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Last 50 tweets from @theGrio
Popeyes actually markets its chicken sandwiches specifically to Blacks, according to what their parent company told investors.…
Popeyes intentionally marketed their new chicken sandwich to Black folk
Probably didn’t need to study to tell us this but are the “shocking” results.…
The Federal Reserve of New York reports that Black college students graduate with a higher loan bill than other racial groups.…
Black borrowers are struggling to repay student loan debt, here's why
Dallas-based pastor Tony Evans just become the first Black American to publish a study Bible and commentary. 🙏🏾…
Dr. Tony Evans becomes the first Black American to publish study bible
While Ye lifted his praise in the prison, his wife was visiting Rodney Reed lifting his spirit.…
Disney is apparently trying to be inclusive and sensitive when it comes to the problematic images in their older films, but Whoopi Goldberg believes that it’s time they face up to their problematic past.…
Why Whoopi Goldberg says some insensitive old Disney films should be seen
Employees at a high-end celebrity salon in New York City are being mandated to receive training on Black hair styling after a law passed which makes it illegal to discriminate against customers based on their hair.…
High end salon set to receive Black hair care training after discrimination complaints - theGrio
Twitter says its new ban on political ads will cover appeals for votes, solicitations for campaign contributions and any political content - but will allow a few exceptions.…
“They both had Chicago roots, they both had the Harvard experience and they shared a set of values. You go back and listen to some of Patrick’s speeches from when he was running for governor and you hear echoes of Obama.”
For Barack Obama and Deval Patrick, a long friendship and political bond - theGrio
We sat down with @RepYvetteClarke on where things stand now that Byron Allen's case has been heard by the Supreme Court, the position of @TheBlackCaucus and why the fight against racial bias and the lack of diversity in business is anything but over.
In past seasons, Michael Bennett has joined Colin Kaepernick in his social justice protest; however, since being traded to the Dallas Cowboys, the player has chosen to stand during the anthem. He says his teammates asked him to do so.
Cowboys' Michael Bennett explains why he's now choosing to stand for the national anthem
A Cleveland man has finally reached a $1.3 million settlement against Cuyahoga County, and the city itself, for compensation after his 23-year-old murder conviction was overturned.
Black man exonerated for murder awarded $1.3 million in compensation
Sending out our thoughts, prayers, love, and light to all who loved and knew Kim Porter and are missing her today.
Diddy continues to mourn ex-girlfriend Kim Porter's death one year later
Eric Holder, who is accused of killing rapper Nipsey Hussle and shooting two others, tried - unsuccessfully - to get his attempted murder charges thrown out.
Judge denies motion to drop suspect's charges in Nipsey Hussle murder
In reply to @lloydmi04029487
Tone write for them all the time ...
Rapper Kodak Black will be behind bars for at least the next three years.…
ICYMI: Mo’Nique has officially sued Netflix for race and gender discrimination from what the comedian characterized as a "lowball" $500,000 offer from Netflix for a comedy special in 2017.…
Vivica Fox is not here for #SetItOff being remade.

"It’s a classic, leave it alone."

#GrioFam - do you agree?…
"It is completely OFFENSIVE to me and the life I truly Live!" - Tamar Braxton on people calling her homophobic…
After an old Eminem verse leaked where he defends Chris Brown in his domestic violence incident with Rihanna, the rapper has issued a statement:…
Eminem issues statement after Rihanna diss lyrics surface
Nicki Minaj’s momma wants to sing the Lord’s praises in a gospel song and is ready to include her daughter on a track.…
Candace Owens: “I do not remember, growing up, having all of these race issues. I really don’t remember it.”

Also Candace Owens: sued her local school board in high school over "racial harassment."…
Candace Owens called out for saying racial problems are nonexistent
Syracuse University students staged a sit-in protest on Wednesday after the university had an extremely lax response to racist graffiti being found inside a residence hall on campus.…
Syracuse University students hold sit-in angered by administrator's response to racist graffiti on campus - theGrio
“It’s a fact that a lot of these platforms are usually or tend to be feeding grounds for negative reinforcement toward BLACK ‘nonconformists.’ ” - Lakeith Stanfield

See what Charlamagne Tha God had to say in response:…
Looks like T.I.'s startling comments did some good: New York state lawmakers are now pushing for a bill that will make the practice of hymen checks obsolete for everyone.…
NY state lawmaker seeks to do away with hymen exams
The memorial for one of the greatest authors of our time, Toni Morrison, is set to take place next week and the public is welcome to be part of the service honoring this Beloved woman.
In reply to @theGrio
This must be a slooooow news day ladies and gentlemen. Anytime you have the opportunity to go back & forth with a random person on social media, that’s pretty telling, and petty 😆 Are u guys still owned by NBC? I’m calling 30Rock. We gotta get the staff more work to do SMH
Replying to @anthon_y_p
We're owned by Byron Allen. Another opportunity for you to Google and know things. Honestly, we're just giving you the attention you were obviously seeking. But, have a great day.
In reply to @theGrio
You couldn’t make me look foolish on your best day 😆. If I wanted click bait or sleazy blogs and not the facts, I’d go to TMZ
Replying to @anthon_y_p
Seeing how you seem to be the only person struggling to understand what we were referencing, okay. And, by all means, feel free.
If y'all aren't watching #ThisIsUs, you're losing 🤣
Part 2: Becca with the good hair. 💁🏻‍♀️😂 #ThisIsUs #Lemonade #ADrKRemix
cc: @Beyonce
Y'all have been ripe with the jokes about John Legend being named People's "Sexiest Man Alive".

One of our writers thinks it's definitely a legit choice.
5 reasons why making John Legend the 'Sexiest Man Alive' is a legit choice
In reply to @anthon_y_p
And here's a tip for you -- put your thinking cap on and *read* before *reacting*. Would save you plenty of time from looking foolish on the internet.
Replying to @theGrio @anthon_y_p
And feel free to drop us your byline since you're chock full 'o "journalism tips".
In reply to @theGrio
Here’s a journalism 101 tip! Next time make the title of your tweet more clear and transparent, instead of headlines for click bait. You’re on VladTV status brah!
Replying to @anthon_y_p
And here's a tip for you -- put your thinking cap on and *read* before *reacting*. Would save you plenty of time from looking foolish on the internet.
In reply to @theGrio
K whatever....i said what i said...
Replying to @tweetwitGrace
As did we. Have a great day.
In reply to @theGrio
🥺what’s wrong with y’all??? Is this news or just an agenda to bash certain celebrities?? LIKE THE BLACK ONES (-.-)
Replying to @tweetwitGrace
(1) We're a Black-owned outlet focused on Black news so what are you even talking about? (2) We like Mo'Nique -- have yet to say a single disparaging thing about her (3) If you read anything negative or "bashing," you're projecting. Read the article instead of just typing.
If you thought Oscar-winning actress and comedian Mo’Nique was over her beef with Netflix? GUESS AGAIN!

Sis has filed a 39-page lawsuit against the streaming company over pay disparity.
Mo'Nique hits Netflix with a lawsuit for race and gender discrimination - theGrio
In reply to @theGrio
No team was even checkin for the boa until Hov appeared on the scene. But of course the majority of us will not give Hovs presence any credit! FOH Grio
Replying to @anthon_y_p
(1) No one disrespected you, so you can calm down (2) The BS we're referencing is the NFL's "we didn't guarantee an attendees list" situation. (3) Eat a Snickers.
We couldn't even celebrate this a full 24 hours before some bull 💩arose
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