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Last 50 tweets from @OlenaHalushka
In reply to @BoggartMan
є, вони називаються "Немезида". надлюди
Replying to @nor7hee @BoggartMan
Весь партизанський рух на окупованих територіях - надлюди
In reply to @sergepoliakoff
And here is the confirmation with his name (and also one video🤮):…
Replying to @sergepoliakoff
Sickening, disgusting
Replying to @motytchak
Теж трохи перекинула. Швидкого ремонту! Це Ірпінь?
Replying to @OlenaHalushka
Photos: #Mariupol mayor's advisor Andryushchenko
russian concert at the #Azovstal. pure, absolute evil #Mariupol #russiaIsATerroristState
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
Latest Defence Intelligence update on the situation in Ukraine - 5 August 2022

Find out more about the UK government's response:

🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦
russia is a terrorist state
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Let's meet for coffee?
Replying to @PaulNiland
Yes! I'll let you know when I'm in Kyiv
#Azovstaldefenders families rallied in several towns across Ukraine in memory of the POWs whom russia killed in #Olenivka. They urged the UN and the ICRC to implement security guarantees to Ukrainian POWs. The int'l community should recognize that #russiaIsATerroristState
What the fuck did I just read.
Replying to @PaulNiland
One can go crazy from simply reading these news, let alone going through this endless hell
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
OMG, that is horrific! I can’t imagine looking through thousands of dead & mutilated bodies to POSSIBLY identify a loved one. If you do locate their photo, the image would haunt you for the rest of your life. And, no telling what condition their body is in. Sick!
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Then i think we can both agree that there is coverage of russian war crimes.
Replying to @IvvyNemo @amnesty
Where do I deny that there is coverage of russian war crimes?
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Yes, many reports of russian war crimes. Literally there for you to google.
Replying to @IvvyNemo @amnesty
Thanks, I have even counted them. 19 articles about russian war crimes in Ukraine over 5,5 months (that includes the statements, like calling to protect Azovstal prisoners)
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
In 2015 Ukraine said there were 43K fighters on separatists side, and that it included 9K Russian soldiers. Are you claiming all of the separatists are Russians? Not people born in Ukraine? Or that they're all ethnic Russians born in Ukraine?
Replying to @rafaelshimunov @ukrainetrain and 1 otherfalse
Yes, I am claiming that forces which are commanded, supplied and maintained by russia are in fact russian forces, not separatists. russia is right now mobilizing people from occupied regions and throwing them on the frontline, they are also separatists?
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
In reply to @olgatokariuk
A cherry on top: not only @amnesty staff who worked on the report deliberately ignored the opinion of their Ukrainian colleagues, the head of organisation is now calling all those Ukrainians who voice criticism 'trolls'. Pure colonialism…
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Agreed r ways to do good basic report on filtration camps like @ChristopherJM… but there is lack of access to do anything in-depth to be able to whole story. That’s why work of @AseyevStanislav is so important. Sadly orgs like Truth Hounds under resourced
Replying to @don_bowser @amnesty and 2 others
Let's wait until russia gives Amnesty full access to all filtration camps for an in-depth reporting? Don, with all my due respect to you - those who want look for opportunities, who don't want - for excuses
In reply to @don_bowser
Human Rights Watch somehow could…
Replying to @OlenaHalushka @don_bowser and 1 otherfalse
Plenty of people who passed through filtration camps are now in safety. Many forcibly deported are now in the EU. There are released hostages which voice can be amplified, e.g. Mariupol volunteer drivers. Tell me about lack of access to victims or witnesses
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
The issue is access. In order to do an actual report on what is happening you need access to people in occupied territories which they don’t have. Its not taking away blame for doing sub-standard work but demanding investigations inside occupied territories is not realistic.
In reply to @rafaelshimunov
It’s pathetic to even read these things…
Replying to @ukrainetrain @rafaelshimunov and 1 otherfalse
"Amnesty International has documented summary killings of captives by Russia-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine" There are *no separatist forces in eastern Ukraine*, there are russians, after 5 months of genocidal war it is still a mystery for Amnesty?
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Engaging in whataboutism isn’t an effective response. Criticize them for what the crappy work they have done. Report was sloppy, not multiple-sourced, ignores key IHL principles like proportionality of ZSU actions to tactical situation. Overall incredibly amateur work on IHL.
Replying to @don_bowser @amnesty
The report is poor, many people have criticized it per se. And I want to attract their attention to blatant human rights violations which russians do. I have found only one their report on Mariupol, about drama theater. This is not enough. They could do more. Their voice is heard
.@amnesty any reports about what russians have been doing to Mariupol residents? Or on russian filtration camps? Maybe about forcibly displaced, incl hundreds of thousands of kids? Murder of POWs? Tortures of nuclear power plants personnel? Or abductions in the occupied towns?
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
Amnesty ignores many facts: that Ukrainian army evacuates civilians in many cases and under great danger; that Ukrainians are totally outnumbered; that Russia erases the whole cities. Ukrainian human rights NGOs like members of Helsinki Group criticize the Amnesty’s biased report
When I think that I've seen all of russian barbarism, here comes a new update from the #Mariupol officials. When people want to identify where their loved ones are buried in the mass graves, russians give them a "catalog" of ~3-4k photos of bodies taken in one of the morgues
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
Leaving aside my frustration that @iaeaorg boss shies away from naming russia responsible for gross security violations at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the factual threats he named are significant. No doubt that russia is a nuclear terrorist state…
U.N. Nuclear Chief: Ukraine's Zaporizhzhia Plant Is Out of Control, Urges Inspections
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
Not a single word about Russian war crimes in this tweet. Well balanced, @amnesty, well balanced
A new-old tool of russian terror against Ukrainian civilians? The bomb threats in public places were reported today in several towns across the country: Ternopil, Vinnytsia, Rivne, Kropyvnytskyi & Khmelnytskyi, acc to the StratCom Center. We've seen that massively in Dec-Jan
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Indeed but this is daily terrorism of Russian forces not the usual political messaging they have been engaging in lately.
Replying to @don_bowser
Their daily terrorism also deserves scrupulous reporting
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
There was someone’s life here before the Russians came. But now, this flat as well as homes of millions of Ukrainians have been destroyed due to the russian shellings.

