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Last 50 tweets from @vermontgmg
Excited for tonight's 10 pm premiere of the 2nd season of #WhiletheRestofUsDie, based on my book RAVEN ROCK & narrated by @jfreewright. Tonight tells how an elite conspired to fix the system by turning the American economy into a casino where they always win—and Americans lose.
I think the DC media is wildly underestimating how lucky we were that Trump is (a) lazy and (b) insists on surrounding himself with loyal sycophantic buffoons. The next coup won’t be so lazily attempted and poorly executed.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
This is either batshit, sedition, or both.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
We would “lose” a race which has no consequences. China wouldn’t threaten us more than they already do. The odds of China attacking Taiwan or anyone else wouldn’t increase.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Such a pleasure speaking woth @CISAJen during the @GirlSecurity_ symposium. The People first, inclusive, empathy driven, trust centered culture she is working to build at CISA is mission critical and will help us better meet the security challenges of tomorrow.
I’m honestly baffled at the veneration of Condoleezza Rice as a big thinker. She was uniquely wrong BEFORE 9/11 and especially wrong AFTER 9/11 — and she’s wrong here on 1/6.
Condoleezza Rice said today on The View that it’s time to move on from Jan. 6.

Condoleezza Rice is wrong.

There’s no moving on until justice is served and the insurrectionists are held accountable.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
National security is why we built the interstate highway.

National security is why we funded higher education.

National security is why we invented the internet.

National security is a huge reason to Build Back Better right now.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I went to an award ceremony about Highway Safety in Vermont, and absent from the awards (except for the Crossing Guard Award) there was no talk about not driving. The safest way to prevent roadway fatalities is just not to drive. #thinkoutsidethebox #thinkoutsidethecar
The bonkers backstory on Trump’s new company:
Donald Trump just launched a new conservative social media platform called Truth

The crazy part? He's taking it public via a SPAC today

But that's not even the craziest thing about the company...

Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
normal 11th paragraph of a newspaper article
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
American elections are demonstrably free, fair and safe. Republicans are working hard to change that, across the country.
In reply to @vermontgmg
This is off topic but I am really enjoying your "Long Shadow" podcast.
Replying to @Alumna_Vassar
Oh thanks so much! @GoatRodeoDC @longlead did some great work on that!
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
In reply to @vermontgmg
On the other hand, I know of one politician who was caught on tape trying to rig an election. Who knows how many times he tried it that weren't taped? As Birinyi says, "There is never just one cockroach."
Critical point here about just how LITTLE actual fraud anyone has shown/charged in the year since the election: Almost none. Not a “little,” almost literally zero.
Important history here for cyber folks:
A word of historical warning to those who are planning future uses of cyber, from tactical to strategic. Beware the lure of the new technology that promises to break the enemy's will. It's how you go all in on bombers in the 1930s & then double down on them in wartime...
The idea Trump’s new venture is designed not only to compete with Twitter/FB but also take on Netflix/Disney+ is laughable. The investment in staff, server farms and original content creation would be massive.

