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Last 50 tweets from @peta
A study by the World Health Organization (@WHO) shows that processed meats are cancer-causing, just as CIGARETTES and ASBESTOS are 🤢
Without a doubt, these cashmere factories are cruel with abusing the goats and should be put to a stop. But what if they were numbed and got the sleeping shots, and when they woke up they just didn’t have wool. Is that still against the peta morals?
Replying to @Taylee02300986
There still wouldn't be a need to breed and raise goats for their hair. There are plenty of animal-free alternatives 😊…
THIS IS HORRIBLE. A young elephant's leg bones snapped when he was forced to perform a trick 😩

They were reportedly broken for THREE DAYS before he was taken to a hospital for treatment.

He DIED a week later.
A Baby Elephant Forced to Perform Is Dead After His Back Legs Snapped
Had to put down the elusive grey lion today. RIP Boots with the Fur.
Replying to @treykerby
We are so sorry for your loss. Sending all of our love ❤
Had meant to share this earlier. ****Please don’t watch if you’re faint hearted*** 🙈🙈 #extremeanimalcruelty
Any awesome female health /vegan youtubers and instagrammers you follow ? Let me know!
When an animal dies in a sport for our enjoyment it is NO LESS horrific then dog fighting and other horrific animal crimes . Yet where is the uproar ? The horses at @santaanitapark deserve way better ! @peta stop the races ! @TheEllenShow
Replying to @DeniseWhite_EAG
Deaths are occurring at tracks nationwide – trainers and veterinarians who medicate injured horses to keep them running should be banned.…
Drug Use | PETA
Last night I caught a RAT tryin 2 sneak into a trash can on my patio! He was hunting for old scraps, so I took care of him the only way I could...


I love u rat :.-) 💕🎂🐀
Replying to @Garrett_Watts
This is precious 😍🐀🍰 Thank you for showing him compassion ❤ Rats are truly amazing animals!…
Replying to @FoolishWizzard
Anyone who would leave a dog alone for days on end lacks common sense & basic decency. Mackenzie McKee's neighbor was absolutely right to report her. PETA hopes McKee will allow him to be adopted by a family who understands that dogs deserve companionship, exercise, & respect.
Hey petA I was wondering, if the animal doesn’t feel the pain does that make it okay?
Replying to @Taylee02300986
These goats are screaming. They are in pain.
So sad. Why do we do this to innocent creatures? He deserves a better life.
Replying to @Aysiahhxo
Thank you for being a friend to pigs 💕
Where does PETA and it’s devout followers stand on animals that eat other animals ? How about the great American bald eagle that eats fish, or the cat that eats mice, the grizzly bear, wolf, lion, wolverine, dog, snow leopard, etc. This is a very short list of non vegan animals.
Replying to @GarySmi47337656
Most of the animals who kill for food could not survive if they didn’t. That's not the case for us:
After watching this, I can never ever be able to use any product made of animal skin. This is inhumane.
This beluga whale just circles his tank, over and over again. He may never get to swim in the ocean 💔

Dolphins & whales imprisoned at @SeaWorld should be moved to seaside sanctuaries where they can live a more natural life.
@LisaEdelstein Happy Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉 Have a fabulous day 💚🎂
Dogs, rabbits, & other animals are being killed for clothing. Help @PETA end the cruelty and your gift will be MATCHED! #SaveOurSkins
Replying to @lasteuer
Thanks for sharing ❤️
This made my mom cry this is so cruel
Replying to @Brookly77404016
This cruelty is heartbreaking 💔The easiest way to help is to wear vegan! Here is a guide to help:…
The source you sent wasn’t valid. It showed no proof. If you are truly bothered with this shit, why not actually try to help rather than tweeting? Just admit you’re anti-establishment and go.
To all the skaters, because i know they all prefer suede over canvas....

At one point i didn't even know suede was made from leather
Replying to @metal_head_kid
Yes! Thank you for sharing this with others and helping animals ❤️
Two Years Ago Today!

