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Last 50 tweets from @oleksiireznikov
Thank you @AnitaAnandMP ! Thank you Canada!
The tank coalition is assembling. Meeting place is Ukraine!
Battle tanks are on their way to help Ukraine.

The first Canadian Leopard 2 is en route.

Canada's support for Ukraine is unwavering.
This is a military corner reflector. The entire area near the Kherson bridge was covered with dozens of such russian reflectors. The enemy tried to use this anachronism to protect themselves from... HIMARS
Indeed, this is a war of the free future against the totalitarian past.
Another package of security assistance from the US creates new opportunities for #UAarmy now, as well as long-term bolstering and rearmarment of our troops.
We are growing even stronger. We will win this war.
Thank you to @POTUS @SecDef and to the American people.
I am very grateful to my colleagues @SebLecornu @GuidoCrosetto who decided to deliver SAMP/T air defense systems to #UAarmy.
It will help us save thousands of lives from russian terrorist attacks.
Step by step, we will close the sky over Ukraine.
It's official: The tank coalition for Ukraine has been born and is actively growing. Soon, we will happily welcome Leopards, Challengers and Abrams on the Ukrainian ground. A lot of them.
Pullover — thanks to @Deepstate_UA for its work and creativity!
I was glad to host my dear 🇵🇱 friend & colleague @mblaszczak in Kyiv.
Together we had a VTC with #DefMin of countries participating in the tank coalition. Discussed ways & means of training our soldiers, ensuring arms supplies and maintenance of weapons.
United we will win!🇺🇦🤝🇵🇱
It was a great privilege to attend the pre-premiere screening of "Slava Ukraini", a film by famous @BHL , together with @SebLecornu
Thank you,my friend,for showing the world the horror of this cruel war waged by russia, the bravery of 🇺🇦 ppl, men&women in uniform.
Good will win!
Together with my 🇫🇷 colleague @SebLecornu signed Memorandum with @thalesgroup on supply of MG-200 radars for Ukrainian air defenders. This equipment will help us to spot enemy drones & missiles, including ballistic.
Our skies will be protected from russia’s deadly attacks.
Had the honor to meet with the 🇫🇷President @EmmanuelMacron . A very frank&productive conversation took place regarding #UAarmy urgent operational needs for self-defense from the rus aggressor.
🇫🇷 is with us!Thank you to 🇫🇷President & people for their leadership&unwavering support
I was pleased to meet my 🇨🇵colleague @SebLecornu in Paris.
Discussed needs of #UAarmy. Grateful to the French President, government and nation for providing AMX-10, more CAESARs, ammo for Crotales, for training our soldiers and for supplying fuel and equipment.
russia’s preferred sports are: shooting residential areas, throwing missiles and moskva cruiser diving.
These have no place in the civilized world.
russian athletes cannot take part in the Olympics under any flag. They are marred with the blood of Ukrainians.
Congratulations to @general_pavel on his victory in the presidential election. We appreciate your support of Ukraine and value your knowledge and experience as a top NATO official. Grateful to the 🇨🇿 people for the security assistance.
We wish you a successful presidency!
Glad to welcome Robert Storch & @DeptofDefense delegation.
Our friends continue to see for themselves that transparency&accountability are critical components of our policy.
We have adopted NATO standards of accounting for weaponry. Being a trustworthy partner is our key priority
Canada will send four of its German-made Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine!
Thank you to my great friend & colleague @AnitaAnandMP who announced this decision today. Thank you to @JustinTrudeau and all Canadian people!
Had a 📞 call with @SecDef Lloyd James Austin III
Discussed the results of #Ramstein 8, further strengthening of #UAarmy, including tanks supplies&maintenance of the new armament.
More good news to be announced soon.
We have full trust&strong support of 🇺🇸
Together until victory!
120 hours after #Ramstein 8,we have approval for Leopards!A Leopard coalition with partners worked!Indeed,Leopards look good on Ukraine!Thank you very much to @Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz,my colleague Boris Pistorius, 🇩🇪 people&everyone who supported us!
More to come!Glory to 🇺🇦!
Back home after #Ramstein 8.
With each meeting, I see how our partners' trust in Ukraine grows. This is all due to the hard work of our soldiers & representatives.
More trust means more weapons.
To protect our land, sea... & sky!
#Ramstein 9 will be held in February.
Stay tuned!
Today, 🇺🇦 celebrates the Day of Unity. In these difficult times,we,more than ever,feel like a single country&nation. The North, South, East, West&Center of 🇺🇦 are doing everything possible for victory. We’ve learned the lessons of history. We‘ll win this war!
