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Last 50 tweets from @SethMacFarlane
“A basic principle of the law — and of everyday fairness — is that we apply rules with consistency, and not based on what’s convenient or advantageous in the moment.”
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought to the end, through her cancer, with unwavering faith in our democracy and its ideals. That’s how we remember her. But she also left instructions for how she wanted her legacy to be honored. My statement:…
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
Harry Reid on RBG's passing: "Each Republican Senator must now demonstrate whether previous protests about filling Supreme Court seats during an election year were sincere beliefs or a shameless example of...cynical hyper-partisan grandstanding and obstruction..."
Reagan, though I disliked him, had prior political experience as governor of California. Obama was a Senator. Trump had no experience, and remains a remarkably incurious man, with little desire to learn what he does not know. The current chaos is a result. Quite different indeed.
Three Supreme Court Justices nominated by a reality TV host. Today’s America is a very different place than the one in which I grew up.
And we found out.
The Senate and the nation mourn the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the conclusion of her extraordinary American life.

My full statement:
We’re about to find out...…
Sen. Lindsey Graham justifies his treatment of Merrick Garland: "If an opening comes in the last year of President Trump's term, and the primary process has started, we'll wait to the next election"
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
Rarely has our country needed four Senators of principle more than we do at this hour.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg. A model for fairness, rational thought, and progress. She will be missed more than we can yet imagine.
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
BREAKING NEWS from @NPR : Ruth Bader Ginsburg died Friday at age 87 from complications of cancer.  
In a statement dictated to her granddaughter Clara Spera days before her death, she said, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new President is installed.”
Hey, here’s a tune from the new album! Link in bio!
It’s wise to listen to the scientific community and not the President, yes, but the spread of vaccine disinformation knows no political boundaries. Left and Right share equal blame. I know many “progressives” out here in LA who refuse to even get an annual flu vaccine.
In reply to @SethMacFarlane
And many of Trump's supporters are on the anti-vax train (government conspiracy, misinformation on vaccines, etc) so it should be interesting to watch this unfold. I'll wait until a properly vetted vaccine makes it through with the broad support of medical professionals.
“Olivia Troye, who worked as homeland security, counterterrorism and coronavirus adviser to Pence for 2 years, said the administration’s response cost lives and that she will vote for Joe Biden this fall because of her experience in the Trump White House.”…
This is one of the biggest differences between the two candidates, and one to think carefully about before voting. Biden offers organization, efficiency, and scientific transparency. Trump promises more chaos. The implementation of a new vaccine urgently requires the former.
Yesterday, I met with some of our nation's top experts to discuss how we distribute a safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. If I win this election, I know that there won't be a minute to waste. I'll get to work on day one implementing an effective distribution plan.
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
Tonight! @SethMacFarlane, Evan Rachel Wood, and magic with @pennjillette & @MrTeller! Plus Jimmy reads your #NewFootballTraditions tweets #FallonTonight
Reported by NPR: “Military Confirms It Sought Information on Using 'Heat Ray' Against D.C. Protesters”. Further reports suggest the initial request was made by these top officials:
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
I haven't been this excited to receive a package ALL of 2020 but take a look at this beauty!! 🤗 @TheOrville @SethMacFarlane @jleefilm @ScottGrimes
Hopefully @NASA will fund Venus missions in the near future. It’s one of the most mysterious and fascinating planets in our solar system.…
Hey, remember science?? That thing that used to be the best thing humans ever invented before it got politicized and ravaged by social media? Well, it’s still awesome, so let’s take it back! You can start by watching the new season of COSMOS next Tuesday on Fox!! (Irony noted)
It’s overblown, it’s over-dramatized, and it’s ham-fisted, and yet Netflix’s The Social Dilemma is probably the most timely and relevant documentary you’ll watch this year.
It’s pretty clear that social media is the worst thing to happen to education and to discourse in our lifetime. As hammy as Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma” is, it sure seems to be an accurate message. I guess we can only hope the “loudest deniers” are not the most plentiful.
In reply to @SethMacFarlane
We can’t even convince the loudest deniers that Covid is real and requires government action. And that threat’s killing people in the thousands right in front of our eyes. I struggle to see how we can convince them of the more nebulous and long term climate change threat.
She’s top-notch. The presentation on their social media platform, however, requires context.
In reply to @SethMacFarlane
did a good job of pushing back.
In reply to @TODAYshow
@TODAYshow I wish journalistic outlets would contextualize posts like this. Without it, it’s misleading. It simply passes on their political talking points, which are dubious, to put it politely. Responsible use of these platforms will help stop the spread of misinformation.
“The president was very forthcoming with the American people about what he knew and when he knew it,” Jared Kushner tells @SavannahGuthrie about the president’s initial response to the coronavirus.
