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Last 50 tweets from @Ozgurmill
Turkish Islamist Sultanate...
Turkey falling victim to creeping sharia…

@SonerCagaptay: “Mainstreaming jihad, which sanctions violence against those who ‘offend Islam,’ is a crucial step in draping the sheath of sharia over a society. Sadly, seems Turkey slowly moving along that path.”
Turkey falling victim to creeping sharia think-tanker | Ahval
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22 9
0 0
Replying to @barbarosansalfn :
@barbarosansalfn @cem_oezdemir @welt Turkey rules - they can beat up people around the world, wherever they like
0 2
Sefer Selvi, Konyalı bilim adamlarının yaptığı erik dalı oynayan, mangal yakan, çay demleyen robotu çizdi
  · Hootsuite · tr
120 324
Replying to @evrenselgzt :
@evrenselgzt The robot's name is Sigmar Gabriel...
0 1
Turkey sold their hostage at a high price; Germany encourages hostage-taking - but German arms industry earns a lot of money
The dirty deal between Turkey & Germany

- DE sells weapons to TR
- DE bans anti war demonstrations lead by Kurds in DE
- DE bans Kurdish flags & symbols in DE
- DE probably will ban the biggest Kurdish umbrella organisation Nav-Dem in DE
- TR acts as the lock-keeper of refugees
109 89
0 4
Erdothugs threatening people around the world, from Washington to Munich. Those who have diplomatic immunity need to be sent home, the others locked up
Man sollte die türkische Delegation aus dem Land werfen!
37 96
0 2
The religion of peace...
How about you? What do you recommend for #ExMuslims?
1,583 1,630
1 1
Killers getting killed
What exactly did the Turks expect the #YPG to do? The Turks invade #Syria (again) - the #Kurds respond by taking the fight into #Turkey. The main line of communication (in blue on map) supporting the ill-named #OliveBranchOperation runs through Kirikhan district.
124 176
0 0
The tradition of vendetta is deeply engraved in the Kurdish psyche. We do hold grudges and people in our society wait even for decades to take revenge on those who harmed them. Don’t think that this is it and Kurds will just accept and forget these crimes.
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6 12
Replying to @ninmena :
@ninmena Don't think they'll be asked...
0 0
@Ozgurmill @ShiwaMustafa … and no matter what Sigmar Gabriels tells us.
0 0
Replying to @ZeichenTaten :
@Ozgurmill @ShiwaMustafa Absolutely! „International politics is never about democracy and human rights. It's about the interests of states. Remember that, no matter what you are told in history lessons.“
(Egon Bahr)
0 0
Replying to @ZeichenTaten :
@ZeichenTaten @ShiwaMustafa Doesn't diminish the responsibility of the electorate who brings those people into a position of power
0 1
@Wolf89E @Ozgurmill @HaidHaid22 @ibrahimhamidi It's because Mill is a terrorist himself. Either that, or he has no clue what's going on and prefers drinking kool-aid (watches MSM media) to educate himself.
0 1
Replying to @2_Bring_Truth :
Ozgur Mill Retweeted ·  
Hasan Cemal : "Kulağını iyi aç, bak Ahmet Altan ne diyor :
Artık generaller değil, yazarlar darbeci.
Çünkü artık siyasi iktidarı silahlar değil kalemler korkutuyor. Çünkü kalem, silahın ulaşamayacağı bir yere, toplumun vicdanına ulaşıyor..."
1 3
Kennt ihr Bilder von Sigmar Gabriel mit der türkischen demokratischen Opposition? Ich auch nicht.

Dafür viele Bilder mit der verbrecherischen AKP.

@spdde? Unwählbar.
  · TweetDeck · de
124 314
Replying to @AliCologne :
@AliCologne @spdde Opposition has no money, so why serve them tea?
0 1
Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth. What do you expect of a four-finger regime?
Another example of #Turkey' psychological warfare operation against the Kurds: "accuse the Kurds & allies of that which you are guilty"

