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BREAKING: Government tells citizens to start preparing for no-deal Brexit as Cabinet agrees to ramp up preparations. Public service announcements to be made in the coming weeks. No10 spokesman: “These are the actions of a sensible government to ensure people are prepared.”

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It’s like we’ve declared war on ourselves. There is no other way to put it.
I just want to run through the corridors screaming “ wake the **** up people” but I’m stuck in Parliament and would likely get arrested. I’m going to get a chocolate bar instead. Aaaagghhh
allow me to briefly take a step back from the daily grind of Westminster drama and say: this is so mad, this is so fucking mad, this country has lost its mind
Any government which brings a country to this state IN PEACETIME is guilty of the grossest of derelictions of duty. Absolutely incredible this is being framed as normal behaviour by Brexit politicians, enabled by MSM. Should be screaming, “Are you insane?!”
Every industry I've spoken to was aghast at the absence of detail or proper thinking in the no-deal notices. To put out 'public service announcements' now, basically to scare people, is odious in the extreme.
Scandal doesn’t cover this.

A whole country is being held to ransom by a few people gaming around a table thinking we are good to gamble.

Act *now* @UKLabour. Act in the national interest. Because whatever the Prime Minister claims to be doing, she is not.
Public service announcements. 3,500 military personnel on standby. We are losing our minds.
This has been in the No. 10 grid for s long time: ramp up public fear of No Deal, and hope that spooks MPs into squeaking a bad deal over the line in the new year.

That’s the real reason the parliamentary vote was delayed. You can’t work PR magic overnight!
“What happened to the UK?”

“Well it bought one to many Keep Calm and Carry on tea towels and decided to send their country back up the 1940s”
You know...

...there are some people out there who seem to have a fetish about Brexit as a WWII re-enactment.

Can’t they just do it alone? Or build some kind of WWII re-enactment commune? 🤷🏻‍♂️
These are the actions of a reckless government intent on a deliberate act of national self-harm.

uk people: cant we just not do this


uk: okay well what are we to prepare for? what's going to happen?

Maybe a sensible government wouldn't push on with this ENTIRELY OPTIONAL COURSE OF ACTION WITH NO BENEFITS WHATSOEVER.
A sensible government wouldn't have got us into this position in the first place.
What will they tell us? Remove a door from its hinges, prop it against a wall, and take refuge? Clearly label all corpses? (80s references, cheers)
They could end all this with one letter. These are not the actions of a sane government, let alone a sensible one.
I see this sort of thing and I think of that satellite dish faced prick Cameron in his shed, wanking like a monkey in a tyre swing and mentally totting up the millions he’ll make from his books and speeches. All the while British politics burns because of him.
Insane. That’s what this is. That’s the only thing this is.
Can we stop this nonsense yet?
We’re all in agreement that this is not normal right? None of this is normal? Whatever your views about a second referendum, this is not what a functioning democracy looks like? #NoDeal 🇪🇺
Am I the only one who hopes when TM goes for her regular meeting at the place, the Queen locks her in a dungeon and tells everyone she has no idea where she is as she never arrived?
Are there literally no circumstances under which the govt/Brexiteers would accept that leaving the EU would be wrong and should be stopped? I mean, if we were told Brexit would kill half of the population in the first week, would the 2016 'will of the people' still be paramount?
I’m sorry. I’ve always voted Conservative and proud to be a member.

But this isn’t sensible. This is reckless. The PM should put her deal to the house and then accept that a #PeoplesVote is the #OnlyWayForward

Please, stop playing games with our futures. #ffs @FFSake_
All of this is just scaremongering to persuade MPs to vote for May’s Remain deal and to persuade the voters to support them.
Any rational UK govt would be making remaining in the EU it’s default position rather than recklessly treating the Scottish and UK public with threatening crashing out with #NoDealBrexit. This UK Govt must go #brexitshambles
BREAKING: Government tells citizens to start preparing for no-deal Brexit. No10 spokesman: “These are the actions of a sensible government to ensure people are prepared.”