Trump isn’t going to do that.
Replying to @BradMossEsq
This was my posit from last fall: Trump is too lazy to build a media company.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
"The situation we're in now is that 24% of the American people have an effective veto over anything that 76% of the American people think is important public policy. I don't think that squares with democratic theory." -Sen. King on the broken Senate filibuster @SenAngusKing
The bottom eight here tell you everything you need to know about which agencies actually have a culture of caring for the community and public.
In reply to @MarkLevineNYC
The vax mandate already in place in NYC schools and hospitals has been remarkably effective, with vax rates now at 95% and 93% respectively. A broader City gov’t vax mandate is necessary now because rates in many other agencies still remain far too low:
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The seven largest publicly traded ocean carriers — including companies such as Maersk, COSCO and Hapag-Lloyd — reported more than $23 billion in profits in the first half of this year, compared with just $1 billion in the same period last year.…
In reply to @vermontgmg
I mean, if you go in for those “know-what-they’re-talking-about” kind of people...
Replying to @ngleicher @noUpside and 1 otherfalse
He knew more about the Aspen Airport than the people at the Aspen Airport, after all….
Wow this is a good list. Are you going to #CYBERWARCON? If not, you should be!
In reply to @GregBensinger
A thing that amazes me about Twitter's algorithms is that I have muted more than a dozen sports terms (NFL, Super Bowl, New England Patriots, football, etc.), yet the service believes it should serve me ads about ... sports.
And sports betting!? I keep getting a ton of sports betting posts.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
"Had Jan. 6 gone Bannon's way, the Biden administration would have been killed "in its crib," or rather, never been born at all." My Lucid essay on why we must prosecute Bannon to the fullest extent allowed by the law:…
Bannon Wants to Destroy Our Democracy. He Must Be Prosecuted
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Trump is a traitor being protected by other traitors. It’s America or trumpism. Both can’t exist at the same time
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Objectively, the GOP arguments against the select committee subpoenas are extraordinarily weak. They have some good points regarding the number/scope of the subpoenas. That’s fair. But their efforts to downplay the seriousness of what happened that day are stunning
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The “law and order” party…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Budapest is to be the “intellectual home,” as he put it, of 21st-century conservatism.…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
@eosnos⁩ will take your breath away with his portrait of a once great country in a moment of decline. “It is a period in which Americans lost their vision for the common good, the capacity to see the union as larger than the sum of its parts.”…
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
An advent of simplicity over chopping up these plans to appease Manchin and the polling gods: Any unintended consequences of complexity are not going away. Republicans will not help Democrats pass minor fixes or technical corrections to BBB, and will run on its flaws.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The really interesting thing about this data is that Mexican nationals are back on top of the country of origin list, with “other” second, after many years of Central America leading.
That’s a *really significant* change in migration patterns.
Why $21? Did $20 seem too low? Why not a $5 Starbucks card to accident victims instead?
NEW: Metro says it is giving a $21 credit to all those passengers who were on last week’s derailed Blue Line train. #wmata @nbcwashington
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
How to grift a nation in 4 steps

1. Manchin’s daughter hiked EpiPen price by 400%

2. Manchin’s wife took over Nat’l Association of State Boards of Edu & mandated EpiPens in schools

3. Manchin voted for law that mandates public school EpiPen supplies

4. Family makes tons of $
The GOP is a literal cartoon of itself:
Replying to @vermontgmg
Like it is impossible to tell the difference between the “real” GOP and the caricature that SNL would make up of the GOP.
The GOP is a literal cartoon of itself:
It’s still Trump’s party, part 437
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Amherst College announced that it will no longer give children of alumni preference during its admission process, ending a longstanding practice known as legacy admission at the Western Massachusetts school.
Amherst College to end legacy admissions advantage for children of alumni - The Boston Globe
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
"Joe Manchin has no problem with [rising defense spending]. Joe Manchin is not calling for 'work requirements' or 'means testing' for Lockheed Martin before they get their government money."

From my @MehdiHasanShow opening monologue tonight:
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Late last night Texas legislature passed extreme gerrymandered US House maps

Whites 40% population but control 60% districts

Latinos 39% of population but control 18% districts

Blacks 12% of population but control 0% districts

Asians 5% of population but control 0% districts
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
This is from a few months ago, but boy did the feds botch their interpretation of this anti-Biden sticker at the home of a Jan. 6 defendant who was caught on video forcibly breaching the police lines and bragged about “fighting cops and shit.”
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
I am just so angry at the President and Vice President tonight I can barely stand it. Tomorrow is the vote on the Freedom To Vote Act, but you wouldn’t know it by them. Yes, I’ve heard all the excuses Twitter has to offer. But this is not the level of engagement we deserve.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
FBI officials conducted raids of residences in Washington and New York owned by the family of Russian metals tycoon Oleg Deripaska, who figured prominently in the post-2016 investigations of Trump campaign officials
FBI Raids Homes Owned by Relatives of Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Cops refusing the vaccine are revealing their contempt for the people they serve. That they won’t take a proven, safe vaccine because of hokum about risks ought to tell us something about how they perceive risk, threat, and the value of others’ lives in other aspects of the job.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
This shot from the Soviet war film “The Cranes are Flying” is incredible camerawork for 1957.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Hanging with @vermontgmg. Must...get...more...hammock time. (Great read, btw.)
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Top Republican on the House Agriculture Appropriations subcommittee indicted.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
@JohnKingCNN: "I'm going to share a secret I've never shared before: I am immunocompromised. I have multiple sclerosis. So I'm grateful you're all vaccinated...."
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The worst case scenario is already here it's just unevenly distributed
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
The Venn diagram of people worried about labor shortages and folks advocating for more immigration shows remarkably little overlap.
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
.@wrightr remembers Colin Powell, who broke racial barriers under four Presidents, and maintained an unflinching optimism about America throughout his life.
Colin Powell, the Humble American
Garrett M. Graff Retweeted ·  
Homeland Security secretary tests positive for Covid-19 | ⁦…
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