1 - Turkish minister: ISIS fighters trim beard&join #YPG

2 - The fact: IS fighters trim their beard and join Turkish army to fight #YPG #Afrin
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80 41
2 0
Noch weiter knien und panzer an erdowahn?
0 2
Replying to @ShiwaMustafa :
Tausende heute in Straßburg auf der Demonstration für die Freilassung von A.Öcalan und gegen den Krieg der türk. Regierung in Afrin! Unsere Solidarität„Freiheit für alle politischen Gefangenen und Schluss mit Kriminalisierung der KurdInnen!“ @Linksfraktion @NAV_DEM @dieLinke
24 36
Replying to @AkbulutGokay :
@AkbulutGokay @ShiwaMustafa @Linksfraktion @NAV_DEM @dieLinke While Strasbourg permits a demonstration to support Ocalan, Germany increasingly cracks down on anything Kurdish
0 0
Who cares about facts? Turkey wants to crush Kurds wherever there are any (except for their Islamist allies from HudaPar - "assimilation is genocide"?)
YPG does not control Manbij, the MMC controls it. It's made up of majority Arab civilians from Manbij.

BUT because these aren't crazy Islamist Arabs... then they are no good for Turkey.
  · TweetDeck · en
43 93
0 0
.@NATO IT IS ABSOLUTELY RACIST AND ILLEGAL to say Turkey has a right to 'secure' their borders by killing Kurdish civilians. The only motivation that drives the Turkish state is a racist hatred of Kurds or Kurdish self determination. Why is this 'a right'?
  · TweetDeck · en
92 138
Replying to @Hevallo :
@Hevallo @janetcalif @NATO Opportunism? Turkey has more to offer than the Kurds (who defeated IS, served their purpose, and now please can go and die)
1 1
Taksim’deki caminin kubbesi yükseliyor…
3 12
Replying to @gazetesozcu :
@gazetesozcu What a monstrous ugly building in a space that isn't even a space
0 0
Der Bundesaußenministrant Sigmar Gabriel auf der #MSC2018:

„Berechenbarkeit und Verlässlichkeit sind derzeit anscheinend die knappsten Güter in der internationalen Politik“.

Solange Deutschland Kriegszündler mit Rüstungsgütern versorgt, ist so ein Statement der blanke Zynismus!
10 18
Replying to @Koper_Muberta :
@Koper_Muberta @EwanIsmael Why, it's coherent: Germany predictably and reliably provides invaders with arms of all kinds, and the Foreign Minister serves tea
0 2
#DenizFree - Deniz ist auf freiem Fuß. Wir sind wieder vollzählig. WELT-Chefredakteur Poschardt dankt allen Unterstützern im Fall Yücel. Gleichzeitig mahnt er, denn noch immer sind Journalisten in Haft. Auch in DE muss Freiheit verteidigt werden.…
WELT-Chefredakteur Ulf Poschardt dankt Untersttzern im Fall Deniz Ycel - WELT WELT-Chefredakteur Ulf Poschardt hat sich bei der Bundesregierung und insbesondere beim Auswrtigen Amt bedankt. Es sei ein sehr guter Tag, mit einem Newsroom voll jubelnder Menschen.
6 15
Replying to @NordhausenFrank :
@NordhausenFrank Instead, Germany increasingly bullies Kurdish organizations opposing the Turkish terror regime. Shameful
0 1
Vater der sich in seinem Auto ein grün,rot,gelbes Maskottchen aufgehängt hatte,wurde wegen Terrorpropaganda der PKK verhaftet.
#NeueTürkei #Türkei
21 16
Replying to @Twinnz4you :
Alman silah sanayi ve temsilcileri AKP şeflerine baskı yaptı, Deniz "Yıldırım" hızıyla cezaevinden çıkıp Almanya'ya uçtu. Aynı gün #AhmetAltan #MehmetAltan ve #NazlıIlıcak müebbet aldı.
Yaşasın Yüce Türk Adaleti!
40 66
Replying to @GaziCaglar :
@GaziCaglar So everyone wins - Turkish army gets their vulnerable tanks updated, to kill more Kurds, while German arms industry makes a lot of money. Since no one pays for the Altans etc., just lock them away forever
0 0
The YPG has never been a physical threat to Turkey. But as long as there is a piece of land where Kurds are free and are their own masters, Turkey will try to destroy it. Because it keeps the flame alive for the millions of Kurds inside Turkey whom they couldn’t assimiliate.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
42 77
Replying to @ninmena :
@ninmena "fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them, an seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war)" (Quran 9.5). PYD aren't good Muslims, are they? HudaPar Kurds are, so they are allowed to live
0 0
i cant imagine how the convicted feel now. aggrevated life in prison, for no crime whatsoever. panic? despair? both, probably, to start with. and not much of a support system in jail either. on their own. what an absolute nightmare. #turkey
15 28
Replying to @fgeerdink :
@fgeerdink Let's not forget that aggravated life in prison replaces capital punishment - twenty years earlier, they would have been hanged. Maybe a few years hence, those responsible for this tyranny will be...?
0 0
1- According to @ibrahimhamidi an agreement has been reached to allow regime forces to enter Efrin and establish symbolic presence there ( checkpoints and flags) in exchange for defending the city. Russia has accepted the agreement. Implementation soon.…
- - .
112 105
Replying to @HaidHaid22 :
@HaidHaid22 @ibrahimhamidi Thank you, Turkey, stabilizing Asad's brutal regime. The dictators will soon go on some shopping spree again?
0 1
People should check the material they forward - reverse image search is so simple these days...
It’s a simple trick that the Turkish propaganda machinery carries out. They contaminate the information flow with false information by their troll accounts.

