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Last 50 tweets from @Windows
Replying to @astruhu
Phew! If this happens again, follow these steps to troubleshoot blue screen errors:
In reply to @Windows
Replying to @WadderMelone
We wanted to check in. How's everything running now?
Recommendations for a new laptop, please.

No macs.

Use for office work streaming, audio and video production.

Bonus points for Uber-affordability.

Whatcha got, Twitter?
Replying to @EricDLussier
Hey, Eric! We'd love to help you find the perfect laptop. Are there any other features that are important to you in a new device?
Sometimes I wonder why Windows Updates are so slow to install 🥱
Replying to @plmee
Hi, there! We appreciate your patience. Were you able to complete the update?
i got a new computer ! :D windows 10 yeahyeah
Woohoo, how exciting is that! 🙌 Which PC did you get?
In reply to @Windows
Nothing has happened since and everything seems to be fine now.
Replying to @Spydrrr
Phew, let us know if this happens again. We're here to help!
In reply to @Windows
Just everything Its faster! Then 1909 And I like the Cursor Speed option The file Explorer Search so i can find all my files easier!
Replying to @martinewashint1
Right on, we're happy to hear it! What kind of work are you mainly using Windows for?
Windows 10 Users, Have you received the Version 2004 May Update yet?
Hey, David. Let us know if you need anything. We're here to help if you have any questions!
I need to get a new Pc badly
Replying to @AneixxJr
We might know where to find one of those. 😎 Let us know if you need any help with recommendations!
My pc blue screened out of no where 😂 cool dude. Probably nothing serious but that’s kind of annoying.
Replying to @Spydrrr
Hey, there. We wanted to check in. Are you still experiencing this?
I got the blue screen on my pc yesterday and today what does that mean
Replying to @DevourConc
Hi, there. Let's sort this out. Can you tell us the specific error code or message you're receiving?
Oh Windows update why must you punish me this way
Replying to @simonvlaursen
We appreciate your patience, Simon. Were you able to complete the update?
Today I realised that windows10 has a dark ui theme. 😅
Replying to @anveshdunna
Better late than never! 😜 How are you enjoying the rest of your Windows experience?
Who else LOVES keyboard shortcuts? Mine comes from a heightened form of laziness - cannot be arsed to lift my hand off the keyboard and onto the mouse most of the time 😂

Current favourite: Windows+full stop = emoji keyboard!

AND you use tab (or shift+tab) to move around #Tips
Replying to @plantpowered_pa
Glad we're not the only ones. 😏 They're so handy! How are you enjoying the rest of your Windows experience?
Fresh windows install means everything defaults to light theme 😣
Replying to @stwtwo
Glad you're a fan of Dark mode! 👍 Have any other Windows features caught your eye?
The windows button + tab to see the Windows timeline on Windows 10 just changed my life for the better. It is the small things....
Replying to @pretzej
You learn something new every day. 😎 Here's a list of more handy keyboard shortcuts you should check out:
Windows has just updated itself.

