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Last 50 tweets from @StephStradley
One of my favorite things to do at @astros games is meander around alone and help strangers take fun family photos.
I love doing that too hahah
Replying to @mama_ninfa
Houston is where we make impossible things happen all the time.
In reply to @JuMosq
Just take the chicken and Uber/bike/walk everywhere.
Put the car in someone else's name. /lawyer'd
Chills still. This is the feeling I chase.
🗓🚀 On this day in 1995, @MarioElie1 knocked down the unforgettable "Kiss of Death".

#ClutchCity | #NBA75
Texas weather nerds, help me out with a @TexasMonthly story.
What are some of your favorite Texas-y weather words and terms?

My short list includes flash drought, sudden summer, blue norther, and gullywasher. What else? The best contributor gets a free TM subscription.

Gullywarsher* When I first moved to Texas as a kid, I loved the triangle "Drive Friendly" signs on the highways. Didn't know they flipped down and warned of ice on bridges in cold weather.
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
From @BKubena: Follow the rules, become an NFL lineman: Kenyon Green's path to the Texans…
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
When, in the 1930s, HEB, run by the Butt family, bought out Piggly Wiggly in Austin, the locals called it "Wiggly Butt."…
Happy birthday, H-E-B!
In reply to @JonGordon11
7. So yes, I’m angry that Positive Leadership is discounted by those who have no idea what it’s truly about. If they gave it a chance they would realize it’s how great leaders lead. But I’m optimistic they will. To learn more visit:
Replying to @JonGordon11
Personally, I embrace positive leadership. My question is: How do you raise real concerns of internal and external stakeholders in an environment where sometimes raising those concerns is difficult to do, processed by some as negativity, something to be eliminated?
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
Of course Pena is instantly the best actor too, guy can do it all.
In reply to @LateRoundQB
I have one more Disney take: fanny packs are a must. @ me.
Replying to @LateRoundQB
Absolutely. That was the last time I wore one.
If I was going to set aside 30 minutes a day 2-3 days a week to exercise, what should I be doing?

You can reply with something else if you don't like the 4 options I've given.
Replying to @BarryIsFunny
I like the @McConaughey approach of 30 minutes of anything that makes you sweat every day. Sometimes fitness, sometimes life stuff, yardwork, hiking etc. Me personally, I do a variety of things though jogging is out because I don’t think it is good for me any more.
I do not understand people that mot only wear, but get excited about company swag.
Replying to @atxhobogrl
I am fine with it if it is cool. Most company swag is definitely not. What I don't get is when companies that could do cool swag, have swag that is lame. Do you not have any friends or taste?
CONGRATS. I remember when they first got on air

Both very much supported me being more public with my various Texans whatnot. Got me my first paid in-season radio segment during the wild part of the 1560 days. So you can blame/credit them for that lol

Very Houston. All love.
Eyyy congrats to @johngranato and @LanceZierlein on hitting 25 years with their show. From interning with them to doing a show with them, they've always supported me (and @DELv2) in my career as good friends and mentors. Here are some random pics from the years.
After a month of preparing for jury trial, witness prep sessions, exhibit design and creation, focus groups...opposing party gets a last minute continuance before Monday trial. I don't know how to process this. Am I relieved and relaxed or focused and intense?
Replying to @johnegibson
That is when we go on vacation because the rest of our calendar is cleared. Got back from a road trip to Santa Fe last week because a case we thought was going to go for sure did not. Saw the boy in Lubbock, went home a different way just to see more of Texas. It is a lot :)
In reply to @MichaelDavSmith
You can find like 1-2 things on WayBack Machine but it takes forever to dig through it. Ironically Aol did an incredibly efficient job of murdering the one good thing it had
Wayback machine sometimes works if you know exact url. Put some of my FH vids on YouTube. Here's one at the Houston Open (in the short time I covered golf) where Daly was getting his chest jiggled by a man with large arms. This is the non-edited version:…
What I hear when people say…

Fade Skyy Moore.

