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Last 50 tweets from @ShippersUnbound
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
Now you’ve got rid of #Boris, would be good to see you and #Pogrom and the rest @thetimes take on #IslamicFundamentalism…..but I won’t hold my breath……
The definition of optimism. Wife and I are talking two kids, five and under, to Ibiza (!) tomorrow in some sort of attempt to pretend our lives haven’t changed that much since we last went there. *And* I’ve just packed two books 😂
Replying to @AliDonnelly
All good, but forget the books
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
Have you read the new Gerald Seymour? Think you would approve muchly. (A sequely, of a kind, to his previous one, "The Crocodile Hunter" which was also excellent.)
Replying to @alexmassie
I have it, saving until Brexit 3 is out of my life
I don't have strong views about a lot of things because in my work I meet credible advocates on both sides of most arguments. The one thing where I do is freedom of speech. Since I was 14 yrs old, the figurehead of everything that matters in that battle has been Salman Rushdie🤞
This will be a good one. One of the top 10 spy writers working today
Back in the DDR, @DanFesperman reveals more about his latest novel, Winter Work, now available on all good #podcast apps! (and the link in first reply.) #coldwar #spies #spybrary
Tim Shipman Retweeted ·  
If, like me, you really enjoy spy fiction but until today hadn't come across this article by @ShippersUnbound on @spybrary well, lets just say you can thank me later…
Top 125 Best Spy Authors Ranked by Tim Shipman for Spybrary : Spybrary - Spy Podcast
Want some summer reading ideas? Tune in now
In just under 10 minutes, I'll be on a live panel discussing @ShippersUnbound's rankings of the greatest spy novelists of all time as part of the @spybrary podcast. You can watch along here:…
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
I just listened to a podcast - Andrew Roberts interviewing Sir Richard Dearlove. Sir Richard reckons the spy writer who gives the most accurate portrayal of SIS is Alan Judd.
He is in the list, and a lovely man to boot
Earlier this year I wrote a mammoth guide to the best 125 spy writers I’ve read (and another 170 I haven’t). At 8pm this evening in the first ever @spybrary live podcast (simulcast on YouTube and Facebook) some of the world’s great spy fiction experts will quiz me on it. Join us
Doing a little prep for this exciting podcast!
That’s a fabulous copy. Love the cover
Client journalism again from Tom Shitman
Replying to @ShakeyStephens
Journalist does interview and tells readers what interviewee said, then tries to drum up online readers for his piece. Don't quite think you've got a grip on what that phrase means
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
In todays Rishi makes up random shit...
Replying to @ExStrategist
We are pretty much the only major developed country that doesn't keep up maths or the native language past 16
Can Sunak mount a comeback? What's really going on in the Tory leadership election behind the scenes…
Inside the Tory hustings where its all still to play for
Rishi Sunak would make all A-Level students keep studying Maths and English to 18 he reveals in the Sunday Times interview (plus how his tidy fetish upsets his wife)…
Rishi Sunak interview: My wife definitely drinks... it massively irritates her that I dont
Probably a good thing I’m not opening a clothes shop
Replying to @tomjrowley
It's a very strong bookseller look if your shelves are to be stuffed with Fly Fishing by JR Hartley
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
And as for those that can't pay, well they can suffer and die. Have I got that right Tim.
No, stop seeing everything as NHS or America. Pretty well every lefty govt in europe runs a mixed public-private system - with better outcomes. Only here do we regard this as heresy
I defend our choice of millinery.
Replying to @johnsweeneyroar
My 3 year old likes orange. She will approve
Vote now! Who has the worst hat? @tomjrowley or @johnsweeneyroar (the book will be better value than either hat)
Would you buy a book from men in these hats?
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
I work in the NHS, so much time and money is spent keeping medically fit people in hospital. If we increase the pay & conditions of carers in the community we would recruit and retain more = quicker discharges. The money spend on keeping these people in hospital is enormous.
It's a good point and we still await the great joined up health and care service politicians have been promised for 20 years. There's also a case for much more money to be spent on prevention
Alex Massie is one of our finest writers. This, on Trimble and the meaning of the peace process, is magnificent and wise
David Trimble: the last great British statesman?…
If Rishi Sunak is looking for omens, his team Southampton has just scored a spectacular own goal
In reply to @RobSellers8
The NHS has not reformed or made better use of its cash. It shouldn't be the only public service which doesn't have to. That you regard such a view as heretical shows the problem
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
Yes, then they get a huge invoice and payment terms like a customer at a car show room. Or they pray as they can't afford the treatment. Great system 👍
I don't think anyone wants the American system, including most Americans. But there are better ways as France/Germany show, but whisper private providers here and you are drummed out of politics. Insane
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
It was excellent treatment until you Tories got hold of it.
