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Last 50 tweets from @screamingfrog
In reply to @screamingfrog
mhh then why does my gaffer wants me to manually browse pages by stripping out both the <head> and the <footer> to calculate the actual amount of words? 🤨 To confirm, are there specific configuration settings to generate the word count report?
Because they haven’t read the link? :-) Have a read, if it’s not clear feel free to drop us an email. We consider text in the body, excl nav and footer by default. But you can also refine, as above, if you need too.
In reply to @sagi_shtrosberg
that's usually my go-to solution, but SF counts words found on the entire HTML doc Instead, I needed to trigger content sitting within the <body> only
No, it doesn't :-) Please see -… to see how it's calculated, and also how you can adjust it.
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog hi, if I scan our website on SF, it shows the HTTP version as 1.1

We are currently using 2.0

I tried checking the HTTP version of Google as well. It shows 1.1 only. Google runs on HTTP version 3.0

Any help here?
Replying to @yuvrajv5
Drop us an email via support if you need any help :-) -…
Any BF/CM deals going with Screaming Frog? 🐸
Replying to @MintedEmpire
No, afraid not Keith. Just keep it fair, same low price all year round for everyone.
After @languagetool sponsored the initial work on hunspell-java bindings a couple of years ago, big thanks to @screamingfrog for reaching out and sponsoring me to build native support for M1 Mac 🎉…
Thanks for helping so quickly, users will be pleased 👌🙌
In reply to @screamingfrog

Okay so I was wrong about #GER winning today but (if not for an offside arm) #GERESP

I am more sure then ever #GER will win the #WorldCup2022
Replying to @thomaszickell
Hahah. Bet you were worried for a while - Quite an even game, two good teams. I think you’ll go through, then hard to rule you out when it’s knock out :-)
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog How do I stop a crawl from slowing down my site a triggering a downtime warning?
Replying to @JamesIPhillips
Hi James, you can control crawl speed via 'Config > Speed' :-) More here -…
In reply to @screamingfrog
Got it!! "Show in finder" is what I needed to do. Looks like that initial default folder layout was only an "overview" and not the full functional finder. The minor perils of getting used to Mac again after a number of years away.... 😂
Replying to @BrianHarnish
Awesome! We do need to increase price for mac users ;-p
In reply to @screamingfrog
Thank you, @screamingfrog!! Okay, so I tried going to the direct folder, but there doesn't appear to be writeable at all (it won't let me copy/paste the files from my external hard drive backup to my Mac). I have a video if you can follow me so I can DM it to you.
Replying to @BrianHarnish
Send it through to us ( and we can help :-) But I’d check your permissions first.
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog - It doesn't look obvious, but how do I bulk export crawls from the Screaming Frog crawls pane on Windows 10 to a hard drive, to then be imported to a new Mac?
Replying to @BrianHarnish
Hi Brian, your question inspired a new FAQ I’ve been meaning to write -…. This will work across OS as well :-)
In reply to @screamingfrog
🐸 Congratulations to the Swiss Army knife of SEO Tools! And thank you for years of relentlessly swift support and help solving puzzling crawl behavior 🫶
Replying to @linneabak
Thanks, Linnea! Appreciate your support all these years 🙌
In reply to @glenngabe
Oh, and GO USA! We'll be watching closely here at the Gabe household :) @screamingfrog
Replying to @glenngabe
😂 Sorry, late reply - v good! Think you might need a sub Saka feature 😜 Enjoy the game, hopefully not a draw again!
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog dunno whether it's my fault, but i'm getting this trying to load a crawl (from an external disc). any guess?
Replying to @ryosax
Hi Rino, sorry your tweet for some reason doesn't appear in my mentions! Found it via search, odd. I see one of our team has replied to you via support anyway. Cheers!
Screaming Frog Retweeted ·  
Whoa, we've seen this before & it makes sense for today given the U.S. World Cup game against England. @screamingfrog going nuclear here... New settings arrived today:

*Crawl Pulisic's site at 5K urls per second
*Block field communication of US team
*Disable VAR?

Damn! ;)
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog I love the way you connect to @ahrefs but especially for international operating businesses I am missing the option to specify the country I need the metrics for. If it’s not on a subdomain or in a folder I see no way to get what I want. Is that maybe planned?
Replying to @raue @ahrefs
Cheers, Raphael. If you pop in your suggestion (, happy to add it to the list potentially if I understand correctly. Not entirely sure this was available previously, and looks like they've upgraded their API.
In reply to @screamingfrog
Congrats thanks for being there for us!
Replying to @5le
Cheers, Eli 👍
Hi @screamingfrog to clarify, if you specify a sitemap-index file as part of the 'Crawl These Sitemaps` configuration box, will SF crawl the discovered URLs in each individual sitemap.xml file?
Replying to @JoelMesherghi
Hi Joel, yeah exactly that 👌
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy birthday 🐸🎉 one of the best SEO tools 🙌 keep up the amazing work guys!
Replying to @ToniNavarroYes
Cheers, Toni! 🙌🐸
Just spent 3 days crawling a site with @screamingfrog only for it to finally complete but can't save as run out of space. 🤦‍♂️

So I then spent 3 hours freeing up local disk space only to then realise that it was saving to Google Drive and it was this that ran out of space. 🤦‍♂️