A Ukrainian defender meets his newborn baby for the first time. #ArmUkraineNow so all dads are back home asap.
Video by @UkraineNowMedia
The russians shelled #Toretsk of the Donetsk region, killing 8 people and injuring 4, incl 3 kids. They struck public transport stop.
russia is a terrorist state
russia is a terrorist state
russia is a terrorist state
russia is a terrorist state
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Say no more and hold my muffins)
Replying to @tet_shevchuk
Дорога моя, ти будеш одним зі співорганізаторів післяпереможної вечірки))
After the victory, I'll be making plenty of tiramisu. Every weekend up until we can't eat it anymore
Replying to @OlenaHalushka
Suddenly so many people got interested in my post-victory cooking plans🤣 Why Italian tiramisu - because I like it🤷🏻‍♀️ If you look for a delicious Ukrainian dessert, I would absolutely recommend syrnyky. They go with sour cream, honey, or jam. Yummy
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Whats the best Ukranian dessert?
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
Russia's priorities in #Ukraine. Putin's priority. Not to rebuild the city of Mariupol, which Russia obliterated. Not to repair the water, electric, gas, supply. Not to provide food & supplies to the remaining residents. Their priority is to eliminate anything Ukrainian.
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Я наперед набиваюся в гості. Люблю солодке 🌻
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
Хто це все потім прибиратиме?
Replying to @AlexKhrebet
Здається хтось збирається скіпнути вечірку під надуманим приводом
After the victory, I'll be making plenty of tiramisu. Every weekend up until we can't eat it anymore
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
Mariupol cemetery. Yehor Scherbatykh's grave. He was born during the fist Russian invasion of Ukraine. He hasn't made it through the second. Mine shelling has killed 7-year-old few days before 8th birthday. His father was seeking for the son's body for over 2 month.
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
візьму найбільшу ложку
Ха-ха. Ну і так, щоб вже добити - моя кавова машина робить найкраще лате в Києві. Її теж візьму на Оліну вечірку ;)
In reply to @isalibacurtis
Grated chocolate tiramisu sounds new to me. I wonder if they freeze the chocolate first...
Cocoa, of course. I am lazy to do something more sophisticated:)
In reply to @AlexKhrebet
Домовилися 😋
А я зроблю багато-багато тірамісу
Feeling sorry for the russians that their plans for summer might got ruined. But at least they can stay home. Millions of Ukrainians don't have such a privilege anymore, thanks to russians. Kudos to the Finnish youth for nice billboards
Replying to @OlenaHalushka
It says "While you're on holiday, many Ukrainians have no home to return to"
На глобальну вечірку доведеться не тільки прийти їсти, але і готувати, бо Оля сама не справиться))
Feeling sorry for the russians that their plans for summer might got ruined. But at least they can stay home. Millions of Ukrainians don't have such a privilege anymore, thanks to russians. Kudos to the Finnish youth for nice billboards
In reply to @OlenaHalushka
You are in the process of invading the country. Killing thousands and displacing millions whilst stealing millions of tons of grain and metals is hardly going to endear the population to Pushkin or any Russian writer. Get real for goodness sake!
Replying to @CullenKnows
Have you ever heard about sarcasm?)
🇺🇸🇺🇦Thrilled to announce I’ve been named a Research Associate of @Harvard University’s Ukrainian Research Institute!

Excited to formally continue cross-campus collaboration from my perch @CenterForAstro to support Ukraine’s sovereignty in the face of ongoing Russian aggression.
Replying to @BLSchmitt @Harvard and 2 others
Wow Ben congrats! Thanks for everything that you do
Olena Halushka Retweeted ·  
This used to be an office of a Free Radio, media outlet in Bakhmut, Donetsk region. Russian Armed Forces destroed it fully... In case you are interested, how it is for Ukrainian journalists to work nowadays
I had too much stress lately and, as a coping strategy, was cooking non-stop in the last days: it feels great to have one's own garden full of fresh veg, fruit and berries. Highlight of today: a cake with plums 😋
Please don't start the WW3 before I'm done with my cooking spree!
Replying to @olgatokariuk
Правда ти мене колись пригостиш?
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