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Last 50 tweets from @vermontgmg
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
what trump has always done — is kick the can of justice and accountability down the road indefinitely with money to normalize his lawlessness and corruption
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @zachdespart
This is a story about a gun. How it was made for military use & later surged in popularity among civilians & mass shooters. How it stopped Uvalde police in their tracks. And how its lethality meant even a flawless response would've made little difference.…
Library cuts coming as the NYPD on pace to blow past its overtime budget by $300M for the year, eg nearly equal to the ENTIRE library budget.…
NYC's public libraries will face Saturday closures, restricted weekday hours, cuts to educational programs and a freeze on new branch openings under cuts proposed by Mayor Adams.…
The general unaccountability of YouTube is amazing. It’s one of the most dangerous and radicalizing platforms and it just skates by public attention with a fraction of the outrage or spotlight of Facebook or Twitter.
Both Meta and YouTube have now restored Trump to their platform. But while Meta followed a mostly public process, YouTube hid from questions, and ultimately said almost nothing about its decision-making process.

I think we deserve better than that.…
Incredible thread and incredible change:
Most people don't know who the Under Secretary of the Air Force is. But it's a very powerful post. This person has oversight of a $173B budget + policies that affect 700,000 military folks and families.

You should see what Gina Ortiz Jones just did here.…
Tucker, is there anything you’d like to tell us?
Tucker: In fact, settlements like this are common.. Paying people not to talk about things, hush money, is ordinary in modern America.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
“The ‘law and order’ Vice President had pleaded no contest to federal charges just months after the ‘law and order’ Attorney General had himself been indicted. Everyone wondered, would the ‘law and order’ President be next?”

- Garrett Graff, on Spiro Agnew resigning

Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
My friend and one-time Carter administration colleague Gary Sick on what is new, and familiar, in the Ben Barnes / Iran / Reagan / Carter news.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The fresh memories of 1/6 — from the arrests to the fallout for the MAGA movement — are splitting the GOP over whether to organize mass public protests around a looming Trump indictment.
W/ @alanfeuer:…
This is terribly disappointing. There’s a line between being anti-war and being anti-freedom. Ukraine didn’t want this war, it wasn’t their choice, but as long as they’re in it, it’s the responsibility of the free world to support them.…
In reply to @vermontgmg
The cops had AR-15s to, and much better ones at that. I've seen 19 years olds in Iraq charge into more dangerous situations without the sort of motivation that saving childrens' lives should inspire. All their excuses are just fig leafs for cowardice.
Replying to @sectoidautopsy
Well, yea, there’s that.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @timothysw
On the significance of Nixon’s secret negotiations via Anna Chennault for understanding the 1970s, @vermontgmg’s book Watergate makes a powerful case
If there are guns that even armed police can’t counter, maybe they shouldn’t be available to people who are going to shoot up schools.
New: Previously unreleased investigative interviews w/ police officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting revealed they abandoned their plan to quickly confront the gunman after learning a crucial piece of information: He was armed with an AR-15.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
New: Previously unreleased investigative interviews w/ police officers who responded to the Uvalde school shooting revealed they abandoned their plan to quickly confront the gunman after learning a crucial piece of information: He was armed with an AR-15.…
He has a battle rifle: Police feared Uvalde gunmans AR-15
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The build-up to a Trump arrest 'PROTEST' is similar to Jan. 6.

Trump merely calls for protest, while elsewhere suggestively talking about the underlying situation leading to violence.

And the GOP's reaction makes clear they understand the danger.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Credit Suisse became the weakling in a shaky financial system.

How? 15 years of crisis, a spy scandal, a jet scandal, a $5.5 billion loss on one client, a Lex Greensill, 7 years of restructurings, and an unbreakable addition to risk

@josephttwallace / me…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
"Violence could break out anywhere in the country" because Trump "continues to engage in stochastic terrorism that as we've seen, in the not too distant past, really has devastating consequences... and it's very difficult to prepare for that" -@MaryLTrump
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
This shirt is called “guns and 69” and uses the American flag to depict AR-15s having sex, but tell me more about how queens and trans people and library books are grooming our kids
The anti-semitism is real, folks.
Trump just sent out a fundraising email saying that if he would only “sell his soul to the globalist power brokers who’ve made a fortune off of destroying our country” then George Soros would call off the prosecution.

All that’s missing are the ((())).
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
honestly this is much funnier than falling for that hoax that kids identify as cats…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Reminder: Trump is expected to be indicted for something TRUMP'S OWN ADMINISTRATION prosecuted Michael Cohen for.

These people are insanely stupid.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
“The intensity of a shrinking base is not the sign of a growing movement,” @madrid_mike said. “It’s the sign of a dwarf star imploding.” w/ @adamwren

‘Teflon president’: GOP rallies to Trump after threat of indictment via @politico
Teflon president: GOP rallies to Trump after threat of indictment
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
NEW: How Elon Musk's push to make Teslas 'Full Self-Driving' went off course. The system "was only progressing very slowly internally" but "the public wanted a product in their hands," former employee John Bernal told me. "internally, we’re nowhere close"…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
CBS News has learned this week could be a crucial one in Jan. 6 grand jury investigation, with Pence's lawyers potentially facing the chief judge about why they believe any possible Pence testimony should be limited based on the "speech or debate" clause / constitutional grounds.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @vermontgmg
Surprised more hasn't been made of the Madrid cable as recounted in Kai Bird's Carter biography. Mr. Bird filed a FOIA lawsuit to obtain the cable in question. Of course the State Dept. claimed they could not locate it.
For all the credit Pence gets for doing the right thing on 1/6, it seems pretty clear that was actually its own shade of cowardice: He did the right thing only after being convinced that there was no way to do the wrong thing.
Asked by @jonkarl if he’d support Trump in 2024 if he wins the GOP primary, Pence says:

“I think that’s yet to be seen … I think we’ll have better choices.”

