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Last 50 tweets from @rafaelmgrossi
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
The road to a carbon-free future needs to be paved in part by #nuclear power. The energy decisions we make today will determine our children's world tomorrow.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
#Romania is among countries benefiting from @iaeaorg project that provides #COVID19 diagnosis, bio-safety equipment and training. Many thanks to the Agency and member states supporting the project through voluntary contribution.@rafaelmgrossi @usunvie @MAERomania
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
The International Atomic Energy Agency @iaeaorg is so much more than just the “world nuclear watchdog” - as it is characterised by some. Bringing valuable assistance to many at this time of global need. Well done @iaeaorg and Director General Grossi @rafaelmgrossi . @AusAmbVIE
Many countries have already received @IAEAorg’s assistance in the fight against #COVID19 and more help is on the way. We are working non-stop to dispatch more testing equipment and protective gear to help countries 🌍. #WorldHealthDay
Spoke with @rafaelmgrossi about #COVID19 testkits. The Netherlands supports @iaeaorg testkit distribution with €500.000,-.

Good to hear the first kits are already being sent to countries in need. We work globally and in solidarity to control the #coronavirus together.
Thanks @ministerBlok and the Netherlands 🇳🇱 for your generosity and trust in the @iaeaorg Together we will overcome #COVID19
Today is #WorldHealthDay. See how at the @IAEAorg we are using our experience and expertise in diagnosing viral diseases to fight #COVID19 worldwide.
THANK YOU to all the nurses and midwives for being always in the front line - not only during #COVID19 but every day - and for supporting @IAEAorg’s human health mission around the world! #WorldHealthDay
Nurses are always on the front line regardless of the circumstances. This #WorldHealthDay, learn how they contribute to our human health mission and how we support their work, including during #COVID19 pandemic. #ThanksHealthHeroes
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
This #WorldhealthDay, get the facts on one of the most accurate lab tests for diagnosing the #COVID19 virus: real time RT-PCR.
In reply to @iaeaorg
Can you please help my country Honduras, donating some batch of equipment for Covid-19 testing, we are a extremely poor country, that needs international help to fight this sanitary crisis.
Replying to @AlbaValladares @iaeaorg and 5 others
We are helping your country Honduras 🇭🇳 alongside 100 other nations with detection equipment to fight #Covid_19 @iaeaorg is part of the solution. Estamos con ustedes!
Grateful to U.S. for allocation of €240,000 to @IAEAorg’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship. This programme will enable more women from around the world to build careers in #nuclear science and raise awareness for the importance of more #WomenInSTEM.
#COP26 has been postponed due to #COVID19 but efforts to tackle #ClimateChange continue. @IAEAorg is putting every effort to make sure clean, safe and reliable electricity is available around the world.
Yesterday the COP Bureau decided to:

1⃣ postpone #COP26 👉

2⃣ postpone the #SB52Bonn sessions until 4-12 October 2020 👉
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Gracias al Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica por el apoyo a 🇭🇳 con equipo y kits con 2 mil pruebas rápidas para la deteccion COVID-19, contribución que asciende 3.3 millones de Lempiras @CancilleriaHN @rafaelmgrossi @saludhn…
Covid-19: United Nations nuclear agency sending coronavirus testing gear to 40 countries
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Thanks very much to @iaeaorg @rafaelmgrossi for always responding to the needs of mankind using Nuclear Science & Technology Applications especially for developing countries, @DMR_SA @GwedeMantashe1 we can now assist @HealthZA @DrZweliMkhize with this equipment. @CyrilRamaphosa
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
🇦🇺 proud to support the #IAEA's first batch of nuclear-derived #COVID19 testing equipment to more than 40 countries. Great example of how international organisations can deliver much-needed practical support! #WeAreInThisTogether
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
The @iaeaorg is uniquely-placed to assist states combat #COVID19 by providing essential diagnostic kits & training.

