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School children in France held under gun-point for protesting

The Centrist paradise that we were told Macron would provide seems not to be coming true.

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More government = more authoritarians
When you cut taxes for the wealthy and raise them on the poor, people tend to get really really mad. When they get mad in France, they take to the streets. When people take to the streets they punch a whole in the lie.
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I live in France. Cops here are miserable bastards at the best of times, but the massive cuts they've suffered is turning them psychotic. Cautionary tale for the police cuts in UK. They always take it out on civilians not the government
This is utterly disgusting.
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Echoes of @Catalonia and the Spanish state cops
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Chapeau to the kid who has a little scratch of the pommes!!!
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This is the definition of the phrase “The optics are not good.”
Where's the International condemnation of this. French police pointing guns at children at school.
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They have obviously been doing joint training with the IDF
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Centrism is the right masquerading as left
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Extraordinary. The neoliberal beast exposed.
Yeah I mean, what could possibly go wrong with an EU army? These are school children, FFS. Neoliberalism is quite emphatically coming home to roost.
This appeared quite shocking, till of course the true story came out

Kids arrived at school armed with baseball bats and tear gas. School contacted police.

Not quite the spin some folk would put to u
Every time I pass this in my feed it's so shocking that I don't quite believe it's in France.
The children facing the concrete wall look like they're about to be executed.

WTF France?
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Neoliberalism exposed, for the world to see.
French school children...
Looking forward to @MarinaHyde's "bit" on Macron's regime forces holding kids like prisoners of war.

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And the Tories want to introduce patrols of armed police around London. Can't help but think they too could be used against protesting people.
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Soweto uprising 1976 over a hundred kids shot. June 4 1989 Tiananmen Square uprising 176-700 students shot dead. It's horrendous. Please don't repeat the history of the past.
I beg to disagree

This is the paradise Centrists dream of

Militarised police holding down an unhappy citizenry, so that the liberal bourgeois do not have to interact, at all, with the unwashed masses
Imagine how milked this would be if those were Assad’s troops
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The “ school children” were infiltrated by hard line troublemakers , who were trying to set up a major riot. Police had to clamp this down and extract The extremists from the school students, before the students got involved in something they had no responsibility for.
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Just look at what neoliberalIsm leads to in France Jimmy, child protestors held at gun point, how shameful for Macron. @jimmy_dore
Ooooohh EU! What a great place to live.
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Has Trump condemned this abuse yet ? Or isn't this in Iran or Venezuela ?
This is crazy. Have to protect freedom of speech..
I just realised the ones against the wall are handcuffed. Jesus wept!
So this is what a centerist government looks like in 2018.
Send tory blair to jail, for war crimes.
We don't need this crap here.
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V. scary. People need to be warned.Those they would have as our masters in the EU, are dictators, and not averse to using force to impose their will on people who don't comply. All the more reason for us to stand in solidarity with the French and oppose them.
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Blair's world , is not that great is it, Macron was seen as being Thatcher and Blair rolled into one. well it not that clever is it .
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This IS centrist paradise. The ends are justifying the means and the rich are not being punished.
Scenes from hell. France right now is looking like a brutal dictatorship
Solidarity with the people of France exercising their democratic right to protest.

