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Last 50 tweets from @peta
Leather is commonly mislabeled—so how can you be sure you aren’t wearing a dog’s skin?
Protestors dressed in bloody white clothing and sheep masks stood outside the @forever21 at #IrvineSpectrum to warn shoppers that sheep are systematically mutilated, beaten, and killed for wool.

Tell the company to stop selling wool: #Never21
Fish are intelligent individuals who feel pain and joy just like you do. Their heart rates increase when chased and they even hide their offspring from danger.

They are friends, not food.
But I Only Eat Fish | PETA
URGENT: Keep your animal companions safe when disaster strikes — they’re family, too! 🌪️🔥🌧️
PETA is heading to the @Levis boardroom to urge the company to use #vegan leather patches on its jeans, instead of ones made of cows' skin.
Levi's Has a New Shareholder, and It's Yours Truly | PETA
ICYMI: Johnson & Johnson has done the right thing in pulling the plug on the forced swim test 🐭 This announcement is a huge step forward to stopping experiments on animals!
[CC: @JNJNews]
Victory! Johnson & Johnson Bans Water Tank Test | PETA
Online shopping for #vegan shoes?

These major retailers have specific “leather-free” and “vegan” filters to make the ethical choice SO easy 😍


👏 👏 👏
Send the message that “cage-free” is a myth! Put them in egg cartons in a friend’s home, at work, and hand them out to anyone you know who buys eggs! ❌ 🍳

Get yours for FREE!
Get Your FREE Egg Carton Enhancer Here | PETA
👏 @BeyondMeat burgers at @CarlsJr and tacos at @DelTaco, #vegan pizza at @BlazePizza, and SO much more 😍

Vegan food is EVERYWHERE!
One elephant just keeps swaying back and forth 😔 THIS is why elephants belong in their natural homes, NOT in the circus.
WATCH #WhatIAte in #calgary 😋 all the #vegan eats and meet some rescues farm animals from @AliceSanctuary 🥰 #LaurenIRL
Replying to @laurentoyota
Look at all of those Calgary #vegan eats and sweet animals 😍🌱 Sounded like a great trip!
Los animales son familia. Por eso junto con nuestros amigos de @PETA_Latino queremos resaltar lo importante que es adoptar y esterilizar a nuestros animales. #AdoptDontShop #SpayNeuter
Replying to @CNCOmusic
Love this! 👏👏👏 Thank you all for speaking out for animals and urging everyone to #AdoptDontShop ❤🐶
40 alligators were drugged, restrained, and had devices glued & drilled into their heads in an @NIH funded @UofMaryland study 😡

Alligators should be left in peace & permitted to live in their natural habitat, NOT abused in cruel & pointless experiments.…
U dont kill sheep’s to get wool.....
Replying to @RazorSivert
The shearing process is so rough that strips of skin are often sheared off. When the sheep are no longer deemed "useful," they are slaughtered. You can read more about the wool industry here:…
The Wool Industry | PETA
@peta did you see the video of the boy deliberately shutting his cat’s tail in the door??
Replying to @sunsumd
I have forwarded this info to our Cruelty Investigation Department. Thanks for your compassion!
Sweet & gentle beagles had holes drilled into their heads so a virus could be injected into their brains 😡 Experiments on animals need to END.
Evil. Don’t buy these from @LouisVuitton 😡 disgusting #animalcruelty #LouisVuitton #veganleather
Thank you for refusing to support this industry!
Again. This is not ok.
Thank you @peta ❤️ the saddest part is the haunted look in her eyes from the hell she had to endure.
Replying to @SoulSolaris23
We are so glad she was rescued ❤️
Animals are not ours to experiment on 💔 PETA WILL end all tests on animals.
Sometimes I question myself are we really civilised? Or Civilisation ~ brainless brutality 😰
Replying to @ranjumandal
Animals deserve our compassion and protection 💔
Lots of nature walks for my rescue pup from South Korea .. now living the life in USA 🇺🇸❤️🐾🐶🌟 #adoptdontshop
Absolutely Heinous - don't buy fur
Replying to @Creativecelt11
Fur is not ours to wear 💔
PETA Retweeted ·  
Los animales son familia. Por eso junto con nuestros amigos de @PETA_Latino queremos resaltar lo importante que es adoptar y esterilizar a nuestros animales. #AdoptDontShop #SpayNeuter
animals deserve love!! they should be rescued from those horrible labs
What a great story 😍👍🎉 Best wishes for them all ❤️❤️
Replying to @moo2n
Such a beautiful story ❤
Anyways this must be a sick human. Who is filming something like that? Who is proud of being able to do this? Too weak for human relationships so he needs to hurt animals....
Replying to @GerwinMax
Eyewitness investigators document evidence of crimes so law enforcement officials can end the abuse. Without them, we wouldn't be able show people the truth about what goes on in these industries.
Hey @Levis: Your jeans are SO close to being fully #vegan!