It’s ok to love players on good teams.
I promise. It’s Ok. This is a safe space.
I wish somebody would have told me babe, someday these will be the good old days
Replying to @dmorey @karenmorey4 and 1 otherfalse
OH MAN. 😢😭🥲 It has been absolutely wonderful seeing our kids grow into beautiful human beings. Wonderful.
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
Y’all going to stop playing with @trapj99
The world is absolutely crazy right now. The best thing we can do is be a honest and nice person. Don’t give into negativity and put your best foot forward.
Replying to @RichOToole
Yes. Will also add that at least around here, it is also not crazy. Most people IRL are generally cool to each other. It’s news when people aren’t being cool.
In reply to @MikeMeltser
I fully endorse any and all aggy shade. Especially hypocritical shade
Replying to @f4neyeno @MikeMeltser and 1 otherfalse
So the Aggie players are smarter. Ok.
look at mark cuban getting something right!
Replying to @bomani_jones
The way they “lower tuition” these days at public schools is by mandating lots of fees that aren’t called tuition. Basically, politicians my age got their good educations cheap, got bank, pulled up the ladder behind them.
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
All the Houston Area animal shelters are posting about being well over capacity again. People continue to abandon animals at high rates and adoptions have slowed
In reply to @InTheBleachers
"i'm 17, this is my first job and i just want to play baseball in college. but if you think i can't end you, i can b/c i still run poles everyday and lift weights"
Replying to @InTheBleachers
IRL what happens is the *winner* of the fight gets charged with a crime if the injuries are bad. And winner pays for lawyer. And the video, no matter the quality and whenever it starts, get debated by a jury that doesn’t know you but sees the hurt/dead guy. /no fun reality tweet
Quadfecta today for record highs at our climate sites:

College Station: 98 breaking the old record of 96 set in 1925
Houston: 95 tying the record set in 1890
Houston-Hobby: 94 breaking the old record of 93 last set in 2003
Galveston: 90 breaking the old record of 89 set in 1875
make your own Hater's Matrix, show your work
Replying to @edsbs
I've tried to give up hate as it doesn't work for me but I had to abandon this project because I started getting too wound up lol. Being a human is weird.
In reply to @StephStradley
The world is complicated. I don't have any good answers to the issues, other than I don't like people talking about these topics in unserious, sometimes hurtful, counterproductive ways that don't keep humanity at its center. What I wrote in 2014:…
Replying to @StephStradley
Anyway if "NFL source" is talking about optics or what MLB did etc, they're undermining the direction the NFL has been edging towards: Moving away from legal *CBA allows us to have an unfair process for PR* to *these issues are sensitive, deserve thoughtful, full investigations*
My view:
Topics involving sexual misconduct, process for investigating facts are sensitive.
The public convo often is discussed in hurtful ways, in fandom situations it's worse.
Punishment based on leaked info *optics* or MLB, not on full specific facts? That has other optics
Replying to @StephStradley
The world is complicated. I don't have any good answers to the issues, other than I don't like people talking about these topics in unserious, sometimes hurtful, counterproductive ways that don't keep humanity at its center. What I wrote in 2014:…
What is sensible discipline for NFL player misconduct?
My view:
Topics involving sexual misconduct, process for investigating facts are sensitive.
The public convo often is discussed in hurtful ways, in fandom situations it's worse.
Punishment based on leaked info *optics* or MLB, not on full specific facts? That has other optics
NFL source on Trevor Bauer: "Look at what baseball did. If people don’t think that's on people's radar, then. Public opinion matters. You think the NFL wants to be the organization that says sexual misconduct against women means more to one league than the other? Think about it."
In reply to @StephStradley
Congrats on your anniversary. I believe the traditional gift for 16th is lifetime Texans season tix.
Replying to @beej1953
One of my fave fans would ask me to help her get a single ticket in the Bull Pen each season. She was in her 70s, had oilers tix, loved talking ball, tailgated. Eventually she met her physical limits, couldn’t do it any more. A total badass. I need a Texans Super Bowl like air.
In reply to @StephStradley
Appreciate that! :) I’m not too worried about the surgery itself, just more the aftercare because I don’t have any PTO from work lol
Replying to @Lochmire
Well, I was able to go to school the next day and that was back in the day. Just follow the directions. That you are getting it done at noon helps. Really the numbness/blood is the most bothersome part at first but mouths heal faster than some other parts of the body.
In reply to @StephStradley
Congratulations! I am nt in Houston, not a Texans fan, but you are still one of the best things on Twitter.
Replying to @jackgraham749
That is kind. Appreciate it. Stay good :)
I’m getting all four of my wisdom teeth pulled at noon today. Send some good vibes. Partly because of the surgery but also because I haven’t been able to and can’t have anything to eat or drink until after the surgery. 😭😭😭
Replying to @Lochmire
I had it done twice. First time with no meds except Novocain. They had to call it off after 2 teeth because he was having troubles. Second time was nice because I was out. When I woke, I felt good because the drip was the kind that makes you feel good. It’s 2022. Gonna be good.
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
Landing in a major market isn't enough for @RealRonTheShow. He told @TheNoeShow that he is trying to change the way the industry and the listeners think about sports radio.
Ron Hughley Wants to See Change In a Major Way
Fascinating article. That it was written at all given football code of not being me me me, putting your and others’ biz on the streets. Quote tweets of the below link are interesting.

