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Last 50 tweets from @SenSanders
Bernie Sanders Retweeted ·  
Glad to have @SenSchumer join @SenSanders, @RepBarbaraLee & I to demand a 10% cut from this year's bloated defense budget.

The time is long overdue to reshape our national priorities and put the needs of the American people first.
Let me thank @SenSchumer for his support for my amendment to cut the bloated $740 billion Pentagon budget by 10% and invest $74 billion in communities that have been ravaged by extreme poverty and mass incarceration. This amendment will begin to change our national priorities.
Replying to @SenSanders
And let me also thank @SenSchumer for securing a vote on my amendment during the week of July 20th. If there was ever a time to fundamentally change our national priorities, now is that time. Let's cut the Pentagon budget and invest in healthcare and housing here at home.
Let me thank @SenSchumer for his support for my amendment to cut the bloated $740 billion Pentagon budget by 10% and invest $74 billion in communities that have been ravaged by extreme poverty and mass incarceration. This amendment will begin to change our national priorities.
Proud I fought alongside @SenSanders to ensure we vote in July on his amendment to cut $740B defense budget by 10% and put $$ into priorities like health care, housing, childcare in communities with 25%+ poverty—including many communities of color

I proudly support the amendment
Remdesivir costs less than $10 to manufacture. @GileadSciences is charging $3,100 for it.

Taxpayers spent $70 million to develop this drug. Coronavirus has killed 130,000 Americans. It's time to take control of this patent and provide remdesivir to all who need it.
Opinion: U.S. government scientists helped invent remdesivir, and HHS has a legal and moral duty to ensure access to it in the U.S. and around the world. It has the policy tool it needs to do that.
The richest 1% owe 70% of all unpaid taxes. With the money from these tax cheats, we could do all this:

👩🏽‍🎓Tuition-free college
👩‍👦‍👦End child hunger
🚰Clean water for all
🏡Build 500,000 affordable homes
😷Masks and PPE for all
📬Fully fund the Post Office…
'An Absolute Outrage': Sanders Rips 'Wealthy Tax Cheats' as CBO
No national testing program. No adequate production of protective gear. No commitment to a free vaccine.

As almost every major country sees the spread of coronavirus decline, America's infections are spiking.

Trump's incompetence is killing people.
You don't need a Ph.D in economics to know this, but it can't hurt: We need direct, monthly cash payments for everybody in America until this crisis is over.
Economists call for more direct cash payments tied to the health of the economy
Evictions must be banned for the entirety of this crisis. This is a matter of racial and economic justice that Congress cannot ignore.…
The cruelty of this White House knows no bounds. Foreign students are being threatened with a choice: risk your life going to class in-person or get deported.

We must stand up to Trump's bigotry. We must keep all our students safe.…
International students may need to leave US if their universities transition to online-only learning
If Target just did it, you can be damn sure @Walmart, owned by the wealthiest family in America, can raise its starting wage to $15 an hour.…
Target starts $15 minimum wage in US stores
American taxpayers are already funding the development of a coronavirus vaccine. When it is ready, we must put it in the public domain and ensure that it's available to all.

No more privatizing, monopolizing and profiteering by Big Pharma.…
The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and millions of others who fought against the Dakota Access Pipeline showed us the power of standing together against injustice.

We can create a future where a clean environment and indigenous rights matter more than Big Oil’s profits.
BREAKING NEWS. Court orders a shut down and removal of oil from the Dakota Access Pipeline. Order says Dakota Access assumed much of its economic risk knowingly, and the potential harm each day the pipeline operates… via @IndianCountry
The Trump administration is focused on making it harder for homeless trans people to get safe shelter during this pandemic. That is outrageous.

As a society, we can—and we must—end homelessness and housing discrimination against trans people.…
The Trump administration is targeting homeless trans people in the middle of a pandemic
This is a major victory for the millions-strong climate justice movement, which fought for years to stop this pipeline.

Together, we will secure clean air and good jobs building a renewable-energy economy that protects the only planet we have.…
Energy companies cancel construction of Atlantic Coast Pipeline
As a pandemic rages, public health departments across America are being starved and are on the verge of collapse.

Meanwhile, billionaires have seen their wealth grow by $565 billion.

That is what oligarchy looks like.…
Hollowed out public health system faces more cuts amid virus
The minimum wage is worth less than it was 50 years ago.

If wages had gone up with productivity, today it would be three times higher.