🇨🇦 is proud to contribute $5M to this life-saving effort, which will provide new diagnostic capabilities to up to 30 countries. #WeAreAllInThisTogether
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Thank you @iaeaorg for your hard work to enable the delivery of the #COVID19 test-kits to countries that need them.

We need to work shoulder to shoulder to fight the #pandemic and use every avenue we have.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
A planned emergency exercise coordinated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (@iaeaorg) went ahead last week with the participation of 35 countries and two Regional Specialised Meteorological Centres of the World Meteorological Organization #nuclear
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Stopping the #Coronavirus pandemic is in humanity’s common interest. The Netherlands supports the @iaeaorg project to provide #COVID_19 testkits financially. We need to work together globally to control #Corona.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Thanks to Canada for contribution of C$5 million to support our work in the fight against #COVID19. This money will help us provide diagnostic kits, equipment and training in #nuclear-derived detection techniques to help tackle the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 #coronavirus.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Em apoio à resposta ao #coronavirus, @iaeaorg forneceu equipamentos específicos para testes para mais de 40 países.
Objetivo da Agência Internacional de Energia Atômica é ajudar a acelerar o processo para a detecção dos casos da #COVID19.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Netherlands’ donation of €500,000 will help us send out more testing equipment and protective gear to dozens of countries in urgent need. Only together we’ll be able to fight the #COVID19 #coronavirus. Thanks 🇳🇱 for the generous help!
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
In support of the #coronavirus response, @iaeaorg has provided specialized testing equipment to 40+ countries to help speed-up the detection of #COVID19 cases.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
And yes, your explanations of how this stuff works and how it is that the @iaeaorg can play this extraordinary role remain very necessary.

Technical cooperation well implemented!

Thank you @rafaelmgrossi
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
💠El #coronavirus amenaza a los refugiados y migrantes #venezolanos

💠40 millones de desplazados internos, vulnerables antes el #COVIDー19

💠La Agencia de la Energía Atómica @iaeaorg envía pruebas de diagnóstico rápidas a 40 países…
Coronavirus, venezolanos, pruebas de diagnstico... Las noticias del
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Les techniques d'origine nucléaire au service de la lutte contre le #coronavirus | L'AIEA (@iaeaorg) envoie des équipements pour des tests rapides de détection du #COVID19 dans plus de 40 pays.

Covid-19 : lAIEA envoie des quipements pour des tests rapides dans
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Good news: @IAEAorg is now shipping vital equipment to countries to speed up #COVID19 testing, which is crucial to contain the outbreak. Our staff is working around the clock so we can assist more countries ASAP.
Many thanks to the Netherlands for donation of €500,000 to the @IAEAorg in these difficult times of #coronavirus. This money will help us send out more testing equipment and protective gear to countries in urgent need.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
We are dispatching a first batch of equipment to 40+ countries to help speed up testing, which is crucial to stopping the #COVID19 #coronavirus outbreak.
Heartfelt thanks to Canada for contribution of C$5 million to support @IAEAorg efforts to combat #COVID19. With this generous help, we’ll be able to provide diagnostic kits, equipment and training in #nuclear-derived detection techniques to help tackle the spread of the virus.
Good news: @IAEAorg is now shipping vital equipment to countries to speed up #COVID19 testing, which is crucial to contain the outbreak. Our staff is working around the clock so we can assist more countries ASAP.
Replying to @rafaelmgrossi
Around 90 countries have called for @IAEAorg help against #COVID19. This is a global pandemic that requires global cooperation. I encourage countries in a position to do so, to contribute to our efforts so that we can continue to swiftly respond to the requests from our MS.
Good news: @IAEAorg is now shipping vital equipment to countries to speed up #COVID19 testing, which is crucial to contain the outbreak. Our staff is working around the clock so we can assist more countries ASAP.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Experts from @IAEAIEC and 37 countries and organizations took part in a 3-day exercise last week to test their abilities to respond to a #nuclear or radiological emergency — even during a pandemic.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Everyone is talking about testing for the #COVID19 virus, but do you know how it works? We got together w/ our experts to break down the details on one of the most accurate and widely used lab tests for diagnosing the #coronavirus: real time RT-PCR.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Meanwhile #EU will continue to cooperate with @iaeaorg to fully uphold & preserve #NPT as key #multilateral instrument for reinforcing international peace & security & wants its full, complete, & effective implementation as cornerstone of global nuclear non-proliferation regime.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
1/3 China has just announced today its donation, to @IAEAorg, of US$ 2 millions of detection equipments, testing kits, reagents & other medical supplies, in supporting MSs, esp. from the developing countries to combat #COVID19.
2020 #NPT Review Conference has been postponed due to the #COVID19 crisis. When it happens @IAEAorg will be there as always. In the meantime, the Agency continues its activities under the NPT Treaty to verify nuclear remains peaceful.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
🗨 Have your say and submit an abstract for the IAEA conference on Radiation Safety in November: one of the topics is dose units, dose constraints and reference levels.
Deadline for abstracts is 15 April: #RaSa2020
Thanks to the China Atomic Energy Authority for generous donation of #COVID19 detection equipment, reagents, kits and other medical materials worth of $2 million. CAEA will also be sharing with @IAEAorg specialists its experience and techniques in the fight against COVID19.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Preparing to assist in a #nuclear or radiological #emergency under all circumstances.

