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Last 50 tweets from @tribelaw
This may be the costliest moment yet in Trump’s long losing streak against special counsel Jack Smith, greatly increasing the odds of federal charges against the former president.… via @slate
Donald Trump Has a Fresh Legal Headache, and It May Be His Worst Yet
Such a federal law would be blatantly unconstitutional.
There is no federal law prohibiting CURRENT presidents from criminal prosecution.

Yet House Republicans want to pass a law prohibiting FORMER presidents — regular citizens — from criminal prosecution.

I assume they will call it what it is: the Protect Donald Trump Act.
Only would-be dictators act the way Netanyahu is acting. Bye-bye to Israel’s would-be democracy — unless Natanyahu is stopped.…
“Since bad news never takes time off, it's crucial to make full use of the silver linings that accompany clouds.

Michigan citizens who believe in good government and progressive policy did exactly that.”

If you’re feeling hopeless, READ THIS RIGHT NOW…
Michigan offers real hope and a roadmap back to democracy and common sense
The Jan 6 prosecutions just came a whole lot closer today with the rejection of these bogus executive privilege claims. Special Counsel Smith will win all the predictable appeals, and that’ll be the end of the road. Indictments in DC to follow swiftly, once these cats must meow.
Smith has had to wait on resolving the Meadows exec priv claim brought by Trump. Now that court has rejected it, it's a major advance in case. He can threaten Meadows w/ prosecution; he (or Garland/Monaco) can decide to offer him immunity. Meadows is the #1 key witness re Jan 6.
Michigan scores a landmark win for labor and for the best in the union movement. “Right to work” laws aren’t about labor rights at all. Let this be the first of many repeals!…
Michigan strikes right-to-work law detested by unions
It’s well past time to confiscate Russia’s frozen assets and use those tens of billions of seized sovereign dollars to help Ukraine expel Putin and rebuild the nation he brutally and illegally invaded and seeks to occupy!…
Support Grows to Have Russia Pay for Ukraines Rebuilding
Laurence Tribe Retweeted ·  
When Judge Boasberg rejects Pence’s meritless defense to this subpoena, as he should and almost certainly will, Pence needn’t file a foolish appeal just to prove his MAGA credentials. He’s done enough in that regard. Now he needs to show he’s law-abiding…
A “city-killer” asteroid (2023 DZ2) will pass between the earth and the moon this weekend. But fear not: Even though big enough to wipe out a metropolis, the space rock will zoom by harmlessly about 100,000 miles away. You’ll be able to see it through binocs or via live webcast.
“Vitality, warmth and love radiated from him strongly and will shine on us even if the star that made it has been extinguished.” — from Israeli writer David Grossman’s 2006 eulogy for his son, Uri.

The love and light that shine even after the star that made them goes dark.
“Now that the cracks in our society have been exposed, it is also apparent how brittle and false this so-called unity always was, and how hostile to one another the various constituents and their beliefs are.”

Israel, yes. And perhaps America too?…
Israeli Democracy Faces a Mortal Threat
Coup lawyering is even worse than mob lawyering. The coup-siglieri need to be drummed out of the profession if government under law is to survive.

This means the Great Whites like Giuliani & Eastman — and the Hammerheads like Ken Chesebro.

Sharks all!…
A massive blow, for sure.

But the final blow? Only in Trump’s dreams.

As the always astute @JRubinBlogger of course knows, the indictments for plotting a coup and inciting a violent insurrection, although less straightforward to prove, will be by far the most devastating
Cannot emphasize enough how Corcoran's testimony vs. Trump on Espionage Act and obstruction may be the single greatest threat to him. Allegedly with notes and recording this may be the final blow.
When Judge Boasberg rejects Pence’s meritless defense to this subpoena, as he should and almost certainly will, Pence needn’t file a foolish appeal just to prove his MAGA credentials. He’s done enough in that regard. Now he needs to show he’s law-abiding…
After Trump performs his threatened citizen’s arrest on himself, he’ll no doubt plan a prospective self-pardon to take effect upon his intended oath-taking on January 20, 2025 . .…
Trump Claims Failure to Arrest Him Is Conspiracy to Keep Him from Getting Donations
“Spring temperatures are rising at Mar-a-Lago. A former president is sure to be feeling the heat.” Read this splendid account of the Corcoran smoking gun by @DennisAftergut 🔰…
Another Prosecutor Is Apparently Racing Toward a Trump Indictment
Laurence Tribe Retweeted ·  
Saturn, eat your heart out!
First, “Let’s Corrupt All the Lawyers”: | Laurence H. Tribe | Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia…
First, Lets Corrupt All the Lawyers: Trumps Pathway to Autocracy
The Corcoran evidence seems likely to be the straw that breaks this elephant’s back.
DC Circuit making unbelievably quick work rejecting Trump's challenge to the district court order requiring Evan Corcoran to testify AND to turn over docs inc "transcriptions of personal audio recordings." As I've said, this evidence could be huge.
“During Xi’s first decade in power, China’s GDP has risen from ½ to ¾ the size of the US economy. China has displaced the US as the world’s number one manufacturer & trading partner, and become a source of the most critical items in global supply chains.”…
Saturn, eat your heart out!
James Webb Telescope Captures ‘Clearest View’ of Neptune’s Rings in Decades
Finding the perfect excerpt from a @jorie_graham poem is a fool’s errand.

Only the whole poem will suffice.

