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Last 50 tweets from @unafghanistan
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Afghan women business leaders were welcomed at UN in Kabul today to discuss critical need for women’s inclusion & active participation in the economy. UNAMA acting-head @PotzelMarkus & @unwomenafghan reiterated int’l community’s continued support to defend rights of Afghan women.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
سه هزار تن در زمینه‌های خیاطی، ترمیم گوشی همراه، کشت سمارق، مالداری، مرغداری، باغداری و زنبور داری آموزش‌ داده می‌شوند. این آموزش‌ها از طریق برنامه آبادی و کمک‌های مالی کشور جاپان راه اندازی شده است.
@MofaJapan_en 🙏🙏
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
د ملګرو ملتونو پرمختيايي ادارې يا (UNDP) له نشه يي موادو او جرمونو سره د مبارزې ادارې ته ۲ ميليونه ډالر ورکوي چې د درملو په ګډون د معتادینو د درملنې روغتيايي اړتياوي ورباندې پوره کړي.
مطبوعاتی اعلامیه:
د آزادی راډیو ګزارش:
UNDP Afghanistan supports 17 drug treatment centers through UNODC | United Nations Development Programme
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Thanks to generous contributions of donors like the Republic of #Korea, @WFP is able to support with food families who lost everything in the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in June 2022.

🙏Thank you Republic of Korea🇰🇷
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
The @UNFPA supported @y_afghanistan network is a platform of enhancing the knowledge and capacity of adolescent and young people in #Afghanistan to build strong and innovative peer education networks.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
UNHCR is deeply concerned about women + girls in Afghanistan.

In addition to restrictions on movement, access to work + education, they face heightened risks affecting their safety + well-being.

For the future prosperity of the country their rights must be upheld
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Girls in Afghanistan have been forced out of high school, ever since the Taliban returned to power. A United Nations-backed initiative is training girls to help others in their situation, educating their peers until they can return to formal schooling.…
Forced out of school, but refusing to give up on education in
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  

This perfect storm is turning into a global #FoodCrisis the world cannot afford.

We need EVERYONE to act to save lives NOW and TOMORROW.

Share 🔄 This
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @unafghanistan
@unafghanistan @OCHAAfg are greatful for this new generous contrbution from @StateDept to the on going relief efforts which will be used to save lives and meet essential needs of people in #Afghanistan #stayanddeliver
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Another bitter reminder of ongoing insecurity and terrorist activity in Afghanistan - today's explosion outside a downtown mosque in Kabul caused numerous casualties, including fatalities. Our thoughts are with the families of those killed, wishing speedy recovery to the injured
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
افغانستان در هفته های گذشته شاهد بارش شدید باران و سیلاب بوده که چندین ولایت این کشور را تحت تاثیر قرار داده است. سازمان صحی جهان به همکاری با شرکا در ارائه خدمات صحی به مردم افغانستان ادامه می دهد.
@WHO @WHOEMRO @RamizAlakbarove @UNAMAnews @unafghanistan @OCHAAfg
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Dignity Kits help women and girls maintain proper hygiene during emergency situations, especially displacement. During August 2022, @UNFPA distributed 5,000 dignity kits to the women and girls who in different parts of #Afghanistan.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
More than 50,000 ♀️ & ♂️ have been trained this year across #Afghanistan in marketable skills like
▪️ mechanics
▪️ phone repair
▪️ tailoring
▪️ gem cutting
▪️ carpet weaving
As part of @WFP's #FoodForTraining programming which helps food-insecure families provide for themselves.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Three months ago, today a devastating earthquake struck #Afghanistan’s south-eastern region killing 1,000 people & destroying 14,000 homes.

As winter sets in, those who survived, along with the communities who lost their homes and livelihoods, more than ever need our support.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
لعل گل، ۴۹ ساله و پسرش احمد ۶ ساله برای فامیل اش در ولسوالی المار ولایت فاریاب همراه به نزدیک به ۴۰۰۰ خانواده آسیب پذیر دیگر غذا دریافت کردند.
تشکر @USAID برای حمایت از پروگرام غذایی جهان درعرصۀ رساندن کمک به بیش از ۲۱ میلیون افراد نیازمند در سال ۲۰۲۲ در افغنستان.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @WFP_Afghanistan
د مرستو رسولو ملاتړ کوئ.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
۴۹ کلن لعل ګل او د هغه زوی ۶ کلن احمد د فارياب ولايت په المار ولسوالۍ کې د شاوخوا ۴۰۰۰ نورو اړمنو کورنيو سره د خپلې کورنۍ لپاره خوراکي توکي ترلاسه کوي.
مننه @USAID چې په ۲۰۲۲ کال کې په افغانستان کې تر ۲۱ میلیونه ډېرو د خوړو له پلوه نه خوندي خلکو ته د خوړو نړیوال پروګرام...
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
ډاډ حاصل کړئ چې درمل مو په سمه توګه او د روغتیايي کارکونکي د لارښونو سره سم کاروئ.

