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Last 50 tweets from @screamingfrog
In reply to @screamingfrog
I'll see if that's possible under the data agreement 😁
In reply to @screamingfrog
Wouldn't be easier to always have that sort of export? What's wrong in doing so, after all?
Replying to @andrea_moro
Yeah, we could potentially just include the 'Original URL' column in every export to allow it to be matched. Will have a look! cc @404sHeartbreak
In reply to @screamingfrog
Ah we have a paid license, and running it on a pretty big machine... Just hit a big timeout at 14m events so might need to cut it down a bit
Replying to @TaylorDanRW
Ah, cool! If you pop over your logs ('Help > Debug > Save Logs' in the app) and send them to, we can have a look and see what happened? Cheers
Hi @screamingfrog, why would several image URLs have no alt-text, but wouldnt appear in "missing alt-text" or "alt-attribute" reports?
Replying to @jeffjgold
Hi Jeff, are they images in a srcset? If so, we won’t count them as missing alt text/att as only the src image requires it! :-)
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog Random Q, do you know what the most number of events the log file analyzer should be able to cope with?
Replying to @TaylorDanRW
Don't have a specific limit as does depend on hardware (…) but larger will take longer to process, and take up more disk space etc. If you need to test something, happy to set up a trial licence?
Screaming Frog Retweeted ·  
Pleased to announce the lineup of the @screamingfrog & @brightonseo Charity 5-a-Side in July 👇Thanks to all the generous companies for entering and supporting a very good cause. Details at… if you'd like to spectate! ⚽️🏆🔥
Little tip - To export URLs in list mode in the order uploaded (to easily match against other data), use the ‘Export’ button at the top. This will be in the exact same order uploaded, even when de-duplication & URL normalisation has been performed.
In reply to @screamingfrog
I have used that list but it's not detailed enough (missing the content which is actually duplicating). I will drop an email with more detail and the .dbseospider file. Thanks.
Replying to @andrewwhyman
Awesome, that would be super useful! Cheers.
In reply to @andrewwhyman
Also, I see no way to export all of the duplications other than a URL list - there is no way to export the text itself that was flagged?
Replying to @andrewwhyman
You can bulk export via the 'Bulk Export > Near Duplicates' list -…. Do you think you could pop through the URLs example to us via Be interested in looking at this scenario!
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog Hi, I'm just using the duplicate content feature for the first time and I'm getting a lot of very short duplicates like the below which aren't particularly useful. Is there any way to limit the minimum number of characters flagged as duplicate rather than just %?
Replying to @andrewwhyman
Hi Andrew, no - you can't set a min word count for it I am afraid. You can tweak the content area - not sure if this would help in this situation without seeing it though!
In @screamingfrog : Is it possible during a scheduled crawl, to define for the Google Search API a period of 1 year from the current date ?
Replying to @ODEnis
No afraid not, we have it on the 'todo' to add some pre-sets which will work with your custom config. Will try and do that soon, as it would be super useful.
In reply to @Suganthanmn
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog my crawl has been stuck on this all day. It took 24 hours of crawling to get here. Can't export or save 😭😭😭 Help!
Replying to @ZaddleMarketing
If you click 'pause', then you can 'File > Save', or export etc? Pop through your logs to us after (, so we can take a look and see what happened. Cheers
Oh my, 6 year old no longer testing positive but 8 year old has a stomach bug and throwing up, husband just tested positive for Covid, the dog also has a stomach bug and is on antibiotics and I’m shattered! Please send Tom Hardy to cheer me up.
Replying to @KellyQuilt
💚 Went through similar just before Xmas, hope it’s mild for you all Panter! Reunion later in the year pls.
Breaking News!
Email now uses status codes. @screamingfrog how can I crawl my emails?
Replying to @jlfausto
It’s on the list, Jose! ;-)
Not me thinking my computer was just dying when I couldn't run a @screamingfrog crawl, and at the same time ignoring the prompt to download the newest version that actually fixes the problem I was having. Happy Friday
Replying to @jgirardi_
Heheh, see the updates can be useful sometimes! :-)
Seems relevant 👇
Little tidbits on iframes & rendering. G flatten & inline them into a div on a parent page rendered HTML. But quite a bit more to it. From some testing -

- Meta viewport, or height needs to be set
- Won't inline where there's noindex (obv not when uncrawlable as well)...
Screaming Frog Retweeted ·  
Today, we're introducing a new robots tag, indexifembedded, that brings you more control over when your content is indexed.…
New robots tag: indexifembedded | Google Search Central Blog | Google Developers
Sounds like a job for the exclude. Or maybe a lot more coffee :-)
The Worst SEO Issues of Online Stores in 2022 & How to Fix Them #YoastCon2022 -… from @aleyda
In reply to @Maria_Amelie
🙌 Ah no probs, and thank you Maria! Will pass onto Ewa :-)
Cheers Pete - that would find anything cited. But if an image is just uploaded to a server, and it's not mentioned anywhere, then we wouldn't know about it unf! Got something on the list to help in those scenarios, but some way off on the 'todo' currently!
IndexWatch 2021: The SEO Losers In Google’s UK Search Results -… from @SEKnow_Luce & @sistrix
In reply to @ChrisRadny
Good question. If I was rewarding a trusted contributor who regularly added value, I'd personally remove all attributes. In reality this may not be simple to do, especially when using a CMS like WordPress. WP adds both ugc and nofollow because not all search engines support ugc.
Yeah, I read it that they are saying you can make them followed (by removing any of ugc/nofollow etc for that person).
Screaming Frog Retweeted ·  
Did you know that Google recommends removing rel=ugc (from comment links for example), as a way to recognise and reward regular and trustworthy contributors? ~…
Screaming Frog Retweeted ·  
👉 Cómo programar⏰ un rastreo con @screamingfrog 🕷 ⬇️ dentro hilo ⬇️
SEO Confession Time:

I pretty much always run @screamingfrog crawls with the default settings it came with the day I downloaded it

Replying to @seomcgarry
Tbf, they are pretty good out the box ;-)
Screaming Frog Retweeted ·  
The first newsletter of 2022 🎉.

