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Last 50 tweets from @yodaberg
A sexshop from Norway, one of the most famous in the world, completed 30 years and decided to make a celebration commercial. But how to advertise this business without nudity, without presenting your products and still reach the target audience ???
Congratulations Aisha! Wishing you & your babies well. Don’t forget to use the free MCH Line, they are excellent!
I 110% second this! Kept me afloat for the first two years. They’re angels!!!
I’m on leave until March 2020 to work on two exciting new projects, Henry 👶🏼 and Max 👶🏼 - born on the 3rd of April!
Replying to @aishamae
Woo hoo! Great job mama!!! Enjoy every single second! xx
Tell me your best thing today. Mine was going to Pesach Seder with @yodaberg and our kids
What a pretty big head he has though!
Are you head shaming Schmidt?
Isy with one 's' Retweeted ·  
Spare a thought for Aboriginal women & their children this Easter by swapping out chocolate & helping them pay their unpaid fines to avoid gaol. Your donation could change lives & reunite them with their loved ones… 💗🐰🐣
Why do people think these kinds of things are reasonable conversation topics? Also add in the fact that you’re in a confined moving vehicle and it’s not always safe to speak up, the whole situation is gross @Uber
Replying to @ak_johnstone @Uber
Yep. Agree on all fronts. I think in Ubers there’s also this weird forced conversation pressure which doesn’t help.
He cancelled the trip before I got out of the car, so I couldn’t leave a bad star rating as a review. Racists hate been held accountable for their actions. 2/2 #uber #racism #australia
Replying to @ak_johnstone
Same thing happened to me when driver dropped me home in St Kilda commented on the African gang issues. Um what? I lost it. He apologised and said he was just talking about what he reads in the paper. 🙄
Sometimes it takes me and Schmidt taking a selfie for me to realise quite how big his head is. People tell me all the time but HOLY COW he’s a big boy. #communistparty
Spent today building shade cloth frames for my raised garden beds in preparation for planting. Feeling more than a little bit smug! 😂
Isy with one 's' Retweeted ·  
Well done! I think this is why Twitter threads were invented actually
People are weird. Straight drug dealers especially, as it turns out.
Replying to @richardthewatts
He’s probably just not used to anyone being interested. Sounds like he hasn’t got a lot to offer other than coke. 🙄
Social cues are awkward, says the man who thought a guy was cruising him tonight, only to discover he was trying to sell me cocaine. When I made a move he freaked out and threatened to punch me in the face. Not a great way to end my night.
Replying to @richardthewatts
Urgh I’m so sorry. What a douche.
I live for the moments like this one where they laugh together and just love each other 🥰 ...much nicer than when they poke each other in the face and get all shouty about it 🤣🤪❤️
Replying to @katejmcmahon @RCHMelbourne and 1 otherfalse
I spent all day managing meltdowns at a very crowded Werribee zoo. I hear ya!!
Staff at @RCHMelbourne have saved these two more times than I care to count, offering endless compassion and support along the way. We’ve also made lifelong friends on the wards. That’s why our family is proudly supporting the @GoodFriAppeal today. Go on! Do it for the kids!
Replying to @katejmcmahon @RCHMelbourne and 1 otherfalse
Look at those faces though! 😍
To all the parents drowning under the weight of needy! Needy! NEEDY! small children:

One day your kids will be old enough to bribe to walk to the local cafe to get you a coffee cos you’re out of milk, and you can stay on the couch in your pjs and watch TV.
Replying to @SusanCarland
Feeling pretty miserable today after a day of meltdown after meltdown at a very crowded Werribee Zoo and this made me smile. There’s hope!
Massage the base of your skull till you find a sore spot then work on that: helps mine
Replying to @janusflytrap
Mine is in my jaw and temple. Someone here told me to hold my tongue to the roof of my mouth for 10 seconds and repeat. IT IS WORKING!!
You've never seen my Bar Mitzvah video...
You are eating for two, so don’t skimp on it
Happy Passover to you my misguided friend ♥️♥️
Haha! I will eat lots of matzas for my sins xxx
Rhianna it can be said is the same.
Noooooo! Her voice and range isn’t comparable!!
Try a good osteo. A good one will not take as long as a massage and should have toys for children!!
I think I just have to do this
Replying to @upulie
Don’t move. I’m coming with you.
Nah. Rhianna is Queen
Really?! Seriously?! Rihanna is great but she doesn’t come close. Beyoncé is a great performer... but the best *voice* of our generation. And every single one of the 200ppl on stage were Black. She’s the most accomplished all rounder, politically-active, amazing performer. ❤️
Isy with one 's' Retweeted ·  
George Christensen earned $163k - $550 a day - during his 28 trips to the Phillipines.…
Started watching Homecoming last night. Now watching the second half. Every year that goes by I’m more and more convinced that Beyoncé is probably the greatest musical performer ever. EVER.
Yep a month ago today. I took a redundancy.
Replying to @murdochsj
Jesus I completely missed that! Mazaltov! Welcome to life on the outside! 😂
The Funemployment 2019 Tour rolls on to Sydney, Melbourne then Singapore, Vancouver and then Chicago for a few weeks.
Replying to @murdochsj
Wait, what? You left the Oz?!
Isy with one 's' Retweeted ·  
everyone saying good on ALP it's about time we had an Aboriginal person in charge of Aboriginal Affairs - don't forget we used to have 100000s of Aboriginal people in charge of their own affairs. How about stopping NT intervention, deaths in custody, destroying sacred sites.....
Isy with one 's' Retweeted ·  
'Father of Reconciliation' Patrick Dodson to be Indigenous affairs minister under Labor
Listening to a young woman on the tram describe how she has no shifts for the next 2 weeks because her employer only hires 16yos for the public holidays bc of the double pay. So she had no income across that period.
Isy with one 's' Retweeted ·  
We fail young people in care so often it has become unremarkable.

Yet they survive, and excel when given the chance, like Victor who is studying youth work. What a champ.

Teen drift in state care: 40 per cent of teens have no one on their case… via @smh
Adrift in state care: 40 per cent of teens have no one on their case
I’m a bit scared by these gentlemen
Replying to @ColleenLavelle1
*whispers* I see old white man people
I saw this after the fact - hope it’s cleared. I bought an acupuncture laser for self treatment. Helps sometimes. Magnesium cream, muscle cream etc
Isy with one 's' Retweeted ·  
folks please, please check your enrolment details, especially if you're across the pond or lake or whatever <3
Replying to @rynobi
That's definitely not the response I was expecting! I think I'm blushing.
I just met Jack White then ate a meat pie. How’s your Thursday?
Replying to @rynobi
What was he like what was he like?!
Social media influencer. Doesn’t that tag make u laugh?
Replying to @mjgal
They are usually following 29.3k people and have 29.3k followers...
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