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Last 50 tweets from @timeguide
Medieval fact you didn't know: elephants carry castles on their back
Makes a change from Discworlds
Timeguide Retweeted ·  
One of the things I think about when certain people make proclamations about their cultural superiority or their civilisations dominance indicating superiority is to look at all of human history, and see how brief most modern cultures have been dominant or prominent.
Replying to @NGRColosimo
The film Robot and Frank is very good. It helps an old man do a bank robbery
Timeguide Retweeted ·  
Before release, GPT-4 was tested to see if it demonstrated emergent behavior by supplying it with the ability to execute code and delegate work to copies of itself. It was then provided a bank account and cash to see if it would use the money to make more money to expand itself.
Memories could be lost if two key brain regions fail to sync together, study finds… via @medical_xpress
Hmm, explains a lot. I have a damaged hippocampus and some neural delays, and have big holes in memory.
In reply to @timeguide
I asked it a technical question about one of my niche areas of expertise and it recited chunks of my own work back to me verbatim. That was also interesting.
Replying to @tSasRolfes
I find that with futures stuff too, it often gives me things I wrote years ago. I guess it just means we will all need to keep on writing new things fast.
In reply to @timeguide
Chat GPT is less reliable in identifying and correctly linking named persons, publications, bands, etc. It simply makes stuff up based on best-guess approximations. Maybe subsequent iterations will improve on this, but for now Wikipedia still outperforms on that.
Replying to @tSasRolfes
Yes, we can hope. It also quotes sentences from blogs that are actually from other websites completely.
Timeguide Retweeted ·  
An excellent introduction to #AI and the bias that limit their power:…

By @timeguide

#chatgpt4 #ChatGPT账号 #AI #bias
In reply to @GranataLLC
So I see Russia and India as potentially stronger national AIs. China second. The West a mess.
I hope you're wrong, but I suspect you're right. Of course, our vulnerability to woke is something their AI could leverage to maximise their advantage or accelerate our decline.
In reply to @timeguide
It does seem kinky that way
Replying to @bronwynwilliams
It does. Not complaining though, it was more interesting for a while, but it got very repetitive.
In reply to @GranataLLC
A larger question arises though. What about nations immune to the West SJW Dogma? Like China, Russia and India? Wouldn’t they build superior AIs?
I don't think they are immune, I think they just have different biases. So they might not care about woke stuff, but will still have to embed their government's preferred views, well China and Russia anyway. India, honestly not sure where they will stand on this.
In reply to @GranataLLC
The second abridged conclusion: “So we will likely have two main segments for future AI. One extreme will be near useless, indoctrinated rather than educated… The other extreme will be highly intelligent, m but… fragmented… corporate AI hidden… away from public view”
yeah, that was the one I was most worried about. Two tier AI, and we'll only get access to the low quality one.
In reply to @VeteranGamerUK
Take the T out - it's nothing to do with being gay.
Indeed. Where did the idea come from to link them? Seems now it's LGB and 200 versions of T.
The future is so mediocre it hurts.
Replying to @bronwynwilliams
I tried to rewrite a few chapters of Space Anchor to make it better, but ChatGPT couldn't wait to get transform the two main female characters from best friends into lovers.
In reply to @timeguide
That last sentence is everything though.
Replying to @Clew_less
Yep, doesn't matter how smart the LLM is if half the stuff it's read was produced by activists.
In reply to @timeguide
Who will build a reliable one? None of the established players that’s for sure.
How many people will still use Wikipedia now they can get a far better conversational explanation of anything from ChatGPT? They are both equally biased and untrustable but both perfectly OK if you can tell what to believe and what is recycled propaganda.
Penguins vs polar bears: the solution - flying saucers…
"it is essential for individuals to critically evaluate the sources of information they encounter online and to develop media literacy skills to recognize and counteract misinformation and propaganda"
Sound advice (from GPT)
Timeguide Retweeted ·  
The Al Naslaa rock formation is Earth’s most bizarre geological feature…
ChatGPT+ now has access to GPT4 but limited to 100 questions/day for now. Still doesn't have web access and still limited to 2021. Still, happy so far
In reply to @timeguide
Only at stage 4c
Replying to @togetherian
The W8-BEN is conclusive proof that there is no Special Relationship between UK and USA.
In reply to @timeguide
Only at stage 4c
Replying to @togetherian
And the worst thing is knowing that someone out there is already writing a course for government on how to make forms that can't be filled using GPT4.
In reply to @timeguide
Fill in form ID1, with full business case model and savings projections assumptions with milestones. If approved by committee, you will need to fill in form ID2.
Replying to @togetherian
Do I still need the 53b stroke 9?
In reply to @XRLlareggub
Damn, that would be a hard choice. Isn't there a 3rd option, like playing in the middle of a motorway?
In reply to @timeguide
My pronouns are: admin/free/zone
Replying to @traceyfutures
lol, mine are please/get/lost
Admin kills 99.9% of all ideas, dead.
Timeguide Retweeted ·  
GPT-4 Scores in Top 10% for Legal Bar Exam
This looks as if someone selected reverse gear back to an age of minimal bandwidth. I don't want to talk to cartoon figures: I need to see natural eyes and facial expressions. AND then I need body language and human-scale images to interact with!…
Replying to @PeterCochrane
I had an email recently from Microsoft saying they were going to drop Teams shortly anyway. The app only seems to work with corporate accounts, though you can use it direct from the browser.
😬 Chairman of the Conservative Party Greg Hands has apologised to the cabinet secretary Simon Case over an email sent to party supporters last week in Suella Braverman's name