Art by Nikita Titov
Sea King from the UK has arrived in its new kingdom near the Black Sea in Ukraine!
It is a strong reinforcement for the Ukrainian Navy. Our cooperation will continue to increase.
Thank you to @BWallaceMP
Together, we will secure the seas and lands across all of Europe!
Discussed with @NATO SG @jensstoltenberg & 🇮🇸 MinFA @thordiskolbrun
current needs & priorities of #UAarmy
Our soldiers have the knowledge & experience to master all NATO-style weapons and push russian occupiers from our land. I highly value our cooperation with NATO & Iceland!
Congratulated 🇩🇪 DefMin Boris Pistorius @BMVg_Bundeswehr on the appointment to his new position.
We had a frank discussion on Leopards 2. To be continued.
I also thanked the 🇩🇪 Government and the 🇩🇪 people for their military assistance to 🇺🇦 and hospitality at #Ramstein 8
Discussed with my Albanian colleague @nikopeleshi ways and means of strengthening #UAarmy at #Ramstein 8 Meeting.
Thank you for all you and your government has done, does and will do to help Ukraine protect itself.
I had a good meeting with Turkish Minister of Defence Hulusi Akar. We highly value all activities of Turkish government in supporting Ukraine, especially for releasing our POWs. Our common Black Sea will secure and free for all good people. 🇺🇦🤝🇹🇷
Met my colleague @DefensieMin Kajsa Ollongren at #Ramstein 8. I appreciate all the security assistance provided to Ukraine by the Dutch government. Our will to fight is unbreakable. Our values are invincible. And that is why we will win. 🇺🇦🤝🇳🇱
Had a fruitful meeting with my Finnish colleague @MikkoTSavola at #Ramstein 8. Your country has shown great for support for Ukraine and we will never forget your solidarity. I believe in our common future and integration with NATO. 🇺🇦🤝🇫🇮
Was glad to met my Swedish colleague @PlJonson at #Ramstein 8. CV90 and Archers will help our brave soldiers on the battlefield; they thank the Swedish people for these supplies. We will fight until victory is ours. 🇺🇦🤝🇸🇪
Deep appreciation to my Estonian friend and colleague @HPevkur for all Estonia does to help Ukraine defend itself I can guarantee that you invested 1% of GDP not only in #UAarmy but also in your own security. With friends like you we will definitely win. #Ramstein 8 🇺🇦🤝🇪🇪
I was glad to meet my Danish colleague @JakobEllemann AR #Ramstein 8 and thank him personally for the decision to deliver CAESAR self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine.
These guns will support our warriors liberating Ukrainian land.
We will win together!
Gratitude to my Lithuanian colleague @a_anusauskas for another package of security assistance to #UAarmy. We have won together in the past, and we will win this war together now. Our mission - to restore peace and justice to Europe - will be accomplished. #Ramstein 8 🇺🇦🤝🇱🇹
It was an honor to thank my Polish friend and colleague @mblaszczak for the morally courageous decision to provide Leopards 2 to #UAarmy
Ukraine will always remember Poland’s support. A tank coalition will be established. The aggressor will be punished.
#Ramstein 8
It was a pleasure to meet my Canadian colleague @AnitaAnandMP at #Ramstein 8 We are looking forward to the delivery of Canada-funded NASAMS. These systems will save countless Ukrainian lives. Thank you, Canada! We will win together. 🇺🇦🤝🇨🇦
Discussed with my UK colleague @BWallaceMP the capabilities of Challenger 2 MBT being delivered to #UAarmy These actions will help us to prevail over russian tyranny and liberate our land. Our cooperation will continue and expand. 🇺🇦🤝🇬🇧
Met with my friend and colleague Lloyd Austin III @SecDef at #Ramstein 8.
I appreciate US efforts on behalf of Ukraine’s freedom and independence. Bradleys and Patriots will change the course of this war. Thank you for the leadership!
#Ramstein 8 meeting at @RamsteinAirBase has ended. It was a great meeting of friends.
The free world stands with Ukraine and applauds brave Ukrainian soldiers and our courageous nation.
#UAarmy will receive more weapons and ammo.
We will win.
Evil will be defeated.
Another package of security assistance to Ukraine from the US is
a strong support to #UAarmy,
an example to follow for other partner states; and a reminder to the terrorist state that its defeat inevitable.
Thank you to @POTUS @SecDef and the American people.
