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Last 50 tweets from @timheidecker
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
I stand with Martin Scorsese. Superhero films (especially the first Ant Man) are NOT real movies. The only exception to this rule is Ant Man and the Wasp which stars @timheidecker as Daniel Gooobler the Whaleman.
My favorite thing about Trump is when he tells people, no matter what their circumstances —on a space mission or surviving a hurricane—to “have a good time.”
Replying to @jonwurster
Have a good time, ALL the time. That’s my philosophy.
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
Wow s/o to @timheidecker @greggturkington and also probably me and my 22 Twitter followers for selling out #misteramerica tonight @TheRoyalCinema !!
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
Toronto friends: Go see @timheidecker & Greg Turkington in Mister America tonight at the Royal. 8pm.

Please, I beseech you.
You are correct in your use of #NoMoreMovuesJosh movement but it will not be by his choise. It may as well be #NoMoreJosh
Making a Mister Archive movie without the archive is like making a Star Wars movie without spaceships. Bad idea, Josh, and you will never direct again unless it’s a dog food TV ad. #NoMoreMoviesJosh
.@realDonaldTrump congrats on everything! This smoke’s on me.
What the fuck is Ivanka doing there?
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
Tonight at 8pm: don't miss our one-night-only screening of the @timheidecker vehicle, MISTER AMERICA! Just a handful of online tickets left 💡

M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
THE ADAM BUXTON PODCAST with Chris Morris, parts 1 & 2, are out on @acast, @ApplePodcasts, @SpotifyUK etc. and downloadable as an MP3 from my Soundcloud page here:
Adam Buxton
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
We have #MisterAmerica posters signed by @timheidecker, @greggturkington, & director @ericnotarnicola for sale at the Box Office and Online! Added shows through 10/22:
Did anyone here catch the Nick Cave in conversation tour? Was one of the most beautiful and inspiring live events I’ve ever seen.
So true!
In reply to @justingaynor
Nobody gives a shit about Classic Movie Time, it's just a lazy rebranding of Popcorn Classics. @timheidecker cut @greggturkington's dumb segment out in order to focus on more important matters - like prayer and firearm safety.
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
In reply to @timheidecker
Forget Lousy Lorton and his VFA betrayal.This Civil War stuff seems pretty legit.We know Tim is ready for action but what about the gregheads that are so focused on their movie reviews?Stay frosty people.Countdown To Zero Hour is nothing compared to this.
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
In reply to @OfficialTandE
Tim & Eric Tim & Eri Tim & Er Tim & E Tim E TimE Time to get your tickets to Tim and Eric 2020 Mandatory Attendance Tour™ 🕐‼️
On Behalf of The United Steaks.
The President of the United States has endorsed ethnic cleansing.
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
Wouldn’t want to be the director of Mister America right now...
Maleficent takes the cake in the new episode of On Cinema.…
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
loved the new segments in this weeks episode of On Cinema. On Cinema on Defense was just the type of content I have been looking for! @timheidecker @OnCinemaHead
If Dekar was real (in many ways he is!) he would be tracking down Josh Loran and eliminating him with extreme prejudice
In reply to @timheidecker
Give the punditry a rest bud. We get it! You’re one of the safe/nice actors that doesn’t like offensive orange man. I wonder what the woke left would think of Mr.Henderson and his “hog” gf...
Bring them home but don’t unpack! You’re heading to Saudi Arabia (for a nice price!)
I am the only person who can fight for the safety of our troops & bring them home from the ridiculous & costly Endless Wars, and be scorned. Democrats always liked that position, until I took it. Democrats always liked Walls, until I built them. Do you see what’s happening here?
.@realDonaldTrump spin this as fake news, oaf. go after the family.
New from Mediaite → WATCH: Grieving Family Reveals Trump ‘Henchmen’ Were ‘Snarling’ to Pressure Them Into Meeting Son’s Killer
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
“A MUST-SEE” @UPROXX. @ColdCaseFilm is now playing in theaters and available on demand! Watch it today: #ColdCaseHammarskjold
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
In reply to @lauradmcbryde
Judas Josh betrayed our father @timheidecker and is a coward who should never work in movies again! We will all rejoice when he burns in hell
This doesn’t matter at all. Josh (hiding for good Raisen) is in Trimble for illegally Filming me and paiting a bad picture of my campaign. He is actually more like the awful Judas from the bobble.
Sadly, thanks to everyone who went to Mister American thinking it was the VFA movie it was promised by Josh to be. Now RT to promise you will show the same enthusiam for the mobile VFA and the VFA's "secret project" expansion that we have been working all year to bring you.
For once the “Brainless buff” is right . Although he is wrong aboit many things hear . Lousy Lorton should be very worried tonight
Replying to @timheidecker
Actually it’s a “Hollywood hot job “ - Gregg Turkington, movie expert
For once the “Brainless buff” is right . Although he is wrong aboit many things hear . Lousy Lorton should be very worried tonight
Josh London is a traitor to #movies. Sadly, Mister American sadly was ruined in the editing. If the footage is ever recovered and handed to a real movie editor Mister Archive will be a great movie.
Determine how much money you want to earn and write it down on a sheet of paper in large figures. Look at the number several times a day. #BobProctor
Bow & tongue
In reply to @timheidecker
I stand with the One True God & believe His Word. One day ev'ry knee shall bow & tongue confess Jesus is Lord. Human beings are either Male/Man/He/His or Female/Woman/She/Hers. It's Binary. 0/Off or 1/On. Mutually Exclusive. I agree w/ @Franklin_Graham Semper Fi
Brian Babin
“This President is the most patriotic President I’ve seen in many years. He is going to do what is good for Americans.” Congressman Brian Babin, Texas. Thank you Brian!
“The Donald”
In reply to @timheidecker
Imagine being a comedian but not liking the Donald
You love to see it.
Coming from a 20 year old gal who had never seen on cinema, @timheidecker ‘s Mister America was the funniest film I’ve ever seen in theatres. I have never heard an audience laugh so much and it was contagious, I’m taking my 60 year old mom to see it next.
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!!! #CrankYankers 10:30/9:30c on @ComedyCentral. Featuring my favorite call by @timheidecker & @ericwareheim PLUS my other #1 favorite calls by @iliza @davidalangrier @TheTonyBarbieri @jimmykimmel @TracyMorgan. WATCH AND LEARN!!! #KAG
M i s t e r A m e r i c a Retweeted ·  
First Reformed [Paul Schrader • 2017]
Mister America [Eric Notarnicola • 2019]
'Gemini Man' & 'The Addams Family' | On Cinema Season 11, Ep. 3 | adult ... via @YouTube
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