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Last 50 tweets from @sardesairajdeep
Get real india: why have private doctors hit the streets in Rajasthan? 👇
Health emergency grips Rajasthan as 20,000 doctors hit the streets. Here's a detailed report by @AnkurWadhawan. Take a look!
#NewsToday #Rajasthan #DoctorsProtest (@sardesairajdeep)
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
What is taking so much time to not order a probe into Adani projects in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh? - @Shehzad_Ind challenges Congress.
#NewsToday #NarendraModi #RahulGandhi (@sardesairajdeep)
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
If Adani equals corruption, then how do Congress governments deal with the same individual? @SupriyaShrinate, Spokesperson, Congress, answers.
#NewsToday #NarendraModi #RahulGandhi (@sardesairajdeep)
Chalo.. @Shehzad_Ind khush hua!😊
Let’s be fair to @sardesairajdeep

He gave me enuf time and ensured the debate was sane & balanced
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
'राहुल तो बहाना है, अडानी को बचाना है': Congress Spokesperson @SupriyaShrinate hits back at PM Modi.
#NewsToday #NarendraModi #RahulGandhi (@sardesairajdeep)
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Why have you (Congress) allowed Adani's projects to continue in your states? - @Shehzad_Ind, Spokesperson, BJP
#NewsToday #NarendraModi #RahulGandhi (@sardesairajdeep)
In reply to @IndiaToday
Brilliant and neutral debate.Kudos! @sardesairajdeep. The bottom line is....who said," The politician is the laughing monkey of the rich man."Google it.
News Today: 9 pm: Modi targets oppn: who benefits from Rahul Gandhi disqualification? Doctors stir intensified in Rajasthan .. @IndiaToday at 9: News without the noise.. 👇
Who stands to benefit electorally from Rahul Gandhi's disqualification?

Why is it that doctors in Rajasthan have hit the streets like never before?

Watch this and more on #NewsToday with @sardesairajdeep at 9 pm tonight. #Promo
In reply to @IndiaToday
So @LovlinaBorgohai didn’t have enough to eat as a child; @nikhat_zareen broke every stereotype; @saweetyboora almost gave up boxing for kabaddi.. inspirational stories from our gold medal winning women boxers. MUST WATCH: @IndiaToday @Nitin_sachin
Did the Cong legal team get caught napping on the Rahul Gandhi disqualification over criminal defamation? Why has the party not gone to court in appeal? Listen in to @PChidambaram_IN 👇
What is Cong’s legal strategy now? @PChidambaram_IN answers. He says “We will go to the District Court. Eventually, #RahulGandhi will get justice”

Watch the exclusive conversation with @sardesairajdeep
So why don’t we see wider public protests outside of Cong party workers over Rahul Gandhi disqualification? Listen in to what @PChidambaram_IN has to say. 👇
Former Finance Minister @PChidambaram_IN talks on Congress’ political strategy.
Watch the exclusive conversation with @sardesairajdeep
Wow this is the new age Pandit ji who will engage in spurious whataboutery to defend rape and murder CONVICTS. Bahut sanskari @ashokepandit bahut sanskari! Lage raho 🙏
When you don’t feel ashamed to sit with Kanhaiya who called for Bharat ke Tukde ,
When you don’t feel ashamed to sit and interview dreaded terrorist like #YasinMalik ,
Then why should Jaswant Singh feel ashamed of sitting with Shailesh Bhatt ?
Stop being hypocrite.
‘ After they silence the leading voices of the opposition, they will come after you.. even if it is 2075 they will invoke the 1975 Emergency. now it’s an undeclared Emergendy..’ PChidambaram_IN 👇
There are no instant solutions in politics. Politics evolves. Opposition unity is an evolutionary process. The opposition is more united today than it was 4 days ago. We are today facing undeclared emergency: @PChidambaram_IN

