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Last 50 tweets from @RealTimers
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
My dark prediction for the 2024 U.S. presidential election.
Here's what we found out from the #PandoraPapers: Rich people want to hide their money so they can spend it on weird shit.

Watch @BillMaher reveal the quirky splurges of the rich and powerful on Friday's #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
A New Hampshire state Republican shared a manifesto claiming the Covid Vaccine contains tentacled creatures. Sounds like someone watched too much #SquidGame.
"You can't hide from the truth here – and there's always more truth when it comes to police killings. It's evasive, the culture around it."

Watch @costareports and @KillerMike - both sons of police officers - discuss the need for reform with @BillMaher on #RealTime:
"The best explanation for "the good ol' days" is a bad memory."

Watch @sapinker and @BillMaher discuss why both the right and the left suffer from #progressophobia on tonight's #RealTime:
Replying to @RealTimers
Here's @BillMaher's editorial New Rule on the topic:
"The best explanation for "the good ol' days" is a bad memory."

Watch @sapinker and @BillMaher discuss why both the right and the left suffer from #progressophobia on tonight's #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
I think I didn't embarrass myself too much on Real Time with Bill Maher an hour ago (though Killer Mike Render stole the show). Watch tonight at 10PM.
President Trump "was anything but passive" during the Jan. 6 insurrection. "This was a coordinated campaign to overthrow an election."

Watch #Peril co-author @costareports and @KillerMike join @BillMaher on tonight's #RealTime:
More #NewRules coming your way tonight at 10!
"Wherever you have lonely, angry men - it's never a good thing."

Watch @BillMaher, @kmanguward and @mtaibbi discuss our "mating crisis" (h/t @profgalloway) on #RealTime:
I don't know for a fact that when Facebook crashes, everybody flocks to Twitter to talk about it... I just know it's true.

Watch @BillMaher's latest installment of #IDontKnowItForAFact:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
Why are there so many people trying to make a living by taking pictures of themselves, like they're their own paparazzi? I'm sorry, but Brian Laundrie was not an interesting person until he became a person of interest. #VanLife
"Americans love pills - that's why I think this is going to be the game-changer."

Watch @BillMaher and @kmanguward discuss @Merck's investigational Covid-19 antiviral treatment on #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
Trump once called @StephGrisham45 from Air Force One to insist his penis is not small and is not "shaped like a toadstool." You see why Trump had so many press secretaries? Try working that into a press release about the Consumer Price Index.
"You didn't have to stretch too far in your mind for that consigliere role."

Watch @StevieVanZandt tell @BillMaher how his time as The Boss's right-hand man influenced his Sopranos character on #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
Finally doing one of my favorite shows. Tonight!
"Mitch McConnell has just decided he would rather drive the car into a brick wall, set off an economic catastrophe, than do his job, which is to pay for what he already spent under the last president."

Watch @JRubinBlogger & @Ojeda4America join @BillMaher on #RealTime:
For Facebook, it's the anger and outrage that gets the eyeballs. You let society run through that for ten years – and you wonder why does it look so insane?

Watch @HumaneTech_ co-founder @TristanHarris join @BillMaher on #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
"There's not a black America and white America and Latino America and Asian America. There's the United States of America." - @BarackObama
"I’m always thinking, how much do our Robot Overlords really control us? Because, honestly, I feel like a f**king hamster." – @BillMaher

Watch @TristanHarris explain how Facebook feeds your outrage on #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
#MichaelFlynn said he's worried that the medical establishment is secretly planning to sneak the Covid Vaccine into salad dressing. Really? Do you think if you wanted Trump people to eat something you'd put it in a salad?
These white-collar insurrectionists had a blueprint for a coup. Where's Merrick Garland on this?

Watch @BillMaher, @JRubinBlogger and @Ojeda4America on tonight's #RealTime:
America's got Issues – and @BillMaher is going to talk about them tonight at 10PM!
We've got another dose of #RealTime for you tonight at 10PM!
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
Really excited to be on the Bill Maher show.
Republicans could give a s**t about all their traditional ideas like “balance the budget.” They’re as much concerned about that as they are the new season of RuPauls Drag Race.

Watch @GillianTett & @fakeDanSavage join @BillMaher on #RealTime:
The Met Gala attracts lots of crazy outfits, and these ones really made a statement...
"Milley took an oath to defend the Constitution. He didn’t take an oath of loyalty to Donald F**king Trump."

Watch @fakeDanSavage and @GillianTett join @BillMaher on #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
Snitch Nation isn't about what side you're on, it's about this mindset where everyone is a secret policeman and tattling is a virtue. A country ruled by citizen informants where Republicans can sue you for your sex life, and Democrats can get you fired for a Halloween costume.
"For as long as I’ve been following politics, whatever sounds like a joke today with the Republicans, tomorrow is the candidate."

Could Mike Lindell - the MyPillow guy - destroy democracy? Watch @BillMaher and @AnneApplebaum discuss on #RealTime:
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
QAnoners are warning that the #JusticeforJ6 rally today is a false flag government plot to round up more of them. You just knew they'd eventually get here. Too paranoid to attend their own paranoia rally.
Today's the #JusticeForJ6 rally – anyone going? The insurrectionists need a lot of lawyers, which is pretty funny for people who used to be chanting "Jews will not replace us."

Watch @BillMaher's #RealTime monologue:
"It seems like this is the new normal – that elections just don't count."

Watch #TwilightOfDemocracy author @AnneApplebaum discuss "rigged" election claims with @BillMaher on tonight's #RealTime:
Earthquake! Now we're just a shark attack and a cult murder away from California Bingo.
More #NewRules coming your way tonight @ 10PM!
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
Thrilled to be on @billmaher show today to talk about life, the universe and #anthrovision with @fakedansavage and @anneapplebaum
Real Time with Bill Maher Retweeted ·  
We used to do a bit called “America’s Stupidest States.” Well congratulations, California, you win this round.

Watch @BillMaher introduce some of of the lesser-known candidates running to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in this ridiculous recall election:
California's recall election is so confusing. You open the ballot and it just has Newsom’s name, and then “Fuck, Marry or Kill?”
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