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Last 50 tweets from @woollogirl
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Prison gets award for reducing hepatitis C by 5%. If they allowed regulated clean needle programs instead of unregulated infected needles they could eliminate hep C 100% within 5 years.…
5 15
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
I cry, openly, often - we are born with emotion; real men show them!!
18 103
Bk In the tropics.. @Ashy_jayray #MurriStylez #FarNthQLD #MurriCountry 🖤🔥❤️💙💚⚪️🖤😜
0 7
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
‘It’s ok to be white’ Hanson

Yeah Pauline ... Very ‘ok’

Number of times I’ve been:

Racially vilified
Discriminated against
Refused service
Casually made jokes of
Got arrested

Due to my whiteness ...


592 2,011
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
The United Nations climate panel has issued a report basically warning that the end of the world is in 22 years -- and this report will almost certainly be completely ignored by most of the TV media, most of the population & the entire political class.…
25,044 31,307
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
How a Sri Lankan student's arrest on terror charges exposes a system built to suspect minorities via @TC_Africa…
32 45
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Since October 3rd

13 women have been killed by male violence in Australia.

That’s a woman killed every 66 hours

Number of tweets @ScottMorrisonMP personally done to speak about this epidemic since Oct 3


Number of tweets he’s done about sports in the same time


566 903
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
How much is this costing? Where is the Minister getting the money from? And why hasn't the Minister signed off on the $550m housing partnership he agreed to 9 months ago.
  · TweetDeck · en
14 25
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Just two weeks to go until Winda Film Festival kicks of the only current Indigenous film festivals in Sydney. The stunning 'Niminjarra' is part of the incredible line-up of films #WindaFilmFestival @WINDAFilmFest
10 19
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
So if you go to rehab to try keep out of prison, Centrelink stops all your benefits, thanks to @ScottMorrisonMP Just go straight to jail. It costs the taxpayer $200 a day
9 13
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
It’s almost Orange o’clock....! Super pumped for the premiere of @Channel7’s ‘Orange is the New Brown’ at 8:30pm #orange #nazeemhussain
  · Twitter for iPad · en
1 10
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Clearly we are very excited that #orangeisthenewbrown will be starting tonight at 8:30pm on @channel7 . P.s Sorry fam for the middle finger. I swear I made @nazeemhussain do it.
2 44
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
I'm on a mission! It's no secret our @IndigenousX men have some of the worst health outcomes in the world. That's why I'm doing the bush camps program. I'm doing it to remind countrymen (yes myself included) how culture washes country cleans us and we heal @ErnieDingo1
13 18
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Marion Leane Smith is the only known Aboriginal woman to serve in World War I. Her family hope more people learn about her remarkable story & for others to share their stories of women in war #RemembranceDay #ArmisticeCentenary…
'Very proud': Remembering the only known Aboriginal woman to serve in WWI
78 130
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
We marched together against the removal of Indigenous children into care.We advocated for placement principles to be followed appropriately. Now we are protesting against the horrific adoption laws that @PruGoward is pushing for which is a prime abuse of power by the state.
23 49
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Prisons failing to provide basic dental care. Inmates with rotting teeth get "Panadol and wait".
“Prisoners said that by the time their appointment came around the infected tooth had deteriorated so much that all the dentist could do was extract the tooth"…
Dental wait times blow out in prison
5 13
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
.@MariahCarey nominated for 2019 @SongwritersHOF! She is the female songwriter with the most #1 hits (17) in @Billboard history. Congrats MC!
  · TweetDeck · en
355 791
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Children of Survivors | Lloyd Thrasher and the complex legacy of residential schools
  · IFTTT · en
8 15
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Democrats in Kansas, New Mexico Become First Native American Women Elected to Congress…
  · TweetDeck · en
113 331
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
White Women.

I swear to God.

Y’all are infuriating.

And before you #NotAllWhiteWomen me (which will get you blocked) tell me you are COMMITTED to flipping 10 of your alabaster friends from red to blue by 2020. It’s not enough to be “not racist.” You must be *anti-racist.*
1,137 4,199
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
𝓔𝓵𝓲𝔃𝓪𝓫𝓮𝓽𝓱 𝓛𝓲𝓵𝓵𝔂
For the first time, we will have Native American women in Congress. It took only 229 years! #Midterms2018…
We're Finally Going To Have Native American Women In Congress
162 375
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
“Some leaders are born women.”

