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Last 50 tweets from @YTCreators
Whether you want to learn to speak English like an American, or you just find it interesting to hear how weird American English actually is when you break it down, @Rachels_English is a must-listen
Perfect English | The most important English words!
  · Sprinklr · en
8 92
If you don’t Then you don’t
love me deserve me
at my at my
286 2,436
#DragRace first came out around the time I came out. I’ve never missed an episode. The show, and its exceptional Queens, have helped me through dark times & provided inspiration, laughs, love, community & escape. This is more than my favorite show. What a dream to be part of it.
186 3,060
Replying to @raymondbraun :
@raymondbraun @RuPaulsDragRace @RuPaul And now you're inspiring a new generation! So proud.
0 6
walking the #DragRace runway will forever be one of my favorite memories. thank you @monetxchange & @RuPaul for the gag of a lifetime!!
191 3,916
Replying to @tyleroakley :
celebrating the first weekend of summer like 🤘🏽💥
  · TweetDeck · en
76 488
Replying to @chloexhalle :
Woaahhhh! I’m today’s Creator on the Rise! Check out my video on YouTube’s Trending tab #CreatorOnTheRise
4 7
Replying to @ChiefOthX :
@ChiefOthX Congrats, well-deserved! 🎉🎉🎉
1 1
Watch equestrian Shelby Dennis (@sdequus) and her horses Archie and Milo as they gallop and jump to victory! #CreatorOntheRise 🐴🐴
8 75
YouTube Creators Retweeted ·  
It's 10pm and I just made coffee. That is @YTCreators life baby, Got work to do.
7 125
LIVE NOW: @LizaKoshy will answer your questions while going as fast as possible in an Audi RS 5 🚗
  · Sprinklr · en
9 140
BFF goals @ElJuanpaZurita and @RudyMancuso have played terrible lifeguards, terrible DJs, and terrible tennis players.

In their latest collab they prove their incompetence extends to magic 😂
  · Sprinklr · en
257 1,978
There isn't one official curry paste recipe, but there are some key ingredients that can put you on the right path.

Thai-Canadian cooking expert @hotthaikitchen demystifies how to make this staple in Thai cuisine →
5 72
Hello @YTCreators
I have completed 1 k+ subscriber and 4k +. Hour watch time.
But still my channel is not monetized..
Plz do monetize my channel as soon as possible.
Channel link =
Edu Platform
0 0
Replying to @yk9947215 :
@yk9947215 If your applications is already under review, you should receive an update by the end of June. We're sorry for the delays and here's more info on what we're doing to speed things up: Appreciate your patience in the meantime!
0 0
Thank you all so much! We reached 100k in ONE YEAR and twitter doesn’t let me talk that much! Check out my IG post! #followyourdreams @YouTube @YTCreators @TeamYouTube
4 152
Replying to @TheBeastons :
20% crafting + 80% struggle = beautiful flower arrangement.

@LaurDIY's Dollar Store DIY Challenge will make you wonder why you ever overpaid for fake flowers 💐 → #prettylittlelaurs
89 1,719
I know that @YTCreators doesn't really care about smaller content creators, but I just broke 10k views and it means the world to me. I never expected that anyone would like my streams. Everyone is so sweet and it really brights my day. Thanks guys! You're the best!
  · Twitter Lite · en
2 7
Replying to @ToxicTeaAlice :
@ToxicTeaAlice We care about you. Congratulations!!!
0 0
@jamescharles Happy birthday! Hope you're enjoying your celebration in Australia!🎈🎂
9 133
I wanna pet your bunnyyyyy!
2 139
Replying to @imjennim :
So the premiere for the movie I’m in is tonight. My parents are coming with me. They are walking the red carpet with me 😁🙏🏽👨‍👩‍👧 it’s not like the biggest deal everrrr butttttt it’s still a pretty cool feeling!
40 397
Replying to @Simszter :
Wichita teacher @jwillenborg2 went viral last year for her unique individual handshakes with students.

