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Last 50 tweets from @RitaPanahi
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
And @RollingStone has lost all credibility.
“President Xi ‘suffering from deadly brain aneurysm’ as he faces coup over devastating Covid lockdowns, reports claim”…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Albo and McGowan wearing masks at a photo op while all the assembled journalists and cameramen are maskless. Do they even know how stupid they look?
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
I guess we have a few months of these “the Liberal Party is dead” articles to look forward to after they become a parliamentary minority on Saturday, despite being only the second time it’s happened in 26 years
The thugs attacking the woman think they’re on the right side of history.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
The FBI in New York had time to raid James Okeefe and Project Veritas for doing journalism but not to follow up on credible school shooting threats the Buffalo shooter was reported to police for making.

Does it make sense now?
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
What, exactly, is the full-on conspiratorial version of Great Replacement Theory?

The basic fact/claim that minority immigration will make the USA majority-minority by 2043-45, and this will benefit liberal political parties, is an absolute common-place across all media.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
If a child misgenders someone it’s the parent’s fault for raising their kid in the gender binary which is a system of oppression
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @RollingStone
The author of this piece was forced to resign as a fact checker for the New Yorker after falsely accusing an ICE agent of having a Nazi tattoo…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
There are few things more dishonorable than misleading the young.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
I never expected the right side of history to include so many people in masks intimidating and assaulting
women, did you?
But she never dropped her flag. Emmelline would be proud.
I’m guessing it wasn’t Covid-19.
Any ideas what caused this massive death spike among younger Americans in Q3 2021?

Source: Society of Actuaries…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Yet nearly $40 billion was withdrawn from super in 2020 with no meaningful effect.

<$50k per FHB per year would be a tiny fraction of this.

50k FHBs at $50k each is only $2.5 billion per year.

That's 0.07% of super balances
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
This is unreal. A Wisconsin school district filed a Title IX complaint against 3 middle school students, accusing them of sexual harassment for using incorrect pronouns when addressing another student.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
The FBI would rather create a hoax kidnapping plot to interfere in an election than stop a mass shooter.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
The reality of biology.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Latest NBC News Poll…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Cayenne you save the planet? #auspol #ausvotes
Great chat with @COLRICHARDKEMP on @SkyNewsAust his insights are brilliant from the war in Ukraine to Biden’s Iran deal.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Like a Politician with constituents and then with lobbyists.
Meanwhile, in the Australian federal election…

Letterboxed in the seats of McEwen and Hawke
(via @J_C_Campbell)
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
A masked man pushing a woman away for trying to fly the suffragette flag next to a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst. Manchester, 2022.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Your company does business with China. If there’s money to be made from dictators…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
The War on the West by @DouglasKMurray is a powerful and scary exposé of the cultural war against Western civilization, its incredible scope, its implications for our future (e.g., aiding China in its rise to dominance), and its incredible injustice.…
The War on the West
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Q: “Dad, what side of history were you on?”
A: “The side that put on balaclavas and attacked women of my mother’s age in front of a statue of the leader of the suffragettes and taught them a lesson in what feminism was all about. Women need to be put in their place, son.”
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Biden gave a speech today honoring cops killed in the line of duty in 2021. He began by talking about the Buffalo mass shooting, but didn't name retired Buffalo police officer Aaron Salter, killed trying to stop yesterday's shooter. More on the hero here:…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
In nearly every single mass killing case, the solution would have been to enforce laws already on the books. Waukesha killer was out on low cash bail for a violent attack. Buffalo killer made terroristic threats but wasn’t charged.
Would rather be waterboarded than watch that again.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
I don’t know how many times I’ve said this, but every policy answer from Kamala Harris sounds like someone delivering a book report on a book they haven’t read.
It’s horrible that a man is fighting back against the erasure of women? Would you prefer that I did nothing and just wait for a woman to think of the idea and make it?
Replying to @MattWalshBlog
No, I think she’s just pointing out the fact that many trans activists reserve their most horrid abuse for women…there’s misogyny behind much of the vitriol.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Conservatives don’t know that the institutions they venerate are long dead and what they’re watching is the last exhausted ghost dance of the constitutional republic
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Funny how women hating is never far from the surface of the gender cult
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
In reply to @kylenabecker
“I cannot find a single study that justifies mask wearing in schools,” said Dr. Ladhani. That about sums it up.…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
BREAKING REPORT: Three Wisconsin Middle School Boys Hit with Title IX SEXUAL HARASSMENT COMPLAINT for Calling Non-Binary Classmate by Wrong Pronouns...
Never forget what they did in the name of science
Replying to @DrEliDavid
This is what they did in Melbourne. They didn’t just ban playgrounds, basketball courts & skate parks but also resorted to this BS ⬇️
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Never forget what they did in the name of science
If only the businesses BLM looted/vandalised/burnt down had armed security…
BREAKING! I am pre-releasing the footage of me showing up at one of Black Lives Matter founder’s, Patrisse Cullors, multiple mansions.
Remember she fake cried and said I harassed her?
I kindly spoke to a white security guard (who remained silent) through a gate:
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Very important to fix your Twitter feed:

1. Tap home button.
2. Tap stars on upper right of screen.
3. Select “Latest tweets”.

You are being manipulated by the algorithm in ways you don’t realize.

Easy to switch back & forth to see the difference.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
NEW: Students at Yale Law School are responding to Alito’s leaked opinion with calls to accost their conservative classmates through "unrelenting daily confrontation" and toss the Constitution by the wayside.

We’ve got the screenshots.🧵…
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
They just straight up removed #WhatIsAWoman from trending so that it doesn’t outshine the Women’s March. The strategy won’t work but still pretty blatant stuff. Wow.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
It’s not that feminists are calling trans people predators.

It’s that male predators are calling themselves trans.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
I remember. Hubris and a desire to align with Dr. Fauci led big tech to suppress free discussion of covid policy by scientists. Fauci may personify The Science(tm) in his own mind, but @MartinKulldorff is a scientist.
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Coming June 1. My journey to find the answer to the great question of our time. You will not want to miss this film.


Race-baiter gonna race-bait
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
Storming the Capitol is cool again
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
If there is not equality of outcomes among people born to the same parents and raised under the same roof, why should equality of outcomes be expected—or assumed—when conditions are not nearly so comparable?
Rita Panahi Retweeted ·  
What an absolute dump Santa Monica has turned into. Trash all of the place, endless smell of piss and weed, crazy people screaming total nonsense on every corner. It’s like a Democrat party convention.
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