@sardesairajdeep | #NewsToday
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Meet the GOLDEN GIRLS of India as they talk about their future, Paris Olympics and much more!
(@sardesairajdeep, @Nitin_sachin, @nikhat_zareen, @saweetyboora, @LovlinaBorgohai, @NituGhanghas333)
#NewsToday #GoodNews
Full show:
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
पहली बार मां ने मेरा मैच स्टेडियम में देखा: @nikhat_zareen
कोई मुझसे पूछे कि सिल्वर को गोल्ड में बदलने में कितना टाइम लगता तो बोलूंगी 9 साल: @saweetyboora
जीत के बाद बहुत खुशी हुई: @NituGhanghas333
देश का राष्ट्रगान बजते देख बहुत गर्व महसूस हुआ: @LovlinaBorgohai @sardesairajdeep
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Rahul Gandhi asked to vacate govt bungalow; @PChidambaram_IN says “All this was expected”

Watch the exclusive conversation with @sardesairajdeep
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Will Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification trigger a political realignment.. Also, meet the golden girls who have made the country proud at the Women's World Boxing Championships
This and more on #NewsToday , tonight at 9, only on India Today
@sardesairajdeep | #Promo
Listening to the boxing champs made my day! Remember, These girls who have risen to the top through sheer talent and hard work are the true heroes of a ‘new’ India, not netas who will even ‘tolerate’ rape convicts for votes! 👇
What was your first reaction after winning?
Nikhat Zareen, Saweety Boora, Lovlina Borgohain and Nitu Ghanghas share their experience after winning

@sardesairajdeep, @Nitin_sachin (@nikhat_zareen, @saweetyboora,@LovlinaBorgohai,@NituGhanghas333)
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Now, when I will go back to home the first thing I will have is Biryani: @nikhat_zareen

(@sardesairajdeep, @Nitin_sachin)
The wonderful golden girls of Indian boxing who have made us so proud with the tv punching bag ! 😊👍(by the way, I have a mean left hook!)
When a picture says more than a million words: Bilkis Bano rape convict Shailesh Bhatt, granted remission last year, seen on stage with Dahod BJP MP Jaswant Sinh Babhor and his brother Limkheda MLA Sailesh Babhor at a Gujarat govt function.
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Is Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as MP a case of pure vendetta? And what will be the political fallout? Straight Bat with 10 takeaways: without fear or favour. Watch/share/subscribe. Feedback welcome!
The @mipaltan were the best team at the WPL: with @natsciver the player of the tournament in the big games. Well played to both MI and DC. Womens cricket is here to stay! (Hope to see @BCCI and the WPL organising committee with more women reps next time.) #WPLFinal
🙏 @Paul_Koshy 🙏
I listen to @sardesairajdeep's Vlog talking with a "Straight Bat" every Sunday.