Now as #CreatorOntheRise she shows off more 3rd grade excellence →
8 114
Thank you so much to @googleafrica for having me last night for all things @youtube! Had a blast! Check my IG stories 🔥 #YouTubeZA
4 29
Replying to @TheRealMoyin :
YouTube Creators Retweeted ·  
if you're wondering whether or not you should make youtube videos, DO it go upload something right now, anything really
79 573
i literally have everything i need to finally make youtube videos except confidence
0 2
Replying to @herestomybaaaby :
@herestomybaaaby Here you go! You got this.
0 0
Do i make more youtube videos this summer?🍭🍬🍭
1 7
Replying to @HowToTommy :
Answer: So lazy in fact, that the little intro to the quiz that you put, was already too much for me to answer/too long and felt like a quiz in itself.

Did I pass?
0 0
Replying to @JSLoverThree :
How often do you change your sheets? 🛏️
How often do you wash your face? 😓
Do you have a lazy outfit that you wear 90% of the time? 👚

Take the "How Lazy Are You?" quiz to see if you out-lazy @blogilates and
  · Sprinklr · en
3 122
@YTCreators @blogilates @harto that link goes to a jacksepticeye video lmao wtf
0 0
Replying to @KayteEss :
@KayteEss @blogilates @harto oops, that will be coming later!
0 1
If you're a BookTube regular, you are probably familiar with Brown Girl Reading (@ReadEngDee)

Here she gives us the books that are on her yearly to-read list 📖📖📖📖→
12 128
Huge congrats, @GuavaJuice, on 10 million subscribers 🎉🎉🎉

We hope you celebrate with a giant cotton candy burrito, a Nutella bath, or whatever creative idea you come up with next!

27 374
It's World Goth Day, so I googled some goth puppies and was not disappointed.
1,287 6,652
Replying to @ThomasSanders :
@ThomasSanders This is quality content
1 42
SHOCKING: a new video in which I lament instagram captions for being cliché, meaningless, and a waste.
17 151
Replying to @AkilahObviously :
UPDATE: I'm slowly but surely starting to feel better and kick this horrible flu out of my system! YAY! Progress!
18 968
Replying to @MollyBOfficial :
Fam, we just done got chosen to be this year's @YouTube Ambassadors for #creatorsforchange!!! SUPER STOKED to meet the rest of the ambassadors from all over the world!

2 25
Replying to @dmingthing :
She's gonna be amazing! 💚👃
11 133
Replying to @Nickelodeon :
@YTCreators @imjennim Is it too late to make a video for Asian Pacific American Heritage month? I'd love to tell my story.
0 2
Replying to @timmydavidnyc :
@timmydavidnyc @imjennim Not too late, May’s not over yet!
1 3
@YTCreators They make a lot of Pokémon Gaming videos, Pokémon Theories, Top 10s, Speed Arts and more! It'll be great if you guys promote a few channels who's channel is mainly focused on Pokémon-related Content! Maybe some people will be surprised on how big of a community we are!
0 1
Replying to @CoolShallow :
HMU when you actually promote the actual Pokémon YouTubers...
1 14
Replying to @CoolShallow :
@CoolShallow who are some of your favorites?
0 1
You might think being a Pokémon champion seems like a sweet gig. But @MatPatGT took a closer look.

Watch the latest from The Game Theorists to see the math of how much Pokémon training can net you →
  · Sprinklr · en
26 319
In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, @@imjennim gets honest about the pride and struggles she had growing up as a Korean-American. She is also looking for a Korean language tutor in Los Angeles→ #APAHM
34 321
Replying to @YTCreators :
For more #APAHM videos, check out the Growing Up Asian American Tag, started by
Growing up Asian American Tag | The AM with Amy
5 69
In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, @@imjennim gets honest about the pride and struggles she had growing up as a Korean-American. She is also looking for a Korean language tutor in Los Angeles→ #APAHM
34 321
@YTCreators You can't ever permanently delete something from the internet. Once it's been posted, it's out there. You can't take it back.
0 2
Replying to @Sassy_Soda :
@Jonathan__Casey @YTCreators @ckid861 haha - I can try...

Check out Jonathan - a different take on tech, pretty unique and fresh style!
  · TweetDeck · en
0 0
Replying to @TechNinjaSpeaks :
So let's say you have a great idea for a YouTube channel, but don't know anything about video production.

On the newest Creator Academy @MayasWorld gives you a total beginner's guide to video equipment → ⚡️🎥🎬
  · Sprinklr · en
24 151
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