Au fucking contraire, the actions of a sensible govt is to say this is fucking stupid & prepare for #Remain
Prepare the sandbags - recruit the homeguard

Commence the stockpiles

Buckets for remainer tears at Defcon 1
What a colossal political failure from this Government. Everyone will pay the price for the UK Government’s #BrexitChaos - We can do so much better.
Prepare for a lot of extra money arriving at the NHS every week, right?
When I lived in Switzerland, I used to think it was a bit bonkers that my apartment had a fallout shelter stocked with enough goods to get us through a few weeks. Now considering building one at the bottom of the garden in time for March. What the hell are we doing?
The actions of a crime gang working for a tax and regulation-hating elite threatening to push the hostages over the cliff if its demands are not met. We, the British people are the hostages.
Madness. Self-imposed madness.
So here it is, merry Christmas, everybody's having fun, look to the future now it's only just begun ....
BREAKING: Government tells citizens to start preparing for a Westminster-made disaster as Cabinet agrees to ramp up preparations. Public service announcements to be made in coming weeks. No10 spokesman: “These are the actions of a psychotic gov to ensure people are terrified.”
So this is potentially happening. Add the further roll out of Universal Credit next year and we'll see levels of poverty, homelessness and poverty that we've never seen before.
Of course we could always revoke article 50.
Have we just declared war on ourselves...
Wouldn’t a “sensible government” rule out food and medicine shortages by stating unequivocally that if necessary Article 50 will be revoked to avoid that happening?
Buy tinned food, gold bars and a shotgun
They’re upping the pressure on the opposition to take the deal on offer. Army has also had its leave cancelled after April what a situation were living in, all because the EU in introducing laws to crackdown on tax avoidance!
These are not the actions of a sensible government. A sensible government does not get into this situation. Absolutely ridiculous.
My goodness @Conservatives really don't want the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive.
These are the actions of a scared PM, determined to frighten the country into accepting a ridiculous deal, instead of accepting that no one sensible wants Brexit.
Has there ever been anything in peacetime to compare to this? Extraordinary
We don't have to be prepared for this disaster. #RevokeArticle50
I started “preparing for a no deal” on the day I voted for it back in 2016!
“These are the actions of an incompetent, hopeless government that is rapidly running out of time”
Great news. Leave means Leave and I for one have confidence in the UK. Imagine explorers never set out on the high seas and they did so not even knowing if they’d sail off the edge? Plenty of experts thought they would! 😄
It's the desperate actions of a lame duck Tory PM and the first UK government in British history to be found in contempt of parliament. They are trying to run down the clock on Brexit so that the Westminster parliament is forced to choose between No deal and May's Brexit deal.
Stepping up the blackmail tactics
These are the actions of a government that will go down in history as the one which knowingly made its people significantly worse off, as a result of a flawed and illegally manipulated referendum, to satisfy a handful of right-wing xenophobes.
Every media organisation and figure must hold MPs to account on this. This is not sensible. Not responsible. This is a political choice. MPs are choosing to push their country to a cliff edge, risking our livelihoods, jobs and wellbeing. This is a national scandal.
It’s the job of govt to protect the people. It’s not its job to enter into life imperilling arrangements & tell them to fend for themselves
The thing I don't entirely get is why political self-interest hasn't kicked in. This certainly doesn't *sound* like the work of a party that wants to stay in power.
OMFG Come on Nicola use the mandate get us out of this utter madness call a date or start proceedings to dissolve this farce of a union. The lunatics have well and truly taken over the asylum.
Is this the sign of a “strong & stable” country? 3500 military personnel on standby for a #NoDeal Brexit
No. The sensible act of a government would have been doing this in June. When I did it because they didn’t.
Does anyone remember when the Build-A-Bear Workshop had a special offer?
“These are the actions of a sensible government to ensure people are prepared” for a shitstorm entirely of it’s own making. Shameful
No, the actions of a sensible govt would be to, at the very least, take a pause in the A50 process while we decide how to move forward. Sticking to a plan that, as demonstrated by this planning, will lead to chaos & cause economic damage is def not ‘sensible’.
A fence at the top of the cliff would be preferable to an ambulance at the bottom
But it'll be a strong and stable national emergency.
A government tells its people to prepare for a vast crisis that was entirely avoidable and which it can still avert at any time.
Come on Scotland, we don’t need to be part of this. If the Tories are so set on the cliff edge we need to use the emergency exit. #UseTheMandate #DissolveTheUnion
After years of chaos and anarchy, the govt has the audacity to a) tell us to trust them, as b) they have guidelines. Echoing all too clearly, Lord of the Flies: “We’ve got to have rules & obey them. After all we’re not savages. We’re English & the English are best at everything.”
The action of a sensible government is to call the whole thing off, stop the crisis, safeguard the future and save billions of tax payers money.
No one has ever accused the May government of taking “the actions of a sensible government” before.
This is madness. If the UK were at war and bombs were raining down on UK cities and submarines sinking ships with vital food stuffs on board, then sure be prepared.

