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Last 50 tweets from @torproject
@torproject Please don't recolor our logo, thanks!
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Replying to @outreachy :
We have two open internships available through @outreachy! We're looking for a User Advocate and a Documentation Editor.…
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The Tor Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and we depend on your help to build tools that protect privacy and resist censorship and surveillance. Your donation can help us continue this critical work.
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The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
The latest Google Chrome update includes ad filters, but doesn’t address the larger problem of tracking and privacy violations on the web.…
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Time to onionize the Internet of Things.

Routing "smart" devices over Tor using onion services would help them live up to the name. #IoT
74 145
.@torproject browser has made me 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 good at picking out cars and street signs.
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Replying to @zeefreak :

If I run an exit node do you have a landing page I can redirect to. You know, in case of Inquiry's.

I really don't want to setup a webserver for a single redirect.
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Replying to @cabshack :
@cabshack Hey there - we have response templates and other resources here:…
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“We definitely need a lot more people to act a lot differently before the internet looks decentralized. I'm trying to help in my own little corners, and volunteering with Tor is part of that.” - @meejah…
41 115
Here's an example of how trusting a VPN provider with your data could go poorly.…
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The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
Don't forget that the last 2018 deadline for PoPETs/PETS is February 28!

submission server:
14 6
We ❤️ our community and volunteers. Tor wouldn't be possible without them.

Thanks @meejah for running Tor command-line tools, helping people integrate Tor into their code, and scanning the Tor network for bad relays.…
49 112
"A stealthy backdoor undetected by antimalware providers is giving unknown attackers complete control over at least 100 Linux servers that appear to be used in business production environments, warn researchers."…
Raw sockets backdoor gives attackers complete control of some Linux servers "Chaos" gives attackers, and follow-on attackers, full control over infected boxes.
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@torproject Sexy swag!

Will it be possible to buy any of this through your webpage? Some of us live a long way away from New York, but would still like to publicly display our support!
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Replying to @lumierati :
@lumierati You can def get your own! We can send you swag when you make a donation or run a relay: /…
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The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
Tuesday 20 February I will be talking about @torproject at the University of Seville (ETSII) w/ @sugus_etsii
15 42
"Info you give dating apps is shared with Match Group, Inc. (the parent company of,, OkCupid, Twoo, POF, Meetic, LoveScout24,, ParPerfeito and Tinder), third-parties, and data brokers"…
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78 106
We’ve got our swag table set & Tor on our minds (what’s new?) -- the NYC meetup is about to begin! Still time to join us: 5 metrotech bklyn
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52 200
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
If you've got a tip for @thedailybeast, our SecureDrop system will let you submit it (and documents)—without compromising your identity
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The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
tonight I’ll be speaking at this @torproject meetup… and tomorrow I’m part of this amazing conference at Barnard… come say hi
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The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
Iran Protests: DPI blocking of Instagram (Part 2 of research)…

Further analysis by @mathemonkey shows that Instagram was blocked through the use of DPI which targeted the TLS protocol during the #IranProtests.
34 40
New Yorkers: Let's get off the internet for a while tonight.…
35 74
We ❤️ our relay operators!

Relays are the backbone of the Tor network, providing strength and bandwidth for millions worldwide. Without the thousands reliable relays in the network, Tor wouldn't exist.

Want to help out? Here's how:…
88 186
"A zero-day vulnerability in Telegram Messenger allowed attackers to spread a new form of malware with abilities ranging from creating a backdoor trojan to mining cryptocurrency"…
Telegram zero-day let hackers spread backdoor and cryptocurrency-mining malware | ZDNet Attacks first took place in March 2017 and are being carried out by Russian cybercrime gangs, says Kaspersky Lab.
124 125
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
I wish we had more of this. No reason why official government whistleblower or watchdog organizations don't adopt Tor services to help report wrongdoing and corruption — just like SecureDrop, which journalists use already.…
175 407
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
It's encouraging to see government watchdogs using @torproject onion services to facilitate a safer whistleblowing process.…
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45 81
Anonymity technologies are becoming a legal requirement for corporate and public agency anti-corruption compliance. Smart.… #whistleblower #corruption
52 76
@torproject In Italy how many people use TOR?
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Replying to @Pan_Plisik :
The Italian Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) just launched an online whistleblowing platform using onion services.

