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Last 50 tweets from @SadhguruJV
Congratulations @NYCMayor & New York City on the Proclamation. May this be the first step toward policy reform to #SaveSoil. #NYC, you must become the Beacon & offer a blueprint for revival of soil in the United States. Best Wishes. -Sg
The Mayor of New York City @NYCMayor proclaims 21 March as #SaveSoil Day, a timely endorsement that reflects the will of the people and what New Yorkers genuinely care for.

Once you touch the non-physical, there is a Sense of Limitlessness to who you are. It is my Wish and my Blessing that each one of you experiences this. #SadhguruQuotes
Paramount to stemming the degradation of water bodies & wetlands is to #SaveSoil. Achieving restoration of 300,000 Km of rivers & 350M hectares of wetlands by 2030 will herald a new ecological destiny for our planet. May the coalition of Govts Unite to……
Largest river and wetland restoration initiative in history launched at UN Water Conference
Shocking to continue to see innocent children and school staff be the target of individual depravity. Truly painful and above all, our heartfelt condolences. To all those grieving, no words can ever assuage what’s been lost. With much love and blessings.……
Nashville school shooting: Three children, 3 adults killed in Nashville school shooting, suspect dead | World News - Times of India
Consciousness is not something that descends upon us; it is something we must strive for. #SadhguruQuotes
🙏🏾Namaskaram- Our gratitude to India Today for recognizing the need & significance of regenerating soil of this Planet. #SaveSoil. Let’s make it happen. -Sg
Meet the ambassadors of happiness, winners of the second edition of India Today-RPG Happiness Award😃

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (@SadhguruJV)
Goa (@DrPramodPSawant)
Smile Foundation (@smilefoundation)

@RPGEnterprises | #happinessquest #rpg #happinessfest
#SaveSoil- may this Generation turn their cry of distress into a Song of Abundance. #WriteToYourLeaders in support of policy reforms to enhance soil organic matter. Let’s make it happen. -Sg #MittiKiChitthi @cpsavesoil
Congratulations to the Golden Girls of Indian Boxing, @saweetyboora, @NituGhanghas333, @nikhat_zareen & @LovlinaBorgohai. Outstanding! The Nation celebrates your spectacular performance & Success, a benchmark that has raised the bar for Indian sport. May……
Women's World Boxing Championships: Gold glory for India as all 4 boxers win gold | Sports - Times of India Videos
Congratulations to @isro for the successful launch of LVM3 and their pioneering space endeavors. Under the present leadership of Chairman Shri S Somanath, may #ISRO achieve many more milestones. -Sg
LVM3-M3🚀/OneWeb 🛰 India-2 mission
is accomplished!

All 36 OneWeb Gen-1 satellites injected into the intended orbits

In its 6th consecutive successful flight, LVM3 carried 5805 kg of payload to Low Earth Orbit


If we hold Life as our highest value, we will naturally include and accept every Human Being. #SadhguruQuotes
If you shift from unwillingness to Willingness, from inertia to Effervescence, your life will be Joyful and Effortless. And one day, when you look back, you will see you have lived a Spectacular Life. #SadhguruQuotes
Most people are trapped in limitations of their own making, not realizing they have locked themselves in. #SadhguruQuotes
Dear Tseke- this daunting test of human endurance that you have put yourself through speaks volumes about your commitment to #SaveSoil. Please listen to your body & give it the rest it needs. You must be safe & healthy to keep the soil safe & healthy. My best wishes & blessings……
It is like I am doing a marathon for the last 220 days, and now the pain in my legs and feet is becoming tough to ignore. Although I understand the importance of pushing through this discomfort, it's becoming increasingly challenging. #NoSoilNoFood #SaveSoil #SaveSoilMovement
Water abundance is a direct consequence of soil health. If we Act Now to #SaveSoil through policy reforms, not only can we craft a completely different destiny for the Nation, we can also become a replicable model in reversing water scarcity for the tropical regions of the world.……
India Likely To Be Severely Affected By Water Scarcity By 2050: UN Report…
Congratulations Rens Goede on your incredible commitment to be an inspiring Voice for soil. May you find safe passage & many willing Hands & Hearts on your journey to #SaveSoil. My best wishes & blessings are with you. -Sg @cpsavesoil
Rens Goede, a gardener from #Amsterdam began a 30,000-km #bicycletrek from #London to #India on March 22 as part of a campaign to raise awareness about soil degradation.

He is supporting the ‘Save Soil’ movement launched by Sadhguru.