It’s time to replace leather patches with #vegan patches — like the ones you already use on most of your products!

Animals everywhere will thank you ❤️ 👏
Urge Levi's to Use Vegan Leather
this what I’ve been telling everybody
Replying to @E_Ha1o
Thank you for speaking up for animals in the fur industry ❤️
😔 so many ways for us to eat nowadays without killing animals.
Living #vegan is a MAJOR part of tackling climate change 🌱 🌎

PETA distributed #vegan cookbooks to @AOC and over 100 other #GreenNewDeal supporters in Congress.
ive been visiting @peta 's website and twitter and I can't stop crying.

WAKE UP PEOPLE. ANIMALS ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD. When will the madness and abuse and cruelty stop??

I've been vegetarian almost my whole life...transitioning to vegan now. Please, consider doing the same.
Replying to @AnnaLisa248
Thank you for your compassion and dedication to helping animals ❤️ Once you go vegan you'll help even more!…
Vegetarian to Vegan: Making the Switch | PETA
That reply was sent last year 😉
This is so cute 🥺🥺
Replying to @richdielspeach
The cutest ❤️
🐸 Frogs are not dissection tools, 🐸
🐸 they’re individuals 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
To everyone posting pics of huge lobster claws at Costco: That claw might have belonged to a mother who carried her young for nine months. Or to a lobster who could have lived to be 100 years old ❤️😭

Lobsters are individuals. They belong in the ocean.…
Costco Is Selling Massive 3-Pound Lobster Claws And People Are FREAKING Out
Is this bundle of cuteness doesn’t start your day off in a great way I don’t know what will lol! Hope you all have a day filled with lots of love like this little fur baby! #ThursdayThoughts
Replying to @MorganMylesLIVE
Awww, thanks for making our day! ❤🐶
Just landed at @flyLAXairport on my way to Sydney AUS. Who’s meeting me at @RealFoodDaily for some Vegan amazingness?
Replying to @Javstwtr @flyLAXairport and 1 otherfalse
Lucky you! 😋🌱 We always stop at @RealFoodDaily when flying through LAX 💚 #VeganLife
My dog is 12. She’s never gone to the bathroom in the house until recently- old age I guess. Today I caught her in the act & yelled, “No!” & rushed her outside. Now she won’t look me in the eye or leave the closet & how do you tell a dog you’re so sorry and please forgive me?
Replying to @SeanLowe09
💔 Please be gentle. She needs your love and understanding now more than ever.…
After a life of injuries and neglect, Sebastian finally got a home where he could be loved and cared for for the rest of his life 💛
I literally just unfollow @peta because every time I open up twitter and see their post I start crying so much ....... Iam a tough women but when it comes to animals I just CANT !!!!
Replying to @huellasenlapiel
We love your compassion for animals ❤️ We know the images are hard to see, but they're important for us to share.
BREAKING: Another dog died, terrified and alone, after being stored in the cargo hold 💔✈️ Dogs are FAMILY, not cargo.

PETA urges @airfrance to require that animals travel in the main cabin only.…
Wow I didn’t even know I could fall in love with them more
Replying to @yasminf17470167
We ❤️ their compassion!
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