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.@realDonaldTrump blames his rhetoric after Synagogue shooting on the media and continues to attack democrats at rallies as he struggles to fill the role of "consoler in chief"@NBCNightlyNews

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Why aren’t you telling me about Trumps hacked iPhone? I heard about her emails for 2 years Andrea.
I don’t think he’s struggling with it. I don’t think he has the slightest interest in being consoler-in-chief.
"Struggling" implies a legitimate attempt at success. There has never been one. Why cover his ineptitude and cruelty with euphemisms? He's not struggling to fill the role. He's refusing to to, which is far, far worse.
You’ve taken a side, Andrea.
Worst sin in journalism.

When you oppose Trump so obviously, so corruptly - you are opposing 60+ million American Citizens. Do you get that?

Or is the Judas $$ so good that you no longer care?
And you guys are gonna stop covering said rallies...right?
Struggles would imply he is trying.
He will NEVER be that. He is not struggling; this is his deliberate strategy. There will be no pivot. Full stop.
No struggle whatsoever. He's literally feeding on the discord he's able to sow. It energizes him.
And you'll be reporting about his obvious mental illness when, exactly? This is a national emergency, and the beltway press corp (which includes YOU) need to start reporting it, straight-up. And no, I'm not kidding.
He’s mentally challenged and very very sick and has gotten away with crimes for so long he really doesn’t realize ALL THE PEOPLE TURNING AGAINST HIM which will be his undoing. And frankly, I hope he meets the truth sooner than later. He’s killing THE USA!!
No struggling seen by me. He appears to me to not have even an iota of worry about being consoling. The only thing I see is fear that his gop puppets and protectors may get voted out.
That is a role he (a) does not want; (b) is singularly I’ll-equipped to fill and (c) would be better off if he delegated to someone else.
Andrea, why are you trying to prop up Trump with the idea that he's struggling to fill any role at all? Stop it. Cut it out. He's never going to care about anyone but himself. We don't need the media pretending the president is something he's not.
he will never console anyone. he lacks empathy.
Because the msm is a propaganda arm of the Democrat party. You never once called Obama out on anything.
Struggles? He ideologically incapable of it.
Not "struggling to fill role of consoler in chief". Not interested in that role at all. Divider in chief is a role he is fulfilling with no struggle.
Good thing you did so much reporting on HRC’s emails so people didn’t trust her.
Trump is the one needing consolation. He is overwhelmed by self-pity.
I like the lower case d.
Struggles to fill the role? He's not struggling. He has no intention of filling the role.
He will never fill any roll other than jelly.
Struggling implies that he tries, Andrea. He doesn’t try, and he doesn’t care. We have a sociopath president. Expecting anything from him is a waste of energy.
Seriously?! Trump IS a sociopath& narcissist. He is incapable of empathy. Again INCAPABLE!!! Try to start describing him for what he is,how he lies w/ nearly every breath, how he and his administration are trying to set the stage for dissidents to be jailed and set the US asunder
And dumbass-in-chief is going to Pittsburgh when asked not to. He's going so he can interrupt funerals. How childish. I don't think he can go any lower. He has hit the bottom of the barrel on this one.
He is incapable of fulfilling the basic duties of the Presidency because he is without compassion or empathy. It is clear to me that his only concern is himself. Most simply put, he is a sociopath.
Andrea, he is NOT struggling to fulfill that role. He has NO interest in that role, I’m sure he thinks BO looked stupid and weak singing Amazing Grace. He is the mean kid from 4th grade who tripped the kid in glasses and then led the laughter
Consoler? Like when the Twin Towers fell and he said “Trump Tower is now the tallest building on the NY skyline.”
Narcissistic Personality Disorder does not recognize other people’s tragedies and suffering.
More like Inflated Ego in Chief.
Hey @mitchellreports a little off topic but do you know of any time @BarackObama called anyone stupid? #classypresident
It's a role he is incapable of filling. He sees death as loosing and he can only respond to winning.
Why is the MSM the enemy of Donald Trump? Why do they continually condemn for the craziest things? The MSM is not believable....ever.
One can’t struggle to fill a role that he doesn’t want. It is impossible to console anyone when you are incapable of feeling any compassion.
Why aren’t you reporting on what HRC said about “they all look alike” in her recent interview? That should be big news!
"struggles" you either have empathy or you don't. I'd say he doesn't.
He'd have to give a rat's a$$ about anybody but himself to fill that role. Will never happen.
You can only console someone if you have a heart.
Struggles?? That would imply he’s trying.
The media continues to lie and smear. The media keeps saying Trump & his supporters are anti-Semites, racists, bigots, etc. Stop the demagoguery. twitter.com/bennyjohnson/s…
Struggles? He has no desire to comfort anyone.
They are your words @realDonaldTrump. Not Jim Acosta’s. You have yourself to blame.
And he's 100% correct. The #democrats are still propping up the hatemonger Farrakhan without any criticism from any of you. You all are #Fakenews. Your agenda comes 1st our country 2nd. We know the people between the coasts aren't relevant to you, but without us.. #Powmia
#NaziInChief #TrumpNazi #Magashooter #Magabomber #TrumpTreason Yes folks, our Russian mole of a small handed leader cannot console American Jews because his words caused the worst carnage of Jews in memory. That’s where we are as a nation. Sad AF.
Andrea, as you & most of the world knows, he's: A COMMANDER OF HATE & BLOODSHED!