So, dear reader:
Read, please!…
The VR
In apparent victory for special counsel Jack Smith, the DC Circuit has rejected what appears to be the appeal of Judge Howell's order that Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran produce notes of his discussions with Trump re MAL docs.
And, sure nuff, DC Circuit just rejected Trump’s appeal 3-0, less than 10 hours after DOJ’s 6 am reply to Trump’s midnight opening brief was due!
Informal rule for all-nighters: Judges who set schedules making them essential had better render their rulings within 24 hours of receiving all briefs
Informal rule for all-nighters: Judges who set schedules making them essential had better render their rulings within 24 hours of receiving all briefs
This is truly extraordinary. The DC Cir gave Trump until MIDNIGHT to file an appeal of the Evan Corcoran crime fraud ruling, w/ the gov responding by 6 AM! shows they do not want to let Trump play his typical delaying game. via @politico
“I love this paper. Zeroing in on one extraordinarily famous individual — it feels a little bit like time travel,” said Robert C. Green, a medical geneticist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston…
I think Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is right that SCOTUS has been too willing to wipe lower court victories from the books just because it's too late to grant relief to the person whose rights were violated. This was 8-1, but I agree with the 1.…
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson speaks out alone in dissent in abortion appeal
“Much of the world is rightly denouncing Bush this week for the invasion of Iraq. But if we’re going to be honest in weighing history, we also have to credit him for saving 25 million lives and turning the tide of one of the worst epidemics in history.”…
Mr. Trump is an ordinary citizen. Indicting him for crimes when the facts & law warrant shouldn’t be seen as unprecedented, much less earth-shattering. What would shatter our legal system and the republic it sustains wd be to extend presidential immunity beyond his term of office
“In short, it is Mr. Trump who is asking for special treatment. But his former job does not and should not immunize him from the accountability that would be sought for anyone else.”…
Here’s my description on @MSNBC of the latest hot air balloon — this one from Trumplandia rather than China. Its premise: Having been president, Mr. Trump gets to pick his prosecutor and control her investigation. Hint: That’s not how our system works.…
Tribe: Trump lawyers GA filing obviously designed to delay
Worse yet, for Congress to harass a local prosecutor who is just enforcing state criminal laws violates core principles of federalism and state sovereignty in violation of the Tenth Amendment — more than slightly hypocritical for the former champions of state’s rights.
Defending Trump is not a legitimate legislative purpose for Congress to investigate a state district attorney.

Congress has no jurisdiction to investigate the Manhattan DA, which receives no federal funding nor has any other federal nexus.
Profiles in Cowardice and Chaos: Portraits of the January 6th Inmates in the D.C. Jail…
Profiles of the January 6th Inmates in the D.C. Jail
The suspense builds . . .
Steel barricades arriving outside Manhattan Criminal Court @CBSNews
Robert Costello, supposedly appearing in Bragg’s grand jury today at Trump’s request, has preciously represented Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon as well as Trump. What Trump’s lawyers hope to gain from having Costello attack Michael Cohen’s credibility in that forum is a mystery.
House Republicans are gathered at a luxury resort near Disney World where House Judiciary Chair JIM JORDAN (R-Ohio) & senior GOP leaders are preparing to demand testimony from members of Manhattan DA’s Office amid reports of an imminent Trump indictment.…
Playbook: Scoop: House GOP targets Manhattan DA
March 20, the 20th anniversary of America’s tragic invasion of Iraq. A time for remembering. A time for mourning. A time to avoid repeating.…
In reply to @RepAdamSchiff
@RepAdamSchiff had it exactly right:
"Protest, take our nation back"

I'm reminded of @RepAdamSchiff's impeachment argument: "He has compromised our elections & he will do so again. You will not change him...He is who he is. Truth matters little to him. What's right matters even less & decency matters not at all."
A brilliant account of the rise of White Christofascism, why it cannot succeed without devouring democracy and bringing America down with it, and how to resist its march toward universal destruction 👇🏼…
“Don’t get discouraged by early skirmishes. This is a marathon, not a sprint. But we are entering the season where the rule of law, in the form of both criminal and civil cases, is coming for Trump.”…
Trump “would do well to remember that everything he does publicly can be used as evidence. Like the echo of his call to arms on January 6 that he put out on social media yesterday. The attack on a prosecutor is worthy of a mobster, not a former president”…
If we’re Flynn’s enemies, then someone is a traitor. And it’s not us.
Michael Flynn said Ukraine is a "fascist state," Americans are "the enemy," and Russians "aren't losing." I, for one, am pretty sick of this retired Lt. General calling me "the enemy" and plotting war strategies against me. 😡😡
Yes, Putin a global pariah is mostly symbolic but it has more than merely moral weight: It means there are 123 countries where he can’t travel without risking arrest. It shrinks his world.…
Arrest Warrant From Criminal Court Pierces Putins Aura of Impunity
“Trump has upped the ante by saying it doesn’t matter what’s in the indictment. Instead, he’s warning all of us, point-blank, that he’ll violate the law if he wants to, and if you don’t like it, you can take it up with the mob that he can summon at will.”…
Trump Did It Again
“I’m less concerned that AI is getting too smart than I am with the ways AI can be dumb or biased in ways we don’t know how to explain and control, even as we rush to integrate it into our lives.”…
Alongside Virginia in all future references will mope Purdue, becoming the second of the 152 No. 1 seeds to lose to a No. 16 seed since this seeding construct in this delirious annual event began in 1985.”…
“While the riot cases may be just halfway over, some of the other branches of the investigation — like the false electors scheme or efforts to use Justice Department officials to undo the election results — appear to be further along.”

They’d better be!…
“He seemed almost to brag about the possibility of indictment—and, with his call to arms, he deliberately aroused memories of the Capitol insurrection of January 6, 2021, which he did so much to organize and incite.”…
The Curtain Rises on Trumps Legal Dramas
“I think it’s so significant and I guess knowing that the end is near for President Carter put it on my mind more and more and more. I just feel like we’ve got to get it down some way.” Better late than never.…
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