In an era where it is rare to find a journalists who is not totally biased towards a particular political power house - My Friend stands literally very Tall.
This week’s Neta Nagri on @TheLallantop : amazed at just how many people across India are glued onto the show every week. @Rahulshrivstv @saurabhtop
The magnificent Nikhat Zareen @nikhat_zareen has clinched her second successive world championship gold!! Salute!! Women boxers making us proud. 3 golds and one more to go!!⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr @sardesairajdeep talks about his retirement plan … But Kahani Main Twist hai ! Watch 👇🏽
Neither Lalit nor Nirav Modi are OBCs: the OBC ‘hurt’ argument is the BJP’s spin to put Cong on defensive. 1 of 10 takeaways on the Straight Bat on Rahul Gandhi disqualification. Watch/share/subscribe. Feedback welcome.
Great weekend for Indian boxing: Nitu Ghangas and Saweety Boora win gold! Two done, two more in offing! Women boxers make us proud!’ 😊👍
In reply to @sardesairajdeep
Stay strong, Rajdeep. These crooks want to affect you. You are a genuine journalist and every genuine Indian respects you for that, despite disagreements.
No need to cut any slack @chetana_cg : a journalist is meant to have a thick skin as is a neta. 🙏
We need to cut @sardesairajdeep some slack..he is the only journalist I know who is covering both sides atleast..he might not be as bold and blunt as we want..but he is brave enough to try confront BJP. We can complain but let's not be crude and cruel.
Today a journalist who asked a question at @RahulGandhi presser on his disqualification was unfairly labelled a BJP proxy. We are in a situation where one side targets you for asking inconvenient qs, the other side won’t even take a press conference. Who will be a journalist? 🙏
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Pro bono medical camp by senior ENT specialist Dr Ishan Sardesai in New Delhi
In reply to @sardesairajdeep
Coz he said that you at times speak on his behalf!!! Half cooked truth!!! Having seen you for ages and observed your pattern off-lately, you fall under “sitting on the fence” journalist - You comfortably put your foot in or out to try and prove your point.
Replying to @sidd_sharma01
I sit on no fence.. so get that straight. But I will not be trapped in any ‘camp’, left, right or centre.
As the late Ramnath Goenka said, journalists aren’t meant to win popularity contests but to extract the news!(khabar) @SutraveAbhi 🙏
In reply to @sardesairajdeep
Rajdeep you are like punching bag for right and left wing politicians
Dear Mr @gauravbh if asking a counter question to a question asked is a ‘certificate’ then god help your knowledge of journalism. Some of us will keep asking questions of ALL!! Am glad that Mr Gandhi is willing to take unscripted questions! You should too 👍
Certificate of being Piddi directly from the Maalik
Loved the way @RahulGandhi shut down @sardesairajdeep. Doesn't let a person speak, or complete an answer, कौन सिखाया yaar journalism?
No one shuts old style journalists down. Some of us will continue to ask questions and counter questions of ALL. And am glad that Mr Gandhi still takes questions! 🙏
Get your facts right. @fpjindia . I was asking a question in a press conference.. some thing many journalists have stopped doing!! 🙏
Is Rahul Gandhi’s disqualification as MP a case of pure vendetta? And what will be the political fallout? Straight Bat with 10 takeaways: without fear or favour. Watch/share/subscribe. Feedback welcome!
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
सांसदी जाने से मुश्किल में फंसे राहुल गांधी, क्या इसे मौके में बदल पाएंगे? #Netanagri में @saurabhtop से @sardesairajdeep और @Rahulshrivstv ने क्या कहा?

Full Episode:…
Why am I trending when the press conference was done by @RahulGandhi ? 😊
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
India Today's Consulting Editor @sardesairajdeep decodes #RahulGandhi's press brief on latter's disqualification as MP

Must watch: where @KapilSibal reveals the ‘chronology’ of a criminal defamation case.… @IndiaToday
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
"Politically, the Congress party still doesn't have a strategy in place," Rajdeep Sardesai explains

#IndiaFirst #RahulGandhi #Politics | @gauravcsawant @sardesairajdeep
This morning in my column, I had said that ‘BJP needs a Rahul Gandhi to keep the political pot boiling..’ 12 hours later, the words have been pretty prophetic 👇 read here:
‘Vishwaguru abroad, bully at home!’ Why BJP’s demand for apology from Rahul Gandhi for ‘foreign soil’ remarks is contrived debate to prevent Adani issue being raised in parliament. ‘BJP needs Rahul Gandhi to keep political pot boiling’ Read on. @htTweets
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
"All central agencies are being abused and misused to silence the Opposition" TMC MP Sushmita Dev

#NewsToday #RahulGandhi #Politics | @sardesairajdeep @SushmitaDevAITC
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Will the Opposition join hands against BJP? Congress MP Manickam Tagore responds

"There are various checks and balances in a democracy and every single check is being destroyed by this government," TMC MP @SushmitaDevAITC

#NewsToday | @sardesairajdeep @manickamtagore
Rajdeep Sardesai Retweeted ·  
"His (Rahul Gandhi) loose comments have come back to bite him," Sanju Verma (Spokesperson, BJP)

#NewsToday #RahulGandhi #Politics | @sardesairajdeep @Sanju_Verma_
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