Great news everybody!
There's a new version of Edge...
Replying to @Thribbulous
Hey, there. 😊 How is your device running after the update?
Thank you Windows Update for breaking my dark theme mod for Slack zoinked out today and now it's pretty nice on first glance.
Replying to @bret_ebooks
Hi, there. We wanted to check in. How is everything running now?
For windows users: pressing the windows key + "." ( the period key) should activate the emoji keyboard. In case you need to express yourself with more emojis.
Replying to @dsebastiantello
The fun stuff. 😜 Thanks for sharing!
In reply to @Windows
I would love to be able to go into a Microsoft store and try them out! Oh....
Replying to @CameronYeager
Let us know if you ever have any questions! We're here to help.
Replying to @malcolmklau
Looking good! 😍 How long did it take to build?
Replying to @Rob_Aarts
Looking good! 💪 We can't wait to hear your first impression.
It’s been 2 days since the Windows Microsoft Edge update and my computers disk has been running at 100% constantly, I can’t even open a program or a website!
Replying to @umbrellarocks
Uh oh. Are you still experiencing this? We're here to help.
In reply to @Windows
Replying to @colinza
Wonderful! Let us know if anything else comes up. We're here to help.
In reply to @Windows
epic gamer moments 😎
Replying to @BlazefromMc
Nice! Do you have a favorite go to game?
In reply to @Windows
Well i once thought that Windows 10 was bad, but now i realize that Windows 10 wasn't the issue, it was the old laptop. But now i really enjoy it! I can't wait for future updates! The new icons looks great too! Have a great day and/or night!
Replying to @Mash0Star
Aw, this makes our day! 😊 Thanks for chatting with us, and being a part of team Windows.
In reply to @Windows
Thank you for your help. I’m impressed.
Replying to @TheHitmanBrett
Glad we can help! 💙 Be sure to let us know if anything else comes up in the future. We're just a tweet away.
In reply to @Windows
I’m good now. Those updates just seem to come at the most inconvenient times. I was right in the middle of a post for work and suddenly...gone.
Replying to @TheHitmanBrett
We know interruptions are no fun! We recommend setting active hours for Windows updates:
In reply to @Windows
You will always have a special place in my heart Windows! My first computer was one with Windows Vista! It may not have been the best, but i really enjoyed it!
Replying to @Mash0Star
We appreciate the long time support! How are you enjoying the rest of your Windows experience?
In reply to @Windows
It's awesome of course! :) But I wish, the new windows system has a kinda nostalgic look. Like a setting, where you can change the system layout to windows xp or windows 98. That would be even more awesome. :)
Replying to @Nostalgiker2
We're always open to feedback! 👌 Be sure to submit your suggestions by using the shortcut WIN + F.
In reply to @Windows
Yeah it was cool, but i also got Cortana in the update so it had its ups and downs
Replying to @BlazefromMc
What kind of work are you mainly using Windows for?
Dear Windows updates...I hate you.
Replying to @TheHitmanBrett
Thanks for your patience, Brett! We wanted to check in and see how everything is running now?
Is anyone else having issues with the latest Windows 10 feature update (2004) failing to install?
Replying to @AndyOnceSaid
Your patience is much appreciated. The update will make its way to each device as it continues to roll out. In the meantime, you can learn more about the update here:
Whats new in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update | Windows Experience Blog
In reply to @Windows
I love it!! 😊
Replying to @ArpitV11
Aw, glad you're a fan! 💙
In reply to @Windows
Yes! I agree! 😎 👍
Replying to @Mash0Star
We're glad you're a fan! (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)
In reply to @Windows
I don't know but then it got fixed 🙈
Replying to @colinza
Gotcha! Is everything running smoothly today?
In reply to @Windows
Still testing it out but my laptop responds faster compared to before but I haven't explored it completely.
Replying to @HaliyaJam
Wonderful! Keep us updated and let us know if anything comes up. We're here to help. 🙂
Windows Retweeted ·  
Announcing new features in @MicrosoftTeams that make virtual interactions natural and most importantly, more human.

— Feel More Connected
— Reduce Meeting Fatigue
— Make Meetings More Inclusive
— Streamline Your Work

Learn about these updates and more:
Reimagining virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning - Microsoft 365 Blog
In reply to @Windows
So convenient
Replying to @ArpitV11
We think so too! 😎
Windows 10 2004 is so broken
Replying to @AAR0N106
Oh no! Can you explain more about what you're experiencing? We're here to help.
Ahh, here we go again 🙇🏾‍♂️

Replying to @hackyroot
Hey, there. We wanted to check in. Are you still experiencing this?
I know how to screenshot on a windows computer I said one dumb thing without realizing-
Replying to @playboyluvss
Hey, there! What kind of work are you mainly using Windows for?
Just discovered the windows key + w fires up a whiteboard
Replying to @LeboMadise
We love that one! 😊 Here's a list of more handy keyboard shortcuts you should check out:
Getting a new PC this weekend 🤤 it’s a huge upgrade from mine so I’m hoping to start streaming again!!
Replying to @disco_nerds
How exciting! 😊 Which gaming PC did you get?
Me: just gonna restart my pc real quick

@Windows update:
Replying to @BlazefromMc
Oof, thanks for your patience. Were you able to successfully complete the update?
Replying to @astruhu
Hey, there. Is this still occurring? We're here to help.
Gave my desktop a little nostalgic look! ;) The first windows systems were the best!
Replying to @Nostalgiker2
Ah, such great memories! How are you enjoying the rest of your Windows experience?
In reply to @Windows
@Windows hey guys the new 2004 update ruined my life!
i can't open some applications because it keeps im gonna fail my exam i guess😭
Replying to @stylo_pro
Oh no! Were you able to get this resolved? We're here to help.
Gotta love Windows 10 where a useless update takes 3 hours to get to 11% then refuses to go any further. @Windows thanks for bricking my laptop.
Replying to @PastelGothSaku
We understand your frustration and appreciate your patience. Were you able to successfully complete the update?
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