Geraldine Ferraro,

First female Vice Presidential candidate.

64 158
had some gd times here.. cant wait to go bk .. ❤️💚❤️🙏🏽
In Roman times this square was a hippodrome.
In medieval times it was where fairs and markets were held.
Today, it one of the city's neuralgic centers.

Praça D. Pedro IV, also know as Rossio.

Photo by Stefano Borghesi
  · Hootsuite Inc. · en
20 73
0 0
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Almost a year ago, the Royal Commission told the NTGov that #DonDale is a dangerous powder-keg that must be closed.
The Gunner Government sat on their hands.
Now it's ablaze & kids as young as 14 are again at risk, being tear gassed & locked in isolation…
Don Dale youth detention centre set on fire in major disturbance
87 54
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Shut Don Dale. Bring the kids home now!
24 27
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
I believe incarceration is treated as a Business Model, for those that make a profit, here in Victoria both parties are falling over each other re who can build the biggest hell holes
@ShutYouthPrison @Prisonblogger @rightsagenda
  · Twitter for iPad · en
6 5
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
'They'll know my stories just by looking at my face': Indigenous body painting a way of reclaiming culture
Indigenous body painting not just a form of art, it's a part of culture says facilitator Amber Maxie | CBC News
  · IFTTT · en
20 47
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Historic moment!!!
  · Facebook · en
6 23
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
6:30pm Wed, 21-Nov-2018
Event Cinemas - Bondi Junction
500 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction NSW 2022, Australia
Special Guest Speaker:Professor Larissa Behrendt...
After The Apology
  · Facebook · en
10 12
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
London high school students get crash course in treaty history
  · IFTTT · en
28 92
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Two first #NativeAmerican #Women elected to #Congress since it was established in 1789.
Unbelievable. Much power, Spirit and Love to them.
68 235
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Congrats @NITV - a swag of nominations in the inaugural First Nations Media Awards: Best Drama or Comedy Award, Best News or Current Affairs Story, Best Interview or Oral History, Best Promotion or Station ID & THE POINT for Best News or Current Affairs Program. @FNMediaAust
18 58
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
First Native American women elected to Congress: Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland
  · Facebook · en
298 767
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
LISTEN: "You do not stop being Black just because you walk up a new set of stairs".

@LindaBurneyMP speaking at the '2018 Dr Charles Perkins Memorial Oration'.

We'll have her address in full on this weeks program.

#CharlesPerkins #FreedomRides
27 41
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Breaking Silent codes of Sexual Abuse @FullStopFdn @congressmob @unsw_gvrn
6 17
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Today's action was a great first step, we must keep the pressure up, please participate and share this event as well.…
FIRE Fighting In Resistance Equally
  · Facebook · en
3 3
@woollogirl I thought that would be the case. And I don't forget whose country this is - check my timeline. But you might want to look at Phil Acio's original posts in that discussion, which were what I was responding to.
0 0
Replying to @collettesnowden :
@collettesnowden well next time sis dont come at me .. if you already know ay
0 0
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
"If you want to get a life changing experience join us in #Sydney for the 2018 Healing Our Spirit Worldwide Gathering" - Prof. Tom Calma AO. #HOSW8
31 59
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Earlier this year when I was in Lebanon and sunrise pulled its pro adoption and stolen generation stunt.First Nations people across the globe showing solidarity. You can to,this morning NSW Parliament House. Protest against the forced adoption amendment 10AM. @IndigenousXLtd
8 27
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Eric B. & Rakim
“Don't Sweat the Technique”
1992 Original 12” Pressing
23 45
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Powerful turn out this morning showing solidarity and resistance against the new adoption legalisation that will see foster kids being placed in care permanently creating even greater marginalisation for Indigenous children in foster care.Leaving close to NO chance of restoration
13 25
Elizabeth Wymarra Retweeted ·  
Don Dale youth detention centre building on fire during major disturbance.… via @abcnews
8 5
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