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Last 50 tweets from @piersmorgan
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
Can’t wait for arsenal to get an Ozil vaccine
Oh no, that’s awful news. Such a great guy. RIP Deano.
Terrible news about Dean Jones, who has died in India while working for TV on the IPL.
Fabulous batsman, original thinker, double-century in a tied Test and man who helped revolutionise white-ball strategy, fielding, running and so much else. RIP Deano.
THIS... 👇
In reply to @OliverDowden
Does your commitment to a free press extend to agreeing to appear on @GMB if invited? Because if not, it all rings just a little bit hollow. I can't imagine the great Sir Harold Evans would have been a fan of the No10 boycott. @piersmorgan
Get on this guys, great story from an Ashes 2005 hero. What a series it was 🏏 @JiffyStubbsy @WorldinMotion_

What do you think @piersmorgan?!@si610 was one of your favourite players wasn’t he?
Replying to @BeefGolf @JiffyStubbsy and 1 otherfalse
Jonesy is a legend... what a bowler.
This might be Trump’s best ever zinger... sometimes he captures the mood perfectly.
Trump responds to Harry and Meghan diss: “I’m not a fan of hers...I wish a lot of luck to Harry cos he’s gonna need it!” 😹😹😹
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
I may have to unblock some ‘Brexiters’ to find out how they’re contorting their way out of the latest humiliations. My imagination just isn’t up to the task.
#KayBurley asks the health secretary, 'how long will the ban on casual sex last?'

Matt Hancock says sex is "ok in an established relationship" but adds people need to be "careful".

Get live updates on #coronavirus:
Replying to @SkyNews
Were you asking for a friend @KayBurley ? 🤣🤣
Very good campaign. Please join in. 👇
“We must never forget the extraordinary sacrifice so many made in World War Two" - @piersmorgan joins The Sun's fight to save the Poppy Appeal…
Been watching Health Secretary ⁦@MattHancock⁩ smirk, sneer & gurn his way through interviews today. What the hell has he got to be so smug about? His handling of this pandemic has been a total fiasco. Journalists should be wiping that smirk off his cocky face. Roast him!
RIP Sir Harry Evans, 92.
One of the all-time great newspaper editors. His stunning Thalidomide investigation when he ran the Sunday Times epitomised his crusading, campaigning, fearless style.
A wonderful journalist & a witty, charming, fiercely intelligent man. Very sad news.
Whoa. Just now from @realDonaldTrump on #MeghanMarkle - "I'm not a fan of hers, and would say this....I wish a lot of luck to Harry, because he's gonna need it.”
For Fox Sake.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@CambiodTercio⁩ ⁦@GaryLineker⁩ ⁦@mrjakedwood#lfcafc
Can you ask him how he intends to celebrate the 150th day of the Govt boycott of @GMB on Friday?
White feather themed party?
Coming up on #KayBurley from 7am:

Health Sec @MattHancock joins us in the studio as the Govt finally launches its #covid contact tracing app. Is it a game changer in our fight against the pandemic?

What would you like me to ask Mr Hancock?
In reply to @piersmorgan
@piersmorgan I’m a GMB viewer and I’ve supported the Tory party for 35 years. Shame they can’t support me and other GMB viewers when we need it most.
#Des marks @itv biggest drama launch in 14 years with 10 million viewers @RadioTimes…
Replying to @DanielMays9 @ITV and 1 otherfalse
Congrats Daniel, it was brilliant.
The boycott of @GMB and @piersmorgan is only one example of the arrogance and hubris of this govt. My column is here…
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
In case you missed it this morning, Alun and Elaine Rees accidentally wiped out the internet coverage in their village every day for 18 months every time they watched @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 on GMB. 😂

Watch the interview right here 👉
Carnoustie in high wind, Day 3 of @dunhilllinks ... it broke me.
What's the hardest golf course you've played?

Not in a technical, course & slope sense, or the place you maybe posted a highest score.