After the contamination people start using the false photos and then Turkish accounts condemn the false information..
75 52
0 1
turkey is now a erdogan prison state, anyone that want to know what turkish prison is about should watch this educational movie

Midnight Express

(1970s when trkey was good right)

#YPG #YPJ #PKK #Afrin #TwitterKurds
13 16
Replying to @ZagrosArts :
@ZagrosArts @boerneaj Indeed, it's "amusing" how Turks were incensed about the movie - and then did everything to prove it right...
1 1
Griechenland klagt das die Türkei nach und nach sämtliche Gesetze der Zwischenstaatlichen Grenzabkommen untergräbt und somit den Konflikt mit Griechenland weiter anheizt.
#Türkei #Griechenland
2 2
Replying to @Twinnz4you :
@Twinnz4you There were rumours that Turkey might take Greek hostages in order to force extradition of refugees from Greece. Germany taught them that hostage-taking pays, so why not try?
1 3
Habe mir die Rede von Poggenburg nochmal angesehen und sehe diese Aussage kritischer als "Kameltreiber"...

Über die doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft sagte Poggenburg, diese bringe nichts hervor "als heimat- und vaterlandsloses Gesindel, das wir hier nicht länger haben wollen".
7 41
Replying to @RonaiVeromaus :
@RonaiVeromaus @EwanIsmael Usual AfD hate speech. Victor Klemperer documented how Nazis used language for incitement - the book ("LTI") is as up-to-date as it was when it first came out in 1947.
"The womb this crawled from is still going strong" (Brecht: Arturo Ui)...
0 1
that would be the end of #turkey's attack. if russia doesn't allow use of #afrin airspace anymore, it's over for turkey.
46 57
Replying to @fgeerdink :
@fgeerdink Unlikely that Russia will do anything decisive - they benefit from playing around. Best-case scenario for them would be Turkish-US clashes
0 0
Turkish PM tells the Turks in Germany; Dont let them to assimilate into German nation but integrate. Whereas The same Turkish apartheid regime try to assimilate Kurds in Turkey and branding Kurds as "Turks" in law and deny their existence

#Twitterkurds #Afrin #Germany #Kurdistan
  · TweetDeck · en
38 29
Replying to @curdistani :
@curdistani What do you expect of those duplicitous bullies? Been going on for decades. There are actually posters calling assimilation of migrant workers into German society "genocide"
1 0
A source with more of an agenda would surely be hard to find...
3 10
Replying to @06JAnk :
@06JAnk Does seem dubious; why would the Turkish invader army ruin their reputation (?) by using an ineffective and banned weapon?
0 0
What #Turkey's state-owned propaganda "news agency" AA calls "incidents of 1915" is the #ArmenianGenocide, the systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenian civilians.

The Dutch are going to recognise it, Turkey is of course not happy.
51 69
Replying to @KonstantinKlug :
@KonstantinKlug You can deny the obvious as long as opportunists are letting you get away with it. Seems The NL are finally getting fed up with the Turkish antics
0 0
The joint Statement on Turkey-US strategic partnership is mostly a lot of yada yada. The phrase below, however, is a pretty significant one.

