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Last 50 tweets from @shauntandon
Big question after billed breakthrough in Ankara talks — is the YPG actually willing to move, and how will this withdrawal happen? Will Turkey allow any Kurdish autonomy in northern Syria?
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
In reply to @OKnox
And @shauntandon with solid questions to Pence about the future this agreement envisions for Syrian Kurds. Pence says US wants an "orderly withdrawal" of Kurds past a 20-mile line inside the Syrian border. Says it's underway. (Longer-term future is unclear.)
Sign of progress or tension? Erdogan and Pence are still meeting 1 1/2 hours after Pence had planned a departure press conference — and the Turks are bringing out dinner for the waiting press
Shouldn’t read too much into body language but Pompeo appears to be smiling. US side says it’s the first time Turkey has allowed photos in this room of the palace for a meeting with Erdogan. #Syria
Waiting at the Turkish presidential complex as Pence meets Erdogan. Turks and Americans are united in not being bashful about their flags.
Before talks with Erdogan, Pompeo is freshening up at the US ambassador’s residence in Ankara — located off “Iran Avenue”
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Pompeo has arrived in Ankara. On departure, he reiterated that he and Pence are here to secure a ceasefire in NE Syria by Turkey.
And the intrepid State Department plane manages to beat Air Force Two to Shannon en route to Ankara. As Pompeo and Pence sleep and the planes refuel, respective press pools cross paths over early-morning (or late DC-time) pints of Guinness.
If the pilots feel like it, they could have a race across the Atlantic. Pence and Pompeo are about to leave for Ankara with their separate planes both waiting on the tarmac at Andrews AFB
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Trump just became the first US official to confirm the presence of 50 US nuclear bombs based
in Turkey. "We're very confident" they're safe, he told reporters, via WH Pool

US and Nato officials never talk about nuclear deployments abroad.
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Trump has no idea what’s happening. US personnel have been scrambling to evacuate positions surrounded by hostile Turkish-backed opposition forces. They are evacuating under duress and then bombing positions so nobody can seize them.…
Trump's latest mixed message. After pulling US troops to allow in Turkey, then slapping sanctions on Turkey for its incursion, he says of Syria's Kurds: "They are no angels."
Trump: les Kurdes “ne sont pas des anges”
Well this complicates their imminent visit. Pence said he would meet Erdogan on Thursday
In reply to @AFP
#BREAKING Erdogan says won't meet Pence, Pompeo on Ankara visit
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
I know it’s been a hectic news day, but don’t miss this story on the expert that Trump’s top China adviser, Peter Navarro, has cited frequently in his past books and studies.

His name is Ron Vara.

He doesn’t exist.

Ron Vara is an anagram of Navarro.…
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Trump admin officials often imply they started the anti-ISIS coalition, even though it began under Obama. Also, this is quite the claim by Pompeo given that it was Obama who first declared ISIS was committing genocide, sent aid to Yazidis, worked with Kurds, etc.
China, usually reticent in criticizing others when its interests not directly at stake, urges Turkey to end #Syria incursion. Partly diplomatic payback to Erdogan for speaking out on incarceration of Uighurs?…
The whiplash even by Trump standards. Less than an hour earlier he defended leaving Syria's Kurds to fend for themselves, saying anyone including Napoleon is welcome to help
#BREAKING Trump says "fully prepared" to destroy Turkish economy
Quite the adverbs; "I am fully prepared to swiftly destroy Turkey's economy"
Statement from President Donald J. Trump Regarding Turkey’s Actions in Northeast Syria
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Lot of anti-Trump-Erdogan-Orbán chants/placards today at the Turkey protest in Budapest today, HU was only EU member to block a declaration vs Turkey this week, Erdogan visiting Budapest next month
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Commander of Kurdish forces in #Syria to US official:

"I need to know if u are capable of protecting my people, stopping these bombs falling on us or not... If not, I need to make a deal w/Russia & regime now & invite their planes to protect this region”…
Exclusive: Military leader of Syrian Kurds tells US 'you are leaving us to be slaughtered'
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
The Indian government says it will unblock most mobile telephone lines in Kashmir in a major easing of a two-month-old security clampdown, but a grenade attack in the main city highlighted tensions over New Delhi's actions
India eases mobile phone shutdown in Kashmir amid grenade strike
Hot story — Wisconsin spice company critical of Trump is biggest spender of Facebook ads on impeachment other than Trump and his campaign themselves… via @NYTimes
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Amb. Masha Yovanovitch stood strong today but she was all alone. Now is the time for the State Department leadership to stand by our career officers and permit those who know the full story on Ukraine to tell the truth to Congress and the public.
Kicker -- Pompeo adviser "did not respond to a request for comment"
State Department reporters are protesting what they see as unprecedented stonewalling of questions surrounding the Ukraine scandal…
Admirably hard-hitting @Tennessean interview with Pompeo, who says it's "ludicrous" to compare his handling of Benghazi and #impeachment and eventually insists, "I came here today to Nashville to talk about religious freedom"
Pompeo in Nashville defends Ukraine phone call, blasts Dems 'who are trying to take down this president'… via @tennessean
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
In reply to @shauntandon
Azerbaijan has also supported Turkey.
As with the Cyprus issue, Pakistan is the only country that is offering vocal support to Turkey over Syria
International reactions to the Turkish incursion into northern Syria
Quite a Friday afternoon plot twist to a week like this in US foreign policy
#BREAKING Trump announces 'very substantial' partial US-China trade deal
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
In reply to @AFP
#BREAKING NATO member Norway suspends all new arms exports to Turkey
Tokarczuk is winning the Nobel at the mere age of 57. She can become an even larger voice against nationalism for years to come.
Olga Tokarczuk and Peter Handke win Nobel prizes in literature…
In reply to @shauntandon
why does pompeo look different past couple weeks. paler/greyer? not sure what it is but noticed it in all the recent pics
Replying to @lrozen
Actually think he's been looking more spry, if that's not counter-intuitive
Asked if the US still considered Syrian Kurdish fighters who fought ISIS to be allies, Pompeo echoed Erdogan lines. "The Turks have a legitimate security concern. ... They have a terrorist threat to their south."
WATCH: Does removing U.S. troops from northern Syria ensure "the reemergence of ISIS," as Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested today?

"That's certainly not what I believe will happen," @SecPompeo tells @JudyWoodruff. "I'm confident that President Trump understands the threat."
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
This weak WH statement is a bright green light for a Turkish invasion. It also makes no sense. It says Turkey is “now responsible” for ISIS prisoners. But those prisoners are in an SDF-guarded camp 230km away from the Turkish attack zone.
After Trump told Erdogan that US troops were leaving their Kurdish allies
In reply to @AFP
#BREAKING Explosion heard in northeast Syria near Turkish border
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
A bad situation in Northeast Syria is about to get much worse. Sources tell me that US officials have just informed the Syrian Kurds that Turkey is likely to attack on air and ground in next 24 hours. The US will do nothing. Targets are Tal Abyad and Ras al Ayn....
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
#BREAKING US restricts visas to China officials over Uighur "repression": Pompeo
Like his attacks on Ilhan Omar, Trump sees electoral hope in Minnesota (surprisingly narrow Hillary win in 2016, similar dynamics to Wisconsin) and is hoping to stir up rural antagonism toward the Twin Cities
Radical Left Dem Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, is doing everything possible to stifle Free Speech despite a record sell-out crowd at the Target Center. Presidents Clinton and Obama paid almost nothing! The Minneapolis Police have been incredible....
Although I’m not sure what France can do now that Trump has given the green light to Erdogan
#BREAKING France cautions Turkey against 'any initiative' threatening fight against IS in Syria
Strategically keeping wiggle room by saying he’s reacting to media reports when Trump announced this himself
If reports about US retreat in #Syria are accurate, the Trump administration has made a grave mistake that will have implications far beyond Syria.
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Deeply disturbed by the reports of sexual violence toward women, including #Uighurs and ethnic #Kazakhs, in China's #Xinjiang province. We call on #China to end this brutal assault on human rights and religious freedom. AGW
Brutally blunt White House statement — Trump told Erdogan that US forces will no longer protect Syrian Kurds against a Turkish invasion and blames Europeans for not taking ISIS fighters captured by Kurds
Hours after Pompeo voiced guarded hope on the talks in Stockholm
In reply to @AFP
#BREAKING N. Korea negotiator says nuclear talks with US have broken down, blames Washington
Shaun Tandon Retweeted ·  
Former EU MEP on Rubio saying Trump was probably not serious when he asked China to investigate the Bidens
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