#SaveSoil #Trending
The more Clarity arises, the more Ease and Exuberance will come. #SadhguruQuotes
Sadhana is about transforming your Body and Mind from barriers into bridges for Growth and Enlightenment. #SadhguruQuotes
In reply to @teriin
In the award ceremony, @SadhguruJV was given the Water Champion award for his #ecological initiatives such as Project Green Hands, Rally for Rivers, and Cauvery Calling, which address the urgent need to grow the green cover, revitalize Indian rivers and restore #soil #health.
Freshwater as we know it is the basis of all life around us, including ourselves. Ocean, the largest body of water, is another world of life by itself. Only if we maintain the richness of soil will the availability of freshwater be possible. Otherwise, as soil’s ability to hold……
Wonderful to see the leadership in over 40 cities in North America acknowledging March 21st as #SaveSoilDay. Time that global recognition translates into longstanding national policies that can bring forth sustainable change. -Sg #SaveSoil @cpsavesoil
North America stands for soil with over 40 proclamations from Mayors recognizing March 21st as Save Soil Day from Washington DC, Edmonton, Calgary, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Rainer, San Ramon and many more.

#savesoilday #savesoil
#Ugadi- the herald of Spring- symbolizes Renewal; a profuse & colorful bursting forth of Life nourished by the richness of elements. It is a celebration of the Foundations of our Life - soil, air & water. This Ugadi, let us commit to renewing & rejuvenating the life-making……
The significance of Water is phenomenal. People are looking at it as a commodity today, but actually, it is the most essential Life-Making Substance. #WorldWaterDay #SadhguruQuotes
On this day a year ago, we started the #SaveSoil movement from London. Thanks to billions of people who have put their hearts and hands into the movement to make it the largest people’s movement ever on the planet. Congratulations and thanks to all the Nations which have started……
Forests are such rich and diverse ecosystems; there is no substitute for them. We must protect what is there and bring other Land Under Shade to whatever extent possible. #SadhguruQuotes #ForestDay #IntlForestDay
The #GlobalMilletsConference can become a landmark catalyst in establishing a healthy, sustainable & prosperous direction to global nutrition choices. #Millets are a great source of nourishment not only for our body but for soil as well. Wonderful revival……
PM Modi inaugurates global conference on millets or Shree Anna: High-fibre foods for personal, global health
When we became a Republic, we made the serious mistake of turning what was a subcontinent into an island by cutting off our land routes. A Nation that had been trading through these routes for thousands of years became an island where to this day, our largest volumes of trade can……
The Nature of Happiness is such that if you keep chasing it, it will only move further away. It is time to stop and Look Inward, as every experience happens within you, not outside of you. #SadhguruQuotes
Unplanned rural-urban migration could become the albatross around the Nation’s neck unless we address it consciously & with sensitivity. We cannot stem migration by force. Urbanizing rural India as quickly as possible is the answer. The building industry has an integral role in……
Our gratitude to the esteemed Swamijis - Jagadguru Shivarathi Deshikendra Mahaswamiji, Sri Abhinava Gavisiddheshwara Swamiji, and Sri Basavamurthy Madara Chennaiah Swamiji - for their involvement & participation in the #SaptarishiAvahanam. Each one of them has done tremendous……
Replying to @SadhguruJV
In the next 15 years, if we do the right things in this country, we can move 400-500 million people from one level of Life & Living to another. Such a thing has never happened in the history of Humanity in a democratic way. We can witness & be part of this process. This is a……
Our gratitude to the esteemed Swamijis - Jagadguru Shivarathi Deshikendra Mahaswamiji, Sri Abhinava Gavisiddheshwara Swamiji, and Sri Basavamurthy Madara Chennaiah Swamiji - for their involvement & participation in the #SaptarishiAvahanam. Each one of them has done tremendous……
Karma is the accumulation of past recordings that keep replaying. Yoga helps to transform Your Life from a replay into a Profound Experience. #SadhguruQuotes
Life is a limited amount of Time and Energy. Let us use it for maximum Impact. #SadhguruQuotes
What is happening in your Mind is not Reality; it is important to differentiate between the two. #SadhguruQuotes
There is a Source of Life that functions within us. We can either simply worship it or access it consciously. If we access it consciously, we call this Inner Engineering. #SadhguruQuotes
Every indicator points to the threshold of disaster we are crossing if we do not revive our depleted soil. Declining sea ice is a most alarming example that should be a wakeup call for the rest of the world. No time to fritter. We must act now to #SaveSoil. -Sg @UNEP…
“Sea ice is to the Arctic ecosystem what soil is for the forest.”
Once you cultivate Equanimity within, every cell in your body will respond by generating Sweetness. #SadhguruQuotes
Congratulations on this collaboration between two outstanding brands- a fine example of optimizing Artificial Intelligence for transformative reach & impact. May the partnership set a new benchmark of service standard for Indian Aviation & ensure that the Maharaja of the Skies……
Air India & Salesforce are paving the way for a more efficient, customer-centric aviation industry in India. This collaboration is a testament to the country's determination to embrace technological innovation & build a brighter future for all. ❤️🇮🇳✈️…
Many of the things that your grandmothers would have once told you are today being discovered in top scientific laboratories as “great” discoveries about human nature. Everything that they are saying after billion-dollar research studies, we have already……
Why something from the West becomes science and East a superstition? | OPINION
Being responsible is taking ownership of Your Life. It means you have taken the first radical step to becoming a complete Human Being – fully Conscious and fully Human. #SadhguruQuotes
Air temperature is a consequence of surface temperature which is in turn a consequence of the quality of soil. Healthy soil=efficient carbon sinks & cooler surface and air temperature. Degraded soil=inefficient & insufficient carbon absorption, hotter surface & air temperature.……
We are nearing the point of no return, of overshooting the internationally agreed limit of 1.5°C of global warming.

