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Last 50 tweets from @pfpicardi
If Grindr's bizarre Bloop did one good thing, it was finally getting a queer reporter to do a piece on queer media that actually included Autostraddle, did not spell doom for all of these publications, and shows how many creatives are still thriving.…
I’ve never been a #Lagerfeld fan & for most of his early to mid career he lived in the shadow of St.Laurent & rightfully so,if St.Laurent isn’t crippled by mental illness coupled with drug abuse, Karl doesn’t become Lagerfeld the Legend! Don’t believe me, read #TheBeautifulFall
Replying to @bevysmith
I mean, Saint Laurent was original! To me, they are so very different.
As a queer elder,
Replying to @rosedommu
So excited you’re embracing this ❤️❤️❤️
In reply to @pfpicardi
Thank you Phillip.
Replying to @VVFriedman
You leaving Twitter dot com after hitting publish:
Loving the provocation of this piece..! Karl, as this article points out, was more a master of reinvention than one of invention, and embraced commercialism, other areas of expertise (like photography and other forms of design) and the cult of personality. There are similarities!
Is Virgil Abloh the heir to the Karl Lagerfeld legacy - or at least its most public expression in the current social media/short attention-span age? Don't freak out; discuss -
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
“I want him [Buttigieg] to care about the margins and leave the dockers at home” - straight 🔥🔥 from @LaLaZannell
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
What kind of horrible human being handcuffs a six year old? What kind of disgusting human being stands by whild the child begs for help?
Wow, who was going to prepare me for this episode of Schitt’s Creek? I am SOBBING. Why is Alexis Rose the best character now?!
In reply to @giuliasntana
I had lost my mom only 3 months before this and I was starting to forget that sometimes people are good. It meant everything.
Replying to @giuliasntana
That is beautiful. I’m so glad they were there for you :)
In reply to @pfpicardi
Redeye flight, midnight, I’m moving to a new city and leaving a loved one behind. Row to myself. I start to cry at takeoff and keep at it, hard. Attendant hands me a napkin-note. Here if you need us, it says, with a heart drawn on. I’ll never forget that.
In reply to @pfpicardi
I also sobbed while reading this on a plane!
In reply to @pfpicardi
I read this book when you recommend it and it was so good.
I just thought of this time I started crying really hard on a plane because the book I was reading completely hit me in the heart. A flight attendant stopped what she was doing to hold my hand and say, “We are going to be ok” repeatedly. I hope she’s doing wonderfully today.
Replying to @pfpicardi
The book! Sorry I didn’t do this earlier! I adore @fatimafmirza, she is so talented and must have a very big heart to write something so adept and compassionate.…
A Place for Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
the top five texts to get from a friend late at night:
1) can i be a bitch for a sec
2) can i be a huge bitch for just a sec
3) sorry but i gotta say this
4) listen, i hate to say it but
5) xoxoxox
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
ABC News might have mentioned in this tweet that, in fact, Pence does NOT have ‘a talent for this’. They could mention the HIV outbreak that spread to epidemic proportions because Pence—as Governor—slow walked approval for needle exchanges.
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
We’ve seen this movie before. Once things heat up w/the NYT seeking discovery to prove the legitimacy of its reporting, the Trump campaign will back down. In the meantime Trump will crow to his base that he’s suing the NYT for telling “lies.” #DontBeFooled…
Replying to @rpbp
A Place For Us by @fatimafmirza (who is probably like, when will this man stop tweeting that my book made him cry)
I just thought of this time I started crying really hard on a plane because the book I was reading completely hit me in the heart. A flight attendant stopped what she was doing to hold my hand and say, “We are going to be ok” repeatedly. I hope she’s doing wonderfully today.
Not to be dramatic or anything, but THANK GOD FOR NOISE CANCELING HEADPHONES.
Really excited to share my first for @instyle, where I talked to 7 fans over 35 about how much they're inspired by BTS. These convos made me laugh, cry, and think about how at any age, what girls and women love isn’t taken seriously — it should be.…
Claire!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO GOOD!!!
In reply to @pfpicardi
So many moderate pundits appear to want Warren to help stop Sanders (and clear the way for Bloomberg?) ...
Replying to @Eugene_Scott
It is so confusing? And clearly not what she's about.
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
Right now #AZLeg could pass a bill that compromises privacy and dignity and needlessly targets trans youth. Stop #HB2706 this bill brings back sex testing and will hurt all youth. Stop policing the bodies of young women and girls.
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
critics began accusing Carey of being a studio artist, not capable of delivering the same quality vocals live, especially her whistle register. Mariah decided to book an appearance on MTV Unplugged, a television program aired by MTV. her performance in 1992 shut them all down.
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
My goodness. I too always wondered where Duffy went. This is so sad. But I am glad she is doing well!
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
Warren is ideologically aligned with Sanders on most things, and they are both ideologically opposed to Bloomberg, who poses a very real threat to a progressive politician winning the race. Of course she’s going after Bloomberg. He has no right to be there at this stage.
Warren is now on CNN clobbering Bloomberg on NDAs like a prosecutor making a closing argument with nary s word about Sanders, who you might think was her biggest political problem.
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
Mark Zuckerberg once promised that Facebook would connect the world, but it has since been used to spread misinformation, to sway elections, and to foment ethnic
Can Mark Zuckerberg Fix Facebook Before It Breaks Democracy?
BIG: the @BostonGlobe, who once suggested Warren should sit out 2020, has endorsed her for president.