But when on the day you were there, be it first time around or due to adverse conditions, what was the hardest course you remember playing?
Jeez. I don’t want to hear another word from Covidiots. The 2nd wave is coming fast & we all need to take this very seriously.
👀 Very big leap in UK #COVID19 cases in the past 24 hours: 6,178.
Not good news if the growth rate carries on like this.
UK trajectory still in line with France/Spain.
But note these are 7 day averages, so if cases continue to accelerate, UK trajectory could pull away.
They’d be slapping down your spelling too...
BOOM! My new book ‘Wake Up’ has... woken up.
1000s of copies are streaming off the presses today.
To pre-order, go to my pinned tweet. #WakeUp
Could someone call my new book Wake Up ‘transphobic’? It’s not, but I could do with some bullying ‘BURN IT!’ hysteria to drive sales...
JK Rowling's new thriller takes No 1 spot amid transphobia row. That's what happens when you try to ban a book.…
Amazing 👏👏
Media: Now, at the Supreme Court of the United States #SCOTUS, former law clerks and staffers await the arrival of Justice #Ginsburg's casket. #RBG will lie in repose outdoors on the portico. @CNN @jimsciutto @PoppyHarlowCNN
He’s still a royal, they both are. So, you’re sadly misinformed. If they drop the titles, they can say what they like. But the titles bring in their $$$$$$....
In reply to @piersmorgan
He's not a royal anymore. That's the point. So he can say what he likes just like the rest of us and you shouldn't attack him for it, unless you've ceased to believe in free speech.
True, but great leaders don’t care about backlash, or being popular, they just focus on doing the right thing.
"Whatever he does, PM faces backlash from those who think he has gone too far – or those who think he has not gone far enough," writes @CamillaTominey…
You miss the point. I would feel the same way if Harry encouraged people to vote Trump. He can’t show political bias as a member of the Royal Family. End.
In reply to @piersmorgan
He is reacting to the fascism of Trump! All good people should make their voices heard against fascism! Now you just have to decide if you're a good person Piers!?
Which sea?
Meghan & Harry can spout off about politics all they like, they just can't do it as royals.
Good. For. Them. This isn't a moment to debate archaic protocols, the future of our planet is at stake, as is democracy itself. EVERY human with a heart, brain and conscience should be doing every last thing they can to defend it. #VoteBidenHarris And get in the sea @piersmorgan
Young people infect old people.
Virus: only affects old people

Government: restrictions that only affect young people

Is Boris Johnson sleep-walking us into another deadly fiasco? 👇
Sage member Prof John Edmunds: “We have to put stringent measures in... as fast as possible. We will at some point, but by then it will be too late again. We didn’t act quick enough in March. We haven’t learned from our mistake back then. Unfortunately we’re about to repeat it.”
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
.@piersmorgan: The Queen must strip Harry and Meghan of their titles before they do even further damage
I suspect it will have the opposite effect..
In reply to @piersmorgan
They annoy me but whatever gets Biden more votes is fine with me.
You lot once paid me a fortune to strip virtually naked for your customers. FYI.
Agreeing with Piers Morgan - it must be 2020
Meghan & Harry's brazen disregard for royal neutrality rules to dump on Trump leaves the Queen with no option but to strip them of ALL their royal titles.…
They can spout all the woke political claptrap they like, they just can't do it as royals.
The Monarchy's neutrality is vital to its existence.
Give it a rest Piers. You poke your 'woke nose' into everything as do I.

#MeghanAndHarry are right to use their platforms to encourage voting & fight disinformation.

Nobody should sit this out. Brilliantly done by Prince Harry and Meghan.
It's quite hard to 'leave them alone' when two members of the Royal Family try to influence a US election in such a brazen & unprecedented way - as my column will explain...
In reply to @piersmorgan
Piers, leave em alone ffs!! They've moved on, why don't you!!
I'm not a member of the Royal Family...
In reply to @piersmorgan
If you can stick your hooters into the US political trough why can't they
My new @DailyMail column is about Meghan & Harry sticking their royal woke hooters into the US political trough. Posting soon.
He's still the Duke of Sussex last time I checked.
In reply to @piersmorgan
He's not an active member of the royal family anymore Piers, he can do what he wants.
Prince Harry poking his woke nose into the US election & effectively telling Americans to vote against President Trump is completely unacceptable behaviour for a member of the Royal Family.
This is world-class marketing...
Congrats @BurgerKing & @StevenageFC - so smart.
Brilliant idea and execution from Burger King!
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
Is it a “dereliction of duty” for government ministers to refuse to appear, asks @piersmorgan

“Yes. That’s pretty disgraceful ... especially at a time like this” @NicolaSturgeon
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
'I think that's pretty disgraceful.'

First Minister of Scotland @NicolaSturgeon tells @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 that 'communicating directly with the public is a real public duty' when she was asked what she thought of the govt's boycott on GMB.
Get thee behind me Sweet-laden Satan... ⁦@Lauratobin1
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
On @GMB with @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 shortly (around 8.10am) to talk about Scotland’s fight against Covid
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
Who needs government ministers when you’ve got Elaine and Alan! Thank you @GMB @susannareid100 @piersmorgan, more funny randomness like that please!
Piers Morgan Retweeted ·  
This couple. She’s sat there crocheting, he looks like he just wants to go back to bed! This is the best thing you’ll watch this morning 🤣🤣
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