Replying to @zigojacko
🙈 At least you have a nice organised local drive now! 😂
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy birthday screaming frog! I wish you many more years of success. Thank you for being so active with community chat and hearing new ideas to help tool the crawler for the better 🥰
Replying to @nikrangerseo
Thanks for sharing those ideas, and your support, Nik! 👍🐸
In reply to @screamingfrog
Thanks for the info, and of course congratulations 😀 🎉
Replying to @HenningSeo
No probs, hopefully sort that one soon as is annoying! And thank you, too! 👌👍
Huge congrats team @screamingfrog, happy anniversary!
Thanks for not only being a brilliant tool that's supported us, SEOs, but for also being brilliant humans behind the tool 🙌🏽
Replying to @areej_abuali
Thanks so much, Areej! 🙌🐸
In reply to @screamingfrog
Congrats on your success!
In reply to @screamingfrog
Sheeeeete, I must have been one of the early ones! Been a subscriber longer than I have lived in Sweden... (hopefully you guys celebrate properly) SF is the one tool out of all of them I have always kept. Congrats!
Replying to @MrStephenSumner
Thanks mate, that's appreciated
In reply to @screamingfrog
I still remember my first time knocking over a client side and the dev ops team casually saying, seems like we've got a hacker with some frog UA. 🤣😭 So, I did it again.
In reply to @screamingfrog
Replying to @OritSiMu
😅👍 Cheers, Orit!
In reply to @screamingfrog
Are so many years we are friends? Glad to see so many versions and to have the opportunity to collaborate (and drink) with you and your team!
Replying to @merlinox
💚🐸 Ditto my friend, hopefully see you soon!
Happy Birthday to my favourite SEO tool. You've taught me so much about technical SEO and on page ❤️ couldn't do my job without you.
Replying to @sallymills
🙌 Cheers, Sally - enjoy Brisbane SEO 🍻
In reply to @screamingfrog
HB SF and Dan
In reply to @screamingfrog
All good Dan, I swapped to an orange beast. Same brand.
Replying to @DeanCruddace
Hopefully see it down in Brighton soon 👌
In reply to @screamingfrog
What about URL rewriting? I added it to the parameter list as "msclkid" and tested it to make sure, but the spider is still crawling them.
Replying to @chairsteinman
Yep, same. Pop through any real examples to us via support ( if you need any help.
Happy birthday ScreamingFrog!
Replying to @IrishWonder
haha, thank you 🐸🙌
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy anniversary! I've been using you for almost all of that time 🐸
Replying to @MontseCano
Cheers, Montse! 👌🐸
In reply to @screamingfrog
If you hadn't came along I'd still be in IIS SEO Toolkit. HBD, have a few beers but not too many it's a school night.
Replying to @DeanCruddace
Thank you buddy, hope you're good (and the blue beast)
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog Do the exclude / URL rewriting features affect URLs discovered in GA and GSC? After trying both, the spider is still crawling URLs I don't want it to. (Trying to remove ?msclkid parameters). 1/2
Replying to @chairsteinman
Yep, they should do, Claire! Don't forget that if you're including the question mark, you'll need to escape it as they are regex special chars. So you can use \?msclkid.
In reply to @screamingfrog
Been using the frog for bulk of that time i reckon. 11 years ago I needed to get all <title> for a site. Didn’t know how. Searched for it, and the rest is history! #keepupthegreatwork
Replying to @njsdanrich
Thanks, Dan - that's awesome, and much appreciated.
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy 12th birthday! I've been using you for over two thirds of that 🫣
Replying to @RoxanaStingu
Cheers, Roxana - congrats on your recent vid, v cool 😎👌
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy Birthday @screamingfrog!! 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 PS love the original 'frog in a garage door' story 🤣 while also feeling a bit sorry for the 🐸
Replying to @chrisains
Cheers, Chris - unf quite a painful one for the frog!
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog, what is going on with this #WorldCup Japan beat Germany, and Argentina lost to Saudi Arabia. I’m going to go with the whole FIFA is corrupt blame it on that just to keep my sanity.

still in it I’m not gonna let this get me down, not gonna break my stride
Replying to @thomaszickell
Still fancy winning it?! That second half was quite a shock, fair play to Japan - they completely turned it around. Great subs and changes! A current and former Arsenal player instrumental :-)
In reply to @screamingfrog
Not a day goes by where I’m not caressing the frog 😊👍🏻. Happy birthday!
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy Birthday!!
In reply to @screamingfrog
Perfect responses, thank you. I think I have it all sorted now.
Replying to @andrewwhyman
Pleasure, good to hear that helped! 👌🐸
In reply to @screamingfrog
I was telling a Blood Bowl opponent I had in a league match on Monday about where your name came from and their mind was blown (also by the fact that I knew your actual name and we liked beers together haha)
Replying to @ismepete
Did I tell you, the chap I bought SF dot co dot uk from had bought it after he shut a frog in his garage door and heard it scream (and thought it would be a cool biz name for something). Think I prefer my origin story tho ;-)
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy birthday 🐸
Replying to @Suganthanmn
Cheers mate 👍🐸
In reply to @screamingfrog
Happy birthday you beautiful frog!
In reply to @screamingfrog
love this tool, love the logo, love when clients ask what the icon is on my screenshare -- "oh no big deal, it's just my SEO superpower is all..." happy birthday @screamingfrog
Replying to @knowbots
Hahah, cheers Jonathan
In reply to @screamingfrog
Whaaat, seriously?!! That would be awesome! I thought that it would be too difficult for you to execute since you haven't done it in all these years. You guys just rock! 🌟
Replying to @Bojan_Basrak
Yeah, was going to send a screenshot, but it was in an Alpha and not fully built. We have playtime after each release, where our team try new things and that was one of them. Will likely work on it for 19 (so the one after our next release). Cheers for the suggestion btw!
In reply to @screamingfrog
Hoppy birthday! ⤴️⤵️⤴️⤵️⤴️🐸
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