Corporate America has been waging a war on workers for decades. It's about time working people stand up and fight back.…
How the American Worker Got Fleeced
Throughout our history, demagogues have always tried to demonize different people to divide us up.

We will not let Trump succeed. We will break down the irrational hatred he is fomenting. We are going to build a politics of love, compassion, and unity.
Breaking News: President Trump delivered a dark and divisive speech at Mount Rushmore, leaning into the culture wars and barely mentioning the pandemic.
This holiday weekend, let us reflect on the disturbing reality behind every plate of food—workers are being exploited and put at risk every day.

They don’t need more lip service, they need justice: Hazard pay, sick leave, $15 an hour and a safe workplace.…
Jane and I wish you and your loved ones a very happy Independence Day.

Together, we can and will create the kind of nation based on love and justice that we know we can become.
I believe that right now, the American people want real transformation.

They want us to invest in health care, jobs and education for all, so that they can live their lives with dignity and security.

They want a government which represents all of us, not the 1%.
No, Mr. Trump, coronavirus will not just “disappear.” We need to pass legislation to fight this pandemic and protect the American people. That means:

😷 Masks for all
🧪 Free testing for all
💊 Health care for all
👨‍👩‍👧 Economic security for all…
Trump Says Covid-19 Is 'Going to Sort of Just Disappear, I Hope' on
Bernie Sanders Retweeted ·  
Proud to work with @SenatorDurbin, @SenSanders and others on this bicameral effort to ensure that all countries have the financial support they need to recover from #COVID-19.
I am proud to join @SenatorDurbin on this legislation to have the IMF provide financial support to the developing world, at no cost to U.S. taxpayers.

It is the very least we can do to prevent unimaginable increases in poverty, hunger, and disease that threaten the world's poor.
The world has lost more than 500,000 people to #COVID19. The virus has brought global economies to a halt. Today @SenSanders, @SenJackReed, @SenatorCardin, @SenJeffMerkley, & I introduced a bill urging international financial institutions to help.
Bernie Sanders Retweeted ·  
.@AmericanAir: how many Americans will die bc you fill middle seats, w/ your customers shoulder to shoulder, hour after hour. This is incredibly irresponsible. People eat & drink on planes & must take off masks to do so. No way you aren’t facilitating spread of COVID infections.
How on earth can airlines—in the middle of pandemic—fly their planes at full capacity?

I am demanding federal action to require social distancing, mask-wearing, and disinfection in planes and airports.

We must put the safety of passengers and workers ahead of corporate profits.
No one is above the law. @SenMarkey, @SenWarren, and I introduced a bill to abolish “qualified immunity" so police officers can be held fully accountable for abuses they commit, just like everybody else.…
Markey Bill, Backed by Sanders and Warren, Moves to Abolish Qualified
🚨 14.7 million Americans are still out of work. Coronavirus infections are rising at an unprecedented rate. 🚨

Until this crisis is over, we must:

💵Provide $2,000 a month per person
🏥Ensure medical care without cost
👷‍♀️Guarantee workers' wages
💳Extend unemployment benefits
Instead of addressing the surge in hunger due to this economic meltdown, the Senate is rushing to pass a $740 billion military budget.

We need to fundamentally alter our national priorities. It's time to eradicate hunger in America. It's time to increase nutrition support.
Today, workers in Washington, DC will get paid at least $15 an hour. This is what happens when workers raise their voices, organize and demand to be heard. It’s time for Congress to raise the minimum wage to a living wage of $15 an hour for all workers.…
These 3 states and Washington, D.C. are raising their minimum wage
One theory is that by spending $740,000,000,000 on the most sophisticated weapons of mass destruction in world history, we'll be safer.

I'm not so sure.

Maybe what makes us safer is breaking down fear and hatred around the world, so that we can recognize our common humanity.
Rent is due. But over 40 million Americans lost their jobs because of this horrific pandemic. How are they expected to put together the income to make rent?

It is time to cancel rent and mortgage payments until this crisis is over.
Alec Smith died at 26 because he was rationing insulin that was too expensive.

Now Big Pharma is suing to block a law passed in his honor to make insulin more affordable.

Let’s be clear about this: Big Pharma’s greed is literally killing people in this country.
BREAKING: Pharma is suing to block Minnesota's new insulin access law.

The Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act was passed in honor of a 26-year-old who died rationing insulin.

The law would've taken effect today. Pharma's fighting it during a pandemic.

Beyond unconscionable.
I am LIVE in the Senate to oppose a $740 billion military budget without being able to vote on amendments.