I suspect the Turks are happy having it included and will be disappointed with actual implimentation…
3 3
Replying to @heissenstat :
@heissenstat For Turks, anyone not supporting the regime is a terrorist, so the US should target the pseudo-Republicans in Turkey (CHP), too...
0 0
@Ozgurmill @ShiwaMustafa That’s true. So Democracy has to keep both in check.
0 0
Replying to @ZeichenTaten :
@ZeichenTaten @ShiwaMustafa Instead, they bought out Deniz in return for oppressing Kurdish dissent in Germany - and I'm sure Rheinmetall will stay in business, too
0 1
@mutludc The YPG are us backed allies and Turkey is quickly losing its relations with U.S. as region destabilizes now because of the Turkish invasion. #Stopafringenocide
1 1
Replying to @EcologicalZeitg :
@EcologicalZeitg @mutludc Amoral opportunism: Kurds have done their job, now can go and die
0 0
Eight members of the US Congress release a letter sharing their serious concern in humanitarian situation in #Afrin and urge Secretary of State Tillerson to urge Turkish government to take steps to address humanitarian concerns
311 321
Replying to @mutludc :
@mutludc Doesn't seem to make a major splash; opportunism and "normalization" prevail. Sad
0 0
Stand Up to Erdogan’s Brutality…
  · Twitter for iPad · en
57 48
Replying to @JanetLevinson92 :
@JanetLevinson77 @ArnMrkan6 Who said you could not use olive branches to clean out people?
0 0
Der deutscher Botschafter darf nicht in die Gerichtsverhandlung von #FreeDemirtas teilnehmen. Pahh wer mir nochmal was vom Rechtsstaat der #Türkei erzählt ...
8 12
Replying to @raz_u :
@raz_u @ShiwaMustafa Can't have agents spying on Turkish judiciary - they might steal the knowledge and use it in German courts...
0 0
Turkish forces specialized in urban warfare has crossed the #Afrin border.
We learned in Bakur what these cowards understand by "specialists in urban warfare". Bomb a city until it is completely destroyed
95 60
Replying to @EndiZentarmi :
@EndiZentarmi @EwanIsmael Demolition experts - they don't evacuate the houses before they burn them down (Cizre...)
0 3
Very experienced in destroying cities including their inhabitants
Turkish forces specialized in urban warfare has crossed the #Afrin border.
We learned in Bakur what these cowards understand by "specialists in urban warfare". Bomb a city until it is completely destroyed
95 60
5 9
̶|̶̶|̶̶|̶̶|̶ ̶|̶̶|̶̶|̶̶|̶ ̶|̶̶|̶̶|̶̶… seit 365 Tagen wird Deniz Yücel heute von Erdogan in Geiselhaft gehalten. Mit ihm hält er die Pressefreiheit in der Türkei gefangen. Kein Tee für Cavusoglu! Keine Panzer für Afrin! Freiheit für Deniz! #FreeDeniz #FreeThemAll #FreeTurkeyMedia
6 12
Replying to @ZeichenTaten :
@ZeichenTaten @ShiwaMustafa The tea boy seems to keep his job, and Rheinmetall its business
0 2
Erdogan's threat to deliver "Ottoman slap" to U.S. forces was "funny", said U.S. State Dept. Spokesperson Heather Nauert at today's presser
  · TweetDeck · en
288 273
Replying to @ahval_en :
@Ozgurmill @ismail_kupeli Not necessarily. Teenagers with Turkish background who were educated in German schools share the same opinion. And sometimes, these people become teacher...which is even more depressing.
0 0
Replying to @yahaferalbir :
@yahaferalbir @ismail_kupeli Too many Turkish-background families in Turkey are under the spell of Turkish institutions (DITIB, AK trolls, etc.)
0 0
Es ist ebenso schwer zu akzeptieren, dass Menschen eigentlich Zugang zu allen nötigen Informationen haben, in den Geschichtsbüchern nachlesen können, wohin die Gewaltpolitik der letzten Jahrzehnte geführt haben - und dann trotzdem nach Massenmord und Vernichtung rufen.
43 150
Replying to @ismail_kupeli :
@ismail_kupeli Depends on the history books - have a look at the ones used to indoctrinate Turkish school kids...
0 0
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