A state which turns on its own people has lost all legitimacy: this kind of police brutality lays bare the true colours of the Macron govt: a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
French Children Forced Kneel, Under Arrest By Para-Military Police For Protesting Against the Government
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Whatever happened to 'Liberty, fraternity' etc etc?
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Ofcourse it's wrong to do this to protesting children. But it could be worse they could be in Palestine wherr they get shot, maimed or killed....
In reply to @thepileus
Never mind the French police, the British army is in training to combat civil unrest. None of our MPs have mentioned this. Remember Hillsborough, protest if you dare.
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What the hell is going on here?
OmG @EmmanuelMacron DO NOT show these vile images to the world! How dare you treat your people in this way. You are no f*cking emperor. You jumped up little sh*t! #NeoliberalismIsDead #ProgressivePoliticsNow
Can we agree we are in the Dystopian Future™ that everyone in the 20th century wrote about?
In reply to @thepileus
These (big) kids were rounded up and split into two groups, those to be arrested and those to be reported to the school. They had been carrying basesball-bats and some even had tear-gas. Not quite the brutal police crack down the image suggests is it?
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If the Blairites succeed in ousting Corbyn,then we can all look forward to the same thing happening HERE. There is no such thing as "centrism". It is just heavily disguised Thatcherism with oily. smiling right/w politicians spouting crap."We can change"! UK Macron? Try Starmer?
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Centrism is polite fascism
In reply to @thepileus
This has sparked a rise in the amount of people protesting...as it should do...you don't want to replicate Isreali soldiers who shoot kids.
In reply to @DismayENT
There'll be a few more yellow vests after this horror... twitter.com/thepileus/stat…
This is disgraceful treatment of children.
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Why would any peace loving person want to stay in the EU ? we all saw the extreme violence by the Spanish Police on indecent people wanting to vote in Catalonia, and now this on french school students the EU is a dictatorship run by psychopaths
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Disgraceful. So is this what neoliberalism leads to is it?....@vincecable @campbellclaret
nah this looks exactly like centrism: fascism, but led by a guy with a nice suit and a polite smile
In reply to @thepileus
On seeing these pictures, there is no way anyone can say Fascism is not back. As a Historian this fills Me Pink with absolut terror for the future of the World. This really reminds Me of pictures from Nazi Germany. All these Police must face prosecution.
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Is this real? Wasn’t that little man (Macron) just telling Saudi Arabia’s head of state what a terrible person he is and the the latter should listen to him? Must be like looking in the mirror 🤔
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Macron is NO different to the rest of the backstuds in the EU who inflict austerity on the people of Europe Portugal Cyprus & Greece now there next victim is France TP
In reply to @thepileus
Macron was backed by all the major banks, what do we expect? He's a globalist neo-liberal tool of the highest order.
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We need to get this awareness about Yemen too. 🌻
France is beginning to look like Brazil, the dystopic film. And also soon to be Brazil, the despotic country
The price the young pay for the older generations creating the choice between Macron or the ouvert nazis.
Trouble is here and brewing .....what will the parents do now!
Feel proud Macron? You have opened the floodgates.....
Macron has barricaded himself in the Elysee Palace
Macron is finished
In reply to @thepileus
School kids for heavens sake?
In reply to @thepileus
Oh my God.....why is this not on the news?
In reply to @thepileus
I Pink say as a Historian that all these Police must be charged for doing this; because the Nuremberg Nazi Trials were done so that no politicians/individuals could ever say again 'I was only obeying orders' over such inhumanity as this.
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We'd never hear the last of this if this were Venezuela.
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This will end well, french students repressed by a rich powerful politician
الشرطة في فرنسا قبضت على طلبة مدارس بتهمة التظاهر وثبتوهم بالسلاح #ماكرون_اتجنن
God help us. The Nazi Party has risen again.
Gary Lineker: “Macron is charismatic, smart and ballsy. Can we borrow him?”
Life in the EU.
Wake up now - stop pretending this isn’t happening because it is.
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pic.twitter.com/JC3lLuVQFw What of #LibertéEgalitéFraternité? But you never know the WHOLE story Did one of them throw a #MolotovCocktail because they saw adults do it on TV? We #Nationalists have a BIG PROBLEM right now #Globalists must be stopped; but, we can't have #MobRule
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Welcome to America
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Children CUFFED!! Armed police in full body armour cuff unarmed children.
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WTAF? Has #Macron gone full mong Israel now? This is scary stuff. Netanyahu has set a dangerous trend here. And World leaders one by one are adopting it. Free speech and protest are being culled. Even here. We are all criminals now. Democracy is totally fucked!
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*centrist paradise*= neoliberal hell.
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Hey world community Stand up for regime change in France. It is unacceptable
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A bunch of anarchists wrecking the centre of Paris?
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Centrism allows fascism to thrive within it.
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O M G george Orwell’s writings are eerily predictive Macrons a bullyboy,armed Gendarmes + Riot Squads for protesters?
In reply to @thepileus
OMG! What monsters, they have go and so does Macron.
The Police State is real. There is a reasonable response to protest and this ain’t it.
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