Check out our latest article on a recent #EPR exercise with @RafaelMGrossi👉
Preparing to Assist in a Nuclear or Radiological Emergency Under all Circumstances
Dozens of protective suits, masks, and gloves that were stored at the @IAEAorg were given to medical professionals at the @aerztekammerat. Along with the PPEs, I would like to send my sincere gratitude to all the frontline officers working bravely in response to #COVID19.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Agradecemos al Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica @iaeaorg por la donación, a través de @MinEnergiaCo, de equipos y elementos para detección del #Covid_19 en nuestro país. Llegarán en los próximos días y serán entregados al @INSColombia #PrevenciónYAcción
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Thank you DG Grossi and #IAEA for supporting many countries with kits to detect #COVID19. #CubaSalvaVidas @rafaelmgrossi @CubaMINREX @iaeaorg
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Por fin se logró que Argentina solicite estos valiosos equipos!!!! La consigna de OMS es TEST, TEST, TEST #COVID19. Gracias a .@iaeaorg y a su DG .@rafaelmgrossi y equípo de científicos por esta gran idea! Nota de .@dsantoro59 donde aparece mi opinión.…
The @IAEAorg has helped countries diagnose viral diseases before. Using our experience and expertise, we are helping countries to fight the #COVID19 #coronavirus 🌎.
Felicitaciones Embajador Facetti, y un agradecimiento especial al Director General del @iaeaorg @rafaelmgrossi por los equipos RT-PCR y materiales para recoger 2.000 muestras. Valoramos la cooperación de AIEA hacia el Paraguay en la lucha contra #Covid19.
With Foreign Minister @ARivasPalacios we have coordinated the assistance the @iaeaorg will deliver to Paraguay 🇵🇾 within the next few days to help fight #COVID19. The @iaea will continue helping. Together we will prevail.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
The IAEA has helped countries diagnose viral diseases before. Using our experience and expertise, we are helping countries to fight the #COVID19 #coronavirus worldwide.
The most widely used and accurate diagnostic test for the #COVID19 #coronavirus is a nuclear-derived technique. @IAEAorg has put together an article that explains how the technique works.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
Thanks for supporting my country DG @rafaelmgrossi. Every test will save lives. My government assure you and the international community an efficient and effective use of this tool. Thank you again in the name of the Paraguayan Government🇵🇾. @ARivasPalacios
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
#Coronavirus pandemic will not stop our efforts to ensure nuclear material and facilities remain in peaceful use.
Rafael MarianoGrossi Retweeted ·  
🦠 The most accurate lab test for diagnosing the #COVID19 #coronavirus uses real time RT-PCR. We explain what it is and how it works:
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