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Last 50 tweets from @Twitter
that’s it, that’s the tweet
68 157
Replying to @kaylalalaj :
you ever worry your best tweets are behind you?
38 717
Replying to @MarisaKabas :
I could not marry someone who doesn't have twitter on night mode. I could not
32 250
Replying to @zaonen :
Who can I send funny tweets to because I have a lot bookmarked on here that I wanna share 😂
40 352
Replying to @marievanessaxo :
@lilireinhart Me: at age 19, reading tweets about a woman shopping on Etsy at 2am
9 410
Replying to @particularvinyl :
@particularvinyl @lilireinhart Us: Reading a Tweet about reading Tweets
2 68
Prepared To Be Noticed bass line. That’s it, that’s the tweet.
817 4,494
Replying to @State_Champs :
@famousssjay @buterabaIIinger why do i spend my nights on twitter doing this
17 596
Replying to @AdelaineMorin :
twitter friends are becoming household names with my parents and im not sure how to feel about this
12 338
Replying to @ETDEUMPURITAS :
is healing crystal essential oils twitter okay?
13 136
Replying to @gloomytype :
@gloomytype Feel like they know something we don't
1 5
You know when you write a word so much that it loses meaning but then your mind flips off and every word looks wrong and you want to tweet about it but words still look wrong I’m so uncomfortable
147 825
Replying to @LaLaChuu :
@LaLaChuu Those days when even "the" looks wrong
5 69
𝕁𝕠𝕤𝕙𝕦𝕒 𝕁𝕖𝕟𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤
Finally, Twitter gets it
61 307
Replying to @jenningsjaxfl :
@jenningsjaxfl Especially when there's vampires involved
3 4
I love closing Twitter to just open it back up within a second.
25 361
Replying to @ApollosMission :
how to properly end a conversation on Twitter:
- like their tweet
90 217
Replying to @TweetsByFifah :
It has recently come to my attention that i want to own a dog. Please tweet me small to medium sized dog breeds to get other than corgis, chihuahuas, and pugs. They’re blacklisted
15 589
Replying to @rohmontgomery :
@rohmontgomery It has recently come to our attention that this is a good idea
4 81
I guess late night Twitter became real adults. It’s dead af
7 120
Replying to @BrookeeCC :
@BrookeeCC Fresh batch of late-nighters incoming
3 9
this laptop layout for twitter is nice, i'm always on my phone so this is new to me 💀
7 295
Replying to @spanishcvndy :
@spanishcvndy The bigger the screen, the bigger the Tweets
3 6
anyone smell this tweet
28 1,051
Replying to @chrismelberger :
@chrismelberger Smells like lumber and a fresh pine tree car air freshener
4 165
Did an exam there with one of those giant, novelty, foot long pencils you'd bring back from holiday as a kid because I thought it would be a funny thing to tweet about but I could barely write half a page with it so now I've failed the module and have to repeat in August
209 4,055
Replying to @SimplyTome :
@SimplyTome Well... it still was a funny thing to Tweet about
1 121
ive really been up all night tweeting like i don’t have a whole final in a few hours
67 611
Replying to @PEACHYBLACKG0RL :
@PEACHYBLACKG0RL All nighters tend to look like that
1 7
There’s something really satisfying about seeing dead twitter jokes getting the numbers they deserve
5 259
Replying to @sidneyphlegm :
I swear every guy be in your dms except the one you want like wtf
285 1,245
Replying to @bvshrxx :
@bvshrxx This is a very direct subtweet
16 128
My college experience summed up in a tweet
21 151
Replying to @yasminkavari :
@yasminkavari The answer is:
G. None of the above
1 6
do your best impression of me in one tweet
51 348
Replying to @cottoncandaddy :
@cottoncandaddy just a dad on the internet having a good time
0 27
Crafting a tweet to @shanedawson for the 20th time today
11 266
Replying to @dancing_dawson :
I just had a fit of laughter reading some tweets! 😆
61 462
Replying to @HiddlesPage :
@HiddlesPage The Tweets are hittin' good today
17 45
Okay Twitter, what should I get my father-in-law for Christmas? 🎅
68 506
Replying to @Liz_Wheeler :
If I dm you tweets... I really fwu.
523 1,128
Replying to @daysygarduno :
How do people manage to go back in time to find old tweets dating as back as 2009?? 25 scrolls into stalking my twitter crush’s ‘Media” if all I see are memes I give up.
20 172
Replying to @Masulani_ :
Australia in a single tweet:
1,182 5,074
Replying to @KetanJ0 :
When I write a long, thought out answer to a tweet that somebody ended up deleting
9 492
Replying to @PeanutButterGmr :
@PeanutButterGmr Just @ them with the answer anyways
1 56
You: I tweeted

Me, an intellectual: I twote
345 2,668
Replying to @_TheMagicGang :
50 763
Replying to @clearbts :
Twitter Retweeted ·  
#FilmTwitter, you get to decide what the ultimate holiday movie is.

12/11 ➖ Round 1
12/12 ➖ Semi-Final
12/13 ➖ Final
12/14 ➖ Winner Crowned

Round 1 starts in the thread below.
714 3,526
This is a tweet.
  · TweetDeck · en
545 1,551
Replying to @ObviousOstrich :
My tweet, “my tweet is flopping,” is flopping
15 271
Replying to @chustoo :
I literally type like one paragraph and then take a 10 minute break on twitter. It’s been 6 hours and I’ve written only 20 pages of this report that I’m expecting to be like 100 pages long. I gtg omfg hahahahahahafml
4 140
Replying to @livvargus :
@livvargus 100 pages is... so many Tweets
2 7
Shoutout to all my homegirls who swooped into my dms with the picture pre edited...that’s sisterhood
1,342 39,415
Replying to @Zendaya :
Who else studying? 🙋🏻‍♀️ but taking a twitter break? Lol 🤷🏻‍♀️
36 273
Replying to @america_revere :
I never knew, until this moment, that what I want to do is raise and care for tuna crabs. Thank you twitter. Now I know what I must do.
34 242
Replying to @Merrillmarkoe :
you know what would be a horrible idea? TWITTER MEMORIES.
33 320
Replying to @35VSNRY :
@35VSNRY Advanced search if you dare
1 13
Geese are just goth swans send tweet
  · Twitter Lite · en
33 141
Replying to @SpiderManMenace :
i think it shows that i have commitment issues by how much i delete my tweets
27 203
Replying to @lilbabytorie :
@lilbabytorie At least you're putting it out in the open
10 94
i’m so glad self control is a thing so I don’t tweet every single thought that pops into my head
shit would be wild
54 338
Replying to @_kendallmm :
tfw you gotta decide whether to gear up for a tweet thread about carbon sequestration & seaweed illustrated by shirtless pics of Jason Momoa or go tf to bed
5 214
Replying to @SarahTaber_bww :
DMs are always open for friendships or if you ever need someone to talk to, don’t be shy I’m shy af too lmaoo
273 484
Replying to @hoesuueee :
tweet me what you’re thinking about right now.... go
233 3,394
Replying to @joeybirlem :
i cant even imagine how confused ppl are when they come across my twitter account
18 352
Replying to @dmainy_13 :
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