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Last 50 tweets from @SamHarrisOrg
In reply to @SamHarrisOrg
@SamHarrisOrg Waking Up course is changing my life. I have practiced meditation and mindfulness for a while but the details and specificity of the lessons in this course have helped me so much in dealing with stress and mental health challenges. Thank you Sam! 🙏🏽
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Happy Thanksgiving.
In reply to @skintbutfree
I don't say "double click"!
Tell me you're into polyamory and DMT without telling me you're into polyamory and DMT.
End Times preacher Sharon Gilbert says that an alien imitated her husband, and then it tried to have sex with her, and then it claimed to be Xerxes, and then Jesus got involved, and then the alien turned out to be a reptile with a posse of gargoyles.
.@NYTOpinion asked: Can you show us the 2020 riots in a clear light? With pleasure. And I thank them for asking…
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In reply to @jk_rowling
I’ve now received so many death threats I could paper the house with them, and I haven’t stopped speaking out. Perhaps – and I’m just throwing this out there – the best way to prove your movement isn’t a threat to women, is to stop stalking, harassing and threatening us. 8/X
Everyone likes 5-star reviews, but sometimes a sharp and wise critic really helps you think better about difficult issues
Replying to @paulbloomatyale
He has a point.
In reply to @BrianMuraresku
I think you can continue to stay away from psychedelics. All you have to do is lie silent in a dark cave for several days. Ha! Interested in a middle path? I'd recommend @Wakingup - created by @samharrisorg It's been transformative for my relationship with life's circumstances
Replying to @SteveGleason @BrianMuraresku and 1 otherfalse
I'm so glad you're getting value from @wakingup, Steve. Made my day to hear this.
When you've met someone, and liked them, it becomes much harder to publicly criticize their bad takes—even when you know you should. This is one of those bad takes...
Only the best treatment for white supremacists in America.
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The Kind Heart

In this new session in the Path of Insight series, world-renowned meditation teacher Joseph Goldstein shows us the transformative power of making friends with our mind—and of cultivating goodwill toward ourselves and others.
In reply to @HPluckrose
Or perhaps you mean my tribe is people who voted Biden over Trump? Again, no. Some people who vote Biden also hold the "woke" views I most strongly criticise.Others don't even seem to care that he's doing sod all to achieve national healthcare which seems like an obvious priority
Replying to @HPluckrose @nsgwrit and 7 others
I’m in the tribe of people who are even more mystified by incoherent allegations of tribalism than you are. You are welcome to join my tribe, but then I’ll have to kick you out.
In reply to @SamHarrisOrg
There is also an asymmetry in the sense that Sam is *already* of the Left, or what it should be. Much of the fringe right does not deserve acknowledgment, much less criticism.
Replying to @strxwmxn @IonaItalia and 1 otherfalse
Yes. The point I often make is that the problems with the far Right are so obvious and uncontroversial that they need not even be discussed; the problems with the far Left are confusing and difficult to separate from valid concerns about inequality, intolerance, etc.
In reply to @IonaItalia
But there is an important asymmetry here. The "woke" are making moral and political errors that I can plainly see (and they close to home, because I'm liberal); the analogous conservatives are accused, essentially, of being Nazis.
Replying to @SamHarrisOrg @IonaItalia and 1 otherfalse
Thus, there is often no benefit of the doubt to give on the Left, while it is very easy to conclude that the allegations about the Right are exaggerated.
In reply to @SamHarrisOrg
I would say that you are less inclined to give the benefit of the doubt to people on the woke left than to conservatives—this is completely understandable, given how unfairly you have been treated by the woke.
But there is an important asymmetry here. The "woke" are making moral and political errors that I can plainly see (and they close to home, because I'm liberal); the analogous conservatives are accused, essentially, of being Nazis.
Are we sick of this yet?
In reply to @IonaItalia
Chris held Sam's feet to the fire -- it was so satisfying. Sam has some obvious blind spots but I love him partly because, if you press him hard enough, you can get real honesty from him & that's rare in a public intellectual. My respect for both Sam & Chris has increased. 2/
What are my blind spots?
This is really something.
Replying to @sullydish
But I kinda want one of those Mary statues now...
This this this! The transformation of my practice I've experienced in the couple of years using @wakingup has been incredible. Decided to just go for the lifetime membership option now that it's become available. Not enough words of gratitude for all you do, @SamHarrisOrg! 🙏
So glad to hear it, Maddie. Many thanks.
One of @SamHarrisOrg’s mini-sermons on @guruspod distills his oeuvre, MO, and media presence into a single draught. It’s about cults, and as a cult survivor/researcher, I dissociated on the first listen: thx to @danieleharper for flagging it. I’ll transcribe and comment. /1
Replying to @matthewremski @GurusPod and 1 otherfalse
When did you acquire your powers of telepathy?
There’s nothing else like the @wakingup app. It’s breadth and depth of teachings is incredible. I meditate regularly with the app and have an inner awareness and calm I’ve never had before. Great job, @SamHarrisOrg.
In reply to @BretWeinstein
Have you told your legion of followers that the ivermectin hype was based on fraud yet?
Reasonable question. Please provide a link if you have, Bret. I would be overjoyed to credit you for an appropriate pivot.
Sam Harris Retweeted ·  
The first fruit of one of my favorite projects ever: shedding light on the forgotten freethinkers from the Islamic world.