@WHO @WHOEMRO @RamizAlakbarov @UNAMAnews @unafghanistan @OCHAAfg
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
اطمینان حاصل نمایید که ادویه های خود را بطور درست و مطابق رهنمایی کارمند صحی مصرف می نمایید.
@WHO @WHOEMRO @RamizAlakbarov @UNAMAnews @unafghanistan @OCHAAfg @UNICEFAfghanistan
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @UNDPaf
برنامه انکشافی ملل متحد 17 مرکز درمان مواد مخدر با ظرفیت 930 بستر در 4 حوزه افغانستان را با اداره جرایم و مواد مخدر ملل متحد حمایت می کند. عبدالله الدردری: «برنامه انکشافی ملل متحد در افغانستان متعهد است که از امنیت صحی و تداوی مردم افغانستان در مواقع ضروری محافظت کند.»
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
A generation of girls in Afghanistan has been shut out of school.

We can’t give up on them. All efforts must be made to get every girl back in the classroom.

#LetMeLearn #UNGA
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @UNDPaf
@UNDPaf is supporting 17 drug treatment centers of a 930-bed capacity across 4 regions in #Afghanistan with @UNODC.

"UNDP Afghanistan is committed to safeguarding the Afghans’ health security and treatment when it is most urgent" @AbdallahDardari
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
We were literally shouting in every village and city trying to convince people to send their children to school in order to get rid of conflict, have our human rights and have long lasting peace.
These were our slogans.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Meeting reporters @1TVNewsAF in Kabul today @PotzelMarkus voiced respect for their work. A healthy society needs #FreeMedia. A clear framework is needed to protect media freedoms in #Afghanistan, said UNAMA envoy. No journalist should be gagged or fear for their personal safety.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Extraordinary ⁦@ZahraJoya⁩ received ⁦@GlobalGoalsUN⁩ Awards for her brave journalism giving voice to Afghan women.

Bravery and compassion giving hope to girls in Afghanistan in times of darkness

UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Well maintained rangelands & forests is one pathway to promoting sustainable #agriculture.

To evaluate resources available, we trained 20 @FAO staff to collect accurate data about forests & rangelands in 5 provinces to guide interventions needed.

Funds: @theGEF #biodiversity
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
#Video: @UNHabitatAfg is constructing a 2⃣0⃣0⃣m canal in Kart-e- Maiwand, #PD13 of #Herat province.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
.@UNDP support to those living in the most difficult of times – whether in Ukraine, Pakistan, #Afghanistan, Yemen, Haiti and beyond – is made possible 🙏 to our #PartnersAtCore, which allows us to work with those who need help the most from Day 1. 👉 #UNGA
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @WFP_Afghanistan
همه اشتراک کننده ها ماهانه مبلغ ۷۹ دالر امریکایی و یا معادل آن ۷۲۰۰ افغانی دریافت کردند.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
همه روزه، پروگرام غذایی جهان و همکاران اش از جوامع در سراسر افغانستان حمایت میکنند.
در ولسوالی گذره ولایت هرات، بیشتر از ۱۰۰۰ اشتراک کننده برای ساختن یک کانال آبیاری ۶۰ متری در مدت ۶ ماه که در ماه جنوری شروع شده بود همکاری کردند...
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Podcast Alert | What will it take to end the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan? Hear Abdallah Al Dardari, UNDP’s resident representative in Afghanistan offer insights from Kabul. @AbdallahDardari @UNDPaf…
What will it take to end the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan? | Melbourne Asia Review
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
More than ever, Afghan girls and women deserve access to
🔸health services
🔸psychological support
🔸income generation
🔸vocational training.

Our @EUDepAmbAFG and @RamizAlakbarov met @GlobalSpotlight partners in Kabul Afghanistan today, helping those who need support.

UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Laal Gull, 49, & his son Ahmad, 6, collect food for their family in the Almar district, Faryab Province, along with nearly 4⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ other vulnerable families.

🙏Thank you @USAID for supporting @WFP #Afghanistan in assisting more than 21 million #food insecure people in 2022.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
In reply to @UN_STFA
The people we met in the Eastern Region of #Afghanistan are key in our assessment, to provide the essential needs and plan informed interventions. #water #health #education #livelihood #energy
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
📍 Afghanistan: girls have been banned from school for the past 367 days

📍Pakistan: floods interrupted learning for 3.5 million children

📍Ukraine: 5.7 million school-aged children affected by conflict

UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
د روغتیا نړیوالې ادارې او روغتیايي همکارانو سیلاب ځپلو سیمو ته د طبي توکو برابرولو، د ناروغیو څارنې او ټولنې پياوړي کولو له لارې د ځان او خپلو کورنیو د ساتنې په برخو کې مرستې کړي. په افغانستان کې د سیلاب ځپلو سره د مرستې لپاره مرسته کونکو او شریکانو منندوی یو.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
"Do not let me and my Afghan sisters become the victims of global politics." My Today's massage at @UN. @UNICEF @unwomenchief @MalalaFund
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Day 367 of Taliban’s ban on girls’ education.🇦🇫

“ Show your solidarity with me & millions of Afghan girls.
You must work together to demand the reopening of the girls schools & also protect our rights.”-⁦@FaruqiSomaya
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
نصرت ۴ ساله و پدرش احمد نسیم در ولسوالی دولت آباد ولایت فاریاب برای خانواده اش کمک دریافت کرده است که شامل مواد مغذی خاص برای برادران و خواهران نصرت است.
آنها و نزدیک به ۴۰۰۰ خانواده آسیب پذیر دیگر در این ولسوالی کمک های پروگرام غذایی جهان را در این هفته دریافت کردند.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
"Millions of Afghan girls were forced to put their dreams on hold." @FaruqiSomaya tells #UNGA

We hear you and we stand next to you advocating for all girls to go back to school.

Let Afghan girls learn!
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Emergency Reproductive Health (RH) kits are lifesaving supplies. @UNFPA distributed 1⃣0⃣2⃣ RH kits in #Afghanistan during August 2022, the kits to benefit more than 2⃣8⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ people across the country.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Today, 19 September, marks the start of another #polio vaccination drive across #Afghanistan.
Please do your part to get every #child vaccinated.
Milad is 3 years old, and he received his #polio vaccine today on the first day of the campaign in Mazar.
#EndPolio #VaccinesWork
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
UNAMA continues tracking #Panjshir developments.

Reports of alleged killing of detainees by Taliban appear credible.

Perpetrators must be held to account.

Taliban investigations must be transparent to be taken seriously.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
🚨Job Alert🚨

@WFP in #Afghanistan is looking for qualified candidates for the positions of➡️Program Associate &➡️Data & Report Associate.

Locations: Kabul, Balkh, Herat, Jalalabad, Faizabad and Kandahar.

Closing date: 03 October 2022!

Apply now:
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
In a joint mission with @UN_STFA, @UNHabitatAfg visited the Eastern Region of #Afghanistan & met with local communities to assess challenges & needs & to plan joint projects with Participating UN Organizations.

We will have essential projects for the Eastern Region. Stay tuned!
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
.@PotzelMarkus visited a girls’ primary school in Kabul today. Speaking with 6th graders the acting-head of UNAMA pledged support to lifting the Taliban ban on girls attending high school - So no girl in that class, nor anywhere in Afghanistan, will be denied education next year.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Project Progress: construction of a 200m stone masonry canal in Kart-e- Maiwand, #PD13 of #Herat province.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
Every day, @WFP & its partners support communities across #Afghanistan.

In the Guzara district of #Herat Province, more than 1⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ participants helped to build a 60m irrigation canal over 6 months, starting in January. All participants received US$ 79 (~7200 AFS) per month.
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
The Lumpy Skin Disease vaccination drive has started!

3 million out of 4 million cattle need vaccination to prevent new infections & further spread of the disease.

We've started in 10 provinces, with 125,000 cattle owned by 69,000 households.

#AnimalHealth #FoodSecurity
UN Afghanistan Retweeted ·  
UNAMA joins the millions of Afghans calling on the Taliban to re-open schools for all.

Girls belong in school.

Read UNAMA statement:
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