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Last 50 tweets from @RepAdamSchiff
Today, Republicans are taking up a bill that prioritizes dangerous culture wars over students.

The bIll promotes censorship, book bans, and excludes schools from nutrition programs. 

The only education this bill provides, is how to undermine our public schools.
Donald Trump is now saying his indictment could lead to “death and destruction.”

Only days after calling for protests to “take our nation back.” 

After January 6, we know exactly what he means, and the consequences.

What more will it take for Republicans to stand up to him?
House Republican efforts to interfere in the investigation of Trump are a blatant attempt to shield the former president from justice. 

That they are led by the Judiciary Committee is all the more shameful since that committee should be defending rule of law, not subverting it.
Glad to see the IATSE editors guild @MPEG700 for SNL reach and ratify an agreement with NBC. They make SNL come alive.

The deal will deliver real, immediate progress on wages, benefits and working conditions.

Live from New York, some welcome news!
My heart goes out to those in San Mateo County and Rossmoor who lost their lives from the devastating storms, and others who lost power and faced evacuation.

Climate change is making California bear the brunt of deadlier storms.

We can do something about this. And we must.
Adam Schiff Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: The federal e-bike bill is BACK.

A new proposal would give Americans up to $1,500 off a new e-bike.

This bill is similar to its predecessor, which came tantalizingly close to passing last year. BUT there are some key differences.

A new study documents what I raised months ago: Antisemitism is flourishing on Twitter.

When those charged with ferreting out hate on the platform are laid off, we shouldn’t be surprised at the result.

A sad and dangerous trend for a platform once viewed as a force for good.
Caring for students is one of the most meaningful careers.

I stand with the bus drivers, custodians, teachers aides and others of @SEIULocal99.

No one can live on $25,000. We must invest in schools and pay fair wages.

It’s time to support those who support our kids.
Donald Trump has found a new criminal defense team to represent him: The firm of Jordan, Comer and Steil.

Seeking to interfere with the potential prosecution of their party leader by demanding “discovery,” this broadside is another attack on the rule of law.
Mike Pence did the right thing when he refused to overturn the election on Jan 6.

Sadly, that principled stand was a one-day aberration.

In attacking Trump’s potential prosecution and defending a call for protest, Pence has once again elevated ambition over the public interest.
Here we go again:

Kevin McCarthy once again playing the part of criminal defense counsel to shield Trump from accountability.

Heedless of the consequences to the country, he stirs the pot, and calls for an investigation of the investigators.

It’s all part of Trump’s playbook.
Goldman Sachs may earn $100M from SVB’s collapse.
I led a letter asking DOJ, SEC, and FDIC to examine any potential conflicts of interest in the firm’s role as an advisor or buyer.
All actions surrounding SVB’s collapse must be put under a microscope to protect consumers.
From bus drivers to teachers aides to custodians, we owe a great deal to those who keep our kids safe, secure, nourished, and educated in school.
I back SEIU Local 99 in their pursuit of better wages and safe working conditions.

And urge all parties to negotiate in good faith.
I just introduced the DEPOSIT Act with @SenBlumenthal and @RepMikeLevin.

The DEPOSIT Act will hold bank execs accountable by clawing back bonuses, stock profits, and more when a bank fails.

Bank executives shouldn’t profit from recklessly putting jobs and the economy at risk.
It’s a mistake to approve oil drilling in Alaska’s Willow Project.

It does nothing to move the U.S. toward permanent and sustainable energy independence, and risks profound harm to the environment.

We must invest in renewables, not worsen our dependence on oil.
I’m drafting a bill to hold execs at failed banks accountable.

When banks fail, it’s working people who suffer the consequences. Missed paychecks and economic uncertainty.

After 2008, we went for exec bonuses and compensation.

We should do so again. This time we must succeed.
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
My bill would clawback ill-gotten gains by allowing Treasury to recoup bonuses, stock profits, and other compensation from execs at a failed bank. They shouldn’t reap a financial windfall from mismanagement or greed. There is more to be done. But we start with accountability.
I’m drafting a bill to hold execs at failed banks accountable.

When banks fail, it’s working people who suffer the consequences. Missed paychecks and economic uncertainty.

After 2008, we went for exec bonuses and compensation.

We should do so again. This time we must succeed.
Fifteen million Californians under flood watch, and thousands being evacuated.

After months of extreme weather, our state is still at risk.

The President has declared a national emergency, and we’ll continue to fight for every resource so we can recover and rebuild.
In 2018 under Trump, I opposed Wall Street’s effort to loosen regulation over banks like Silicon Valley Bank.

But it passed, and now ordinary workers and families may pay a very heavy price.

This is an oversight failure — in addition to a failure by the bank’s management.
Treasury Department needs to take all appropriate steps to protect ordinary workers and their paychecks, and to prevent a run on other banks.

Big investors, CEOs and bank executives are one thing — they can take a loss — but regular workers across California shouldn’t suffer.
What happened this week at Silicon Valley Bank is deeply troubling.

Workers across California depend on the bank for their paychecks. And this bank fuels the start up economy.

The FDIC must provide clarity quickly, and the bank’s management and finances must be investigated.
As California continues to experience historically extreme weather, thousands face rising floodwaters and power outages.

President Biden’s emergency declaration and federal aid is critical to our recovery efforts.

We will continue to repair and rebuild in the months to come.
Families, farmers, and businesses. Millions rely on clean water every day.

And now the GOP is trying to roll back protections that keep water safe and pollution free.

It’s clear: Republicans in Congress only care about pocketing profits from polluters — not the people.
Here’s what the President’s budget represents:

Lowering costs for child care.

Protecting Medicare and Social Security.

Making corporations pay their fair share.