We expect to see onion services usage in secure communication systems continue to gain traction.… #Tor #privacy #security
221 286
Replying to @torproject :
ANAC software is based on a customized version of @GlobaLeaks, a whistleblowing platform by @HermesCenter that integrates Tor natively.
20 39
The Italian Anti-Corruption Authority (ANAC) just launched an online whistleblowing platform using onion services.

We expect to see onion services usage in secure communication systems continue to gain traction.… #Tor #privacy #security
221 286
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
Tor to News Orgs & Activists: Onionize Your Sites Against Censorship…
  · · en
19 24
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
There are currently 6154 #Tor relays running providing 24.5 GiB/s total bandwidth.…
  · TorAtlasBot · en
34 103
Explore how race, class, gender, ability, immigrant status, and other factors affect state surveillance and gain strategies to reduce harm this Fri in NYC with @flexlibris…
Subverting Surveillance: Strategies to End State Violence Description This years Scholar and Feminist Conference will bring together a broad community of thinkers and organizers to grapple with the ever-deepening penetration of surveillance practices into everyday life, and ways to engage in self-defense against the militarized, racist police state's demands for constant access in the name of "security" and public order. Sessions will focus on technologies of surveillance and self-defense; the normalization of the in/security state; and medical-legal surveillance. Our keynote speaker Simone Brown, author ofDark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness, will open the conference by grounding us in the prescient and deeply entrenched legacies of anti-black racism and white supremacy in state, social, and capitalist systems. Program Please note:The program is subject to minor adjustments. Friday, February 16 45:30/6 PM: Self-Defense Labs Workshop 1: Community Safety & Security Team TrainingFacilitated by Meejin Richart and Steve Kohut We invite all, and especially those interested in contributing to the safety, wellness and self-determination of those most impacted by violence from police and outside agitators, to join us for an interactive and informational training on community security. Participants will learn about the role security teams play during community actions and events, and receive training on basic protocols and skills needed to conduct security for rallies and marches. Steve Kohut is a member of the Justice Committee, born and raised in the Lower East Side and a proud Nuyorican. Meejin Richart is a volunteer with CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, and provides ongoing support for families whose loved ones have been killed by NYPD. Workshop 2: The C.O.R.E.: A Sci-Fi Immigrant/ Trans Youth Narrative on Resisting a Surveillance StateWorkshop and Screening with Global Action Project As educators, artists, activists, and users of digital media, it is critical to have stories, tools and practices to engage our speculative imaginations and envision a world where state surveillance is not equivalent to safety and security is found in community. To help create these concepts in the real world we can use the digital world to map out, design and plan alternative futures. For our workshop,The C.O.R.E. - A Sci-Fi Immigrant/ Trans Youth Narrative on Resisting a Surveillance State, Global Action Project (G.A.P.) will present a short dystopian narrative,The C.O.R.E., that imagines a future social order where immigrants and TLGBQ communities are relegated to the lowest caste. Following the screening, participants will engage with G.A.P.'s Movement History Timeline, a user-friendly, online application, to add their personal stories and utopian visions to a future that must be dreamed before it can be lived. Workshop 3: Surveillance and Self-Defense StrategiesFacilitated by Alison Macrina, Community Team Lead at the Tor Project This workshop will explore the landscape of surveillance technology and strategies that participants can employ to reduce harm. The workshopwill cover threat modeling and risk assessment, exploring the specificways that people are affected by state surveillance based on race,class, gender, ability, immigrant status, and other factors, withinformation about threat actors like ICE, the FBI, and local police andtheir surveillance capabilities. Participants will also discusscorporate surveillance and the relationship between third-party trackingand state surveillanceand how to block those trackers. Participantswill learn basic tools and best practices for privacy using encryptedmessaging, Tor Browser, and more. This workshop is interactive, butparticipants are not required to have or bring computers or phones toparticipate and learn. 