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Last 50 tweets from @StephenKing
In today’s mail, a long missing addition to my @fpaulwilson collection and my horror zine collection.
That mag published my first story: “The Glass Floor.”
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
Susan Collins on the wrong side, as usual.
To me, this is the most important political ads so far. Please remember that Trump could not have succeeded without these enablers.
Cage match between Tucker Carlson and Tammy Duckworth: Even without legs, she'd make him scream for his mommy.
It’s great!
This is incredible - I love it! #TheIckabog
Thanks to the Supreme Court (and Susan Collins), many hard-pressed women are going to find it tougher to obtain adequate birth control.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
Withdrawing from the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic is INSANE.
Paul Tremblay turned me on to ONE CUT OF THE DEAD (Shudder). If you think you’ve seen every variation of haven’t. Original and big fun. Thanks, Paul!
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
When the government tells you 130, 000 deaths is good news, you need a new government
I believe trans women are women. I do not believe that hate speech and shaming speech are acceptable. Those things are the enemy of rational discourse. Treat even those with whom you disagree with the dignity you expect yourself.
One hopes your heart also breaks for Nick Cordero, and the 132,000 others who have died from the disease your boss won't talk about.
Breaks my heart to see the pain of this mom & dad and the tragic loss of their little girl

Praying for Secoriya Williamson, Charmaine Turner & their beautiful 8-year-old, Secoreia, who should still be here along with the other 4 children lost this weekend
Season 1 of HANNA was very good. Season 2 is excellent. A few (very few) plot holes, but the story roars right through them.
According to Henry James, the most beautiful TWO words in the English language are “summer afternoon.”
The three most beautiful words in the English language are:
"July Saturday night." Credit to Eric Church, who noticed before anyone else.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
I see a ton of you are retweeting this and sharing it with @IvankaTrump
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
In reply to @donwinslow
Always incredible. Always unbearable. Always disgusting how this person deals with women. Inexplicable why so many vote him . . . I will never understand.
This from Susan Collins: "Two years ago, the Far Left created a massive fund in an attempt to buy my vote during the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. I stood my ground and did what was right."
She has to go.
In 2016, Trump voters sowed the wind. In 2020, all of us get to reap the whirlwind. Thanks, Trump voters.
It's the American Virus now, big boy.
New China Virus Cases up (because of massive testing), deaths are down, “low and steady”. The Fake News Media should report this and also, that new job numbers are setting records!
It's really cold, let's sit around and argue about what we found in the ice. Where's Clark?
Replying to @paulGtremblay
Men drive trucks in South America and discuss life along the way.
HANNA (Amazon Prime) is really smart and entertaining. Two seasons available. Enjoy, but first enjoy Episode 3 of NOS4A2. I happen to know the guy who wrote the book. He's amazing. AMC. Tonight. 10 Eastern.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
Charlie Manx wants Christmas forever but Vic McQueen is gonna give him a little Fourth of July. #NOS4A2, tonight, 10PM EST, on @AMC_TV and @BBCAMERICA.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
#TrumpHasNoCredibility is trending. Please retweet, reply here with the hashtag and tweet it out to keep it moving up.
Got rid of my landline because I didn't use it for anything only to realize that I use my landline to call my cellphone when I can't find the latter.
Replying to @LauraMLippman
I can’t remember my cell phone number—I never call myself—so that’s out.
The shit President Trump is saying goes far beyond politics. These are traitorous lies that are costing lives and ripping the country apart. Republican elected officials and health care experts have a moral responsibility to stand up and say NO.
Replying to @Glenn__Kenny
MickeyRooney’s serial killer look. Have you seen him as Baby Face Nelson?
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
Ladies and Gentlemen I present you Donald Trump, Jr.
As The Beach Boys once said, "Wouldn't it be nice."
“Frenetic efforts by top Republicans to soothe the president.” That’s from The NY Times. In other words, the most powerful man in the world is a big squalling baby.
Replying to @linwood_barclay
No! You look like Troy Donahue! (Just older.)
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
A friend posted this on Facebook. It’s a break down of certain safety measures taken by certain businesses.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
You know you’re racist when you see ‘Black Lives Matter’ as ‘a symbol of hate’ but Confederate statues, flags, and monuments as symbols of heritage.

Anyone agreeing with this sentiment, is trash.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
A.k.a. 4.8 million fewer jobs lost. A.k.a. Magical Accounting.
Molly, aka the Thing of Evil, reacts to Yoshi saying, "Let's be good for a change! We'll get more treats, and people will like us! I might even stop shitting on the floor in front of the TV!"
Susan Collins--"Maine's Bipartisan Senator!"--is now allowing her neo-conservative PAC to air slimy ads attacking Sara Gideon. Apparently Collins is willing to sell her moral convictions for a Senate seat. Shame!
In reply to @SarahPinborough
I would like to see the film where she steps out of the successful heist straight into a spa, though. And has every single treatment and sips champagne for five hours, while the cops accidentally chase someone else . . .
I'd like to see one where the female lead doesn't wake up in the morning with lipstick on.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
It’s July, which means I’m 25 years cancer free. Grateful every day.
Brag brag brag.
Oh nothing, just whipped up some verde chicken enchiladas for the week.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
I would love to meet this amazing Woman as I find myself needing to give her the warmest hug, a huge bouquet of the world’s most beautiful flowers, and, the fiercest high five I’ve ever gave to another. This Sister is truth personified! Yess!💙
Last night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.
Replying to @robreiner
So sorry for your loss.
I'm so sorry to hear that Carl Reiner has passed on. He was a great entertainer and a fine man.
This sounds right. BTW, they refer to the leader of the illegal fishermen as The Scrodfather.
In reply to @StephenKing
Notice of Violation
In reply to @StephenKing
I’m guessing it’s NOAA, not NOVA. Once the dredge is on the deck, the operator has probably broken laws or opened themselves up to search/inspection under laws/regs made by the NOAA?
Replying to @Electric_Mayh3m
No, I had the subtitles on. It’s NOVA.
Kavanaugh told her he’d respect precedent in respect to abortion rights, and she believed him. Collins has to go.
Susan Collins is either a liar, a dupe, or both - none of which are qualities you want in your Senator.

Vote her out:
HIGHTOWN: What does the fish policeman mean when he says, “Wait until they get the dredge on deck and then NOVA their asses?”
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
When America needed a Commander in Chief, America got a traitor.

Trump knew since March that Putin had placed and paid the Taliban $$ bounties $$ to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.

When his soldiers needed him, he looked the other way.

Our latest video:

James Carvillr is convinced—and convincing—that Trump is not going to run.
Replying to @ANNELAMOTT
That would not surprise me at all. In fact, I rather expect it.
Stephen King Retweeted ·  
Just. Watch. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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