Climate alterations that were once only measurable in geological time can now be measured in decades. Decades. This is not politics. You can see it outside your window. Social media’s bizarre, inexplicable passion for anti-science continues to perplex.
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
The West Coast is on fire. Powerful hurricanes are approaching our Gulf Coast. I know many have been against taking any action or spending any money to address climate change, but we must get to work. So, in the next few weeks, please #VoteforScience.
"Climate change is real. It’s about acknowledging science, not about believing in facts or not believing in facts. Facts are facts. Science is science. It’s about acknowledging the science and acknowledging the facts.”…
Couple who died in California fire were ready to evacuate but reconsidered after 'erroneous information'
Congratulations, Carl! Can’t wait to see what brilliance you cook up!
So Excited To Work With Legends; Norman Lear @SethMacFarlane @StephenCurry30
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
Climate change is the existential challenge that will define our future as a country. Tune in as I discuss the wildfires up and down the West Coast — and how I'll tackle the climate crisis head-on and create millions of good-paying jobs:…
Joe Biden @JoeBiden
An Ex-Republican Strategist Surveys the Wreckage of Trump’s GOP: “They all know that Trump is an idiot. They all know that he’s uniquely unqualified to be president. But they convinced themselves that he was a necessity.”…
Ill Never Question 1938 in Germany Again: An Ex-Republican Strategist Surveys the Wreckage of Trumps GOP
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
In reply to @SethMacFarlane
Imagine that and all it took was people exhausting the supply of every other movie and TV show in existence to get there. Top of the world there champ. Where's season 3 of The Orville?
“‘A Million Ways To Die In The West’ somehow flew under the radar for a long time.” Man, we are gonna do great until there’s a vaccine.…
The Netflix Movie 'A Million Ways To Die In The West' Gets A Surprise Boost
“If we get a really good vaccine and just about everybody gets vaccinated, you’ll have a degree of immunity in the general community that I think you can walk into a theater without a mask and feel like you aren’t going to be at risk.”…
Dr. Anthony Fauci Predicts Yearlong Intermission Between Vaccine Arrival And Maskless Theater
A Bachelor contestant speaking for a game show host.
In reply to @Acosta
“The President never downplayed the virus.” -Kayleigh McEnany “I wanted to always play it down.” -President Donald Trump
Absolutely, yes. But from the beginning, it’s been the same issue: States can’t get us the whole way piecemeal. There must be a coordinated federal response with which the states are in sync. Hence, the need for a uniter in the White House instead of a divider.
In reply to @SethMacFarlane
Do you think we will ever live in a world without masks again??
More than half of the nation's poll workers in 2016 were 60+ — those most at risk for COVID-19. A lack of poll workers means closed polls and disenfranchised voters. If you want to volunteer to be a poll worker, go to! #AllinForVoting
All In: The Fight for Democracy
In legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward’s new book, Trump admits he knew the coronavirus was ‘deadly’ and far more severe than the flu, while actively trying to “play it down” to mislead the public. This observation from John Bolton sheds some obvious light on the motive:
There is, pal. There sure is.
In reply to @SethMacFarlane
Isn’t there a horse named Curtis in that movie?
“Netflix subscribers have given A Million Ways To Die In The West a new lease on life today, and it currently sits in sixth position on the streaming service’s Top 10 most-watched list globally...” Wow, you found us! And all it took was a pandemic! Thanks, guys!
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
settling in for the evening after a great Sunday with the hubby to enjoy some Episodes of the Orville #theorville @SethMacFarlane @ScottGrimes @AdriannePalicki @jleefilm @markjacksonacts @PennyJJerald
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
But lemme guess, if he agreed with you, he’d be “bravely embracing his platform”? He said these things on his own personal twitter account, not a show you paid for.
Interesting article about an interesting guy.…
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
Just finished The Orville Season 2. Amazing show. Bring on Season 3!
@TheOrville @SethMacFarlane @hulu
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
In reply to @LadyLibra82
Seth MacFarlane Retweeted ·  
What happens when leaders sideline science during the #COVID19 pandemic? People die.

Demand better from our leaders, no more unnecessary deaths:
The unsettling part is not that Trump could win again. He could. What’s unsettling is that after nearly 200,000 deaths, a ruined economy, a domestic and foreign policy prioritizing one man instead of the country, disrespect for POWs, etc. ... it will still be a close election.
Watch this and tell me you’re voting for Trump?
John Bolton: Trump’s inexcusably weak coronavirus response has been "one mistake after another. They've made a complete mess of it, and it's been a tragedy for Americans, those who have died and their families, the economic consequences...” News of the obvious. Vote him out.
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