And ensuring working families don’t pay too much.
My thoughts are with the three LAPD officers shot last night and with the Lincoln Heights community.

So grateful for their service. May their recoveries be swift.

Thinking too of the families of the officers and the trauma they have endured.
This is only about the money and the ratings.

For Tucker Carlson. For Rupert Murdoch. And for Fox.

It will only stop when Fox sees financial consequences. And when they don’t have an enabler in the Speaker’s office.
The consequences for China abetting Russia’s assault against Ukraine must be swift. And severe.

I have legislation granting authority to the president to sanction any person or entity connected with the People’s Republic of China that supports Putin's war.

We must respond.
A JetBlue and Spirit merger is just bad business.

It would lead to higher fares and fewer flights. In an industry that’s already too concentrated and expensive.

Flyers deserve better, and I’m strongly behind the Biden administration’s efforts to block the merger.
It would be a mistake to reinstate migrant family detention.

Under Trump, it was cruel, inhumane, and dangerous. Not a precedent a Democratic President should follow.

We must work toward comprehensive immigration reform. Not fall back on a failed policy at odds with our values.
Dominion emails showed Tucker Carlson lied to the country about the election because he feared losing Trump fans and corporate profits.

Last night, he lied about January 6.

Different lies, same motive.

Only now he has an accomplice in the Speaker’s office.
Key takeaways from the Fox News scandal:

They fired people for telling the truth.

Hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity pushed election fraud claims they privately knew were absurd.

For Murdoch only the money mattered.

And the biggest scandal:

No one is surprised
Walgreens caves, and won’t sell abortion pills in states where it is legal.

So much for putting a priority on the health of their customers.

Republicans across the country are doing everything possible to take away the right to reproductive freedom.

They must be stopped.
Weak men peddle false election lies while privately dismissing them as absurd.

Weak men use fear and hate to motivate their followers.

Weak men value money and notoriety over truth and decency.

Tucker Carlson is a weak, weak man.
Glad to see that the victims of January 6 will get to seek redress.

Being president doesn’t give you the right to incite violence against cops and other fellow citizens.

The police officers who defended our democracy are heroes. They deserve their day in court.
Reversing 50 years of precedent. Removing the right to bodily autonomy. Threatening the right to privacy.

How did we get here?

Republicans packed the Supreme Court, and reactionary Justices pushed political rulings.

This cannot continue. We need to expand the court. Now.
We shouldn’t have to debate condemning antisemitism. But evidently, we do.

I introduced an amendment to ensure @HouseJudiciary conducts oversight of violent extremism, antisemitism, and anti-Asian hate.

Republicans voted no.

Opposition as inexplicable as it was inexcusable.
Federal employees deserve an option to invest in retirement funds aligned with their values.

So we leave communities better off.

And yet the GOP forced a vote today to dismantle the ability to invest in sustainable funds.

I have legislation to change that. Let’s get it done.
Julie Su will be a phenomenal Secretary of Labor.

She’s the fighter working individuals need as our economy continues to recover.

In California, she was a tireless leader for working families. And now she’ll be a champion for all.

Congratulations @JulieSuCA !
With an economy stacked against working people,
And large corporations benefiting most from an unequal system,
Unions are our strongest line of defense.
We must support workers’ rights to organize and hold employers accountable.
I stand with unions and working families.
Student debt can be crippling.

Burdening young people for decades and limiting their career options.

Nevertheless, Republicans are going all the way to the Supreme Court to stop student debt relief.

They were happy to forgive business debt. But students?

Not so much.
Murdoch knew his hosts were using the biggest megaphone to broadcast the biggest lies about our election.

He could have stopped them but he didn’t.

All in the name of profit.

But what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
The white nationalist “Day of Hate” and antisemitism must be met with vigilance and resistance.

We will give no quarter to bigotry.

No sanctuary for hate.

No tolerance for intolerance.

Not now. Not ever.
Today marks one year since Putin's bloody and unprovoked war on Ukraine.

I continue to be inspired by the incredible courage and perseverance of the Ukrainian people.

We must continue robust support for Ukraine, and for democracy at home and abroad.

I stand with Ukraine.
Just weeks after Republicans insisted cuts to Social Security and Medicare weren’t on the agenda, @Mike_Pence confirms they very much are.

We will never let Republicans cut benefits earned by American workers.

Good health care and a dignified retirement are nonnegotiable.
Questioning @RepJudyChu’s loyalty to the United States is xenophobic and racist.

Shame on you, @LanceGooden. And on @FoxNews for airing such hate.

We cannot allow anti-Asian bigotry to go without condemnation.
Putin once again rattles the nuclear saber.

Suspending participation in the nuclear arms reduction treaty and threatening peace and stability for the entire world.

The U.S. must continue to stand with Ukraine and condemn such recklessness.
The Grand Jury in Fulton County found sufficient evidence to recommend potential charges against individuals for their efforts to overturn the election.

So did the Jan. 6 committee.

The Justice Department likely has access to an even greater body of evidence.

It must act.
Majorie Taylor Green — Kevin McCarthy’s most loyal lieutenant — is calling for secession.

Literally saying the country should split apart between red and blue states.

A dangerous, vile proposal.

So much for her pledge of allegiance to one nation, under God, indivisible.
Kevin McCarthy turned over Jan 6 videos to right-wing propagandist Tucker Carlson.

A man who spews Kremlin talking points. Suggests Jan 6 was a false flag. And spreads the Big Lie.

Make no mistake: This isn’t about transparency, it’s about fueling dangerous conspiracy theories.
Proud to see President Biden visit with President Zelenskyy in Kyiv, and express our continuing and unbreakable support.

We stand with the people of Ukraine in their struggle to push out Russian invaders, to enjoy the right of self-determination, and to live in peace.
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