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Last 50 tweets from @VijaiSardesai
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Perhaps the only @goacm in #India’s history whose act has been described by the Supreme Court as a “Mockery of Constitution” now mocking the people of #Goa and #India with his nauseatingly insincere wishes.
After stabbing democracy in the back by silencing the opposition in the #Assembly, setting police upon protesting women, gagging students and snatching the rights of locals and gifting them to outsiders, this shameless hypocrisy of @DrPramodPSawant shows who he really is.
Democracy is what allows each citizen to Live with Freedom, opportunity and Respect. On the #InternationalDayofDemocracy2021, I extend my warm greetings to all citizens of our nation.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Let’s not be blinded by the dazzling incompetence of @DrPramodPSawant as @goacm and #HomeMinister that we fail to see his colossal failure as #FinanceMinister. The debt burden on each of us #Goemkars is now around Rs 170,000 and rising. The @GovtofGoa is clueless, and we pay!
Remembering legendary engineer, Bharat Ratna, Sir M Visvesvaraya ji on his birth anniversary & best wishes to all Engineers on Engineers Day. They are the creators and innovators who are shaping the world & taking it #forward for a better tomorrow!

Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
100% FRAUD. With repeated lies and falsehoods to mask the unpardonable incompetence of @GovtofGoa, @DrPramodPSawant challenges the common sense of #Goemkars who are now 100% sure that this 100% nonsense has to be driven out of #Goa’s state boundaries with no chance of return.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
For a #Goemkar, respect and regard for others are paramount values that define our culture. The @BJP4India’s habitual view of treating #Goans as illiterates and fools who will believe everything they say reflects their colonialist mindset that may work elsewhere but not in #Goa.
100% FRAUD. With repeated lies and falsehoods to mask the unpardonable incompetence of @GovtofGoa, @DrPramodPSawant challenges the common sense of #Goemkars who are now 100% sure that this 100% nonsense has to be driven out of #Goa’s state boundaries with no chance of return.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Goa Forward Party workers were seen helping citizens during immersion of one and half day Ganesh at Dambab Tali at Fatorda. Our volunteers are helping citizens so that they don’t face any difficulties during the immersion at the site said Fatorda MLA Vijai Sardesai.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
. @Goaforwardparty workers were seen helping citizens for visarjan of one and half day Ganesh at Dambab Tali at Fatorda. Our volunteers are helping citizens so they don’t face any difficulties during the visarjan at the site said Fatorda MLA @VijaiSardesai

Better sense has prevailed & the issue snowballing into a major law & order situation has been averted! We wont allow @BJP4Goa to make Fatorda into Gandhi Market ! Wrt to DyCM’s charge I have instructed MMC CP to conduct survey of gaddas @ KTC & remove any illegal Gadda forthwith
Lord Ganesha epitomises wisdom, knowledge and learning. This Ganesh Chaturthi, I hope and pray that he showers all of us with his countless blessings & keeps us safe and healthy & gives one and all the wisdom to go forward in the right direction ! #HappyGaneshChaturthi
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
फातोर्डा येथील प्रीतम नाईक यांनी साकारली विघनहर्त्याची आकर्षक मूर्ती वडिलांचा मूर्तिकलेचा वारसा नेताहेत पुढे… via @@goanewshub
- Goa News Hub
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
This, @BJP4Goa @GovtofGoa have played with lives of people during COVID spike by not managing oxygen supply. They are not serious about health of people. Hence, goes on taking U-Turn over SOP’s. Don’t rely on this insensitive Government.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
‘Team Goa’ is the need of the hour to throw out the @BJP4Goa government. We have to save #Goa from clutches of insensitive BJP. For this cause all anti-BJP people need to unite.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Injustice has been done on #BahujanSamaj by @BJP4Goa . People have grappled with inflation and rise in prices of LPG, water and electricity. #Freewater and other schemes announced by @GoaGovt @DrPramodPSawant are farce.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Resumption of #Mining is our priority. Mining is backbone of Goa's economy. We will work out on legal aspects to restart mining business and this will be in our manifesto. All will benefit from mining resumption.

Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
There is need of ‘People’s alliance’ to vote out @BJP4Goa from Power. We will meet people of Goa and will seek their support to bring #Parivartan.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
All pro-Goemkar forces should unite is the sentiment of the Goan people. ‘Team Goa’ is the need of the hour to throw out the BJP government and save Goa.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
We know the sentiments of the people of Goa, they want @BJP4Goa out of the power and hence our alliance will be with Public to #SaveGoa.

#Goemkars are the driving force of #TeamGoa! We #Goans are determined to plan an active role to #SaveGoaNow from the disastrous BJP. My message to #Goa is simple - #ForwardTogether we can get #Goa back on track as one united #TeamGoa. #ChalYaFuddem 👍…
Wishing one & all a Happy & blessed Feast of Our Lady of Good Health- Our Lady of Vailankanni ! Warm wishes to you and your loved ones….. May the love of Mother Mary always impart you strength to face challenges of life with greatness & take you #forward !
Welcome to the fifties,
@DamuNaik. Being ahead of you by a couple of years, I know it’s a turn that makes one reflect on the past and look at the future with fresh eyes and renewed spirit. May you have a joyous birthday and be blessed with good health and long life.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
A strong #Goemkarwadi political force with strong #Goemkar leaders answerable only to #Goemkars is a threat to those who’re slaves to outsider vested interests and see #Goa as a soft state that can be controlled and looted. True #Goemkar voice will not merge. #ChalYaFuddem!
Have toured different areas of Aldona Panchayat with @KandolkarKiran & culminating in a dinner at @Goaforwardparty worker’s place beyond midnight Fear & intimidation from ruling party is palpable but that won’t stop #Aldona ushering in change in the form of Kiran ! #ChalYaFuddem
We felicitated Traditional Ganesh Murti Artists Tulsidas Naik,Ratnakar Lotlikar,Ulhas Naik, Damodar Priolkar, Premnath Natekar, Damodar Narvekar and Rajendra Borkar by visiting their Ganesh Murti Chitrashala at Fatorda and Margao this morning. Preserving tradition is #Goenkarponn
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
GFP President @VijaiSardesai felicitated Traditional Ganesh Murti Artist

Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Even after admitting that it’s police negligence that led to injury, the #Govt’s apathy and heartlessness towards the victim shows how little #Goemkars’ lives matter to the authorities. We’ll there for every #Goan pushed to despond by this @BJP4Goa regime.
May the power of this music unite us, liberate us, and take us far far forward. #ChalYaFuddem
#ChalYaFuddem we are ready to take Goa #ForwardTogether! Our #GoemkarGoal is to ensure every Goan has the opportunity to move forward & fulfill our dreams! FEAR NOT - let’s show our #Goemkar strength!
May the power of this music unite us, liberate us, and take us far far #forward. #ChalYaFuddem
Delighted to appoint Pravin Asolkar as the President of North Goa District Committee for the @Goaforwardparty. We look #Forward to Pravin’s skill, leadership & #GoemkarFirst approach in developing a #FutureReadyGoa! North Goa is ready to move #ForwardTogether! #ChalYaFuddem
With respect to the great #Indian athletes, we should also strongly consider naming stadiums & institutions after our own #Goan heroes! While we seek inspiration from our nation’s role models - we must also educate the next generation of #Goans on our proud history & achievers!
ABSURD! This deserves nothing but utter ridicule. @BJP4Goa and @DrPramodPSawant are so desperate that they got big brother @BJP4India to rope in their #Delhi friends with a laughable ‘survey’ to influence people! #Dilliwalahs, remember it’s #Goa we’re talking about, not #UP!
ABP-CVoter Survey projects the BJP to reign in power for the consecutive year. Vote share at 15.4 percent for INC, BJP to get 39.4 percent, AAP to get 22.2 percent, and Others 23 percent vote share in the upcoming elections. @BJP4Goa @AAPGoa @INCGoa
Briefed media at Murida #Fatorda! Spoke on how there is almost 60% tariff hike in name of free water, which is latest Jumla by tge Jumlaputra ! On the SLP & Contempt Petition in SC on #Mhadei on 8 & 9 Sept & Goa becoming Crime Hub under @BJP4Goa Govt !
#Goa’s little genius Ethan Vaz has made India & Goa proud by winning #silver at the Under-10 Chess World Cup! I also want to wish Ethan a very #HappyBirthday & all the best in your future tournaments especially at the #SuperFinals! Hopefully you can teach me this beautiful game!
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
WHAT THE HELL? Now locals are being shot on the streets of #Goa?! Remove yourself from the position you hold, @DrPramodPSawant, you have made #Goa a living hell and #Goemkars moving targets for criminals! A constable can do a better job than you as #HomeMinister. You’re a FLOP!
One thing is clear is that a success of @DrPramodPSawant tenure as CM is that #Goa has reached new heights of crime, lawlessness & danger! With this sort of neglect to public safety who will want to even visit #Goa? Will the CM now blame #Goans for not being prepared for crime?
For a #Goemkar, the world revolves around the humble #coconut. More than an ubiquitous and indispensable ingredient in our food, it symbolises optimism and hope, a better future, a favourable outcome. Even a sight of it is auspicious. What we need in these times. #WorldCoconutDay
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
It’s not a coincidence that this happens on the day #Goemkars get ‘free’ water. The great mistake @BJP4India and @BJP4Goa have made is to repeatedly take #Goans for fools. @DrPramodPSawant thinks that he can cover up his crimes with freebies; #Goemkars think he must quietly GO!
After selling our #Mhadei river the ‘smart’ @DrPramodPSawant has kicked off a new campaign gimmick! Only the inconsiderate @BJP4Goa can come up with such distasteful ideas. #Goans can’t wait to get rid of this nuisance once and for all! #ChalYaFuddem
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Mayem constituency is lagging behind in development. @goaforward is committed for overall development of this constituency, side-lined by @BJPgoa for many years. People are grappled with problems, we will have mayem centric manifesto,and promise to implement within specific time.
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
WINDS OF CHANGE sweep #Mayem. #Mayemkars have had enough of the lying and treacherous @BJP4Goa whose agenda has always been to grab from the locals and gift to outsiders. #Mayemkars will unite for the good of Mayem, under a #Mayemkarwadi and #Goemkarwadi party; #ChalYaFuddem!
At the inauguration of the office of the Solid Party Trust at Tripoli Building, Pajifond this afternoon! With this office, this socio-cultural organisation that once held the calendar event on Diwali eve will go #forward !
Krishna shows you the way in your life as He showed the way to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata.
May Lord Krishna be with you and your family, always! Blessings of Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness. Wishing one & all a blessed #HappyJanmashtami
A bullet ricocheted from the target at Ona Maulinguem Police Firing Range & hit & pierced Urmila Umesh Gaonkar in the leg on 27/1/2021. No FIR registered even 7 months later! Several such ricocheting cases in this village approx 3 kms away Complainants are bullied! Will move HC !
Mayem says #ChalYaFuddem ! Concluded a encouraging tour of the constituency which has predominantly voted a @BJP4Goa MLA & which unfortunately has been cheated wholesale by inefficient & callous representatives! @sawantksantosh is the challenger who represents hopes of Mayenkars
There’s always time for a game of #Carrom - had great fun in #Mayem meeting & listening to its wonderful people with @sawantksantosh. My advice for the youth of #Mayem is to always look #Forward towards your #goals & aspiration! You are our leaders for tomorrow! #ChalYaFuddem
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
Under the dynamic leadership of @VijaiSardesai, Cancon will move forward.

I will be available to address the issues faced by voters at @Goaforwardparty Cancon office.

🔵चल,या फुडें🔵
Vijai Sardesai Retweeted ·  
#CANACONA CAN, AND WILL! There’s no iota of doubt in the minds of proud #Canaconkars that they must decide their future as much as #Goemkars must decide the future of #Goa! They will vote out the lies and falsehoods and usher in the change necessary to take #Canacona forward!
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