After decades of campaigning by PETA, Ringling Bros. performed for the last time ever — ending its streak of using and abusing elephants, lions, tigers, and more for human entertainment ✊
Spare some lives. Buy vegan leather shoes.
Replying to @victordelrio
It's that easy to make a difference! Thank you for caring about animals 😊
:'( Fish belong in the ocean ! NOT FOR DISPLAY OR ON OUR PLATES! 🌊 🐟
Replying to @Cat_SweetPea
LOL! 🤣🤣Cows are such intelligent animals!🐮❤️
Hahahah I’m dying LOVE YOU BOTH ✊🏼 let’s do this
Replying to @nicolelovar @hellokatiemo and 1 otherfalse
YES 👏 You three are so powerful together 👯💃Animals would love to have your voices 📢❤ #NeverBeSilent
if you can’t/ hate watching what is being done to these poor innocent creatures......WHY ARE YOU STILL EATING THEM?!?!?!
The TRUE cost of leather sneakers will break your heart.
This is not the way you treat fishes. You better shut down your stores , If you don’t have the very basic knowledge of handling them .
Replying to @alokpattnaik197
Thank you for speaking up for fish! ❤️
I’m going vegan all around not gonna buy wool clothing or anything that looks like it might come from an animal I’m not gonna eat animals any of that this world is sick and is killing off animals for glory and entertainment and “art/fashion”😔 #peta @peta #trending
This is horrible. No animal should suffer like this. 😢
Replying to @Angiecats5
Here's how you can help accomplish that!…
I just send a message and share this info. Thanks! I hope step by step, this create awareness and this vicious activity of cruelty stop
Replying to @eortizo1
Thank you for taking action! ❤️
So Sickening so cruel unbearable to see this poor coyote💔 💔 💔 killing animals is what he does to survive & he gets killed for it yet humans kill animals for pleasure,to eat ,to torture they are the the ones who should be in Traps
Replying to @dannahy_tina
No animal should ever suffer this way 💔 You can take action to stop this cruelty here:…
Tell Canada Goose, 'Ditch Fur and Down'!
Seaworld actually does more than a lot of people think. They rescue animals from terrible situations, help them, educate people on them, and always give treats to their little performers.
Replying to @namboobjob
SeaWorld worked long and hard to create the illusion of being a conservation organization that housed happy, healthy marine animals, but that isn't the truth.…
9 Times SeaWorld Lied to Your Face - SeaWorld of Hurt
@canadagoose @Canada you have blood on your hands ! This isn’t fashion is torment , torture, murder ! Its 2019 - EVOLVE! #BanFur
We all feel pain, joy, sadness, and grief.

It's time to stop eating some animals while calling others family. All animals deserve equal consideration. #EndSpeciesism
This is so cute! They love the music!
Replying to @mellehartley
So cute! ❤️
Thank you Peta for educating me...had so idea that it would be so cruel..😕
Replying to @komalkomal1993
Thank you for keeping an open heart and mind ❤️ We hope you'll also take action for crocodiles by urging Louis Vuitton to drop exotic skins:…
PETA Exposes the Cruelty Behind Crocodile Skin Bags
So much needless suffering for a handbag! 😢
Replying to @IwanZtop
It's so unnecessary 💔 Please urge LVMH to shed exotic skins from Louis Vuitton and all of its brands:…
PETA Exposes the Cruelty Behind Crocodile Skin Bags
Hood to know. I've stopped consuming honey a LONG time ago.
Replying to @Christi51570491
You are so awesome! Thank you for not supporting the cruel honey industry ❤️Here are some alternative sweetener options:…
7 Best Honey-Free Sweeteners | PETA
Yo if anyone in San Antonio sees this dog or girl lmk. She stole it from my roommate in corpus and is now holding her hostage. She made a fake account and everything. Smh. Blow up her phone. We miss our Luna. @peta @peta @peta
Replying to @Dezzmend12
Hi! Would you please email us at with more information? Thank you 😊
Why is such cruel practice can be allowed??? How can killing innocent animal just to make shoes is allowed??????
Hey, remember when a PETA activist smashed a lobster tank to let all the lobsters "run free"?
Yeah, all of those lobsters died.
You never acknowledge your mistakes. That's not cool.
You took in 2,512 animals in 2018 and euthanized 1,798 of them, most of which were perfectly healthy, and even if they were not, they could have gotten treatment. In other words, you euthanized 72 PERCENT of the animals you took in. I bet this is footage from PETA's headquarters.
I dont drink milk.I hate it.I like cheese and yoghurt..
Replying to @erik_njorl
You're awesome for not supporting milk ❤️ There are so many delicious vegan options of cheese and yogurt for you to try, check these out!……
Stop this barbarity. Evolve and grow to be better and more compassionate humans.
Thanks @peta for taking steps to tackle wrongs done on animals and also to spread awareness.
Replying to @_AshutoshMahaja
So true! We have a moral obligation to seek out compassionate alternatives. Thanks so much for your support 😊
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