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Last 50 tweets from @Twitter
Extremely honored and humbled to announce my candidacy for the Twitter board
  · Tweetbot for Mac · en
6 291
Replying to @CaseyNewton :
I just realised this boy that I kinda like follows me on Twitter I'm fucking mortified
2 53
Replying to @imaansbiitchass :
Okay, twitter, today we do the hard part, so that this weekend we can do the... really hard part.
  · Twitter for iPad · en
1 52
Replying to @OfficiallyAlly :
Is it bad if I like your tweets without reading them?
1 43
Replying to @royaIgucci :
The rule here is.... never leave twitter
  · TweetDeck · en
10 86
Replying to @JohnBarchard :
people still out here saying twitter is lame when instagram is all just screenshots of tweets ... y’all ok?
1 10
Replying to @coolcrying :
Everything that’s funny on Instagram is really just screenshots of tweets
0 5
Replying to @HitTheJuulian :
the biggest achievement of my life was when someone posted a screenshot of my tweet on instagram
1 7
Replying to @ootanund :
all the tweets in my mentions rn are you guys complimenting eachother’s selfies and i am CRYING why are you so cute
245 3,910
Replying to @beamiller :
shawn tweeted the word stan. Next step: get him to turn auto caps off
19 270
Replying to @whyctrI :
[grades two exams]

Let me check Twitter

[grades two more exams]

Let me check Twitter to see if anyone liked my joke about grading exams and checking Twitter
  · TweetDeck · en
32 1,187
Replying to @drewmckevitt :
oomf literally has my old layout and tweets exactly like i do i-
0 49
Replying to @ariherbibble :
@ariherbibble Imitation is the best form of flattery
3 14
they have DINNER, A MUSEUM, and bathrooms that have the hashtag on the mirrors. I just-
10 55
Replying to @gay4_onika :
@gay4_onika Another case of taking Twitter with you to the bathroom
2 7
if only i did my homework as often as i went through twitter
65 126
Replying to @rjm1304 :
on stan twitter you can speak to someone once and already say ily we are all so lovin omg
3 38
Replying to @7r1ngs :
my love language is sharing tweets and memes
  · Twitter Web App · en
40 117
Replying to @eemanabbasi :
daria is ready for #TwoOfUs ◟̽◞̽
3 73
Replying to @miamorlou :
matty stealing my tweets for radio content I’m-
0 58
Replying to @headcarsbenders :
Android, we got you. Starting today, tap ✨ to switch between latest and top Tweets.
  · Twitter Web App · en
1,224 5,303
Replying to @Twitter :
Want more ✨? We do too. Starting today, you can now switch between latest and top Tweets on Twitter Lite, Twitter for Windows, and
  · Twitter Web App · en
229 1,600
You pick:

26 267
Replying to @Emojipedia :
@Twitter Time to charge my phone
11 916
Replying to @realQuig :
@realQuig ABC: Always be charging
  · Twitter Web App · en
58 1,252
Replying to @URmyEurphoria :
@URmyEurphoria Do the peanut butter jelly, peanut butter jelly
  · Twitter Web App · en
23 643
What time is it?!
  · Twitter Web App · en
3,946 39,843
Friend asked me to pick up her son from school because of car trouble and almost everything he says is a fire tweet.
6 191
Replying to @ProperOpinion :
@ProperOpinion Your drafts must be on fire right now
4 62
My favorite account on twitter
28 815
Replying to @BrynnCartelli :
People keep tweeting me ‘tea’ and honestly, I’d love one but no one has delivered so far. Can you stop getting a girls hopes up please 🤷🏽‍♀️
26 272
Replying to @DaniellePeazer :
do you use Twitter on a daily basis?
7 612
Replying to @Acu4D :
i wish i had joined twitter sooner, this seems like such a fun and friendly place :)
  · Twitter Web App · en
1 2
Replying to @justjonahs :
Twitter Retweeted ·  
Want to help us build some new Twitter features?

We want it to be easier to read, understand, and join conversations — and we’d love to know what you think.

Sign up to be one of the first to try out our new prototype app, twttr. #LetsHaveAConvo
941 4,234
Robyn Rihanna Fenty
579 1,545
Replying to @TwitterMusic :
@Twitter Everyone say hi to my new dog Lola 🥴
Possibly sensitive media. Public access unavailable.
1 228
Replying to @Collinjustin1 :
@Twitter Mine just had his first stand-up comedy show! #soproud #LoveYourPetDay
5 313
Replying to @gdun :
@gdun So we'll see him at the next open mic night?
1 148
@Twitter Coal likes doing tricks for treats while his lil’ sis, Stella, hopes he misses.
17 439
Replying to @RobVTaylor :
We don’t deserve them. Let’s see yours! 👇

2,006 17,834
@Twitter a🌹
will you accept?
11 321
Replying to @BachelorABC :
@BachelorABC We're here for the right reasons
  · Twitter Web App · en
12 354
@Twitter Don't stop me now 🎵
2 40
Replying to @espelo :
@espelo Having such a good time
  · Twitter Web App · en
6 65
@Twitter That’s a spool, not a thread...
2 153
Replying to @keithareaves :
@Twitter Using a thread emoji to start a thread.
  · Twitter Web App · en
4 209
Replying to @Kevin_D_Sprague :
@Twitter This thread is about to explode like^
83 1,110
Replying to @techgeekrey :
I know I'll never have a tweet go viral, because I don't have a SoundCloud to link to in the tweet below it.
450 5,139
Replying to @JamesWillems :
@JamesWillems Maybe it's time to start your music career
8 443
Boil some water. You’re gonna need some macaroni for this cheese:

Thanks for making twitter fun. Thanks for being supportive, for dming to say I made you laugh. Truly makes my day. I used to take myself too seriously. You guys changed my writing style. I’m so thankful. Ily.💖
14 348
Replying to @molly7anne :
[in this tweet i am a guy inspecting granite samples for use as countertops and have found one that has more mica inclusions than strictly optimal]
weird flecks but okay
506 3,647
Replying to @nedwards :
@nedwards Explaining the Tweet in more characters than the Tweet
0 12
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