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Last 50 tweets from @smickable
Stephanie Mickus Retweeted ·  
Quick #Billions report. Writers room up & going. Great additions to the room along w Dave, Adam & me: the legend, @benmezrich, the funny, smart @smickable, the Power titan @knifepartyniko, & Emily Hornsby stepping up from asst to staff writer! plus assts @RowanShalit/@LioXaviera
Happy to be here.
Quick #Billions report. Writers room up & going. Great additions to the room along w Dave, Adam & me: the legend, @benmezrich, the funny, smart @smickable, the Power titan @knifepartyniko, & Emily Hornsby stepping up from asst to staff writer! plus assts @RowanShalit/@LioXaviera
Love how I moved to the city that never sleeps at an age where my bedtime is 9:30 again
Tune in to @SquawkCNBC tomorrow at 8:45 am to hear my opinions on the libra hearings! :)
An exclamation point AND a smiley face!
You know you're getting older when everyone working behind the counter at the Walgreen's pharmacy announces your name as you approach as if you're Norm from CHEERS.
Replying to @davidiserson
I just bought Glucose tablets on my lunch break and considered using the blood pressure machine at rite aid
In reply to @smickable
It’s definitely creepy if you haven’t put any social media handles in your profile.
Replying to @sleepwalkninja
It’s creepy either way. Some apps require social media but it’s not supposed to invite messaging by bypassing the app it’s just to prove verified identity and show extra photos
Ayyyyyyy! I got nominated for two Emmys today. Just a god awful day for my haters. Bleak. Stark. Cold winds on wet hair.
Replying to @IanKarmel
The most deserving person I know :-)
Love to sweat my ass off on a crowded subway platform at rush hour waiting for a train I was assured is “right behind” the overcrowded one that left close to 10 mins ago...
The weird whispery voice that Aziz Ansari uses in his new stand up special is like... if 1000 spiders crawling on my skin was a sound, it would be that
Is everyone’s period fucked up right now?
Replying to @Randazzoj
Mine was 2 days early last cycle which hasn’t happened in 17 years
Trump is racist. We should no longer parse words here. Nor wait for a tape from The Apprentice. Today, he publicly told several women of color to go back to the crime infested places from which they came. That’s racist. Full stop.
In reply to @rachsyme
I think you just have to get 10k unverified (unsure if you also have to switch to business after you reach 10k)
In reply to @smickable
Hope Teen Vogue doesn’t recommend dating 35 year olds...
In reply to @themitchellfink
I would, like, super prefer if you didn’t respond to all of my sexual tweets! Esp with the virtue signaling
In reply to @smickable
But I mean: worth it, no?
Replying to @briankoppelman
Even if I ran into every door and broke the plate glass in front of 100 people each time, it would still be worth it
Yes, ScarJo, you should be able to play a tree. Because there aren’t countless sentient trees desiring to act yet struggling to get cast in roles. But there ARE ton of LGBTQIA l/non binary actors who have vocalized that they would love to represent those characters.
I’m so sorry to have to ask but this ad is in reference to being spied on through your personal belongings, or no?
In LA, I was a strong confident young woman running circles around the tourists at griffith observatory and merging effortlessly on the 10. In New York, so far, I have pushed on every pull door and vice versa
When he don’t quite know where the clit is
In reply to @smickable
This looks really good. Is it weird that I saved this pic so I could shoe it to my stylist later for hair I want?... if yes, then I didn’t do that.
Replying to @HelloKathleenJ
Just know it’s filtered and never actually that icy and ash IRL but it’s “baby lights”
In reply to @smickable
Oh shit. Thanks for responding! Any details On what those specific apps are? I can surely find a friend/collegue willing to vouch or whatever needs to happen.
In reply to @smickable
Hey! You find a sublease for your LA apt easily? I’m trying to do the same thing soon (Director with wife and kids in Midwest) and am always wanting a 3-4 month apt sublease but have never been sure that’s possible in Los Feliz Atwater Village are.
Replying to @WebsterBlake
Its easy there are inter industry private apps you need to get recommended through people that actually know and can vouche for you but yeah i did it
In reply to @smickable
Congrats! I’m so happy and excited for you.
Replying to @slack2thefuture
Didn’t make me cry as much as your text 4/10
Tmrrw, I start my 1st day as a staff writer. I am humbled, excited, nervous, and taking lots of antacids. I want to thank everyone who supported, encouraged, mentored, and believed in me. This website isn’t just a silly thing and has given me a great deal of my current life. Xoxo
In reply to @smickable
The amount that men yell at you on the street in New York is pretty crazy.
