,500
“Remembering & praying for our APS Martyrs. Salute to the brave parents. Nation has bravely faced challenges at heavy cost to come out successful. We stay united & steadfast to carry forward Pakistan to its rightful destination of peace & prosperity,IA”,COAS.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
4,630 18,927
Work on forts & fence continues on Pak-Afg Bdr. Total length 2611 KM. Work on 233 of 843 forts & 802 of 1200 KM pri 1 areas completed.Aiming speedy completion in pri 1 areas,overall completion by Dec 2019 IA.Shall benefit peaceful people of Pak & Afg while restricting terrorists.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
5,531 20,159
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