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Last 50 tweets from @sunandavashisht
In reply to @khatvaanga
It works 100%. I know someone who bought two of them 😀
In reply to @sunandavashisht
@sunandavashisht @_Namrataa @santhi_ps @bhpgouda u guyses corrupted me fully. i made curd yday in IP w/ 4 hour timer. Now making chana.. also in IP. I even sauteed in that only.
Replying to @khatvaanga @_Namrataa and 2 others
You are trapped :) now you will never quit this world of instant pot 😂
Game of Avatars: Why am I not represented, Facebook? - Good oped by ⁦…
Prescribed summer reading in elementary school . Quite impressive:)
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Vaise anything written before "but" is useless. Things written after "but" hold value.
Replying to @Satyaki__
Things written after ‘but’ is your real self, you mean? Maybe so :)
In reply to @sunandavashisht
I don’t know this feels not right, it’s very harsh, she looks young and just starting out.
Replying to @Raven_krishna
No. She is pretty high in her corporate chain
In reply to @sunandavashisht
This is going to far, loosing job!?!
Replying to @Raven_krishna
She did not seem well. She probably does need a break and heal.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Some conservatives are still defending her.
Replying to @gaurav06_
I watched the video several times. She was totally messed up. Impossible to defend such behavior
The white woman in a viral Central Park video who called police on a black bird watcher has been fired from her job at an investment management firm.
I hope help has been provided ..
My uncle Shri Sudama Pandey is #CoronaPositive he is been admitted from Thursday at Life line hospital Malad but now doctors are telling he needs urgent ventilator bed to survive no beds available at hospital now they are telling to shift plz help @CMOMaharashtra @OfficeofUT
You lost me after but. I don’t pay attention to anything said in a sentence after ‘but’.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
you’re a bit of a hypocrite. Not condoning this but you ought to look at the persecution of minorities in India since chaiwala won in 2014. However, I suspect you’re probably busy with your head in the sand and completely overlooked what’s going on in India.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
I was wondering too how can the assembly be revived after constitutional changes ..thanks!
Replying to @Navi_ator
Can’t be. Usual suspects are planting fake news.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
@sunandavashisht Message circulating in WA that a BJP supported govt led by Altaf Bhukhari of Apni party going to take oath on 02 June..any confirmation on your group? Don't see what is to be gained through this..more things change, more they remain the same
Replying to @Navi_ator
Please do not believe any rumors. I can assure you no such plan is in place. There is no provision of interim govt. All fake news.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
The Eid wishes did the trick, perhaps.
Replying to @ParinSays
How did Trudeau lose out on that? No sense of competition that chap has?
In reply to @sunandavashisht
No She is a woman in a position of power. Top rung of the victim ladder.
I am telling you. This elite, entitled world can be quite heartless. Full sympathies with sherwani clad Trudeau
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Such a good-looking person, also, dances the bhangra so well, wears sherwanis so elegantly, even meets bollywoodiyas - still people not happy ???
When did vacuous bleeding heart liberals of SoBo and SoDe anoint Jacinda Arden and disqualify poor Justin Trudeau? Not fair
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Even worse. They have conferred it on Mr. Modi!! 😀😀
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Even Mr Haqqani is clueless.... We Gujarati's aren't North India either..😂😂 Modiji isn't even Uppet Caste... You cannot accuse him of Aryan Supremacist
Replying to @PatelViral
Why are you letting facts spoil a totally comic moment 😂😂
Can Pakistan forget Kashmir and fight with us over totally discredited and delegitimized Aryan/ Dravidian divide first? Extra points for taking over all those who agree with you and rewarding them Pakistani citizenship 🙏🙏😂
It seems that the FM of Pakistan & whoever tweets for him has no clue about Indian history or racial origins. Attributing ‘Dravidian supremacist ideology’ to predominantly Aryan north Indians is even worse than claiming Turkic origins for Pakistan. 🤦🏽‍♂️
In reply to @sunandavashisht
During the Partion, Pakistani apna IQ ka batwara bhi kar diye thy. 19 unka, 47 hamara...
Pakistan stole his election plank? 😂
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Now Mr. M. K. Stalin must be worrying!
In reply to @sunandavashisht
I’m all for Dravidian supremacy. We won’t stop till we push the aryans back west where they came from and annex Kashmir for our Namboodiri brahmins
Cricket lovers will enjoy this one :)
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Dravidian supremacy!!!!!...... probably he meant Rahul Dravid's 270 in Rawalpindi Test match.......
Replying to @santhi_ps
Celebrating modi’s Dravidian supremacist ideology? 😂
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Chaliye, Modiji isi bahane Tamilanadu jeet lenge 😂😂
Ha ha :) I will be so disappointed if Qureshi’s tweet doesn’t become subject of thousand memes 😂
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Now DMK guys should vote for Modi. Pak is single-handedly responsible for bringing PM Modi back to power for times to come. INC is an add-on
Lol. Somebody merge these guys with Saudi already.. 😂😂😂
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Wearing a veshti of course!