“Fearless and brilliant on her feet, Warren has the greatest potential among the candidates to lay bare Trump’s weaknesses on a debate stage.”…
Eeeeeek. That speech last night was a real doozy.
Pete Buttigieg just said on CNN that he’s not running to be president of the “gay United States.”
Joe, invoking the name of the Lord, responds to my tweets but not my texts! A true chaotic heterosexual man.

(But alas, he is right. As usual.)
In reply to @pfpicardi
Lol Jesus Christ. EXCESS INTAKE. creatine is one of the safest and most researched substances out here. If you drink enough water you’ll die. CONTEXT BABY !!!!
What about the bad breath, it should have been banned for halitosis 😂
Replying to @bevysmith
I never noticed that side effect!
IM DEAD!!!!!

Today I became audience warmup @TamronHallShow. Had to do it for my girl, @RickiLake!!!!
I just learned there may be a correlation between Creatine and hair loss and bulking season is officially CANCELED.
Replying to @pfpicardi
Asking @JoeHolder_ to "make me a twink again." Watch this space...
I just learned there may be a correlation between Creatine and hair loss and bulking season is officially CANCELED.
I got one of those kinda perfume trays that my late mom used to have when I was a kid.😌💎
In reply to @pfpicardi
Not to sound homophobic but how much do I have to cash app you to post another picture from your scene kid days
In reply to @pfpicardi
You can't cancel me for loving you!!!
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
Flint is trending.
The water crisis is not over.
But Flint is not the only community with toxic water.
Its a nationwide epidemic.
And yet we have a billionaire presidential candidate upset about a poster on his window.
#Priorities #EatTheRich #ThisIsAmerica
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
“I’m in a place I always knew I was going to be in. I just didn’t know it was going to be this soon.”

I profiled the Emmy-nominated star of #WhenTheySeeUs and #ThisIsUs, for the latest issue of @Cultured_Mag. 📸 by bae @TexasIsaiah!

Replying to @mikkipedia
This was high school and also this is a hate crime
I have just transferred schools, and I’m the new kid in fourth grade. I spend every morning doing my hair for 30 minutes. It is crunchy.
It’s 20 years ago today. What are you doing? What is your life like?
It was just @jpbrammer’s birthday and today it’s @ZachStafford’s! The chaos! We love you and happy birthday to two of the best guys I know. ❤️❤️❤️
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
Everyone should be concerned about this, especially any girl with:
- short hair
- a good jump shot
- “masculine“ presentation
- a deeper or raspy voice
- faster run times

Any of these could be enough to trigger someone to question if you are “girl enough” for a girls team
I was just cursing the app this morning. The worst user experience! No discoverability!
Why does everyone hate the apple podcast app so much? It’s fine I use it every day
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
Mike Bloomberg could have funded the ENTIRE Flint water crisis recovery (and still had $100M to spare) with his total campaign investment to date
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
Kevin Spacey would still be making movies if it weren't for @albinokid stepping forward to share his story about Kevin Spacey. At the time he said he was inspired by all the women who came forward about their experiences with Weinstein…

via @adambvary
Actor Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14
Phillip Picardi Retweeted ·  
We can stop saying "alleged."
“You have to find ways within yourself to write with the door closed. People are gonna feel however they feel about it. You have to be able to get up in the morning and write again and be brave and take the swings.” @ELLEmagazine…
In reply to @actually_tali
Omg this is me 😂😂😂😂😂
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