Replying to @LadyKateBond
The first one was “damn now THAT girl is beautiful” to his friend while he waited at a halal cart and I was actually like okay I’m okay with this... then by day’s end I was like JFC WORLD
In reply to @smickable
That is CRAZY. I’m so sorry.
Replying to @FlakedAndFormed
It’s honestly better than I thought it would be here. Esp during a heatwave. Genuinely not complaining.
In reply to @smickable
What do we replace prisons with?
Replying to @AndyDandyMandy
Rn in this thought experiment we are replacing nothing but confirmation bias with curiosity
Most definitely been catcalled 15–20 times today but with ear buds & Lizzo blasting for all I know they were saying “damn I can tell you have a degree in Intl Politics & the time you have since invested in psychoanalytical therapy will ultimately force me to respect you or walk”
Stephanie Mickus Retweeted ·  
In reply to @smickable
I like this Steph but they will need something credible for witness. They need a footing ...
Replying to @XinterXnaziX
1. My name is Stephanie 2. If you don’t understand and educate yourself on how sexual assault crimes are he/she/they said against he/she/they said and DESIGNED to take advatange of this power dynamic then I can’t help you.
About fucking time. Now charge Trump who had sex with minors that Epstein trafficked. Thanks!
Replying to @smickable
I don’t know what part of me tweeting about the sitting president who admits to being a sexual predator makes these reply guy men think this means if Clinton also did this I wouldn’t want him prosecuted. I don’t let sex abuse slide period. Maybe this says more about you
In reply to @Michael56044250
The man is facing charges of sexual assualt on over 30 women and you just said “that’s not my problem”? This is a human problem. We are all human regardless of political party, nationality, or colour of skin.
In reply to @trulapaugh
No I don’t believe in violence. Please don’t encourage it in my feed.
In reply to @Michael56044250
You have no idea who I am or what I know. Sit down.
In reply to @Michael56044250
Awesome. I if he had sex with Minors, trafficked or not I want him charged too. I assume you are trying to insinuate that I only want to go after conservatives. I focused that tweet on our sitting president cause it seems really pressing and relevant
In reply to @smickable
That list would start with a C... Clinton
Replying to @guchawney
Great. If Clinton has sex with minors who were or were not trafficked I would want him arrested too. We aren’t just out to get conservatives. Not abuse victims. We don’t discriminate!
About fucking time. Now charge Trump who had sex with minors that Epstein trafficked. Thanks!
Replying to @smickable
We’ve all known about this for A LONG TIME. It was one of the reasons half the women I know could barely function around the 2016 election.…
About fucking time. Now charge Trump who had sex with minors that Epstein trafficked. Thanks!
#BREAKING: Jeffrey Epstein arrested on sex trafficking-related charges: report
In reply to @smickable
East village around Veselka, second hand shops. You could also just walk Bleecker street.
In reply to @smickable
Trash and Vaudeville
Replying to @CabDriverD
Oooo that’s pretty close! Thanks!
In reply to @smickable
According to Wikipedia it’s either/or (antivenin/antivenom), but my mind is blown regardless.
Replying to @jdboyd4
Wikipedia is not the linguistic and origin of language expert I just heard speak on it for an hour
In reply to @smickable
You’re here all summer?! Let’s hang for a coffee! I can even bring Milo!
I miss LA but, in NYC it’s way easier to say “can I have bacon, turkey, lettuce and mayo on white bread” without getting glares
Stephanie Mickus Retweeted ·  
A lot of white Americans want to think of history as being like fiction: you close the book and it goes away. It doesn't have to have an impact on your life. In reality, history is more like physics. Your world is made of it.
She didn’t come after you. She held you accountable to your past policies on busing at a presidential debate that she was also a candidate at. Also, saying a woman (or anyone) shouldn’t do that/ let things slide simply because she knows you or your late son is FUCKED.
Joe Biden: "I was prepared for them to come after me but I wasn't prepared for the person coming at me the way [Kamala Harris] came out. She knew Beau, she knows me."
this skirt looks like prosciutto
Replying to @soleilalaplage
I legit thought it was a bacon maxi
Anyone wanna chip in with me on one of those nice brown buttery leather Eames lounge chairs. You know, the ones with the matching foot stools, and the wooden details and then we gift it to Joe Biden so he can SIT THE FUCK DOWN.
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