What is Modi’s Dravidian supremacist ideology? This man is Pakistan’s Foreign Minister!
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Slightly disagree. Corruption in J&K government machinery has been across all levels. Seen it first hand. 370 or not, whether state departments or central ones, it has been rooted. We can only hope for cleansing of system in near future.
Replying to @VaradSharma
Oh I agree totally. All pervading corruption from top to bottom in all departments. I am saying if they are overhauling KAS now, next departments hopefully will see change too
This is an excellent progressive move. Anybody who knows Kashmir knows what a hot bed of corruption KAS is. This will take care of all illegalities and justice finally to deserving officers. Well done ⁦…
Replying to @sunandavashisht
As far as I know this is the first official report submitted after removal of Article 370. Such reforms were impossible with 370 stranglehold. Watching out for more positive changes.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
I take responsibility for this, said nobody ever!! Specially in politics! 😞
This is an excellent progressive move. Anybody who knows Kashmir knows what a hot bed of corruption KAS is. This will take care of all illegalities and justice finally to deserving officers. Well done ⁦…
JK panel submits report to end decades-long seniority dispute of KAS officers
‘Sources’ know nothing. Mythical ‘sources’ are just that - mythical #Kashmir
Agree. Be very careful of what you are reading. Check the byline and judge yourself.
Whose side are they on? Some very clever motivated reporting going on in our own media. Fabricated reports about Indian troops being disarmed by the Chinese an attempt to recreate the hysteria that followed the Karam Singh incident in the same Hot Springs Sector in Oct 1959.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Haha thanks for replying ma'am. I loved your speech about Article 370 abrogation 😊
So? Sonia ji was PM for 10 years without taking any oath. Did anybody hold her responsible for anything?
In reply to @sunandavashisht
is talking rubbish. Doesn't his party hold key Portfolios in the High GDP earning state of Maharashtra? When comes to claiming responsibility, they're number 1 in throwing it on others. God knows how this government will survive 5 years.
Interesting. Rahul Gandhi’s Congress is not taking responsibility for anything Uddhav Thackeray does ? :)
Rahul Gandhi shirks all responsibility when asked about the alarming, hapless situation and rising #COVID cases in Maharashtra. Thank God they're not in power at the Centre, otherwise the entire nation would be left fending for itself!
Sunanda Vashisht Retweeted ·  
As evidence of temple at Janmasthan keeps tumbling, here is the offer made by Syed Shahabuddin in 1990 "Prove it is a birth site or a Hindu temple was demolished and this site is yours"
Ram Janmabhoomi: Truth triumphs over Communist History. Happy to see ⁦@SagarKinhekar⁩ write this piece after a long time.…
Ram Janmabhoomi Truth triumphs over Communist History
Sunanda Vashisht Retweeted ·  
In response to an incident involving an employee on May 25th, Franklin Templeton issued the following statement.
Oh no... what a basket case of a country
The brother in law of Asia bibi who was was falsely accused of blasphemy against Islam & spend about 10 years in Death Row in Prison is Slain in Sheikhupura-Pakistan. His dead body was brought to DHQ Hospital Sheikhupura on 25-5-2020. Asia bibi is now in France but under threat.
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Katyuk Kaptaan te katyuk Mussalman! Ye chu Paekistan army hund LORI DASTAAR!
Replying to @deepkbudki
Ha ha :) saan’e taraf’e chhu waryhaan hund favorite Kaptaan.
How Pakistan’s anti-India rant in OIC was vetoed by UAE with Saudi support - Is this why Kaptaan is venting on Twitter these days?…
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Yes people are breaking the caste myths, siting an eg from my native village in 2014 Dalits voted as usual for Mayawati's BSP but in 2019 Mayawati's 90% vote shifted to BJP. The voters say "1st time in life we saw house, gas cylinder and toilet (basic needs)"
In reply to @sunandavashisht
Yes, some people are tired of caste politics, and others are tired of the caste system.
Replying to @jaffrelotc
Politics won’t resolve caste discrimination. Internal renaissance and economic integration will. Politics can either enable those two or be an impediment.
You haven’t noticed consolidation of all castes in 2014 and 2019? Again nothing to do with Modi, just a tiny bit of information that reflects people are sick and tired of caste politics and want to rise above those faultlines.
You are right to raise this point Milan; there is an OBC element in the rise of BJP, and it has nothing to do with Modi’s caste background but reflects the differentiation of the OBCs in politico-economic terms, as well as the BJP strategies of cooption and tickets distribution.
Sunanda Vashisht Retweeted ·  
He forgets, Uddhav imposed a lockdown before Modi. MH was the 1st state to do so!
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