SEO and Agile Iterations

3 case studies and tips to show how understanding agile iterations can help SEOs work with Devs

👇 Find out more here👇…
SEO and Agile Iterations
Hey @screamingfrog - any ideas why a valid XML sitemap (checked headers etc) might cause issues in SF? The source almost looks like a binary in 'View source'. The browser and GSC are all fine.
Replying to @Kevin_Ellen_
What issue are you seeing? Perhaps pop it over ( and we can have a quick look? Cheers
In reply to @screamingfrog
Cool stuff guys! Thank for sharing 🙏
Hey @screamingfrog - each time I scan a website I get a different word count.

How could that be?

Yes, I have a fully licensed version.
Replying to @realest49919420
The word count is different :-) Welcome to share the example - and we can help out? Cheers
In reply to @screamingfrog
Ooh, nice, thanks!
In reply to @screamingfrog
Love this feature!
Replying to @crazywoody
Cheers, Tammy! 🐸
In reply to @screamingfrog
Is there a way to compare rendered titles to static titles?
Replying to @JohnMu
Yeah, in the JavaScript tab there’s a ‘Page Title Updated by JavaScript’ filter (with columns for raw & rendered). There’s similar for canonicals, noindex, descriptions, headings etc as well. Would link directly to section, but on my📱 -…
How To Crawl JavaScript Websites
In reply to @screamingfrog
Thanks. I will test with that approach.
In reply to @GBE04541572
Although this doesn't necessarily only crawl 1-5, it stops reporting after the first sign of pagination
Good shout, Sunny! This doesn't stop crawling, but does mean they won't be included in the UI for reporting etc. So if pagination is huge, might want the exclude regex (just suggested).
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog hi again, is it possible to limit crawling of paginated pages. For example: only crawl ?page= 1-5 and stop on page=6 etc
Replying to @GBE04541572
Hmmm, does this work in 'Config > Exclude'? ([6-9]\d*|\d{2,}) This is excluding numbers, so if other URLs have numbers, will need to adjust.
In reply to @screamingfrog
OFC I use JS rendering 😅. Thats fine for me. Thanks for the feedback!
Replying to @Basti2405
No worries, glad that helped 🐸🙌
Little tip - In JS rendering mode, you can quickly see the number of words only in the rendered HTML. To see exactly what they are, enable 'Store HTML/Rendered HTML', click the lower 'View Source' tab, choose 'Visible Content' & 'Show Differences'.
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog is there a bug in the Spider-speedlimit? I tryed to limit the spider to 5.0 URLs/sec but the spider goes up to 17 URLs/sec. The average is bigger than 5 (5.5 to 6.0), too. I've read in the documentation that I don't need to limit the threads if I use URL-limit...
Replying to @Basti2405
Are you using JS rendering? If so, it's based around HTML pages, so resources will be rendered at the same time. So the numbers might appear faster in the lower avg/current totals.
In reply to @screamingfrog
Thanks for the explanation and help.
Replying to @trvlsrfrpt
No worries mate! 👍
In reply to @screamingfrog
@screamingfrog Trying to crawl (without subdomains) with the following settings but gets crawled too. How should I change the configuration?
Replying to @trvlsrfrpt
Hey Slavek, yeah it's because fitnessdk.zc is the root, and isn't a subdomain itself (it has no www.). So it crawls all subs by default. A couple of options here, but perhaps easiest is just to whack 'centrum.fitnessdk' in 'Config > Exclude' :-)
In reply to @screamingfrog
Lovely, but all the values are in the same column :-) + :-( would be deadly if you could export similar to the way you can with all HTML and have the values per separate column. I am grateful all the same. Thank you.
Replying to @dansmull
Cheers, Dan. Will give some thought on how we might be able to do that!
Google Search Console launches desktop page experience report -…
In reply to @TalebKabbara
When it comes to crawlers that can find things others miss, I always recommend @screamingfrog - If your not familiar with it, is a local crawler, (can be hosted in cloud if you want). I would state it is probably the best value for money tool in our industry
Hey @screamingfrog is there a quick way to export all structured data values per URL?
Replying to @dansmull
Hey Dan, yeah use 'Bulk Export > Structured Data > Contains Structured Data' :-)
In reply to @craigzingerline
We have been using @screamingfrog to go over and over our site to make sure all the little SEO items are ticked off. Moving onto content optimisation next.
Good to hear we've helped! 🐸
It's @screamingfrog renewal day. The day of the year you appreciate how fantastically priced such a critical part of the SEO toolkit is.
Replying to @martinmeany
Cheers, Marty - appreciate the kind words! 🐸
Screaming Frog Retweeted ·  
If you run a hosting service, and have a "you might be a bot" interstitial, make sure it uses a non-200 HTTP result code (perhaps 503), and that it doesn't have a noindex on it. Serving a noindex+200 will result in pages being dropped from search, if search engines see it.
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