6:308 PM: "they said in the name of self-defense": Selling the In/Security StateFeaturing selections from the film "Pinkwashing Exposed" and a panel discussion with Rabab Abdulhadi, Dylan Rodriguez, Nandita Sharma, and Dean Spade '97, moderated by Craig Willse Title quote from June Jordan, Apologies to all the People in Lebanon, Dedicated to the 600,000 Palestinian men, women, and children who lived in Lebanon from 1948-1983. FromDirected by Desire: The Collected Poems of June Jordan(Port Townsend, WA: Copper Canyon Press, 2005). Saturday, February 17 910 AM: Registration and Breakfast 1011:30 AM: "the fake road, its cruel deception, is what we have to abandon": Normalizing the In/Security State: Police and PrisonsJordan Camp, Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Christina Heatherton, and Mariame Kaba, moderated by Tina Campt Title quote from Adrienne Rich, USonian Journals 2000: Incline,The School Among the Ruins: 2000-2004(New York: Norton, 2004). 11:40 AM1:10 PM: "in this time of siege for me and mine, mi raza":Normalizing the In/Security State: Border Enforcement Rachel Buff, Inderpal Grewal, Arun Kundnani, and Marlene Nava Ramos, moderated by Manu Vimalassery Title quote from Maria Melendez Kelson, ICE Agents Storm My Porch,Poetry (March 2014). 1:10-2 PM: Lunch 22:30 PM: Psalm for the Mismeasured & Unfit: A Performance Installation on the Medical Industrial Complex (MIC) Curator, Writer & Producer:Cara PageCuratorial Asst. & Researcher:Nicola Glen DouglasChoreodirector and Creative Collaborator:Ebony Noelle GoldenEnsemble:Vesta Walker, Jaime Dzandu, Audrey Hailes, Jehan Roberson, Sara AbdullahVideographers: NY Native Video 2:404:10 PM: "its known and unknown powers/ to bind and dissociate": Forensic Genetics and the Policing of BiologyToby Beauchamp,Shoshana Magnet, Cara Page, Rori Rohlfs, and Harriet Washington, moderated by Anthony Urea Title quote from Adrienne Rich, USonian Journals 2000: Mission Statement,The School Among the Ruins: 2000-2004(New York: Norton, 2004). 4:306 PM: Keynote: Simone Browne, author ofDark Matters: On the Surveillance of Blackness 6 PM: Closing reception Details and Accessibility This event is free and open to the public. The venue is accessible to people with mobility disabilities. Please contact BCRW for additional accessibility needs. Light snacks will be provided on Friday between workshops and the evening panel. On Saturday, we will provide breakfast, lunch, and a light reception, with snacks and coffee/tea throughout the day. Co-sponsors:Barnard College Library, Barnard Student Life, Center for Critical Interdisciplinary Studies (BC), Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality (NYU), Department of Africana Studies (BC), New Directions in American Studies (BC)
  · Hootsuite · en
79 102
Researchers and practitioners in tech, law, and policy -- Are you working to study, detect, or circumvent practices that inhibit free and open communications on the internet? Submit your papers to #FOCI18 by May 24…
  · Hootsuite · en
24 39
The new Tor alpha includes bugfixes and DoS prevention…
39 89
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
794 relays in France are contributing 4.6 GiB/s bandwidth to the #Tor network.…
  · TorAtlasBot · en
74 214
Be a part of a network of thousands of people around the world helping millions access the internet with more privacy and security ➡️➡️➡️ run a Tor relay.
Join Us! Run a Relay or Bridge in the Tor Network
  · Hootsuite · en
74 104
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
Relays and bridges on @TorAtlas's feed will now be accompanied by a new badge design. Thanks to @holantonela for the design work.
9 33
The TorAtlas developer just eliminated the false-positive warnings about outdated @torproject relays (only shown in rare edge-cases). This affected less than 10 relays but I still find this is an important fix.
Thank you @iainlearmonth!
4 18
Replying to @nusenu_ :
The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
Go read all about my work onionizing sex tech. ⬇⬇⬇
16 42
@torproject What does HSDir mean on a tor relay node?
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Replying to @Halil_117 :
@Halil_117 The HSDir flag means the relay is considered an onion (hidden) service directory.
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The Tor Project Retweeted ·  
There are currently 6239 #Tor relays running providing 24.6GiB/s total bandwidth.…
  · TorAtlasBot · en
60 139
What does it take to become a Tor relay operator? Oh, just some basic command-line experience…
  · Hootsuite · en
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