The story of the inimitable Persian polymath (and proud heretic!): Abu Bakr al-Razi.
In reply to @JamesGleick
You’re not even making contact with the actual debate, James, much less resolving it.
It’s insane that elements of the mainstream press are allowing the right wing to make “woke” a new scare word. Make them define it. Are Democrats too:

“Committed to racial justice”?
“Respectful of many ethnicities and religions”?
“Unwilling to turn a blind eye to racism”?
Replying to @JamesGleick
You’re not even making contact with the actual debate, James, much less resolving it.
Sometimes the algorithm just delivers the goods...…
Lovely, poignant, simple. Memory and evocation of a lovely man.…
Replying to @alexgibneyfilm
It's wonderful. (However, you'd think The New Yorker would be able to get the subtitles right.)
Sam Harris Retweeted ·  
9 year old girl sold to pedophile for $2,000 in Afghanistan.
The NYT editorial board now appears to get it...
If it can just acknowledge the role it has played in producing all this masochistic lunacy, perhaps we can finally turn the page.

Democrats Deny Political Reality at Their Own Peril…
Opinion | Democrats Deny Political Reality at Their Own Peril
It seems like part of the rationale for this must be to help the visually impaired. But, whatever the intentions, this makes Microsoft look like the Cirque du Soleil of wokeness.
In reply to @GurusPod
Everyone seemed to agree at 2 hrs 14 mins that @DouglasKMurray endorsed a version of “The Great Replacement Conspiracy”. This seems to be, at very best, a misconception. At worst it’s just dishonest conflation. There should have been pushback. *The Enlightenment* needs defending.
Replying to @ToKTeacher @GurusPod and 1 otherfalse
That's not true. Perhaps I misheard something they said (there were some connection issues, and subsequent editing), but that would be absurd.
Sam Harris Retweeted ·  
Yet another Ivermectin study retracted (this one from Lebanon, previous from Egypt and Argentina) due to copying and pasting data repeatedly for patients that didn't exist…
In reply to @scottie1479
You think it took Trump supporters 18 months to realize it was a 'hoax'?…
Replying to @scottie1479 @jurijfedorov and 2 others
Ok. So Trump is like someone who says, "I'm talking about the Morning Star; I'm NOT talking about the Evening Star!" His confusion is immaterial. He made it very clear who *he thought* he was excluding in his "fine people" remarks (whether or not those people actually exist).
In reply to @ebruenig
We're also tracking the jellyfish and fireflies.
In reply to @SamHarrisOrg
I enjoyed the spirited discussion. I do think they were trying to use the word "tribalism" too broadly. People with a shared ethos of working to not be tribal does not constitute some new tribe. The tribe of the non-tribal?
It is amazing how many people imagine that a sincere commitment to non-tribalism is a psychological and social impossibility.
Still not sure whether conversations of this sort are important or a big waste of time (and it's very strange not to know). But you can thank (or blame) @peez for this one.
Our extended interview episode with small indie podcaster @samharrisorg is now out. Enjoy.…
Sam Harris Retweeted ·  
"Does Consciousness End?" An excellent piece about death and consciousness to enjoy over Halloween weekend, by philosopher Thomas W. Clark. Happy Halloween!…
Annaka Harris | Does Consciousness End?
In reply to @brasmus153
2/2 As an atheist and as somebody who doesn't believe that everything happens for a reason, is there a way for me to find comfort in a sort of atheistic version of faith that I'm missing out on? Or is my comfort an inevitable sacrifice to make for intellectual integrity?
Replying to @brasmus153
Instead of believing that "everything happens for a reason," you can believe that "everything offers an opportunity for growth"—which, psychologically speaking, is pretty close.
Sad to have discovered David Graeber only after he died. This is fascinating:…
Replying to @SamHarrisOrg
And note his performance with that coffee cup.
Sad to have discovered David Graeber only after he died. This is fascinating:…
Anil Seth's book on consciousness, "Being You: A New Science of Consciousness" is finally out.

Rebroadcasting our 3-hour podcast conversation today.
Making Sense Podcast #264 - Consciousness and Self (Rebroadcast) | Sam Harris
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