Hard work is the baseline. Wasted if how it is done isn’t effective, doesn’t value people.
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
Davis Mills’ receiving group has a little bit of everything, including a 2nd round rookie who can do a little bit of everything when he’s fully healthy. Here’s my position breakdown of the Texans pass catchers heading into OTAs next week.…
Wide Receiver | John Harris' 2022 Position Breakdown
Hi. Today is the 16th anniversary of me starting my original #Texans fanblog for the Chron. Pretty soon, the team will be old enough to buy a beer

Very much appreciate all the people I’ve met, learned from, enthused with over the years in ways far beyond words. All love 😎✌️❤️
#Rockets Twitter, how y'all feeling? GIFs only
In reply to @StephStradley
Hi Steph! When’s the next Florida trip!??
Man, that trip was amazing, ended up being really meaningful to me. I’m in if @lewintermarlon is lol.
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
It appears that we have a volunteer white oak growing in our front planter under our apple tree. If you're a tree expert and have any suggestions for where in our yard to move it to, how to care for it, etc, I am all ears!
In reply to @StephStradley
Thank you for sharing, Stephanie! Kevin's story is amazing
Kevin is amazing. Hi Kevin. 👋
He was a destroyer of worlds. There was a time different teams were looking for their Wilfork but man good luck with that.
Here was Vince Wilfork’s full answer on why he was one of the best two-gapping nose tackles to ever play in the NFL. Should send this straight to @ProFootballHOF voters. #Patriots
Love this interview with @OverseasFamous.
In reply to @OSheaSEO
We talked about: • Being a skinny, awkward kid • Fighting for recruiting attention • Overcoming the loneliness of playing overseas • The mentality required to play professional sports Here's the full interview:…
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
"You always have something in common with someone who drinks coffee. You just have to sit down and figure out what it is."
i’m not hyperventilating because david bowie’s longtime producer replied to my post today. it’s really no big deal at all. i’m fine.
In reply to @TheDoctorCarson
slam that like and hit that "Bookmark for Later" button
Replying to @TheDoctorCarson
I’m all about helping out Texas working together but 78 degrees on the thermostat is not what I wish to be doing every day. Like c’mon now.
True, 34 is a great number, and Ricky Williams was fun to watch. 34 should always be worn to rock.🤘
Sony Michel is planning to "rock" No. 34 in Ricky Williams' honor.
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
Thanks for the encouragement Jolly Rancher. 😂
Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
Ended super close.

Stephanie Stradley Retweeted ·  
#Texans 1st-down runs averaged a league-low 3.0 yards, but they still handed off on 1st down at the 6th highest rate.*

Davis Mills overcame more than just a lack of roster talent last year.

(*- during neutral game situations)
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