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Last 50 tweets from @spcohn
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Latest polling numbers on gun policy:
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
This bill would lower prescription drug prices by as much as 55%, but Mitch McConnell has taken almost $1.4 million from the pharmaceutical industry.

I don’t know about you, Andy, but I’ve never known Mitch McConnell to side with Kentuckians over his wealthy donors.
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Trump administration officials are working overtime to say he never gave the green light to this disastrous gift to ISIS, Russia, and Iran. I don’t envy them. But it’s demonstrably false:
In reply to @SpeakerPelosi
@SpeakerPelosi is a genius. This is a no lose scenario. Well done 👍
BREAKING: WOW. Pelosi drug pricing bill scored by nonpartisan CBO would lower drug prices as much as 55%.

Patients would save $158 billion. And Medicare would save $345 billion.…
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Scott Rasmussen/HarrisX Poll: Do you support impeachment *and* removal:

Sept 2 43-47
Sept 9 42-45
Sept 16 45-45
Sept 23 44-41
Sept 30 46-40
Today 50-38

Another poll with rising support not just impeachment, but removal, with support jumping 16 net points since September 2nd.
The argument that Tua is made by his WRs is so tired. Bama changed decades of their stylistic philosophy because of him. In 2017, Jalen Hurts also had Jeudy, Smith, Ruggs, and Calvin Ridley. He threw for 2,081 yards and 17 TDs.

Tua has 2,011 yards and 27 TDs through 6 games.
Replying to @WingfieldNFL
It also misses why Tua is so great. Just watch his eyes as he scans the field. His feet as he avoids the rush and makes throwing lanes on the pocket. And his ball placement. YAC inflated stats are meaningless. Those traits are special.
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Think about this from our special forces’ perspective: They arent coming home. They just have to sit idly while watching their partners, who they fought alongside, get crushed. Meanwhile, ISIS prisoners are escaping. This is just awful.
In reply to @spcohn
My fault. Lol typo. A ton of them actually.
Replying to @tx_pierce
All good. Your main point was a good one.
In reply to @tx_pierce
6th overall (first rounder) not 6th rounder. It everything else in your thread was perfect. Agreed 100%
Irish man left a funny recording to be played at his funeral and I'm dying 😭
I’d agree with that. Tua instantly makes this team about 4 games better. But this roster is gutted and needs to be rebuilt. Maybe there’s 20 salvageable players
Replying to @OmarKelly
Look at how big a difference Darnold made for Jets.
What do you think is the most controversial topic among catchers/catching coaches right now?
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
“In my three and a half decades as a US Foreign Service officer, proudly serving five presidents and ten secretaries of state from both parties, I’ve never seen an attack on diplomacy as the one now underway.”

Read Bill Burns. And weep.…
The Demolition of U.S. Diplomacy
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
“It’s a dagger to the heart to walk away from people who shed blood for us,” one former top CIA official... told me. A retired 4-star general .. said:”Trump’s retreat was an “unsound, morally indefensible act” and a “disgrace” to America and the soldiers”…
Strasburg's curveball next to Flaherty's slider.

That's it.
That's the tweet.
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Simone you are flat out INCREDIBLE!!! ❤️ @Simone_Biles
In reply to @WingfieldNFL
Let’s not forget that his contract makes for a favorable backup QB situation (less $ than Matt Moore was and higher upside)
Well, I would hope for more from a second round pick than a cheap backup QB.
In reply to @spcohn
I understand that fully, but he technically came off the board later than Drew Lock. What was it? Pick 59? I don’t think that’s a crazy high investment into a 22-year-OLs QB. That said, give me Winovich every time.
Replying to @WingfieldNFL
The problem this team has is zero depth. We need good players. We can’t keep throwing away picks like they did on Rosen. No other nfl team wanted him for a reason.
Josh Rosen ranks last among qualified passers in completion percentage, yards per attempt, touchdown percentage, passer rating, and total QBR.
Replying to @WingfieldNFL
The thing gay scares me most about the #TankingForTua strategy is that the same guys making the pick also thought Rosen was worth a second rounder
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Situation when we were there: relative peace.

We leave:
-Turkey attacks our Kurdish allies -shoots artillery at US troops
-bombs a prison where ISIS fighters already escaped.
-ISIS car bomb in Qamishli.

That’s just day one.

Which scenario looks more like an endless war?
“Impeachment gamble” is an interesting way to phrase “abiding by the Constitution.”
Democrats’ impeachment gamble paying off in court of public opinion — for now (@pkcapitol)…
When people pay for things...there are ALWAYS strings attached.

