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Last 50 tweets from @TheEconomist
The department’s inspector-general found that Mr Zinke violated policy by having his wife travel with him in government vehicles, and by having his security detail join his family on vacation, costing taxpayers more than $25,000
Ryan Zinke resigns as Americas secretary of the interior
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22 35
Kubrick emerges from a new exhibition a quixotic figure, one whose pursuit of control was at once astonishing and pointless
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25 53
They perform far better at forecasting growth than at predicting downturns
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30 34
Huawei relies on American components, such as Google's Android and chips from Qualcomm
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29 53
The administration's turnover of senior non-cabinet secretary roles stands at 62%—higher than that of Mr Trump's six nearest predecessors
Donald Trumps administration is understaffed and under attack
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30 53
Asked about a remark that suggested he could return, Joseph Kabila told The Economist “I was paraphrasing a movie I have seen very often... when Arnold Schwarzenegger says 'I'll be back'"
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33 64
Since Obamacare went into effect, the share of Americans without health insurance has dropped from 16.8% to 10.2%. Without the Affordable Care Act this progress would surely be reversed
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45 99
If the ruling were to stand, the consequences would be disastrous for millions of people
A judge in Texas rules that Obamacare is unconstitutional
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14 41
It is estimated that global clothing sales could triple by 2050. But what is the environmental cost?
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97 97
Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising, to the detriment of new media brands
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34 71
Even China and Russia seem reluctant to lend more to Venezuela
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58 94
“Ethical governance has long been the Achilles’ heel of China's scientific endeavour” says Lei Ruipeng
The affair of the gene-edited babies rumbles on
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23 46
Financial analysis of firms can be dry, but it is among the best ways of holding firms to account
Time-tested ways of holding business to account are crumbling
  · SocialFlow · en
16 45
Rebalancing is a simpler form of market timing, which has some empirical support
  · SocialFlow · en
16 40
So solid was Britain’s reputation that EU negotiators wondered if the incompetence they found was a clever ploy. It wasn’t
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226 325
Since 2009 a growing number of third parties are acting as guarantors at art auctions—by bidding in private at a predetermined price
Price guarantees are common at art auctions
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17 42
Stop press: Congress has discovered a bill with bipartisan support that the president will sign
  · SocialFlow · en
20 50
China is the world's leading exporter. But the Soviet economy also seemed modern and dynamic once
The lives of the parties
  · SocialFlow · en
36 68
Lyudmila Alexeyeva was propelled into activism by how Stalin treated the masses as if they were dirt on his boots
Obituary: Lyudmila Alexeyeva died on December 9th
  · SocialFlow · en
30 61
Some 75% of Americans surveyed said that immigration is good for the country, up from 66% in 2012
America is friendlier to foreigners than headlines suggest
  · SocialFlow · en
186 384
Wisconsin’s Republican lawmakers are curtailing the power of incoming Democrats. In "The week ahead" podcast, we look at why this is another worrying bending of democratic norms. Subscribe on iTunes: Acast:
  · SocialFlow · en
13 32
Theresa May, Britain's prime minister, survived an attempt to oust her. But her problems haven’t gone away. We look at how discord and a mangled deal will haunt Britain’s parliamentarians over the holidays in "The week ahead" podcast
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24 56
Some 90% of women may tear their pelvic-floor muscle during birth, but many are not aware of the risk and what can be done to prevent it
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78 133
Lightweight aircraft are making it possible to fly from London to Sydney without a break
  · Sprinklr Prod1 · en
48 139
America's withdrawal of support for Saudi Arabia’s forces in Yemen at last represents progress in a conflict that threatens millions with starvation. What happens next? We hear from @almuslimi and @rogermcshane on "The week ahead" podcast
  · SocialFlow · en
23 41
The legacy of ancient Greece, which is diverse in itself, has been subjected to an even wider range of historical refractions
  · SocialFlow · en
22 47
Turkey’s president finds a new enemy: “the famous Hungarian Jew”
  · SocialFlow · en
34 52
Joseph Kabila, Congo’s dismal president, refused to rule out standing again in an interview with The Economist
Can anyone stop Congos president from doing a Putin?
  · SocialFlow · en
32 54
Viktor Orban and Recep Tayyip Erdogan have much in common—including a penchant for scapegoats
Turkeys president finds a new enemy: the famous Hungarian Jew
  · SocialFlow · en
35 52
Donald Trump’s efforts to boost the Saudi alliance risk damaging it
  · SocialFlow · en
46 82
Police forces in Britain and America are turning to data and AI-driven programmes to help them fight crime
  · Sprinklr Prod1 · en
101 134
Fewer bees will mean fewer plants and therefore less to eat and less oxygen to breathe
The rise and fall of bees
  · SocialFlow · en
388 490
Since early 2017 the team has been making a copy of a swathe of the Gigantomachy Frieze for the China Academy of Art
A workshop in Berlin offers masterpieces to the world
  · SocialFlow · en
9 30
Winston Churchill once called it "a crime without a name". Finding a word for the unspeakable horrors hasn't helped prevent genocide
Can the world stop genocide?
  · SocialFlow · en
78 131
Jair Bolsonaro must tackle Brazil’s soaring pensions spending
  · SocialFlow · en
21 50
Increased opioid prescription could account for 20% of the decline in male participation in the labour force
  · SocialFlow · en
57 98
Locals on Lesbos are now friendly towards lesbian visitors. But that was not always the case
Why lesbians flock to Lesbos
  · SocialFlow · en
27 72
The Economist has analysed its database of 100,000 forecasts by banks and consultancies to answer one question: How successful are economic forecasters?
  · SocialFlow · en
69 175
Ryan Zinke left amid a raft of ethics investigations
  · SocialFlow · en
19 50
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In his films, Kubrick exists as a kind of deep state, while his fans are conspiracy theorists
The cult of Stanley Kubrick
  · SocialFlow · en
27 119
Rome's decline was caused less by gaping wounds than gaping inequality, and by leaders unable or willing to remedy it
  · SocialFlow · en
451 832
“I’d be very surprised if anyone is calling her ‘mini-Merkel’ in a year”
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer takes over the CDU leadership
  · SocialFlow · en
25 50
The Catholic church has urged American authorities to deal more compassionately with the people knocking at their door
  · SocialFlow · en
25 62
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