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
Yanks pay 3 times + what we do , if they can afford . Now discuss that . Client journalist.. we are I’ll served
Replying to @RobSellers8
And get treated like a customer rather than someone who ought to be grateful for rubbish treatment
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
It gives all the political hacks something to talk about through August, a time normally not much happens on the political front.
Replying to @TheLeaverland
I would be delighted to have peace and quiet
This shows the problem of serious debate about the religion of the NHS. Some people wouldn't be satisfied if every penny of tax revenue was spent on the NHS. If it was a good funding model at least one country would have followed our example. Qatar did, then changed its mind
YouGov poll of Conservative party members finds 67% saying the NHS has enough money already and should use its resources more efficiently. These are the people who are choosing the next PM
This, oh God, this. FOUR ****ING WEEKS! 🤬😱
There is still a month to go in the Tory leadership race. Four weeks. 😑
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
How do you monsters sleep!?
Replying to @teragramytrehod @PickardJE and 1 otherfalse
Glancing at unread PR emails always sends me to sleep
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
Are you planning on reading them? 😂
Replying to @SachinG99 @rcolvile and 2 others
no, but one day when i search an issue or person I might find something useful
In reply to @ShippersUnbound
But then I always know when I've got a new message. (Best filter for mass-deleting I find is 'unsubscribe' - gets all the newsletters/spam.)
Replying to @rcolvile @PickardJE and 1 otherfalse
because mine pop up on my phone. i ignore 90% of them. most people worth conversing with do so on whatsapp
In reply to @rcolvile
Why not just "Mark All As Read" 😂
Replying to @SachinG99 @rcolvile and 2 others
because they aren't read
In reply to @PickardJE
Monsters the both of you
Replying to @rcolvile @PickardJE and 1 otherfalse
most of it is dreck, why would you waste your time deleting things? The monsters are the anal clean inbox fanatics. Also very handy to be able to search a full inbox sometimes, things once irrelevant can become relevant
Spy fans: This is packed with revelations
Having spent 2 years interviewing 100+ intelligence officials, digging through archives - and explaining to some people that I'm writing about the spy network - not the burger chain @FiveGuys - my book about the #FiveEyes will be out on September 1
These people are *paid* to write about politics btw
Replying to @Oliverq85
Taking the job wasn't the problem. Changing his mind 3 times in 48 hours about whether the PM should go was a problem, as I wrote subsequently
I definitely did not walk into the Panerai shop in Florence and be tempted to by a watch. Oh no. No not me.

Ok maybe
Replying to @reporterboy
youve got the bug now, game over
In reply to @TanyaGold1
Not a masterpiece, but Alan Rickman stole Die Hard to a degree never seen before or since in a film.
In reply to @TanyaGold1
Christopher Walken/Dennis Hopper in True romance
And this is my favourite ever single scene. They are both superb
In reply to @GeorgeTrefgarne
Seconded, this is my favourite ever supporting performance
Fantastic to see a spy thriller writer run off with this one
It's me! Talking about winning The @PeoplesBkPrize 2022 FIRST-TIME AUTHOR award...
I just got my email inbox down to 0 Unread Messages.

I never thought this day would come.
Replying to @KyleYNFL
Yeah not so much here
Tim Shipman Retweeted ·  
England presser with Wiegman crashed by the players singing “It’s Coming Home” #WEuro2022
Tim Shipman Retweeted ·  
In reply to @tracey_crouch
You want a job doing, ask a woman 😉
In reply to @TomABacon
Actually - a more general apology. That was rude of me, and I shouldn't have made the comment in the first place. So sorry for saying that.
Thank you, I always try to write accurately. Sometimes people pull the wool over our eyes but this is reasonably well attested. It was also very possible to be euro-sceptic, as opposed to euro phobic, and vote remain
In reply to @rolandmcs
He does tend to believe whatever he’s told…
The same is in my referendum book and David Cameron’s memoir. It accords with everything said at the time. Jog on
Supremely good writing from @ShippersUnbound (as you’d expect). Plenty of great colour, but lots and lots of politics.
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