💙🇺🇸💙 BLUE WAVE 💙🇺🇸💙
Struggles? He has no morals and a black soul. This should be a surprise to exactly no-one.
Well we in Pittsburgh know he’s the conman in chief.
To begin, thank you Andrea for your DECADES of work and devotion to your job. You've been invaluable to your industry. Sadly, Trump does not have the wherewithal to grasp higher thinking. I believe is has limited reasoning and cannot see connections like we can. Just dumb.
While trump gaslights at the border, the Dems see the real threat- go.shr.lc/2Swd5Sn
He isn't capable of consoling, first you need a soul and second you can't be a Physcopath
Struggles? No, he chooses hate.
NBC and CNN liberal bias on full display.
Not struggles. Try shirks.
Consoler Never! Incites, invites and emboldens hate and racism. #TerroristinChief #BanTrumpHateRallies
As always, @realDonaldTrump is, was, and always will be dishonest, insensitive, and clueless.
It’s not in his character
Come on Andrea, U R the old queen bee. U spew nothing but poison & blame others. U have accused the people of racism 4 the only reason that they stand up 2 yr BS. We are not mindless Democrats/ We will not submit to UR FascisT Bullying #MAGA
Trump could not console my dog nor does he want to do so. He has no empathy, compassion, respect for the dead and injured and their families. He is not humane.
All he has to do is give a shit about someone other than him. And can’t be fucking bothered to do that.
“Struggles to fill the role?!” @realDonaldTrump can’t even pretend to perform the role for 2 seconds. @realdonaldtrump is an utter disgrace of a human and performs the role of “violence inciter in Chief,” “racist in Chief,” “white supremacist in Chief,” and “antiSemite in Chief.”
Blame, blame, blame. That’s all @realDonaldTrump knows how to do.
He's not struggling. He has no intention of consoling anyone. Since he is clearly incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities of a US President, he should resign the office.
When that "liberal" media keeps trying to prop up an authoritarian.
There is no way @realDonaldTrump will ever be a consoler
You stir rhetoric too. Stirring up crap daily.
And it's hard to tell if those online who echo his sentiments are Americans, or online trolls/bots. November is coming, and then we will see the measurement of our souls.
cretin-in-chief. vote for republicans this election is vote for TRUMP’s hate filled speech, fear-mongering, xenophobia, nazis and white supremacists. Before @realDonaldTrump was elected he said “what do you have to lose”... two years later the answer is simple : LIFE.
I don't think he's struggling Andrea.
The people of Pittsburgh should stone him when he lands there tomorrow. @realDonaldTrump is a disgrace.
He is actively choosing to fail.
Trump blamed President Obama for the Orlando shooting washingtonpost.com/news/post-poli…
Of course he does. He’s incapable of taking responsibility for anything.
What’s changed with your rhetoric? Nothing #hypocricy
Maybe even his hardcore followers now will see how crazy he really is
It’s honestly such a disturbing moment in our nations history. We have to continue to fight hard to rise above and promote an example of civility, empathy, and compassion regardless of differences that our current president will never adhere to.
He will never fill that role. He is incapable of that.
... as he fails to have even a small drop of decency.
Quit wanting him to do anything. You’re wasting your time.
He’s only struggling with it because we’re asking it of him. Let’s make it easier on all of us and admit he can’t do it and quit asking it of him.
Do you believe he's struggling, or even attempting, to be a consoler? Would be more accurate to say that he has abandoned the role.
What about his phones? How about China and Russia spying on him? How about his staff lying all the time?
DinC, not CinC. (Dickhead in Chief, not Commander nor Consoler in Chief)
Chief of nothing. In his own words “I stand for nothing”.
Struggles? He doesn’t understand the meaning of the phrase!
He's not struggling at all. He does and says what's important to him, and him alone. Because he is his own universe. "Consoler in Chief" title still belongs to his predecessor, along with all of the respect the office of POTUS ever had. #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare
He's not struggling very hard.
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