But for fuck sake, nobody is forcing the UK to #Brexit. The ECJ even gave the govt a zero cost get out.
My constituents can’t afford food for the weekend, let alone stockpiling 6 weeks or 6 months worth. Utterly irresponsible of govt to frighten people like this to keep Tory hardliners on side.
"These are the actions of a sensible government to prepare the public for some other actions of the sensible government that necessitate stockpiling food and medicine and placing the military on standby."
These are the actions of a failed government too scared to let the people have a say it has resorted to scare tactics in desperation.
First of all the tories are no where near a 'sensible' government, and secondly, I have a much better idea. Call a General Election,#GTTO and let real politicians of the @UKLabour and likes of @jeremycorbyn sort this out.
And ‘lo the Brexitmas Riots became a distinct possibility.
Anyone else feeling extra sick to their stomach?
"Sensible government"?!?! WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE
C'est officiel le Royaume-Uni perd la tête. Après l'achat de frigos en masse pour stocker des médicaments, le gouvernement appelle les citoyens à se préparer à un no-deal et mobilise 3.500 soldats "en cas de crise". Annonces publiques à suivre. Non une guerre n'est pas imminente.
A Dutch guy replied: "these are the actions of dangerous maniacs who, when given the choice between ruining the country and backing out of Brexit would choose to kill you all before surrendering a scrap of power."
Can I get a 6 month supply of insulin just in case your preparations don’t work out
Please don’t try to claim anything involved in this embarrassing, destructive shitshow is sensible.
Not a sensible govt. It's no govt. This whole thing stinks. We know from the govts own statistics that any Brexit is going to be bad but a no deal Brexit is disastrous. What type of govt knowingly harms it's ownpeople? What type of opposition sits back and let's this happen?
I would hate to see what a reckless government would do.
A govt tells its citizens to prepare for a vast crisis that is entirely avoidable & only it can inflict on us. This is beyond irresponsible. This is insanity. This country has lost its mind, & its leaders are doing the exact opposite of their most fundamental duty: to protect us.
These are the actions of a government which has fallen over the edge into insanity.
A sensible govt????? What they are doing is trying to frighten people into voting for May's awful deal to avoid no deal. Conniving B******s te lot of them. Not to mention the TM's lies. EU are NOT continuing negotiations.
How can I as a pensioner prepare for loss of my income? My meagre state pension comes in bits from all the EU countries where I worked freelance for 30 years before my return to UK.
Saw a comment from a reputable source the other day "They are tanking the economy". There will be blood & deaths if that is true & it will be at the door of the government. Austerity has left swathes of public unprepared & deaths already occurring.
A nation-state has a collective nervous breakdown.
These are the actions of a rogue political group going to WAR with the EU, with the absolute intention of forcing their extreme ideology on the nation. They WILL use the military to achieve their aims if they are not stopped. You may think I'm crazy, but what if I'm right?
Prepare to saw our legs off and make sure we have enough band-aid to limit the dangers of haemorrhaging.
The actions of a "sensible government" ?!!!! How has it come to this?! Because this government has not been sensible!
“This is a public service announcement. In the event of a no deal Brexit, you and your family must take cover. Obey the curfew. Do not leave your house alone. The military have orders to shot to kill. Enjoy the freedom and control”
hi boss, please prepare to come home with all your colleagues, your time effort and skills are being wasted. Lets get all that brilliance working on #indyref2 I'm sure that there is room for you all in our soon to be Independent Parliament....this is getting scary..
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