The American people deserve a real debate before we build more bombs instead of schools.…
Bernie Sanders Retweeted ·  
USMCA goes into effect today, but Mexico continues to persecute union activists.

Susana Prieto Terrazas, a labor rights activist and lawyer, was wrongfully arrested almost a month ago.

There is no fair trade deal when workers’ rights are under threat. #FreeSusana #SusanaLibreYa
How can it be that the United States—with just 4% of the world’s population—accounts for 25% of the world’s coronavirus deaths?

Our people are dying every day because of Trump’s lies and incompetence.…
The US has 4% of the world's population but 25% of its coronavirus cases
Unbelievable. Facial recognition technology identifies the wrong person 96% of the time according to Detroit's police chief.

We must ban facial recognition technology for policing.
Detroit Police Chief: Facial recognition software misidentifies people 96 percent of the time.
Israel's annexation of occupied territory would be a disaster for international law, self-determination, freedom and equality.

I stand with @AOC and House progressives. We cannot allow U.S. tax dollars to be used to violate Palestinians' human rights.…
Bernie Sanders signs AOC's anti-annexation letter threatening to cut U.S. military aid to Israel
Join me NOW: I urge my colleagues to stop pouring billions of dollars into wars and weapons.

President Eisenhower and Dr. King were right. We need the guts to say NO to the military industrial complex and start focusing on real human needs.…
Today, I asked Dr. Fauci whether we need to manufacture and distribute free, high-quality masks and guarantee free vaccines to everyone in America.

He agreed.

The Senate must listen to our public health experts and immediately pass my proposals to do exactly that.
Health care workers who risk their lives every day fighting this pandemic are being denied the personal protective equipment they need.

The Trump administration's response: Ignoring thousands of workers' safety complaints. Beyond outrageous.…
In the midst of a pandemic, the Senate is voting on a $740 billion Pentagon budget.

I will be presenting an alternative: Cut the military by 10% to invest in health care, jobs, housing, and the environment.

It's time to transform our national priorities.…
A 10% cut to the US military budget would help support struggling Americans | Bernie Sanders
The $600 in additional weekly unemployment income passed by Congress saved millions from financial ruin.

Ending it could cost 5 million jobs and hurt countless struggling families. As coronavirus cases rise, we must extend this critical lifeline.…
Ending extra $600 in unemployment benefits will impact 20 million Americans, says government agency
How the hell can two people be charged $200 or $6,400 for the same test?

No rational person can accept our dysfunctional, profit-driven health care system.

No more greed. It's time to make health care a human right. It's time to pass Medicare for All.…
Two Friends in Texas Were Tested for Coronavirus. One Bill Was $199. The Other? $6,408.
Trump's lies and incompetence have cost us lives.

America's coronavirus cases are skyrocketing even as other major countries have controlled its spread.

Congress must step up. We need to act urgently to guarantee robust testing, tracing, masks, and medical treatment for all.
Taxpayers provided funding for the development of this drug. Now Gilead is price-gouging off it during a pandemic. Beyond disgusting.

Coronavirus treatment must be free to all.
Gilead's coronavirus treatment remdesivir to cost $3,120 per U.S. patient with private insurance
Extremist Republican legislators lost again today. Abortion is a constitutional right and we will make damn sure it stays that way.
The Supreme Court reaffirmed abortion protections, striking down a Louisiana abortion restriction that, if allowed to be implemented, could have made the state the first to be without a legal abortion provider since Roe v. Wade.…
Billionaires are waging class war against the working people of this country in the middle of a pandemic. That is obscene. It’s time to stand up and fight back.
As 45 million Americans lost their jobs, U.S. billionaires made $584 billion.
Bernie Sanders Retweeted ·  
"Unbelievably, when it comes to water infrastructure, America’s challenges resemble those of a developing country."

Thank you @SenSanders & @BrendaLawrence for introducing the #WATERAct to repair our water infrastructure.…
Clean water is a human right. In America its more a profit machine | Bernie Sanders and Brenda Lawrence
Whether it is:

🌎 Transforming our energy system away from fossil fuel
✊ Fighting systemic racism
🏥 Ending a cruel and dysfunctional healthcare system
📈 Addressing the grotesque level of wealth inequality in our country

Now is the time for change—real change.
It is unbelievable that this has to be said, but no: reducing testing will not make this pandemic go away.

Trump's decision to pull federal support for testing is threatening the health of millions of people.…
Trump administration ending support for drive-thru testing sites
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