On @ThisWeekABC
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
A BIG scoop: @brookeamasters & me.

Silicon Valley Bank hired BlackRock to study its risk controls and securities portfolio in the years leading up to its demise. After receiving a “gentleman’s C” on risk, it abandoned the review before making fixes.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @sepinwall
I tried to discuss the authority Lance Reddick brought to every role:…
The important @peterbakernyt story demands a very careful read of what it alleges and what it does not allege. If the allegations are true, they reflect very ill on the memory of John Connally. But is there more?…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
We all knew that something like this happened. The Reagan crew was scared to death of an “October surprise.” Delaying release of the hostages just mins after Reagan was inaugurated was so cynical, cruel & disrespectful. Important story to READ though.
This story is a STUNNER, and makes clear that both Nixon and Reagan were elected with corrupt foreign policy deals that harmed Americans. This is Reagan’s own Chennault Affair.
Stunning story by @peterbakernyt about powerful Texas politicians who went to the Middle East in 1980 on a secret mission orchestrated by one of them: to get Iran to hold onto US hostages to help swing election to Reagan, who was running against Carter.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Here's a headline that is accurate:

The former President is using reports of an imminent arrest to incite violence on social media.

You don't have to name him, accept his label of violence as protest, or disseminate his all-caps language. Don't reward him for this incitement.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
As Sandy Hook families seek more than $1.4 billion awarded by courts for Alex Jones's lies, a New York Times review shows that he has been transferring millions of dollars to family and friends, potentially out of reach of creditors.
Sandy Hook Families Are Fighting Alex Jones and the Bankruptcy System Itself
The precise topic of my essay a few weeks back:…
Opinion | What Fords Pardon of Nixon Means (and Doesnt Mean) for Trump
Had President Ford not granted Nixon an almost immediate "full, free and absolute" pardon in 1974, later Presidents might not have felt so licensed to break the law.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Once again, @SpeakerMcCarthy swiftly dropping to his knees in subservience to Trump at the expense of our democratic norms & institutions.

This is Orwellian level propaganda coming from the Speaker.

Dangerous & undemocratic rhetoric unworthy of the office.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The three were killed when an SUV fleeing a traffic stop plowed into their sedan, authorities said. The SUV had racked up more than $12,000 in unpaid tickets.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I’m totally on board with tech rightists suddenly discovering the virtues of deposit insurance and the occasional ad hoc bailout, but this is also why there should be like universal health insurance and financial support for kids etc — the whole package is good!
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
A reminder to those who are reporting on the definitely newsworthy detail that the FPOTUS expects to be arrested on Tuesday: He is attempting to incite violence. Don't HELP him by disseminating his incitement without breaking it up in some way.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
.@wiczipedia is an example of "what can happen to any private citizen or government official who gets cast as a villain in a far-right conspiracy plot."

I thank her immensely for being brave enough to share her story, below:…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The consequences of abortion bans = physicians are leaving the state, and hospitals can't recruit any to take their place. Which means no care for pregnant period, period.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
...a group of people who are actively working to enforce their religious beliefs and use civil law to punish those who reject them... are hated by everyone else?
You don't say.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
For right-wing “forum shoppers,” Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk is one of the go-to guys for rulings they want--like effectively banning abortion pills nationwide. Trump nominated him 3x before a GOP-run Senate would confirm him given his theocratic views.…
Column: A national abortion ban won't fly. But a handpicked Trump judge could do something almost as extreme
What’s not to like about VT?! @ChrisBohjalian @vermontgmg
And it’s the best time of year! Maple sugar season!
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The US remains shell shocked by 2008. Maybe it paved the way for huge government support in the pandemic. But we learned the wrong lessons. We are rescuing rich depositors while cutting off food stamps and child tax credits. How is SVB a greater systemic risk than child poverty?
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Trump lawyer Sidney Powell took bogus claims of widespread fraud mainstream.

Fox News's decision to keep booking her prompted Dominion's defamation case.
Friendly reminder that it’s insane this person has to pay $700 to get her taxes done — vultures like @turbotax make all of us pay money by stopping the Govt from estimating taxes for us, like most civilized countries.
Finally somebody keeping it real about their finances on that app lol
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Chinese cyber espionage actors are abusing our blind spots to evade us for years at a time. Attacks on the edge, abuse of poorly monitored systems, and ephemeral infrastructure are all deliberate adaptations by a maturing adversary.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
A shortage of skilled workers around places such as Syracuse, N.Y., is posing a challenge for the Biden administration’s plan to spur chip manufacturing in the U.S.… with @AnnieLinskey
A $100 Billion Bet on Semiconductors Hinges on Remaking Upstate New Yorks Workforce
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