The facts are not in question. Our actions are.

We are at the tip of a tipping point. But it is not too late.
Only soil rich in organic content can absorb rainwater, recharge groundwater & keep Rivers flowing; weak soil neither absorbs nor stores water causing Rivers to either overflow or run dry. #SaveSoil, save Rivers. -Sg @RallyForRivers @cpsavesoil…
It's International Day of Action for Rivers!
Let us come together and pledge to save, replenish and celebrate our rivers, and acknowledge their importance in sustaining life on planet Earth.

Rivers matter! Stand for them.

#InternationalDayofActionForRivers #DayofActionForRivers
Congratulations to #TheElephantWhisperers team on this wonderful achievement! I’ve spent enormous time in the undisturbed Wild & found elephants (and all other Life) to be phenomenally intelligent & sensitive. They walked into my heart. This wonderful documentary has walked these……
Tonight is historic as this is the first ever Oscar for an Indian production.

Thank you Mom Dad Guruji Shukrana 🙏🏾 To my Co-Producer Achin Jain, Team Sikhya, Netlflix, Aloke, Sarafina, WME Bash Sanjana. My lovely Husband Sunny.

Kartiki for bringing & weaving this story
Life is a limited amount of Time and Energy. Let us use it for maximum Impact. #SadhguruQuotes
Wonderful to meet with the talented & passionate @UPWarriorz. Your love for the Sport & your commitment to bring the best of yourself onto the field is an inspiration for a Generation of sportswomen. My Best Wishes & Blessings for continued Success on & off the field. -Sg
Congratulations @mmkeeravaani garu for making the world Dance to your tune! Best Wishes & Blessings. -Sg #NaatuNaatu #Oscars
"Naatu Naatu" from #RRR wins Best Original Song at the #Oscars.
Namaskaram @ChaudhryShankar- absolutely wonderful to see the enthusiasm, resolve & commitment of the farmers of Banaskantha to #SaveSoil. May the wonderful state of #Gujarat, with its vibrant culture, economy & entrepreneurial spirit establish & showcase a model for revival of……
I'm immensely thankful to Shri @SadhguruJV for visiting villages of Banaskantha.
It was wonderful to have his guidance on how we can all work together towards creating rich and vital soil.
.@BSF_Gujarat, always a privilege & Joy to meet & interact with our men & women in uniform. There can be no higher Service than your willingness to protect & defend our lives with your own. Our deepest Gratitude to all of you & your extraordinary families. Blessings. -Sg
In reply to @SadhguruJV
@SadhguruJV founder of @ishafoundation along with Sh @ChaudhryShankar, MLA Tharad visited Seema Darshan Nadabet & Zero Point today. They interacted with #SeemaPraharis & complimented them for their utmost dedication to duty and selfless service towards the nation.

Sanctity cannot be found in forms or beliefs, but in going beyond our instinct for self-preservation. #SadhguruQuotes
#Yoga- a Scientific System evolved from a profound understanding of how to keep the human mechanism programmed for Health & Wellbeing. Integrating Yoga with modern medicine will have a transformative impact on physical, mental & emotional health. -Sg…
Integrated medicine system to alter future of disease management
What is good for the soil is always good for your body because your body is just an embodiment of soil. #SadhguruQuotes
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