The email had described the civil service as an "activist blob"…
Which of these do you most dislike having your money given to against your will?
New research explores the rules of CRISPR activation… via @physorg_com
Timeguide Retweeted ·  
BREAKING: Gary Glitter recalled to prison for breaking bail rules

📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube
Online tests suggest IQ scores in US dropped for the first time in nearly a century… via @physorg_com
Might be true, but there are alternative explanations - changing lifestyles, fashions, exposure to types of questions, lower use of IQ tests ...
Back in the 70s & 80s, we had politicians on both sides who were intelligent, deep thinkers and largely trying to improve society in accordance to their beliefs. Now we have a race to the bottom. Politics has become gameshow for stupid, vain-glorious charlatans, spivs & chancers.
Replying to @JamesMelville
I don't think I'd ever heard of PPE degrees until 2000, wonder if there's a connection?
In reply to @bronwynwilliams
(My own observation, presented without evidence : women find men who are attracted to them less attractive than they would otherwise; men find women who are attracted to them more attractive than they would otherwise. I could elaborate here but I won’t.)
Replying to @bronwynwilliams
Isn't that what Groucho Marx said?
Towards Halo-style light structures: a 2016 blog…
With or without a host, #Oscars are doomed.

Media proliferation/fragmentation guarantee fewer & fewer see the same films, then have more entertainment choices at showtime.

Industry trade events are only amusing when you know the players. Those days are fleeting.
Replying to @ideafaktory
Good points, hadn't thought of that angle
Chimpanzees have their own language — and scientists just learned how they put “words” together…
Replying to @LifeboatHQ
I'ms sure some researcher is already adapting an LLM variant so it can learn to talk to them
In reply to @timeguide
4.6M viewers when Lineker hosted in his pants after Leicester won the Title.
Timeguide Retweeted ·  
The Next Big Thing coming from biotech and AI: EDNA
We'll be able to control almost every aspect of biology. Transhumanism is so yesterday!
But once anyone releases the 'installer' (2030s), everyone will soon have it by infection. It's a one-way road to utopia or dystopia.
One of the future powers you might get via #EDNA
This may come as a shock… but the electric eel isn’t an eel. It's a knifefish & is more closely related to catfish & carp. It can emit a charge of 650+ volts—more than 5x the power of a standard outlet in the U.S. It uses this ability to find food, stun prey, & ward off foes.
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