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Last 50 tweets from @vermontgmg
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Did you watch the Facebook CEOs speech at Georgetown University today invoking civil rights history to defend company policies that have been criticized by civil rights groups? Here‘s my response.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
1/ I just watched the *amazing* Mulvaney press conference. It was an extraordinarily weak and damning performance. I think he set out to deny a quid pro quo w Ukraine but he tied himself in knots and strongly suggested there was one. But that was not the only problem.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
For Trump, the presidency is like an all-you-can-eat financial buffet, @HelaineOlen writes
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
One of Mexico's most respected journalists says authorities confirmed to her that Ovidio Guzman Lopez -- son a El Chapo -- was arrested today in Culiacan.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
This is my favorite non-impeachment legal story right now.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Wow, a senator actually sticking up for Article I powers.
I find this hard to believe given the Border Patrol’s general inability to deploy body cams in the field for years and years....
New: Border Agents Could Get Bodycams With Facial Recognition Technology…
This is a crazy rewriting of history....
Behold Mark Zuckerberg’s revised origin story for Facebook, as a way to give people voice during the Iraq war.
(And compare to the Harvard Crimson on Zuckerberg’s hot-or-not tool in 2003…)
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I just keep reading this line over and over and can’t stop.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
It is the darkest day.
By some hellish coincidence today in 1777 and 1781 British armies surrendered to American rebels at Saratoga and Yorktown respectively. The two decisive land battles of the American Revolutionary War.
A world turned upside down.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @vermontgmg
280 characters can't begin to describe what reading "The Only Plane in the Sky" made me think, feel, and understand. Like most Americans over ~30 I watched the towers fall, but I didn't truly understand what it was like to be in NYC, let alone in the Towers, that day. I do now.
In reply to @qjurecic
Oh, that guy who got Saddam Hussein and bin Laden? He’s just a crazy leftist. 😏
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The SF Fed just published a paper laying out a chilling fate for coastal cities:
1: Floods gets worse
2: Banks stop issuing mortgages
3: Property values tumble
4: Tax revenue falls
5: Cities can't fund flood control measures
6: Floods gets worse...…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @JenniferJJacobs
Scoop: Energy sec Rick Perry notified the president in writing on Air Force One on the way to Texas that he will be leaving his post soon, sources tell me, @jendeben and @AriNatter.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I just started @vermontgmg's Only Plane in the Sky. Only 30 pages in + I'm completely riveted. I was living in the Village on 9/11. This captures the feel of that day + foreshadows the "after" in a deeply authentic + moving way. As painful as it is to read, thanks for this book.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
That's literally how you make a profit from a business.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
What a listen.I smiled & I cried,I remembered where I was when the planes hit.This oral history tells the stories of people who were there, who survived or who remember those they lost.It’s truly incredible and such an important one to read/listen to. @vermontgmg
As @Susan_Hennessey says: The innocent explanation is disappearing fast.
#BREAKING: In opening statement we obtained, Gordon Sondland will testify that Trump put on hold effort to strengthen relations with Ukraine until top US officials were in contact with Giuliani, who had been pursuing investigation into the Bidens and 2016 elections. On @CNN now
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Look! A proposed federal privacy law! With teeth! It won’t likely pass in this Senate, but it’s a signal we’re on our way to getting serious about regulation to protect internet users
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I finished "The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11" (read and listened) several days ago, but it has stayed in my mind.

I highly, highly recommend it. Yes, some parts are hard to read or hear, but I promise that it's entirely worth it.

Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
bolton is talking, and man does it sound like he's got some interesting stories
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
.@paulhaenle and @SamBresnick: In weakening the United States, President Trump is granting China the opportunity to gain critical geopolitical advantages and create a more favorable international environment in which to advance its own interests.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Heartening: A dystopic novelist on why life is worth living — and why it’s worth bringing children into — despite #climatechange fears…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
More detail on why McKinley resigned: In addition to his issues with the silence over Yovanovitch's ouster, he also told lawmakers today his decision was driven by Trump's call w/ Zelensky and a damning State Dept IG report for State leadership…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
A silver lining in the dark cloud of impeachment—that the public can see the patriotism, experience, skill, dignity and competence of Career Foreign Service Officers like Mike McKinley. He is fulfilling his oath of office today to defend the Constitution.
This ... is not why we have Border Patrol agents....
This means that we have too many Border Patrol agents.…
Everything’s going well, evidently:
Remarkable day in Syria: The US military carried out airstrikes to destroy the headquarters for its counter-ISIS campaign after Turkish backed forces closed in on the base. US military says it is carrying out "deliberate withdrawal."…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
JUST IN: I’m halfway through @ScottPelley’s book, and it’s among the best I’ve read all year. (I think he’d appreciate the company of “The Only Plane in the Sky,” & “One Giant Leap,” other favorites). So well-written I’m embarrassed of my own skills 😂.…
“Its scale prevents effective monitoring.” That’s the major problem with Facebook and Twitter—should companies be able to be so big if they can’t police their product? We wouldn’t let a food company say “we’re too big to do quality control.”
It's the second day in a row Facebook has taken action against violative ads after they were flagged by BuzzFeed News. Today @CraigSilverman uncovered a scam network that placed $50 mil of ads. Reporters should not be doing the work of a $500 bil company.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
For those of us concerned about foreign govt interference in our politics, let me give this tweet an example as a baseline of what is NOT interference. It is perfectly fine for prominent former officials like Obama to express an election outcome preference.

In reply to @abeaujon
Photographic evidence! And it came with wings, not chicken fingers. Duh. Still could have used some pizza crust dipping sticks.
This was the high point of my tenure.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
“Hill described her fears that Sondland represented a counterintelligence risk, vulnerable to foreign governments who could exploit his inexperience. He used personal cell for diplomacy, repeatedly told foreign officials they were welcome at WH whenever”…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
If I'm not mistaken, Trump just made history as the first US official to confirm the US has 50 nukes stored in Turkey. "We're very confident" they're safe, he said via pool report.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
From the book "The Only Plane in the Sky", a book about 9/11.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I was on @NPR @morningedition today talking about my book and counterterrorism…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
And that lawyer friend, "John Miller," from the firm Miller, Barron & Dennison, said:
"Sir, sir, my economist friend Ron Vara also thought it was a very beautiful call. Obama abolished phones. But your phones are the best."
Hard to imagine a candidate for president ever understanding history less than the current occupant....
Trump said that, because the Soviet Union got involved in Afghanistan, it had to do "a very big downsizing" and is now called Russia.

(Historians say Trump overstates the role of the Afghanistan war in the dissolution, but for now let us focus on "a very big downsizing.")
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
SCOOP: Pompeo’s senior adviser will tell impeachment inquiry that career diplomats were mistreated during his tenure & had careers sidelined for political reasons, per source. Ouster of Yovanovitch was "too much for him" so he quit. From me & @CMorelloWP…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
.@USCISCuccinelli confirmed this morning to reporters that @USCIS will be releasing guidance on how this policy will be implemented with regards to visa holders applying for extensions. He said they will likely need to provide proof of insurance.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I hope that some culture editor asked Obama to review Snowden's book.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Another airport arrest!
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
SCOOP: Pompeo adviser to decry politicization of State Dept. in impeachment probe testimony Via @John_Hudson @CMorelloWP
And, remember, part of the weird kidnapping plot Michael Flynn was involved in....
Of. Course.

Giuliani privately urged Trump in 2017 to extradite Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen, a top priority for Erdogan…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @VeraMBergen
➡️ Firtash established close ties to Giuliani by recruiting some of his associates ➡️ He hired Victoria Toensing and Joseph DiGenova ➡️ The two lawyers/Fox regulars then hired another Giuliani associate - Lev Parnas - to be their interpreter with Firtash…
In reply to @RobbieGramer
Allow myself to introduce.... myself.
I’ve always thought you were one of your best sources, @DouglasLFarrar!
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I know it’s been a hectic news day, but don’t miss this story on the expert that Trump’s top China adviser, Peter Navarro, has cited frequently in his past books and studies.

His name is Ron Vara.

He doesn’t exist.

Ron Vara is an anagram of Navarro.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
There’s also the inconvenient fact that the Federal Vacancies Reform Act doesn’t legally allow @realDonaldTrump to name _either_ of them “Acting” Secretary:…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Can twitter agree not to dunk on this? Consent motion are normal practice with this one having a flair towards the adorable.
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