Selling military support is a horrible decision.
In reply to @atrupar
TRUMP: "Are you ready? Saudi Arabia at my request has agreed to pay us for everything we are doing. That is a first. Saudi Arabia, and other countries soon now, but Saudi Arabia has agreed to pay us for everything we are doing to help them and we appreciate that."
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
What I learned during a career wearing our nation’s cloth: Soldiers fight for their buddies, stand for their oath, serve under tough conditions for their nation. They’re not rent-a-mercenary.
Some Spencer Howard filth from the other day ... #Phillies
Replying to @jnorris427
Love the home plate view. He hides the ball well. Which makes his 98 play faster if that’s possible.
Still can’t get by ridiculous quote from #Phillies Pres Andy MacPhail from Friday’s news conf when asked about lack of good drafted players. “We have 3 players in baseballs top 100 prospects .”Wonderful Only 30 teams so at best that’s average. And #Braves have 4 in top 35
Replying to @howardeskin
One other point to highlight how absurd that quote is, they have had 4 top 10 picks in the past 5 years.
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Turkish forces have fired on a declared U.S. military outpost in northern Syria. Turkey knows all of our locations down to the precise grid coordinate as confirmed by SECDEF and CJCS only two hours ago. This was not a mistake.
This is very well said
Steve Kerr’s full response to Donald Trump
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
IDC how old I am I wanna try dumb shit like this 🥰🤣🥰
She is good...
This Elizabeth Warren answer was quite a moment at CNN #EqualityTownHall
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
If you know of a high school senior looking for a scholarship here is the application to the Dolphins' Nat Moore Scholarship.…
Significantly better ability across the board and a hall of fame track record
Replying to @SixersAdam
Besides that, same player
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Second-to-last paragraph:

“The truth is that the whistleblower would have worked with Biden not in some partisan political sense but as a member of the government… It is scurrilous to suppose there was a political motivation.”
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
My god. There is no end to Trump’s rampant, brazen lawlessness. Telling then Secretary Tillerson to work with DOJ to kill a criminal prosecution against one of Giuliani’s clients. Corrupt to his core.
Very important.

Equally important is being transparent with data needed for entire team to know the full story and focus on the right details.
Aligning incentives = one of the most important skills I've learned as a CEO
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Independents have moved from 44% supporting an impeachment inquiry two weeks ago to 54% supporting it now.

Overall, 52% of Americans now support an impeachment inquiry. (Up from 49% two weeks ago.)
This great advice applies to:
- Product
- renewals/churn
- repeatable sales model
as tempting as it is to optimize for bold aspirations...

nail it before you scale it.
In reply to @spcohn
They are in the GCL, Steven.
Replying to @EddyAlmaguer @ProspectsLive and 1 otherfalse
ah...sorry, I thought that was from the arizona fall league. thanks for clarifying.
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Another armed domestic abuser has decided that it was time for his entire family to die before killing himself. This time in Oklahoma. #okleg…
4 dead in Oklahoma after dad kills kids, their mom, himself
Not all HRs are off bad pitches.
Sometimes, the hitter just wins.
Replying to @PitchingNinja
This is true. Was a good pitch to Rendon. But the game tying homer to Soto was a bad pitch. Missed spot badly. Catcher was set up outside and he missed middle in with 89 mph. Hammer time.
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
This video will make your day better.

#50 is the best!
Average 4 seam fastball velocity of game 5 starters:

Gerrit Cole 97.1 MPH
Tyler Glasnow 96.9 MPH
Walker Buehler 96.5 MPH
Mike Foltynewicz 94.8 MPH
Jack Flaherty 94.3 MPH
Stephen Strasburg 93.9 MPH
Replying to @darenw
All first round picks too.
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
Chinese government deciding U.S. citizens can't talk
Petey Halpin- CF, Mira Costa HS, ‘20. Texas commit. Like hitters who stay inside & drive ball opposite field. Reminds me of Moniak minus arm strength.
Has been invited to Elite 48 Showcase in February... dd @MLB @MLBPipeline @d1baseball @USABaseball18U @socalscouts @SoCalSteve9
Replying to @elite_48 @MLB and 5 others
Did Moniak drive a lot of opposite field hits in HS? In pro ball he has become heavily a pull hitter.
Great point Brian. I would add Founders should own sales opps too. Not just sit in on meetings. Actually own from initial demo to close.
Every entrepreneur should be forced to write their own copy and tackle customer service tickets on a Friday evening.
I hate the part of sports where people get happy and gloat over other teams losing. Why does someone else’s disappointment make people happy?
Steven Cohn Retweeted ·  
One Fox News poll result that has 2020 implications: Do you think the Trump administration is more corrupt, less corrupt, or about as corrupt as previous administrations?
More corrupt: 51%
Less corrupt: 27%
About as corrupt: 18%
Draining the swamp, anyone?…
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