Chevrons of 🇺🇦 military units at #Ramstein base displayed at the venue,which has become a symbol of international support for 🇺🇦 More proof of Ukraine's strides towards integration into NATO. #Ramstein 8 is sure to bring great news for 🇺🇦 soldiers with these chevrons. Stay tuned!
Government of 🇩🇰 plans to transfer 19 CAESAR self-propelled howitzers being produced in 🇨🇵 to the #UAarmy.
A brave decision in these historic times. We will use these weapons to protect our people and liberate our land.
Thank you to @Statsmin @JakobEllemann and all Danish people.
Even in the age of firearms, Archers are useful for driving invaders out from 🇺🇦!
Thank you to @SwedishPM Ulf Kristersson, my colleague @PlJonson and the 🇸🇪 people for the 10th package of security assistance to Ukraine.
Our warriors will master the artillery and vehicles quickly.
Good news from Estonia: another package of security assistance for #UAarmy will be delivered. We highly value you support, which increased up to 1% of 🇪🇪 GDP.
russia will be defeated.
Thank you to @kajakallas @HPevkur and the 🇪🇪 people.
We welcome the decision of 🇬🇧 to transfer the Challenger 2.And we appeal to 🇬🇷🇩🇰🇪🇸🇨🇦🇳🇱🇩🇪🇳🇴🇵🇱🇵🇹🇹🇷🇫🇮🇸🇪 the states that have Leopard 2 in service-it’s time to join to an int. tank coalition in support of 🇺🇦!
We need them to win&restore peace in Europe.More⬇️…
Was glad to host my 🇨🇦 colleague @AnitaAnandMP in Kyiv.
CAD 1 billion security assistance for 🇺🇦 has enabled positive results on the battlefield.
New NASAMS protecting our sky & Senator APC supporting our infantry will bring our victory closer.
Our common goal: to win this war.
I’m saddened by the tragic death of my colleagues, Interior Minister Monastyrskiy, his 1st Deputy Yenin & State Secretary Lubkovych.
My deepest condolences to their families & to the families of everyone who died in this horrific accident, especially those who lost their kids…🕯️
Was glad to host @IMurniece in Kyiv on his first visit as the 🇱🇻 Defence Minister. We discussed ways to increase the capabilities of #UAarmy. We are grateful for Latvia’s strong commitment to support Ukraine’s full victory over the aggressor.
See you at Ramstein!
Thank you to 🇬🇧 for another strong security assistance package.
Tanks, artillery, vehicles, drones, ammo will strengthen our capacity to drive occupiers out of 🇺🇦. These are the tools that will help to build our victory.
Thank you to @RishiSunak @BWallaceMP and the 🇬🇧 people.
Today, rus seriously violated one of the core Int.Humanitarian Law principles,distinction,destroyed an apartment building in Dnipro,killed at least 5 people&injured min 39.
"I was just following orders” will not excuse you,war criminals.Proved by Nuremberg.
Art by @MariiaLoniuk
A decision has been made:#UAarmy will receive Challenger 2 tanks.
This was agreed upon by President @ZelenskyyUA & Prime Minister @RishiSunak
With NATO-style tanks, we will move towards victory much faster.
Grateful to His Majesty's Cabinet, especially to my colleague@BWallaceMP
6th. Denial of humanitarian access.
Irpin, Mariupol, Volnovakha and others forcibly witnessed depriving 🇺🇦 children of access to basic things: water, food, warm clothes, medical care.
Breaking the IHL,🇷🇺 are trying to sow the fear among the youngest.
That is how many types of serious violations against children during armed conflicts are listed in UN Security Council Resolution 1261 (1999).
russia has committed all of them. We must remember this and punish evil.
Had a fruitful conversation with my 🇨🇵 friend @SebLecornu .Appreciate 🇨🇵 for continued support of 🇺🇦&for the decision to provide AMX-10 RC to #UArmy
Noted high efficiency of Crotale & applaud for the opportunity to strengthen the protection of 🇺🇦 sky.
Thank you for standing by 🇺🇦
5th. Abduction of children.
Thousands of 🇺🇦children are deported, forcibly transferred and imprisoned from temporary occupied territories. 🇷🇺state policy, incl. on adoption, contains a genocidal intent against Ukrainians and our future.
That is how many types of serious violations against children during armed conflicts are listed in UN Security Council Resolution 1261 (1999).
russia has committed all of them. We must remember this and punish evil.
Glad to have a conversation with a great friend Minister of National Defence of Türkiye Hulusi Akar. Discussed our next steps to ensure regional security. Thanked 🇹🇷 for its continued support of 🇺🇦 and for its commitment to 🇹🇷🤝🇺🇦cooperation.
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