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Last 50 tweets from @TEDTalks
"Many seem to forget that existing and thriving in a world that was predicated on your destruction ... is a reason to celebrate." 鈥 community organizer Miracle Jones (@1hood)
The radical, revolutionary resilience of Black joy
What if our jobs allowed sad days *in addition* to sick days? Join Adam Grant and a team of experts as they discuss de-stigmatizing mental health at work in this episode of Worklife.

Listen on @spotifypodcasts:
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Let's hear it for the girls!! 馃懅馃徔 馃懅馃従 馃懅馃徑 馃懅馃徎 馃懅馃徏 :
Want to fight climate change? Educate a girl
Despite near-universal disapproval, infidelity is an all-too-common behavior across the globe:
10 facts about infidelity
To slow the effects of climate change, we need to disrupt these global economic systems 鈥 from agriculture to shipping to energy:
3 rules for a zero-carbon world
Contrary to popular belief, good intimacy does not guarantee good sex.

Watch the full talk here:
The gig economy is more flexible for workers and cost efficient for businesses. The only problem? We might need to revamp our entire social safety net to support a workforce of free agents.

Listen to TED business on @Castbox_fm to hear how:
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If we're going to achieve a carbon-free future, we need to do *one* thing better 鈥 collaborate!!

Here are 3 ways we can do that, according to @TopNigel:
3 rules for a zero-carbon world
This one brings a whole new meaning to the word 鈥渂oner.鈥
What we didn't know about penis anatomy
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Step 1: Change your vocabulary.

For instance, instead of saying "climate" use "extreme weather":
Former UCLA Women's Gymnastics Coach Valorie Kondos Field calls for a time-out on "win at all costs" culture.

Watch her full TED Talk here:
Not sure how to bridge the gap between you and someone you care about? Start with these tips:
How to build closer relationships
Effective practice is:
1) Consistent
2) Focused
3) Aimed at fixing weaknesses

Here's how to get better at ... getting better:
How to practice effectively...for just about anything
These lethal predators equipped with serrated teeth and deadly venom ... could actually help save lives?!?
Could the key to fighting antibiotic resistance in humans be found in the blood of the deadly Komodo dragon?
Are humans simply becoming more athletic? Or is there another reason why runners are so much faster than they were a century ago?

Watch David Epstein's full TED Talk here:
Share this one with a friend who always corrects your grammar.
Does grammar matter?
Plus, how you can learn to start making better ones:
Why we make bad decisions
It's easy to feel exhausted or hopeless by constant news of extreme weather events and the reality of climate change.

Here's one way to work through those feelings:
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Yikes!! A single, 10-minute space flight can produce 50 to 100x more carbon emissions compared to that of an international airplane!! 馃く

Houston, we have a problem:
The jaw-droppingly high, out-of-this-world carbon footprint of space tourism
The first Olympics were held in 776 BC in the rural Greek town of Olympia. Here's how they became the global event we know today:
The ancient origins of the Olympics
When it comes to talking about climate change, one of the best approaches can be to speak from the heart.
The most important thing you can do to fight climate change: talk about it
Here's how to ease into your ambitious exercise goals:
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There is still hope when it comes to climate action!

Here's how the next 10 years will define the future of humanity:
Here's why playing with your kids is essential for their future success!

Watch 7-year-old Molly Wright's TED Talk (created in partnership with the @Minderoo Foundation) here:
Is it possible for zoos, aquariums or wildlife management efforts to ever be ethical? Here's what humans can do to help the world's animals thrive:
Are wild animals really "wild"?
Humanity is facing a future of food shortages due to climate change. Here are 3 climate-friendly *and* climate-resistant sources of sustenance:
Insects, fungi and algae climate-friendly foods that could be headed to your dinner plate
When it comes to treating anxiety and depression, are we too focused on fixing just one part of the problem?

Here are 2 causes of anxiety and depression that we're not talking about enough:
Here's a challenge: Take a look at your expenses for the past 6 months and categorize them. You might be surprised at the patterns you find:
The emotions behind your money habits
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Molly, 7, is one of the world's youngest ever TED Talk speakers. The topic? Brain science. 馃

Watch the full video to discover how a game of peek-a-boo can change the world. #TB5TED
How every child can thrive by five
Youth activists have a lot of power 鈥 and obstacles 鈥 in the fight against climate change.

@xiyebastida shares how the youth is shaping global climate conversations and how we can all be climate champions too.

Listen on @ApplePodcasts:
Join a new thoughtful community. Make unforgettable connections and gain a new optimism with TED Membership:
That old saying about elephants that remember everything ... is actually true!
Why elephants never forget
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Can a game of peek-a-boo change the world?

We've partnered with @TEDTalks to deliver one of the world鈥檚 youngest ever #TED Talks.

Supported by @UNICEF and made with the assistance of The @SydOperaHouse Trust.
This talk is a must-watch for every parent of young children: #TB5TED
How every child can thrive by five
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Not only is walking more great for the environment, it's also pretty great for your creativity!
Want to be more creative? Go for a walk
Love to hear this! 馃憦 There鈥檚 never been a better time to join TED on @Clubhouse! Tune in weekly for exclusive content and shows from TED speakers:
TED // Official
Clubhouse is now open to everyone, removing its waitlist system that required an existing user to invite you to the app.
How do you fix broken public systems? Hear how strategist Abhishek Gopalka overhauled Rajasthan鈥檚 failing public hospitals with one simple rule.

Listen to TED Health on @spotifypodcasts:
Here's your reminder to stand up, stretch, or even take a walk!

Your body 鈥 and brain 鈥 will thank you later.
Why sitting is bad for you
1) Show how their advice has helped you;

2) Give them something they can use, too;

3) Get personal, not just professional.
3 principles to building and keeping a great relationship with a mentor
This is how to talk to people you *really* don't agree with.

Watch Dylan Marron's full TED Talk here:
If you think the carbon pollution generated by long airplane flights is a lot, the pollution for a 10-minute frolic in zero gravity is estimated to be 50-100X more! Imagine what happens when more of these flights start taking off ...
The jaw-droppingly high, out-of-this-world carbon footprint of space tourism
If countries want to create jobs, they should invest in the arts. Here's why, according to filmmaker Mehret Mandefro:
How a strong creative industry helps economies thrive
For too long, beauty has been defined by Eurocentric ideals. Here's how we can reclaim it for everyone:
The (de)colonizing of beauty
If you ever feel afraid to ask for help or admit you were wrong at work, you may be in a psychologically unsafe work environment. Learn what it takes to build a culture of speaking up in this episode of Worklife.

Listen on @ApplePodcasts:
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We can create more jobs and greater prosperity *without* harming the climate.

To learn how, watch the full TED Talk from COP26 President-Designate @AlokSharma_RDG now:
"Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. Grit is having stamina. Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out."

Watch Angela Lee Duckworth's full TED Talk here:
In this study, participants took the same memory test before *and* after a nap. Half of them were played interactive sounds while they were asleep 鈥 and the results were surprising:
How sound can hack your memory while you sleep
To avoid irreversible climate damage, the world needs to limit global temperature rise to 1.5掳C. Here's how nearly 200 countries could come together and do it:
Do you want to become more resilient in the face of challenges? Get insights from Adam Grant鈥檚 top podcast picks on the psychology of overcoming obstacles.

Listen on @Spotify:
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